You should play Omega StrikersIt's fun

You should play Omega StrikersIt's fun

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>>640177196post fun gameplay

>>640177196Just post the porn and save everybody the trouble.


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>>640177196>It's funYeah, for like 10 minutes.

>>640177196she's hot>>640179465>antivirus protection expiredkek

>>640179465>cute tomboy design>trapped into this trashTragic

>>640179465fucking windows 11 man

>>640177196What happened to all your shills, Are they taking the day off?

>>640179792Just wait for the inevitable spin-off game bro.

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>>640177196Tried it. It's fun, but solo Queue is lame and my friends won't play it.

She's hot as hell but I doubt it's fun

>>640179465So you want me to play Windjammers but worse?

>>640177196as a 30yo boomer, it took me about 40 hours to get to gold rank (I wanted the season reward) On the upside, that's enough skill to be able to reliably crush people in Quick Play. Not touching competitive til next season.Hopefully they add a training mode so you can lab out certain trickshots/dribbling. Game still has great feel, and even without an ingame chat you can get a LOT across with just the emotes.Dubu players are subhuman.

>>640180303It's Windjammers but better. Here's a webm that pretty quickly displays most of the systems.

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>>640179792it's a fun game though?

>>640181126So it's.... Pong, but using the League of Legends engine?

Game isn't going to last a month thanks to console plebs.

>>640177196I like Juliette.

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>>640177196I went from being angry about my shit garbage fucking useless cunt teammates doing nothing to being angry about me getting outplayed constantly at around plat level.Fun game though, i like looking up Ai.mi 's schoolgirl skirt.

the blance in this game is fuckedit keeps placing me with lower tier players against higher tier playersyou win once or twice then lose eight times in a row

>>640183796play morehappened to me too, but after 200 games I'm in platinum and all the matches are fun

>>640183796Solo queue problems. Get some friends nerd.

>>640184008stuck at high/mid goldgame won't let me get further>>640184160i'm thirty i can no longer "make friends"

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Great game but they need an option to disable crossplay. Normals / Quick play are fucking unplayable because you get mobile retards walking into walls and not even using skills.

>>640185862This plus remove moba controls.

>>"chaikadog" has more of the second one

catgirl is my fav. game sucks though

>>640177196sorry bro, I'm in diamond and the game is too dead to find a match that isn't full of golds (not fun)

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>>640186416I get a match in mid platinum in 1 minute what are you on about user

>>640187036im on eu there's less players than na and there's basically no one in diamond or above so the game just matches you with gold/plat only

>>640177196i odnt think i will

>>640177196I'd rather strike her omega if you drift my catch.


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You will get in the hole.

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>>640187106iirc devs just implemented a mm change last night so you don't get mismatched that hard anymore

>>640177196when is game closing down so it can be re-released yet again?

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there's a money tournament going on right now

>>640188286do we know what matchmaking system they are using?

>>640187768kids do the funniest things sometimes

>>640188469no clue

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>>640177196Dead mobile game

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>>640177196I have been, Rasmus is too God tier to stop playing and I get MVP every game. Pretty chill little blue-lock-like

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>>640179465>>640186986>>640187484>>640187768Thought it was a gacha with no gameplay, I concede defeat


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good presentation but the game is boring as fuck

>>640189389It's as boring as you make it

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>>640177196Last time I played it looked like some cheap mobile shit

>>640181527Pong will always be fun

>>640181527Air hockey not Pong. You can move freely over the table

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I like the big lady

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Holding hands with Kai!

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Kai touching your shoulder!

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>>640192297does she like kisses?

>>640192598Let's find out

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>>640192598She likes a lot of things

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it's hemorrhagic players so that's gonna be a no from me dog

>>640177196shes ugly so nah>>640179465lol

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>>640193293It's on everything so steamcharts isn't accurate.'s a tournament going on for anyone who wants to see what extended gameplay is like.

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>>640177196fun with friendsnot fun with out them

Honestly a really enjoyable game

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>>640193871> have $6000 tournaments for 200 viewers?

>>640177196Post hags and pits and i would

Hag gameHag threadHag boardHag site

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>>640195575Vyce lobby animation shows her pits straight at you, but I don't have it.

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>>640177196>TRIGGER animated opening>great OST>fun gameplaywhere did it all go wrong

>>640196051Using Streamers that don't even play the game as literally the only form of advertisement.

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>>640196051>where did it all go wrongBad tutorial, bad matchmaking, no leaver penalty, cross-play with phones, throwing their entire advertising budget at streamers who played it once and then fucked off

>>640196210they need to implement a "combo trials" mode like most modern fighting games that are really just a series of challenges that indirectly teach you the mechanics of the game.


>>640188926>>640189118>autoplay character for retardsinto the trash

>>640196587She's actually a bigbrain character with a low skill floor because of the auto blobbosonce you learn to manual aim the blobs she is fun

>>640194631I don't have any friends.

>>640196923Just COLLECT some.

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>>640198218I will not fuck the cat.

>>640198218kot sex


Controller or WASD+Mouse?

>>640198218my wife has almost the exact same build and I thank god every day for it

>>640199403Where do you live, Dubai?


