You don't NEED a Shek wife...

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come home white man

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>>640176457good, leave ruka to me.


>>640176721forgot pic

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>>640176843bro that's not shryke that's a fishman in disguise

>>640175686I don't get Hivers. Worker drones are so minmaxed for labouring you're better off having greenlander workers, unless you're rp'ing a hiver colony igSoldier drones feel like worse ShekAnd princes are ok, I guess?>>640176951No wonder her boobs had pincers

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Mighty need

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>only 5 kenshi playerswhere's the rest?

>>640177681Who knowsI haven't had much luck making Kenshi threads either.Is there one on /vg/ perhaps?

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I'm really interested, but modding seems like a massive pain yet absolutely necessary, and Lost in the Ashlands looks perfect for me but likely won't be available for a long while.

>>640177681we are watching future game show expecting to see kenshi 2

should have been a third person hack & slash action adventure like conan exiles

>>640178232Not really, you just need a 2 hours of time to scrape the steam workshop and like 30 minutes at most to make the mods work. Just sorting through the most popular ones should get you started.>Lost in the ashlandsFug, I don't remember, is that a start?

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>>640178780>kenshi 2 announced on fgsno such thing, i don't think kenshi's creator has enough money to pay them to pretend they'll care about kenshi of all games.>>640178232not really no, you can use a mod organizer to adjust everything fairly easily.

>>640178960>you can use a mod organizer to adjust everything fairly easily.Even that isn't necessary. You can just open the mods.cfg file as a text document and arrange them. The Genesis people have a guide on how they should be arranged (overhauls at the bottom, dialogue expansions at the top, etc)

>>640178910I get greedy and I want a bunch of different armor and weapons mods, half of which don't seem to play nice with each other.

>>640179303I'm worried too about how some various overhauls might fuck with each other. I really don't want to get to mid/late game only to find out something is seriously fucked with worldstates.

>>640174090this game is full of bugs!

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>>640177260They are weak but make up in numbers.However that doesn't change the fact that the player can only have 30 people in their faction.I think soldier drones are the worst warriors in the game. They can't wear helmets AT ALL.

>>640178814there is already conan exiles my dude, it's pointless to try and make another booba and bunda conan game.>>640179303modders made some gayish load order shit, that's what i meant.

>>640179521At least it's not a bugman game.

>>640179461again, use the mod helps organizing.

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>>640177260Hivers are:>extremely fastThey have the fastest possible run speed with prosthetics, and they have a bonus to combat speed>Very low maintenanceThey have the lowest hunger rate and can eat raw/tainted meat. Also their limited armor choices make equipping them a breeze>suited to wagingThey have a bonus to labouring and and farming, which is complimented by their low hunger rate. >suited for base defenseHivers are second to skeletons when it comes to turret duty, because of their exp bonus and because they're light eaters>natural thievesHivers have bonuses to thieving and stealth. The stealth bonus makes it easier for them to level up lockpicking and assassination, too.>expendablethey live and die for their homes with no complaints. Aside from the uniques, it doesn't feel like such a big loss when a hiver carks it.Overall they're good versatile grunts. If you're playing with the mod that increases unit count, then hivers become more appealing than green/scorch landers and sheks, only beat out by the extremely rare skeletons.

>can't kill anyone>not allowed to be a slaver>assassinate skill doesn't kill peoplethis game sucks

>>640179335Happens to me too. My soution for that is to only get weapon/armor mods that bundle lots of stuff together, like weapons dissemination, Cat's clothing, or Mogwai's stuff, and only go for individual item mods when I really want them.Put the bundles bellow the individuals>>640179617Exactly, they only seem viable with the 250characters mod

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Coomers really do ruin everything.

>>640180127There are many fun ways to murder.The easiest and most reliable ones are leaving the enemy KO until he bleeds out or starving him in a cage.However there are more creative ways too.

>>640176721Even though I have a thing for black girls, to me she was more cool than sexy. Shryke just looked like a female Blade to me. I made her my armor smith in every playthrough to pound out samurai armor for my army of wagies.

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>Infinity harpoon yes>Gun noHmmm.

>>640177260they don't eat muchyou can kill a beak thing and be fed for hours irl

>>640181092like carrying iron spiders and leaving near spots enemies won't throw out of their houses? yeah.

>>640176457Its funny how she is the only character this happens to. Whoever made her knew exactly what they were doing

>>640181092how about just letting us chop a guy's head off instead of waiting an hour for them to bleed out while crawling across the map alerting everyone. you know this isn't an unreasonable request

>>640181217>making Shryke your smithgreat minds think alike >>640176457

>>640181291Like- Skin peeler- Feeding them to wild animals- Feeding them to cannibals, fogmen or fishmen- Having a gladiator arena- Leaving them in acid rain- Bringing them to a factions town that doesn't like them without their weaponsBONUS: Selling them into slavery

>>640181531you can always shoot him with a specialist old world crossbow, i think the dev thought people would abuse if you could easily execute people by quickly grinding assassiantion on cat lon.

But I hope, Kenshi 2 adds more torture and restrainment devices.

>>640181284>you can kill a beak thing"can" is the operative word here

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>>640182018Single beak things are slow and easy.Multiple Beak things are a nightmare.

