Dragon's Dogma 2

I still can't believe its happening.

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it feels like a dream sometimes

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Dragon's Dogma is one of the most forced games of all time


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>>640173790Why is the bitch in the middle not smiling

Just followed the Steam page, feels like a dream.

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>>640174647Selene is autistic, that's as good as you're going to get from her.

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>>640173790I might get accused of doomposting for saying this but I’m really nervous for the sequel; unless something goes catastrophically wrong in development than I’m pretty sure it’ll be good but the first game always came across as “lighting in a bootle” somewhat and I don’t know if that feeling is easily replicated if it can be at all. I hope it will be what we’ve been waiting for but I can’t dismiss my doubts so easily

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>>640176959>the first game always came across as “lighting in a bootle” somewhatI can't say I agree. It's widely acknowledged that DD1 was hampered a lot by its development and had a lot of shit cut. I think they have a great starting point just by doing all the shit they couldn't do in the first game, I would be satisfied just with that. Beyond that, I believe in Itsuno.

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>>640174647She's grinning slightly, and as mentioned she's an autist. Think Doctor Manhattan.

>>640176313Man I wish more Japanese devs would unashamedly embrace harem building outside of hgames. I guess to do it well requires both highly varied and quality writing, though.


>>640177307I won’t go in about it too much but I agree with your point about reintroducing some of what was cut from the OG. Though at the same time I think the troubled development is part of why the game ended up being as uniquely entertaining as it did; things didn’t go as planned and they had to do the best they could with what they had, so you have a hodgepodge of different elements (gameplay, presentation, mechanics etc.) that another game may rework or simplify or just drop altogether. Basically everything went wrong but in the best possible way, how do you pull that off a second time intentionally? Like I said I’m getting this thing day one but I’m wondering if I should prep myself for a somewhat underwhelming experience

>>640173790daily "I want Mystic Knight to be even better because it's the only spellsword in a game I remember liking" post

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>>640178986>tried to go staff mystic knight>its okay i guess>try to fight daimon>end up spamming holy focused bolt because its the only non-tedious option

Post your favourite track from the first gameyoutu.be/KmiXpLnqww4


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>>640173790>It's been about a year since I played DD. It's such a great game>Redownload it>It's shit>Don't play again for another yearThe DD cycle

Who in the fuck thought these retarded skeleton buttbuddies in BBI were a good idea.Just gotta love that heal spam that you can't out-damage without high tier weaponsGotta love him resurrecting his buttbuddy every fucking thirty secondsGotta love magic bouncing off their armorGotta love weapons bouncing off their armorGotta love the fact that a mere arisen cannot possibly hope to use any abilities to get them to move out of their healing circlesSeriously who the fuck okays this kind of shit

>>640181886i like BBI's desperate oneyoutu.be/BjtNL_n38Zkreally hope the dude who made the music comes back, DD's music was very unique

>>640183984>Gotta love him resurrecting his buttbuddy every fucking thirty secondswat

>>640173790Im fucking hyped bro! I maybe will get it after 3 month of its release when all reviews, censorship and problems are out.

>>640173790Haters have never been blown the fuck out harder than this. All of Holla Forums kneels before the DD KINGS.

>>640184192Yes. He will spam heal himself and then resurrect his partner. Again. And again. And again.

>>640173790sex with small pawns

I hope the give us another 14y wife

>>640184447>>640183984you mean the silver and gold knights? when one goes to resurrect the other, use something that staggers on it to interrupt ezpz


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>>640184662RE engine bro, mods gonna be retarded>>640183984just use throwblast or explosive barrels or like just hit them wtf nigga

>>640184836I don't HAVE anything that staggers them. This silver nigger took a high glicel to the face and didn't even flinch.

>>640184968what class are you? and yeah he took the ice spell to the face because only the golden ones are weak to that, silvers are strong against it and weak to fire and holy.

>>640185307Assassin, Rank 3 dragon's bane bow, level 73. Every arrow I fired was fire and it did jack shit to him.

>>640185447Have you tried getting gud

>>640185447The only enemies I had serious trouble with as a lv60 Assassin were Daimon and Death.

>>640185447equip a dagger and use dazzle blast to interrupt the rez attempts

>>640173790I know that feel brotha.

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>>640178986How dare you to steal my post idea user, how rude

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>>640184138There were several composers including Inon Zur, I hope they all return for DD2.youtube.com/watch?v=UPGGffb1nYE&ab_channel=squidtentacle

>>640186482Did you want me to post about wanting both Mercedes and Selene in my bedroom instead?