>>640199230wasd+mouse. The 360 degree movement from controller doesn't mean as much as being able to more accurately aim your projectiles/abilities to lead moving targets with a mouse.

>>640198218Summer event when?

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>>640199458No she's white but somewhere along her family tree someone got clonoized because she's got tiny tits and the biggest thighs and ass i've ever seen proportionally for someone her size, No waist and a flat stomach too

>>640200236Either next event or the one after. They hid a teaser for the rock vs edm event that just ended in the background of a picture, and it also had magic show and summer event posters. The magic event + some bubble tea related stuff was datamined, so soon(tm).

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>>640189605That strike into flip fakeout is new, pretty cool.

>>640196424The devs said that a proper training mode development.

>>640201162Probably next Tuesday, assuming Sony allows the patch to go through.

>>640201283crossplay was a mistake

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I couldnt get good and it was frustrating so I deleted it

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>>640202860ngmi with that attitude

>>640203063True, but it also stopped the frustration so there's that, I can see the game being fun tho.

>>640202860The general has customs pretty much every night that can be spectated. It's a really wide skill&rank range, different consoles, and even different regions. No pressure to do good cus it's all for fun but participating or just watching are good for improving.

>>640203265Just play QP there aren't enough players for a ranked mode anyway

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It actually is pretty fun. The problem is that the monetization is freemium battle pass fuckery, and the characters seem REALLY poorly balanced.

>>640204872>no way to earn ody points ingameI wouldn't call that freemium

>>640204794Her tits look bigger ingame funilly enough.

>>640204872I never felt anyone was outright busted, beyond release Octavia, but shes okay now.

>>640207157>don't dedicate your full attention to looking for her special>get hit once>lol get fucked you're dead because stun

>>640207574Anon she probably has the least offensive "Burst or die" special in the game.

>>640207574>looking for her specialbro it literally has a hugely telegraphed audio cue

>>640209158The other team doesn't hear it.

>>640209954Yes they do. It's how you know to avoid it before it comes out.

>>640210065Well I've never heard it and I have character voice at 100%.

>>640210114>voiceIt's a sound effect, why would it be affected by voice volume?

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why is every game like this?

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>>640207574Octavia's ult doesn't stun, you can Q it even as it's hitting you. I've done it plenty of times. The other anons are right though, there's also a noticeable audio cue.

>>640211580Wrong. So wrong. It's bullshit.

>>640211949No bro, it's very simple to not die to her. You just might be bad.

>>640211580>>640211949It does stun you, stopping you from Qing, but also there's a small gap between hits where you're not stunned, just long enough to get a perfectly timed Q.

>>640177196played it a lot in beta or whatever and i liked it. but every single game was an absolute slog of having to solo carry and teammates not understanding basics, throwing, raging, griefing etc. i simply don't do team games anymore. if you have bros sure, otherwise whats the fucking point.

So much more fun when I had a consistent friend to play witht. lv 39 "beta" player

heres your queue timers

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>>640177196>Fantastic character designs>No single-player modeNot even Splatoon fucked it up this badly.

>>640215165Hey, at least that's not as long as OCE.

This game is so fucking soulless and bad. The animations and feel of everything is very cheap and clunky, not impactful at all. Fuck this crap

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>>640179465Get rekt

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>>640217964Brown town...

>>640177196And you should add a not-shit asher skin.

>>640215329It's also free, so...

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>>640215165I just picked it up again after getting gold on release. Did that many people quit already?

>>640179465>>640177196>woke mobile gameDead already

>>640221358>>woke mobile game

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>>640221802>safe horny Yes, woke

>>640222240How can it be woke if there's not a single gay or transsexual character?

>>640222240Thank you for reminding me to update my filters

>>640222464>ignoring the forced diversity mascot>>640222510Stay mad, tranny.

>>640222569Forced how?

>>640222569I'm masturbating to her right now

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>>640222569>forced diversity mascot>fit brown genki tomboy in skintight suitlol>their ACTUAL mascot is juno the slime girl wearing a space helmetmaybe evenlmao

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>>640222628Pandering to nignogs that don't even play mobile games>>640222783>t.coal burner>>640222790>ugly slime

>>640222918>>ugly slimeAh, see you played your hand too heavily. Now we KNOW you're trolling.

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>>640222918>Pandering to nignogsNo, they're pandering to my penis actually.>>640223057It's been obvious from the start, but he's keeping the thread alive so I don't mind.

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>>640223057>thinking slimes are hot>muh tentacles>muh onaholeGet better taste

>>640222918>nogIf anything, she's a huemonkey

>>640223219An ugly huemonkey for that EGS money.

>mobileIt's on steam and all consoles.

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>>640221290Peak CCU dropped two-thirds over the past month. My copium's that a lot of them just moved to consoles once it released over there (I know it's not true but still).

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>>640224835Get woke, go broke

>>640224835Why would anyone willingly move from the optimal platform (wasd+mouse) to controller?

are there nude mods yet? if not ill make one.

>>640177196Buff W.H.A.M.M.Y's range

>>640225575Not that I know of but there are mods.