>>640180518(You) are literally made out of coom

>>640182237From coom, not of coom, coomer.

>>640182461From coom, of coom, coom

>>640182461>>640182587>>640182237Coomers go to the skin peeler.

>>640182786>Skin peeler gets coom'd

>>640182920My enslaved holy paladins will clean that thing.

>>640182018try blocking

>>640174090Hey hey people!

>>640183570their attack aoe is pretty shit.

>>640180038They're faster than scorchlanders? Go figure. >>640180127>can't kill anyoneStop using blunt weapons>not allowed to be a slaverThis does irk me. I wish someone modded slave-dealing to even have a chance at being as profitable as crafting and selling katanas>>640181217For me she was one of the two houndmasters. Dogs are so seriously OP it's only balanced their pathfinding is borked and they need a babysitter>>640181697Using prisoners to lure out fog princes is THE best way to make money early/midgame, specially if you have a character with high sneak/assasination

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>>640182786Coomers indeed go to the skin peeler... so they can make fucknugget slaves

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>>640183891I actually got introduced to Kenshi by the superior PC jank

>>640184174If you build the fog islands base you learn the prince routes pretty quick.They only have two guards so you can yoink them pretty easy

>>640174090Will Kenshi 2 be at the PCgameshow?

>>640183891his latest reviews seem like they were written by chatgpt

>>640184506They probably were to save time. His whole shtick is bombarding the viewer with 4chanisms, and that requires a ton of editing.

>>6401844832 second still with Kenshi 2 (tentative) title that tease a future announcement at best.

>>640184473I didn't pay attention to that, honestly. I just relied on leaving bandits in poles for a while then coming back to get the thrill of cleaving a dozen drones at once.That's another thing I love about having a fog islands base, all your raids are reduced by 30% by the time they do reach you

>>640174090Post sovlful Kenshi art RIGHT NOW.

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>>640185404The mod showcases they do on the comunity tab have lots of good stuff.Me? Just my concubines, I'm afraid

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>>640186119How can you not have at least one image of the many absolute lvdo kino Kenshi art pieces made?

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>>640186478They're nice, but they're usually very good renderings of other people's stories. Even though they're just screenshots, I'd rather make my own

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Yay, Kenshi thread.

Reminder that there is no shame in being a townie. Outposts are noob traps. Mining is NOT efficient for making money, it is the first foothold of INDUSTRY.

>>640186478>>640186952Like, even though it doesn't have the art quality that the pick you posted has, I'll take this instead because it's personalized to the adventure this playthrough has had. I'd say that picture of a UC slavemarket is a landscape painting while this is a portrait, diferent angles

>>640187249Indeed. Making a base is pointless until you have the skills to fend off a 10+man raid.The only problem is then to be a townie in a place that lets you grow, and other than the hub I can't think of any cities that have more than one or two houses for sale

All I want for Kenshi 2 is regular player controls, none of that point and click.Wish there was a mod for it.

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You did 1v1 him after genociding every faction not the Holy Nation, right?

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>>640187785just play Zeno Clash then

>>640187785That would make controlling multiple characters really hard, no?>>640187891I tried to with my 80martial arts guy. He jobbed miserably, so I assassinated him instead

>>640187785this, point & click is outdated

>>640187748Mongrel has three, but two are the shacks and one is the Y-house.

>>640188082UghI bought the Y-House in black scratch, but the collisions are bugged so one of the corners is apparently unreachable>>640188076Nah. I think it's the best way to control a real-time tactics game. Haven't done much on consoles though, to be honest

>>640187891>sparing a factiontotal chaos or gtfo

>>640188578Begone, heretic.

>>640187891Holy Nation is based though, only redditors hate them.

>>640188925Poop nation

>>640188925i only hate them because their shitfits whenever they see nigger i'm not putting a fleshbag turret operator that requires food and shieet.

>>640188397The Y-house seems geared that way randomly. Every now and then, Y-House bugged. Worse is the Bughouse in The Hub though. I seem to recall not being able to go to the second floor there.

>>640188812larp somewhere else christcuck

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>>640188076>>640187785Why not a hybrid of both? Scroll-wheel out for point and click, then scroll-wheel in for direct control of whatever character you're currently highlighting.

>>640189272would be cool

kenshi 2 never ever

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>>640189520>>640189272It just seems like it would make sense for a game like Kenshi. Some tasks are simple and you should just be able to tell your characters to do, while others are a little more involved and would require more accurate controls.

>>640185404its nsfw I cant

>>640189598peak comfy


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>>640189598how can hivers even have sex

>>640190342They can't, he's just clapping her big meaty cheeks.

>>640189598beep is so lucky.........................

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>>640174090You HAVE pre-planned your kenshi 2 base right? You've conducted geological surveys of river beds right??

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I cant get into this game, same issue as rimworld.I just feel lost... i guess I'm one of those npcs people talk about.

>>640190489imagine if kenshi 2 had an equivalent race to the broo hehe

>>640190669you feel lost because you expect a goal instead of setting your own based on your start.unironically go play X3 Reunion with a guide.