>>640178986I just want the shield to not clip

>>640173790we did it

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>>640183984You can grab humanoids user.I've killed those 2 with nothing but fall damage. Use your head.

>>640174647no reason to smile in my life

we ready for monday brehswill capkek disappoint us

>>640188642what happens on monday?

I'm happy for u guys but understand that sometimes, dead is better.

AC6, DD2 what surprise sequel will be next?

>>640188694capkek showcasehoping for more gameplay and maybe a release date if we’re so lucky

>>640188758>dead is better.You should follow your own words and lead by example. Livestream it

>>640189035they're not going to announce a release date nearly 1 year away from release

>>640173790Most exited I've been for a game in years honestly. I don't even know why since DD isn't even that good of a game. I just love it so much.

>>640182264The big filter for me is the ox mission, and if that doesn't kill me drive to replaying it then the "stealth" mission will

>>640189712take a heal pawn and just kick the fucking ox

>>640173790>see DD thread>sudden urge to install it againFuck!

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>>640189712>Fitlered by the easiest missions. Maybe it's a (you) problem

>>640189712unironically wish there were more ox/caravan missions

>>64018988199% my pawn will just cast the spell that makes my sword burn>>640190192The issue isn't difficulty, they're just fucking boring

>Start new game>Do the Saurians in the well quest>Kill the Saurians, quest updates>Carry on and get merc'd by the bandits>Reload checkpoint>Back to before the Hydra fightNo thanks.

>>640190853Yea that got me a lot early on. You have to remember to save.

>>640173790finally beat daimon second form and Deathnow I only have to beat ur-dragon and I can die in peace

>>640188548You can grab them IF they get knocked down. It doesn't do much good if they don't.

>>640180491>staff mystic knightfor what purpose? you only use the staff to get the hover ability

>>640190853>doesn't know how to save

>>640192721>Game has an autosave function and doesn't use itShiggydiggy

>>640180491I would've stuck with it if you held the shield and staff at the same time properlyHated that shit constantly swapping to your back

>>640174647Better question is why are there two officers from the encampment?

>>640189035Oh shit, didn't know about thatProbably not much for DD, though. Nor MH I imagine. Mostly Fightan'

>>640173790Reminder: Play Dragon Age 2 while waiting for Dragon's Dogma 2. They are sister games.

>>640192073No, just staggered.

>>640173790Sometimes it's worth putting off killing yourself because good things still happen

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Really hoping they include all the classes from DDOyoutube.com/watch?v=k4nOoADmf8k

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>>640194845ESA in 6 weeksDD2 in [Indeterminate]

>>640173790>tfw only finished the game once, because I don't feel like playing in NG+, but don't want to lose my character and pawn eitherJust launched the game for the first time in years. I don't even remember what rift crystals were used for.I think I'll get the game on GOG when there's a sale.

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>>640173790good pic

>>640195823you can just back your save up

>>640189218They're clearly in the marketing phase why else would they open the page on steam before the showcase, it's very likely we'll get the date on monday.


>>640196170Sure hope so and hope it's not a long time away. Have literally nothing to play until it comes out.

I hope they expand on the pawn system, I want to be able to groom the perfect pawn

But the most important question is....will it have Silk Lingerie?

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>>640173790i cant wait to have fun exchanging and seeing all the new pawnshaving fun switching vocations and trying out new skills... dragons dogma is such a based action rpg, why didnt others try and learn from the monster climbing and pawn system? feels like a natural evolution for both combat and party members in gameplay

>>640189035>expect DD2 release date>get Pragmata insteadhaha wouldn't that be funny

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>>640178686anon I don't think Itsuno has ever developed a game where development has gone well. Capcom loves to fuck the dude over, and I'm starting to think they have to or he'd go full Kojima-tier. Obviously not in a story and tiny details sense, I think Itsuno is more interested in grand spectacle than Kojima's interest in minute details and how they affect each other.>DMC2Was DMC2.>DMC3I don't want to go to Wikipedia but this game is missing less than half its planned content if I remember right.>DMC4They literally made him finish it before half the levels were completed.>DMC5Got the feeling on launch that it was rushed out. Special Edition never made it to PC, and you know Itsuno would have wanted that but Capcom made an exclusivity deal. Development wise probably the most time.>Dragon's DogmaI don't think I have to explain this to anyone in this thread>Pre-DMC3relatively unknown dev. I think his revival of the Devil May Cry series is what game him his notoriety, but it was def a combo of how fucking amazing the gameplay was in DMC4 and the release of Dragon's Dogma that gained him his popularity and loyal fans. It's really hard to say if Capcom is going to respect that though because ultimately DD and DMC are both very niche series.