>>640224835a big factor is a couple of big games launched during the past month and most people will just move on

>>640226042Yeah, like GBO2

>>640178917Okay, user-kun.

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Nice to see proper thread here for once. Great game. Hope it gets itself a reliable community.

Luna sex

>>640229189you can't do that

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>>640177196they added too much fucking shit to it It was perfect in beta except for critikals ugly fucking nigger face being a spammable emote, I hope he fucking dies

Game is fun but Zelda came out and the community is very toxic towards console and mobile players

>>640222918She looks more Indian than black. Black women can't get long hair without Caucasian or Asian admixture.>>640229316What do you mean added too much?

>>640229316I completely agree about the streamer facesThankfully the game's population seems to have collectively agreed the streamer emotes are for poors and console players, anyone actually good at the game and/or actually putting time into the game are using the real emotes

>>640195815Ascended, but yeah

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>tfw browsing 4chan

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they nerfed aster and i got bored

>>640222240fuck off and kys and take your shitty forced meme with you

>>640229065Mating press the cat

>>640230375no keep it in the vod for anyone who misses the stream


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>>640233138You left this cat in the over too long.

> 1 goal and enemy team leaveshuh so thats what saturday night ranked is like

>>640233138Choco mint flavor

>>640177196>>640185425>>640187768>>640198218>>640204794cute girls but I don't like sports

>>640177196no, it's not. it's old gamedesign with woke pedo shit on top. it's utter trash

>>640181126no, it's not better than windjammers. it's considerably worse

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I would but the game has eternal packet loss that stutters and lags me to no end even with consistent ping. They mentioned an update to investigate it further but the game is all but unplayable for me ever since full launch. Not a problem in the original open beta. I really wish it would be fixed.

>>640237696Remember, AiMi is not for sex, she just likes white panties and showing them off

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>>640177196Omega Striker Meira

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Who the fuck are the frog and blue haired girl i keep seeing on banners and emotes?More shitty streamers?

>>640239959Yeah IKeepItTaco and Vienna are streamers. Thought for a moment you meant Ai.Mi's idol skin and Era's frog raincoat skin.

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>In quickplay just doing some daily thing as aimi forward>Load screen shows just me and the 3 opponents>I load in the game solo and all 3 opponents just kinda stand there and I just run off in a corner>enemy octavia begins spamming the Headpat emote>enemy Juno jumps to my field & plays goalie making it 2v2>the octavia still continues headpatting and obviously goes easy on me>they let me winSystem is scuffed but that interaction where I was fine with them just winning the game quickly & instead they played along was kinda nice.

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>>640177196Aren’t you the faggy 16 year old hanging out with Hook and lying about being in University, perpetually online and shitting your pants in a tantrum like a giant nigger, when you get banned for screaming “nigger”?

>>640242160no. I'm 28

>>640177196Third person camera when

>>640242493And you act the way you do? That’s pathetic.

>>640242160That's very specific.And you got all this from him making a thread?


>>640242748He is the guy making 90% of these threads, even going so far as to post them bragging in whatever faggy discord he is in. I was in it for a bit too to stream snipe some other faggy 1 viewer streamer.But yes, he is the poster of most of these threads and 16.

>>640242892are you okay

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>>640242892This is some nutty schizo shitHope you're watching the ip counter tick up when this post comes in

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>>640242892>and 16this is illegal

>>640242892bro be acting like a terminally online twittoid

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>>640186636what's with the pedo symbol

>>640244909Not sexy


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>>640244909PLAP PLAP PLAP

>>640183238plap plap get pregnant get pregnant etc etc

>>640177196I started playing the game because I want to rape the mesugaki cat.It's fun, but I have no idea what any of the cosmetic shit is or how to get it. If you see something you like on the customize page you have to google how to get it or dig through the store and season pass to try and find it. I still don't know what the animations on the customize page are or how to unlock them.Also the game keeps making me play goalie so I can't play the mesugaki catslut

i want her to fart in my mouth

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>we'll have a battlepass on launch, focus on esports, and we'll spend all our entire marketing budget on paying zoomer streamers to play the game for one hour each>OH N-

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>>640222918You will never be aryan you mutt

>>640246118>the game keeps making me play goalie so I can't play the mesugaki catslutAi.Mi is one of the best goalies in the game. Some top players consider her the best. Don't start out with her though, you will grief.

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>>640246216>one hour eachThat's generous.


>>640246118Yeah what the other user said. Her potential control is nuts.

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>Reach challenger>FORCED to solo queue, can't even queue with other challengers>Lower ranks are now infested with smurfsI wonder how that happened

>>640247042The obvious answer was to split solo queue and group queue but Ody are retards and took the easier way out.

>>640246707Nigga running strike shot over emergency button on Ai Mi

>>640246365Yeah obviously anyone who can teleport and has projectiles is going to be a good goalie, but I'm not good at playing her as a goalie yet. I just use Kai since he's really easy to goalie with and he's the only other character I've enjoyed playing so far. Also is there any way to get her idol skin without coughing up $10

>>640247331Nope. No handout odycoins.