>>640174090You only NEED chaos

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>Adventure around for a bit.>Having fun, exploring, but, need to settle down and have a place to rest, get food, store shit and whatever.>End up spending the next like 20 hours building up a base>FPS drops to shit the moment I want to send anyone out adventuring again.

>>640188925Nah, they're brown so they have to go

>>640188925unfortunately I dont have a character that could interact with thembut their swords are good

>>640174090post full

If Okran is so strong then why didn't he just fuck the evil out of Narko?

>>640188925Holy nation is based. Their only problem is their current phoenix; a problem time can solve>>640189785Just spoiler it :^)>>640192406Fog islands baybeeee>>640192510There's a mod for that

>>640192510it is rather difficult to fuck yourself

>>640192510Okran and Narko are the same. Kinda hard to fuck yourself.

How can a small team have done such a fun and endearing game? The game is pure glitched half-done soul

Imagine being able to rescue Nelly and having a skeleton bard>>640192727>>640192638Flotsam propaganda gtfo

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>>640189598ive got this strange habit of drawing prequels to what every other artist does before they do it.

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>>640192638>>640192727What kind of god can't fuck himself?

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>>640193418Ask Marika.

>>640192821>implying I'd ever be one of those ugly roastiesIt's just the panultimate truth, Okran and Narko are the same being, one is meanongless without the other.

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>>640193848>ywn a Shek wifeIt's not fair bro's...

>>640192821Cripes, the Dancing Skeleton. Great name, not so great decoration. One can only wonder about what you propose.

>>640193926Thick leathery pussy

>>640192980I don't use Nexus.

>>640193997Thick velvety soft pussy*

>>640194062>make a temp email>make a nexus account>download the mod>delete account if wantedplane simple.

>>640194136I don't desire to support anti-white websites.

>>640194228Just use adblock, have them kvetch and cry with their text blocks about how adblock is antisemetic.

>>640193160Beep makes me lol every time I love that goofy little bastardThe first time I hired him I had him fight some weak as shit traveler that we found on the roads after getting out of the fog. Wanted him to get his stats up in a very low risk way. He got his arm punched off almost immediately and we had to carry him the rest of the way home

I've never hired Beep.

>>640194228nigga they all antiwhite just use a burner account like the rest of us


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>>640195102Crumblejohn, Shryke, and....?

>>640191375didn't really get vein until I started leading beakthing nests squads to hiver villages, get free meat, hides, eggs and green and blue weapons

>>640195102If it wasn't for the background scenery I couldn't even tell this was Kenshi tbqh. Looks like generic netflix anime.

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>>640195240Infinite Wingwang>>640195547Oh yeah tough guy? how about THIS

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Are you guys excited for the Kenshi movie?

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>>640196310lmao, what's that from?

>>640193160Now post her shirtless.

>>640196310Since niggers are part of Kenshi organically it's so hard to tell if it's the case or it's faggot ESG score black insertion.

>>640196356I'm guessing mortal engines but I do not know.

>>640196356It's from the dogshit Discworld "The Watch" TV series they did where they made everyone black, gay or a woman. It got 1 season before they cancelled it.

>>640196310Kenshi is too small cult following status to get a movie.

>>640197187>It got 1 season before they cancelled itkek

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>>640196962you're already far too gone

>>640197242It's a shame. I think kenshi really needs a primer to really get invested in the world.Even just a fan cartoon would probably save a lot of people from just mining copper for an hour before getting pissed off and quiting

>>640196729no lol. Beeponly

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>>640197973I'm gonna lick that bellybutton

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god dammit i guess im doing another kenshi run

>>640197871And you will never be a woman.

>>640197973Beep doesn't deserve this.

Is there a mod to make the game look at least somewhat better?

>>640198345im a 195cm 130kg latino bvllim not a tranny, i fuck trannies

>>640198895enb's for kenshi exist.

>>640184506he got a writer a while ago and he fucking sucks

>>640199046Is there something for textures/models?

>>640198445it was ordained. it doesnt matter if hes earned it.


>>640199109you can find on workshop desu, models is too subjective.

>>640185404went hiking in the desert this week ladslistened to the OST while camping out under the full mooni fucking love this janky ass game

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>>640184174>Stop using blunt weaponsI've not played in a while, can you attack people once they're on the ground?

>>640199642No. Best you can do in vanilla is dump them in acid or if their an animal remove the meat/skin/horns etc. to kill them.A few cannibal mods add a similar mechanic to Scorch/Greenlanders - you can rip out their guts once they're down to kill them.

>>640185404Someone in /vg/ drew this of my characters when I was playing this back in the day and it's beloved to me.

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>>640199642thats not what the implication was, youre far more likely to knock someone out than kill them immediately due to blood loss if you use blunt over sharp.a 2h swing from a 100+ stat monster can immediately kill several fugmen because you tear off 3/4 limbs and likely a head, but a blunt weapon just donks them and disables their limbs

>>640197973FAT SHEK BELLY

>>640199642You can attack people as long as they're awake (read: not in recovery coma, unconscious)>>640200209Some mods give humanoids a kill item that works like harvesting meat off an animal. Lets you finish off people, but it also makes bandits finish you off when they loot you>>640199634This reminds meGaruu can only carry 1 backpack at a timePlayable characters can carry 3 large backpacks at a timeSo having a pack mule guy that gets carried around by a shek > pack animalimo>>640200343That's yours? Congrats!