>>640198409Pretty sure he also worked on Red Earth and that game felt half-finished too.

Does anyone play on playstation?

>>640198959No but I could plug in my PS3 if you need a level 100 pawn.I don't know what the exact level is I just know I've never hit level cap. I don't even know what their vocation is right now honestly, probably mage or warrior that's what they usually are.

>>640198959I do

>>640199082You don’t have to, it’s just weird seeing all of these pawns, forever lost in the Rift, their Arisens having since moved on.

What's stopping the Arisen from having sex with his pawn?

>>640198959Yes, need a hire?

>>640199887>it's so small! 'tis no threat to us

>>640173790I will praise it if you can still go around picking girls to fuck and shit.If it is western shit now, then it might as well have stayed dead.

>>640199990Started a new playthrough, minmax assassin with sorc pawn. Could use some RC for when I jump to BBI

>new info on 24 hourswe are getting there bros

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>>640201351I thought it was on monday?Am i fucking up the timezones?

>>640201560woops, you are rightit's 48 hours

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>>640201351i wonder what this interaction means maybe we can emote more with pawns or they emote more amongst themselvescould be wholesome as fuck

>>640183984Skill issue

>>640201884to me it looks like pawns emoting and i like it a lot

>>640201342Post it and I'll add to favorites. Once you get to around my level I'll take it to BBI, just finished the main game on my new save myself.

How would you fix Dragon's Dogma's damage system? Is there a damage system from another game that you think would work well for DD?

will anyone hire my Short Queen

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>>640204064it's like 80% fine, maybe just make defences act on a curve so it takes a bigger attack/defence disparity to reduce your damage all the way to one, but there's so many ways to multiply your damage in the game even ignoring periapts that you can pretty reliably still kill stuff even if it's well above your level, it just takes way longer and requires specific strategies, which is interesting and I like it. Compared to something like Dark Souls where if you ignore damage numbers the fight is identical whether you're level 1 or level 200, it ends up making things like low level ogres or early tough bandits into problems to solve, not just execution checks, which helps keep the game entertaining despite the low execution difficulty of most of the fights.The only real issue with the current system is that is amplifies small changes in numbers into huge effects, like a gain of 50 strength when you have 400 doesn't seem like a huge deal but if that takes you from dealing 25 damage to dealing 75 it's an improvement by a factor of 3. A scaling system that just cleans up small differences, when your attack and their defence are within 10% of the total of each other or so, would be welcome, but if you're trying to kill something that has significantly more defence than you have attack it should require specific strategies to overcome that, that's part of the game being an RPG.

>>640204064kh2 in that you deal a bare minimum amount of damage to enemies regardless of stats, but can still be over powered if you over level

>>640204064Enemies already take more damage when knocked down, grabbed etc. So set a minimum damage number that enemies in that state take for when you don't break defense thresholds. Currently that number is 0.5 which might as well be 0 when enemies have 200k hp. This number is subject to the skill damage multipliers already there.That way you can realistically fight anything with any weapon. It's just gonna be a struggle of course.

has anyone done solo runs before? curious how fun they areassasin seems like a shoe in for a vocation to be, what with the 20% damage buff if playing solo skill. I have played this game over and over so many goddamn times that I NEED something new to sink my teeth into.dd2 is coming but i have to have content NOWI NEED IT NOWWW

>>640205720Have done all vocations solo and they are all completely viable.

>>640205803Have you done a bare fist run?You can use sheltered assault from the fighter vocation bare handed and it's fucking funny

>>640206087I haven't cause i find the moveset very restricting and not that fun. But it's cool the option is there.

No curse, only blessings.

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>>640190527>jump off in one of the cliffs high enough to take damage>spam the help command>???>profitsure it still takes a bit of time but it's really not that much

>>640195681Since classes seem to be single-weapon only now, a brawler class would be a perfect red/yellow hybrid.

>>640206981God i want to charge punch a drake in the face so bad.

>>640197367that'd be cute and funny indeed

Can't wait for my beast girl pawn harem

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>>640204559Sorry, I only hire Medium Duchess.

Is hard mode worth playing in DD?

>>640208496No, it's hard initially because enemies have higher damage and hp, but it gives you so much exp and gold that it isn't long before you're so overleveled that it's easier than starting in normal mode.

>>640208758I see, I was very surpirsed by the amounts of money that wolves and bandits drop

>>640208235>Humans with cat ears and tailI sleep

>>640178986It really is, and luckily they seem to be redoing the classes with new abilities. While I liked countering it was like 99% of the glass.

>>640208496It make class balance disparity even more obvious but it's ok if you want something more challenging. After many hours easy mode does feel too forgiving.

nexusmods.com/dragonsdogma/mods/139?tab=fileslevel slower, i use 4x slower and its a whole new game


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>>640209697Or don't level at all

How often does the Everfall reset? Is it the standard 5 ingame days?

>>640174290I forced myself on your mom

>start playing warrior to get the strength augment>dragonforged an iraklis to speed it up>actually having fun playing warrior for the first time everb-bros...

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>>640196659probably not :(

>>640196659What do you call this bodytype?

>>640173790demo wen

>>640214490Forgot pic

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>itt fags implying its not going to be cancelednever ever retards

>>640215253it's too late for your kind

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>>640214490Type 02

>>640216225>the sight of type B arouses it!

>>640196659Yes for both guys and girls

>>640218128Lmao. God, I hate this timeline


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the dogma is reclining...

I hope DD2 comes with a gear glamour system so 99% of the game's weapon designs don't become obsolete a few levels later.

Dogma cock

Are we going to get that alchemist class I saw in Dragons Dogma Online?

>>640201351>>640201710Dammit user i got excited for a second

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Is there any mogging more brutal in vidya than the "bleating she-goat" scene?

>>640173790>114 hours into the game>hasn't dived deep into Mystic knight, Assassin, and Fighter fully yetWhat are the usual things to do when replaying the game? I remember going to bitterblack isle and get some kind of rings.

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>>640227371Yeah, me one shotting Julien expecting a decent duel

>>640228124>Some kind of ringsYeah, the kind that turn Arc of Deliverance into ARC OF OBLITERATION

who's willing to bet that there won't be a single

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>>640173790>>640174221Itsuno pretty explicitly said years ago that dd2 was happening. It was just a matter of time.


Sending Ami and her cute shorts back home, thanks for letting me hire her user.

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where pawns?

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who's here level 200?

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>>640214490"All his hard drives were full of it."

>>640232125Hit it a few days ago

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>>640232125I'm getting there, taking a two day break so I don't go insane.

It's her turn.

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>>640232417made for HUMAN BONES

>>640232417So what does the furry chick have to do with Dragon's Dogma

So after beating the game, I'm still trying to figure out a few things. We know how the arisen can become the duke, Grigori and the seneschal from the choices and endings we get in this game. But I've been trying to figure out how the Dragonforged, the Witch in the woods and the various Drakes and other dragonkin get made. The Dragonforged seems to me to be the result of not having a beloved when the choice is made, and perhaps the witch is what happens when you beat the Dragon and then go on to choose peace, but where on earth do the non Grigori dragons come from. From the dialogue of the unique Drake, Wyrm and Wyvern we see, you can tell they are all former Arisen, but with varying levels of cognizance to what ha happened to them, with the Drake barely holding on to himself and the Wyrm recognizing you to the point of calling you a fellow countryman. Did they die to Grigori or is there something else the Seneschal can do to you if you lose to him?

>>640234324I think they're Arisen who try to kill the dragon but die in the journey.

>>640180491I found out recently after getting a Grand Sopor ring, that rusted weapon affects apply to that spell. Having a poison/slow/sleep aoe that can be immediately canceled into a lightning parry kicks major ass and it isn't hard to just swap weapons to get your sword out when it's needed. It's not like the sword skills and the staff skills take up each others slots after all, and Mystic Knight is used to swapping weapons anyway for Great Cannon elements.

user was right. Grinding for the final BBI armors is suffering.

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I wish BBI wasn't so damn rng dependant on getting the skill upgrade rings you want.

>>64017379060% of the content is from the MMO capcom are still huge cunts for withholding it from global

>>640235215I ended up settling for lower tier armor that looks cool and stick with t2 weapons. The grind for t3 would kill my enthusiasm for BBI and I'd rather just have those drops be a pleasant surprise.

>>640235215Wait until you grind for the skill rings

>>640235573>still don't have Grand Brontide yetFUCK

>>640225214I just started using immolation and it's so damn fun. Does it have an associated skill ring?