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>>640200568>That's yours? Congrats!It is, yeah. It's been a while, I wish I could get the urge to go back in. Either to continue my old save or start a new one.

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>>640200712I know that feel. I recently got off my 150+ playthrough and tried to get into a new one, but I just can't get into it as much. Maybe I just have to come back to it in a few months

>>640181702its like skyrim stealth archer, those who want to cheese will cheese, others will not, its singleplayer sandbox game, if the player needs their hand held thats their problem

Is unarmed viable?

>>640200992More than viable, it's OP.Early levels it's gonna suck, but once you get some training in you'll be punching people's arms off.

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>>640200568Adding lootable meat to humans is great. Way more realistic for Kenshi imo. I've been using "Indepth Cannibals: FREEDOM" along with Cannibals Expanded and Shrieking Bandits Expanded. It's so much fun making bases in places without resources. You can do some really interesting stuff.

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>>640199327anon do you really thats an insult or dissuasive comment anymore to someone of his calibre.

>>640201291Maybe it's because I changed it with mods, but lategame it struggles real hard against most armed fighters>>640201309Have you tried the other cannibalism mods? I was interested in playing a cannibal horded sometime, what makes that mod of yours better?

>>640200568>remove a skelebros limbs>have him carry all the small backpacks>have him carried by the 9ft shek>give someone else all his limbs>you quite literally now have a portable mecha

>have you tried looking after humans?! They're monsters!Did he do anything wrong in the end?

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>>640201758When you say it in all lower case it has that middle school biting power that transcends a simple sexuality insinuation so yes. aren't you doing a challenge run?

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>>640196310>Crossbow screwed onto a shotgunwhat is this sisters of battle bullshit

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>>640201970Exactly>>640201984Yes, he lost He was made to be, and so he will always think like a servant. His programming wasn't built for pragmatism, to adapt to the myriad challenges that come with administrating a nation.He knew how to protect things with violence, so he solved everything by determining what to protect and destroying the rest. In time, all he had left to protect was himself. WRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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>>640202208are you genuinely and loudly implying that middle school biting power is enough to sway someone who fucks feminine men? i think youre overestimating how mature or skilled you are in your shitposting in a Kenshi thread of all places.

>>640200393a regular catun 3 plank/fragment axe deals 100+ dmg.just saying.

>>640176721Fuck yes, the first one i wanted to fuck hard. What a bitch.

>>640196310The Creator? Looks like typical stealing iconography from stuff like Kenshi, but the story will be droll bullshit and forced woke casting as per normal.

>>640174090I used to love this game but the pathfinding problems make it too infuriating to keep playing it>guy so speedy he glitches into a wall and can't ever pathfind back out of it>stairs inexplicably suddenly a wall>people traveling large distances looping back and forth on a path never getting anywhere>spend 200+ building materials on a big building only to not be able to enter it at allgranted, some shit can be fixed by regenerating the navmesh or paths, others just require a reload with reset squad positions, but I'm just too sick of it to care anymore, I have better shit to play

>Load up Kenshi>This time I won't make androids seeking a new ho->Play androids seeking a new homeEvery time.

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>>640187785>>640188076FUCK OFF Kenshi/DAO style party gameplay is the best for RPGs. The only thing Kenshi could add without ruining it is some form of active abilities/expansion of existing abilities similar to Block/Sneak. Something like a favor system where you choose if a character will be more likely or less likely to do certain combat abilities during battle. Like if a character has high enough strength you can enable "Shove" and they will add that to their random attacks, or high dex would add the occasional kick or jab.

>>640204404>hey humie boy, buy dis lamp or we'll beat youfucking hell

>>640205023>Something like a favor system where you choose if a character will be more likely or less likely to do certain combat abilities during battleThat sounds kino as fuck, would also be great to mix and match moves like enabling punches for a sword guy to occasionally train martial arts

What location is objectively best if I want the most variety in my base attacks, resources be damned.

>>640201291I really wish there were downsides to prosthetics, like managing to keep all your limbs at high stats gives you an advantage for certain things vs raw power prosthetics, maybe faster attack speed or something.

Kenshi 2 will release on July 15th 2028.

>>640204251Use the pathfinding mod

>>640201847Nah have only been using that one not really sure if it's any better or worse than others out there. But it seems to mesh well with the other mods I've picked, and all together they add a lot of life back into the northwest/north part of the map. With that mod, you can run a good cannibal base with just building materials and dead humans. You can make everything from (super OP) bandages to crossbows. Combine that with scavenging stuff from your enemies and you get really good Cannibal RP. There's a cannibal recruitment dialogue built into it but it's unreliable. I just use prisoner recruitment to make up for that. The only other gripe I have is not every human is edible. It limits you to basically Holy Nation territory and further north, but you can still get a very entertaining run out of it.

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>>640205918o great nostradamus, will i still be alive to play it then?

>>640206160Which one? I think I used one but it just couldn't fix inherently broken navmeshes


>>640206329at this point it would be best if you shift + 12 to make custom roads around the many detours the pathfinder takes.i had to draw custom roads around rebirth just so the AI could finally understand where to go.

>>640204314How does Kenshi manage to make such horrifying concepts?>fleah eating cannibal savages led by a Gran Wizard>machines that want to be humans si they skin people alive, wear their skin until it rots away urging them to find more human skin to share>disgusting turtle beak monster that prefers slowly eating you alive

>>640200992Piss off the Anti-Slavers enough to get a Jonin raid at your base and find out.Afterwards, tell me how many of your characters become cripples or get put in the dirt.But yes, if you absolutely min-max unarmed, the damage is god-like, since that shit scales off Strength, Toughness, and Martial Art skill itself, also Dex for speed.>>640201984Falling Sun is such a cool fucking weapon type.

>>640202593I hope he finds peace in death after hundreds, no THOUSANDS of lifetimes of regret and suffering. Remember what Catlon was, not what he has become in the end.


>>640209436Literally too retarded for the IQ estimator

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>>640176597i wanna know the mods desu.i hope kenshi 2 is more moddable so loverslab can work their magicks.

>>640209651Getting somebody pregnant is low iq?


>>640210815If it's your child then yes.

>>640210719For their looks? Just yaknm and something to increase the boob and thigh sliders to 250. Oh! and the most popular extra hairstyle mods on steamloverslab was disappointing, ended up uninstalling most of em

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>>640212713>>640210719Oh, and dont forget the jiggle physics one

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>>640212713loverslab only works on same height characters according to their post.i am amazed yaknm can be seen without needing to login on steam, keke.

damn these fog deathyards got me feelin' something

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>>640174090I just KNOW that if I get into this game I'll lose like 2 months of my life in it. Give me some good beginner's tips so I can ruin my life further.

>>640213840look for the exploits and easy start steam guide, it'll pretty much tell you how you can grind your characters easily and give you a loot kickstart.

>>640213840>Don't follow the retards telling you to mine copper to make money, it can be handy at first to buy food and basic utilities but you'll make the most money by stealing shit from houses and stores at night and traveling to another city to sell it>Start everyone off with a katana type weapon before switching them to another type so they can get some quick dexterity training. How fast you can swing and parry is the most deciding factor in combat

>>640213518I mean the sex/milking/etc mods, not just the cuddle beds

>>640174090bug husband

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>>640213840Kenshi isn't a normal game, you have to change your mindset to get into it. It's not the kind of thing you can just "git gud" at and outskill your way through encounters. When you start you're some useless starving bum with literally no skills. Imagine turning loose some level 1 NPC in a TES game and watching it free roam, how quickly something in the wild is going to find it and kill it. You are that level 1 NPC in Kenshi. The first part of your playthrough is just going to be surviving long enough to powerlevel your stats up from "garbage NPC" tier to "level 1 player character" tier. This means running the fuck away from even the weakest most generic trash mob enemies because you're even more trash than they are in the beginning. When in doubt, RUN. Do not commit to anything unless you have an overwhelming sense of security that you can win.And for the love of god, DO NOT fall for the copper mining meme unless you're going down the robotics rabbit hole and plan on starting a gigantic megafactory to mass produce high end equipment for infinite profits.

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>>640214472Holy Nation was right holy shit

>>640213840just mine copper and get beat up with sticks to get tougher

>>640213840Mine copper to take care of food and afford membership to the Shinobi tower for skill training, ignore the greentexting retard. Steal from Squin for all your gear.

>>640213840Save often and try to have at least a party of two people. The way combat happens can easily knock a solo fellow into a point where you're waiting 10 minutes only to find out your guy just ain't going to stand up anymore, and with a duo you're more likely one gets up and is able to heal the other.The early game is toughest since the only thing that kills you is getting knocked out where your toughness stat is too low to let you recover and move on to safety

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>>640214882mining copper also helps with gaining muscle its insane how big you can get

>>640174090you don't need bugs either

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>>640210719>he thinks the only person who works on the game will be able to make the base good enough for porn mods

>>640215216he has a team now and it's looking good


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The grind in this game is ridiculous, worse than Runescape. Takes 5 hours to get to 20 strength/toughness/dexterity, etc, and then takes 200 hours to get to 80 strength/toughness/dexterity>inb4 if you use these exploits it's faster>just keep a rape slave in your base and fight them all the timeNo. I will use mods.

>>640215445why rush through the rpg aspectsometimes its fun to lose

>>640213840Don't bother with martial arts until you know what you're doing. Don't buy food in bulk because bandits will steal all of it if they knock your ass out. Play as a human, since to the north of where you start off, there will be a faction that'll knock your teeth in if you aren't one. Join the shinobi thieves asap, since they provide you with very convenient utilities across several cities like training dummies, free beds, plastic surgeon, and most importantly, a fence. If you get knocked down, you'll be able to pick yourself up, so don't sweat it if bandits rip you a new asshole, it's just free toughness training. If you see a group of funky giraffe-tortoise-bird-human hybrids, go they other way, they WILL down you, and they WILL eat you alive if you don't know how to fight them. If you want to amass cats fast, go to Mongrel and hang around the gates, bait fog princess so the guards kill them, and sell their heads. Mongrel is also where the best character in-game resides, along with a fair amount of other potential useful party members. Don't fuck with goats.