>>640235762i still have a few level 3 gear left( i think). Give me your pawn name and level, let me see if i can help with that

>>640234324Given that the dragonkin have hearts you can damage like Grigori I think they might specifically be Arisen who succeeded in killing the Dragon but failed to reach the Seneschal

I still can’t believe it’s singleplayer only in this day and age.Imagine the adventures you’d have with friends if this had optional co op.

>>640236152Nah its cool bro just give it to some other user. I actually enjoy grinding BBI since I get to play with Holla Forums's pawns and I see their unique quirks and patterns.

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>>640173790>the up-jumped zealot wearing a monocleIt's the little things

Is the first game worth it on ps4I do have the pc version but I don’t have access to a pc right now

>>640188548Not him but I actually killed everything I could with fall damage because I thought it was funnier that way

>>640237025ah, okay good luck with your gear roll.also, here's my pawn. Try her out if you like, but desu i think she kinda retard

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>>640236960Go back, faggot.

>>640237885This is on Steam right? Not seeing her. Maybe she's showing up with her moniker instead?

>>640238284yes it's on steam. But for player's level 200 pawns, you must filter them as level 199 to appear. Otherwise you will get offline pawns( it's dumb i know)

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All I want is Warrior with 6 skill slots, please godI also wouldn't mind if they put in work to give Sorcerer/Mages more versatile options for their basic casts. I can accept that Sorcerer's job is to be a glass cannon, but the game isn't very fun when my only effective option is to spam Holy Focused Bolts if I don't want to/can't stand in a corner and spend 30 seconds casting a spell

>>640236960If DD2 does well, they should just make a DDO style spin-off that brings in co-op, where 3 players and 3 pawns get to fuck around the countrysideThe assymetric gameplay of the pawn system is too unique to throw away, and it would be diminished with the existence of co-op, so they should just make a seperate game for that

>>640238690>Warrior with 6 skill slotsthey're not gonna do that

>>640206895You can also just stand in front of the ox when you kick it. It will hit you and damage you when it charges and then your pawn will heal you.

And most importantly, june 12th there's more, can't wait brothers.

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>>640237176Yeah it's fine beyond a graphical glitch that happens when you hit enemies.

>>640239078yea, probably not. I believe they will give us 8 skills this time

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>>640232125I probably have over 500 hours across PS3 and PC, but I've never reached level 200 once. I always lose interest after beating BBI a couple times.

I think I finally settled on a good set of augments for BBI mystic knightstacking knockdown is silly as fuck

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>>640242885I'm fucking stupid and screenshotted the augment list instead of the equipped ones in my haste, oh wellI went>Acuity>Ferocity>Impact>Clout>Articulacy>Prescience

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>>640242885>tfw still running prescienceI should drop that crutch...

Ive beaten the game 3 times now, Im on my 2nd run of BBI on Hardmode and I one shot nearly everything as Sorcerer. I've run out of things to do. I wish I could do a complete reset of the game without killing my current save

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I'm fighting daimon v2 on my current save but this shit feels impossible due to shit weapons, weak stats, whatever. Is there like a list of good areas to frind for dank weapons and xp? I have no idea how loot works in BBI.

>>640244084prepare to kill yourself over and over. i have a ton of bitterblack cursed weapons level 2. post pawn and ill send 5 of them to you.

>>640244328I'm at work but I'll be home in like 2 hours. What info would you need from me exactly? I've never shared pawns before.

I'm going insane trying to get a purged bucklerI have more chilling focus staves than I know what to do with

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>>640244481The pawn's level at the last time you rested at an inn, their name, vocation, and gender

>>640244548lmao been there bro. just hang in there

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>>640244002Dinput.dll allows you to respec and even lower your level. And there is always ng+ for a reset.

>>640244084Get the noticeboard quest "accurded errand" from the last refuge area.The merchant in bbi will sell you a level 2 weapon afterwards. Upgrade it to gold forged.

Anyone in need of a tank gobbie? She perfect blocks elder ogres like a goblin wife protecting her husband should.Also doing BBI runs and happy to share in the cursed loot

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>>640244842nice level nerd

>>640244842Ah fuck you're right, still new to pawn shilling>>640244842Level 87

>>640237885Nabbing this whore next time I play.

I just hope there’s more parkouring across rooftops. If I can’t sneak into random people’s homes by jumping across roofs then I’ll be sorely disappointed.

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>>640239246in hard mode the ox will kill you

>>640244842I was planning on doing some BBI runs so Ill take her along with me

>>640245396literally me in the middle