>>640215114Laboring skill doesn't affect muscle

>>640215525There's no RPG aspect when your character starts at 0 stats across the board. Random villagers and even wild animals have at least 15 in various stats. But not you! Because you are gay!

>>640215368I still would Izumi, her flat chest is justice.

>>640215631im thinking of smithing

>>640215716training dummy

>>640215631hauling all that copper around does

>>640216047Gonna want iron for that, son, copper is comparably very light and you should be selling itReal men train strength using generator cores anyway

>>640208849>>machines that want to be humans is they skin people alive, wear their skin until it rots away urging them to find more human skin to shareThat's just Flayed Ones from Warhammer.

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>>640215716Yeah, the game would benefit from a mount & blade style opener that gives you different stats/faction points based on some questions you get asked at the beginning. It makes no sense for your player character to be this absolutely clueless, skilless drifter when they're clearly an adult.Same with party members you recruit, they should have some stats to them.

>>640215631There's a mod to fix that

>>640215445>No. I will use mods.>use 100x exp mod>get your stats to desired levels>uninstall mod>import game>???>profit.

>>640216417Well do they have a gigantic peeler machine that peels your skin off slowly limb from limb while your still alive?


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>>640216481>It makes no sense for your player character to be this absolutely clueless, skilless drifter when they're clearly an adultI sure do hope that Kenshi 2 fixes that weird logic, and only has it for like 1 challenge start. I also hope that they add several different skills to make playstyles other than "wandering fighter death machine looter" viable. As much as I love to punch Cat-Lon's robo teeth in, it does get stale after a while, and it only infuriates me further seeing how much potential there is. I mean, there's literally a wandering merchant start, but trading goods is so unprofitable that you're better off making a drug lab if you want to make a profit from trading.

I only ever do the Rock Bottom start.It just feels like the correct way.

What kind of new weapon types would you like to see in Kenshi 2, user?


>>640216668For all that just save edit your character to a reasonable level instead

>>640213840At the very start there is a shed you can go into that has a bunch of stuff you can steal risk freeSell it at the bar and get some food&bandages.Run to the grey desert making sure to stay out of the acid rain on the way.Look for black desert ninjas, they wear gas masks and carry two swords. Make sure you're faster than them then bait them into the guards at the waystation.You can sell their gear to make about 20k cats. Keep the best gear for yourself.You can buy the tower in the waystation if you want. It's pretty central so it makes a good base when your scavenging for tech books.Sneak behind rebel farmers and once you're Naruto running start practicing assassination. Just run away when you fail. It levels up incredibly fast.At this point you can do practically anything you want easily and it only takes an hour or so

>>640217395This >>640217485I want to be able to shank people while rp'ing as a hobo. Also, I want there to actually be a system that allows you to dual-wield your weapons if you have enough dex. Also also, a toggle button that makes your character switch to their sidearm/secondary weapon.

>>640217395Fist weaponsDuel wieldingBladestaffsTwinbladesLongbowsGunsHandheld harpoonsShieldsKnives and daggersHammers and macesChains and whipsMolotovs and acid glass bottlesPipe bombsSlings and throwing rocksJavelins and throwing spears, throwing weapons in generalPoisoning weapons with crafted poison or wiping a rag full of piss and shit over your bladesBlowdartsKunai and throwing stars

>>640217395teeth. 75 martial arts adds a throat bite attack. Bite beak thing.stab beak thingsburn beak thingsdrown beak thingsdecapitate beak thingstear beak things apartblow beak things upgrind beak things into dustuse beak things as pig feedgun beak things downinject beak things with gasolinedrop beak things out of planecurbstomp beak thingsbeat beak things to deathpoison beak thingscrucify beak thingsfry beak thingsstrangle beak thingsrun beak things overcrack skulls of beak thingshang beak thingsboil beak thingselectrocute beak thingsthrow beak things under trainsgas beak thingskill beak things by decompressioninfect beak things with plaguecrash test beak thingsskin beak thingswork beak things to deathwaterboard beak thingsquarter beak thingsimpale beak thingsdismember beak thingsstarve beak things to deathbreak spines of beak thingsfeed beak things to wild animalslaunch beak things into open spacekill beak things with radiation sicknessdissolve beak things in aciddehydrate beak thingsput beak things into particle acceleratorpour molten metal into beak thingsexpose beak things to 10G spinkill beak things by sleep deprivationabort beak thingslock beak things in refrigeratorstie beak things to jackhammerspulverize beak thingsdissect beak thingstest experimental drugs on beak thingsforce beak things to drink sea waterput beak things into pressure chambersextrude beak thingsrearrange organs of beak thingsinject beak things with mix of bacteria and virusesremove half of the brain in beak thingsthrow beak things into stampedetie beak things to cars and drive at 60 mphinsert hot soldering irons into beak things assholesbully beak things into suicidelock beak things in saunas untill they get cookedplunge bloodied beak things into a sea of hungry sharksblow razor blades at beak things with leafblowersgrow bamboo through beak things

>>640205563there's a map floating around with rough estimates of the various faction raid ranges, find a nice spot multiple overlap, like venge

this is probably the only game I can think of where lewding characters just feels wrong read: retarded because they're all uglyespecially hivers, you're all going to hell for lusting after hivers

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>>640218941I thought I had that map saved but instead I just have this one. People might appreciate it anyway.

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>>640219460Why are there all these Italian flags in Kenshi

>>640219536A testament to the dangers of phone posting

>>640217395A flamethrower that shoots bees.

>>640213840One small but important piece of advice that nobody has written yet, as a rule, the more south-east you go, the more dangerous the environment becomes. Frankly, stay away from far corners of the map and stick mostly to the center. Don't go past Flat's Lagoon, don't go past Bast, don't go past the Floodlands, and don't go past the Spider Plains. Past these, all the areas are either highly dangerous, or you'll end up being killed instead of knocked out in there.

>>640192510Okran is Stobe

love the art style and world. Unfurtunately my pc is too shitty to have fun, I can only have a few characters in one location. Forget base building.

Nobody raids me anymore, holy nation gave up and lived to regret it, united cities goons tried to exttort money from me for the privilege of living among sand skimmers and beak things but gave up after losing two goon squads to the automatc skin peeler, the green swamp ninjas didnt even get to raid me as i stumbled upon their base and turned their leader into a pin cushion...


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>>640221212I like basing in the black desert purely because of the fact that 3/4rth of the raids targeting my base fall to the coof gas before they even get to me.Get yourself a moisture farm mod and you're set in a comfy base.

>>640213840if you love to do solo rp youre gonna get lost in this game once you get into it.i bought it the first week of February. only reason i stopped is because i finally felt myself slowing down and and i also started elden ring finally. i know im gonna come back though.

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>>640212713Which mod is the booba slider one?

>>640222175I THINK it's the bottom one

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Last time I played I set up a huge fort in the cannibal wasteland and just captured cannibals for 'rehabilitation'. I'd stick them in cages and beat on them until they joined me, then I'd remove them from the party and send them on their way as neutrals. Except the cannibal women, whom I kept and created a kind of woman fortress akin to the one from Princess Mononoke.

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>Load save>Everyone on a mounted crossbow is now outside the walls and vulnerableIt's crazy that obvious stuff like this still isn't fixed years later.

>>640221627>Get yourself a moisture farm mod and you're set in a comfy base.I already achieved that goal, i need people to raid me MORE. I will try on the crab raiders territory and hope for a good fight.

is there any mod that actually lets the borders change dynamically Mount and Blade style? Always hated that this didn't happen.

>Build town>Spend the next eternity getting absolutely fucking shat onHaven't played the game since I last made a town. Barely player it before either, but god damn trying to have a farmstead was a huge mistake.

>>640222809It all generally depends on the area that you choose. Where are you basing in?

>>640222368It works cheers bud>tfw

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>>640222921The desert next to the swamp. I figured it would be reasonably uncontested. Obviously I was wrong.

>>640201984Master of Agriculture had a hard life....

>>640201984>turn humans into literal monsters>"WOOOOOW WHY ARE THESE GUYS MONSTERS LMOA"

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>>640223034Ah- Well, if you want to be left alone for the most part, I advise basing in the swamp. Only events I get there are ones that can usually be resolved peacefully, or ones that are easy enough to deal with. Just remember to put up at least tier 2 walls and turrets, because swamp raptards are a menace if you try to run a farm. I grew rice and produced sake there, which I then exported to the united cities for major profit.

>>640174090How the FUCK do you get into this fame

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>>640222809>build town>be comfy afjust ignore that mass of blood and dead bodies we had a minor incident nothing out of the ordinary

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>>640223515>>640223034Forgot to mention, don't build too far north in the swamp or you'll be in holy nation's and dust bandits' zone of influence. Other than that it's just Stone Rats that you can bribe off to leave you alone, and Red Sabres, which are a joke of a faction.

>>640215368Izumi is pure sex and I wanna fuck her, it's that simple

>>640201984Yeah he destroyed civilization to give skeletons independence and it turned out skeletons are barely sentient autists that can't function independently let alone govern. His solution? Lobotomize all the skeletons and kill everything else.He's completely unhinged evil

>>640224532>is pure sex and I wanna fuck her, it's that simpleso is Seto.

>>640223834Just lead entire groups into the town guard and reap the benefits.

>just got in the skin bandits area>remember i have sadneilkek.

>>640174090I'd rather fuck a hiver

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>>640187785please god no>>640205023this please god no active abilities I don't want WoW

>>640187785>All I want for Kenshi 2 is regular player controls, none of that point and click.That'd be nice. I'd like to play Kenshi 2 like it was mount and blade

>>640228491>Hey! I'm a beautiful human female lady!>You deserved it.

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>>640209436Based pregnacy anonTOTAL SHEK IMPREGNATION

>>640229271secondaries leave

>>640229271eat shit

>>640229271literally kill yourself

>>640229271>all that maldinglollmao

>>640174090any tips for new comer? I am so overwhelmed by this game, and I don't know what to do beside mining ore or luring bandits into the city.

>>640223834You gain toughness by getting the shit beaten out of you. There you go.


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>>640214472it's like women know tey are just toys

>>640174090At what point do my fellas start decimating.

>>640214472why does she have anothher ass under her ass, in the leggings there. wtf is that???


>>640231678Mining ores is noob trap, never do that, get 2 to 3 recruits, set at least one in passive with fat medkit packs, now you have 2 choices, 1 is sneak thief and steal shits from shops, pick up the stuff laying around first, then start looting the chests and counters, doesn't matter if you get caught, fight back, get beaten up, get jailed, break out, sell stolen shits rinse and repeat. 2 is putting that 1 passive guy a far, then the rest will go pick up fights with random bandit groups, do not lead them to the city guards as they will steal all of your exp, once you get beaten up and the bandits still stay around, stand up and fight again, once all of your guys are out cold, wait till the bandits leave and let the passive guy run out and heal, rinse and repeat until toughness and all attack skills are at 50, then find Leviathan and fight them, avoid fighting with animals like raptor, spider, bonedog and beak things, do that and you will get a group of elites that put Tengu's personal bodygurads to shame.

>>640230595>secondaryWeird flex, I've put time into the game. I just think it'd be cool to have the option to play it more directly, to really immerse into the world.

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>>640239169>he bothers with animalsngmi

>>640239620>he doesn't have an elite crab squad guarding his homenever going to make it

>>640239620>Not having a Pack Beast absolutely full to the brim with loot and having your soldiers pick it up and bring it inside for training/even more looting

kenshi 2 should just be a FO4 mod fr

>>640239821You just have a human do that.They can even hold two garru backpacks instead of just one

>>640237335Thank, user

>>640239620>not traveling the world with a heckin based doggerinoThese things can deal several hundred damage with just a short melee combo. Doggos are really useful at one shotting trash mobs and dealing quick damage to tougher enemies. Only downside is they can't block or dodge.

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>>6402405051. takes too long for them to get good2. they eat too much food3. enemies butcher them as soon as the get knocked out

>>640239620In that save Spoink bought the dog because in my canon of the story Ruka has a soft spot for animals.

>>640239169how are you getting x3 toughness xp?

>>640239620My Elder Bone Dog can take on a group of like 12+ dust bandits by itself with basically no issues. All I need to protect my base with is it + a medic with decent crossbow/turret skills.Then I can send the rest of my army out to destroy Holy Nation settlements without worry.

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>>640241916I can't remember, I was using a fair few mods and it was a long time ago. Don't hivers have an increased toughness multiplier?>>640239620Also: I don't really get the idea of metagaming, I thought the game was about the experience you had and not just making the best choices?

>>640241921>>640242178I just find it tedious as shit looking after animals for not much gain compared to leveling actual humans, hivers, shek and whatnot, give me a shek over any animal any day cause they will eventually become better than an animal can.

>>640242296>they will eventually become better than an animal can.A bonedog literally levels itself up and feeds itself. As long as you have bandits trying to come into your base (or river raptors or whatever) your bonedog has a source of food. After 50 ingame days a Bonedog becomes as strong as a high level fighter that would have to be fighting basically every day to reach the same strength, and with that comes the risk of them getting maimed or just straight up dying.Now imagine just having a pack of 4 of them. Did I mention they also do a fucked amount of AoE damage which usually can't be blocked? You get a squad of 4 elders and they can take out a group of 12 paladins no problem.

>>640242296I mean, if you're not making a story in your head the game by itself is pretty tedious, I wouldn't ordinarily call getting my character beaten up then spending a large chunk of time waiting for them to heal to do that all over again very fun. The point is (or at least was when I played) that you make stories for your characters, you imbibe them with individual purpose and personality and that gives the world life.Otherwise it's mostly just a game about cheesing hardcore mechanics so you can murder everyone and show people your screenshots of your weed farm.

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>>640205023>some form of active abilitiesWhy do you want Kenshi to be Dota?

>>640242913I would just collect bounties. Running around the great desert carrying somebody making money and rep in the process

>>640174090What are the chances of Kenshi 2 making the first game completely irrelevantAre the developers trustworthy.

>>640243516Considering Chris abandoned Kenshi way too soon to work on the sequel it's a coinflip. It could have used way more work before saying it was "finished". Also sweing that it's gling to be a prequel ruining the entire point of a sequel that bothers me, I fucking hate prequels brcause they ruin the sense of mystery and legend feel of the past.

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>>640243516If they can add Kenshi story into 2. Basically you can play prequel and sequel "campaign" with improved and expanded features. Kenshi took so long because Lo-Fi literally had 1 person to do all the job. Now with more people, maybe this will take 5 years and be more than " wide as ocean, deep as puddle" which Kenshi is very notorious with it.

so how do i play this game? i want to become scientist and worship technology and genocide technologically inferior peoples

>>640244214Just build yourself up, train your guys and aquire good gear. But be warned the world suffers for every group you kill.

>>640194228you're brown

>>640194228you don't have to give them shekels

>>640177260>I don't get Hivers.>talks about statsyeah you don't get it

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>>640202368yeah ok narutard

>>640229271Luddites seething lol

Are there sex mods.I'm bored with Fallout and currently looking for another post-acolypse-like game to ruin and indulge in my sensual mad max fantasy.