>Etrian Odyssey HD outsould Street Fighter 6BASED! WHERE IS UNTOLD 3?!

>Etrian Odyssey HD outsould Street Fighter 6BASED! WHERE IS UNTOLD 3?!

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>>640171075EO3 hd exists? Or is this a mockup image?

tried that new DT2 game everyone is shilling and it's so fucking bad, imagine playing non-EO games unironically

>>640171273this except imagine playing blobbers at all


whoever designed EO3 5th stratum is a cunt.

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>>640171075>in Japan>and in physical sales only

>>640171273>expecting turbo coom bait to be anything but KUSOGE in any genre

>>640171218It exists and it's an amazing remake.

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>>640173720It's not a remake because nothing was touched. The Untolds were remakes.

street fighter? more like street shitter am i right lmao

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>>6401710751. Make smexy anime illustrrations2. Build a minimalistic "game" around them3. OUTSELL ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED TRIPPLE A GAME!!!

>nothing was touched.

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>it's another forgot to buy ariadne thread episode

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>>640173230It's one of the most fun and fair 6th stratum of the series. Wait until you play EO1.

>>640174165Yeah, nothing was touched. It's the same exact game as the original exceot with prettier graphics. You do realize aside from the new Himukai art this was done by AI, right?

>>640171075We won

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>>640174510link to mod plox

>>640174140>Rerelease them nearly 20 years laterYou missed a step.

>>640174406yup ai totally upscaled that damaging ground tile

Am I better off starting with EO1 HD or Untold 1?

What went wrong?

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>>640174803You're better off starting with 3.

>>640174803III HD or uoo I

>>640174803Untold 1 Classic is better than EO1 HD, but they are completely different games, so might as well play both.

>>640174803I'd argue that Untolds are the best games in the series but it's questionable whether they are suited for a newfag.

>>640174803Untold sucks.


>>640174803Ideally you play both because they are completely different games.

>>640173230cute lil bugger

>>640175249Himuaki has fallenbillions must die

why is the second game literally the same as first?which one of these three should i play


>>640177293Trying playing it like you play the first and you'll get deleted

>>640177293>why is the second game literally the same as first?That's a good thing and should be the norm.

>>640174510I will now play your game

>AutosageGotta make room for more eceleb, twitter, and zelda threads I guess.

The largest upgrade between DS and 3DS entries are the fucking FOE modelsWhat the hell they were thinking early on

>>640180956Jannies seething because a lazy $80 port of a niche 15yo japanese dungeon crawler outsold SF6

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>>640180956Is it really?

>>640174406HOLY RETARD

>>640180956>>640181757Thread isn't autosaging you tards

>>640178826im noticing that mana costs on alchemist is 5x as high???

>>640181757Wait, do you guys unironically think it outsold 6? I thought you were all shitposting.

>>640182951gematsu.com/2023/06/famitsu-sales-5-29-23-6-4-23It outsold SF6 In japan

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I can't find my 3ds charging cable, I wanted to play iv...

>>640183102>In JapanAh, so that's what this is all about. Is this the part where I bring up the world wide/steam sales or should I keep quiet about that as to not hurt your feelings.

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>>640182951It did in the only region that matters

>>640183292Hold the L , EO won.

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>>640182249Yes and shit damage for cost.

>>640171075>outsold SF6yeah nah I don't believe that for a second. Literally no one even knows what EO is outside of Japan, like 8 people on my Steam list are all playing Street Fighter 6. Give it time for the actual sales numbers including digital sales worldwide are all tallied up. SF6 sold way more than this niche shit.

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>>640171218It does, its just overpriced as all hell and doesn't really change anything to make it worthwhile over just pirating the OG's.Also Atlus fucked up and didn't put Denuvo in the PC version at launch, so you can just pirate the PC versions.

>>640184405Yes we know westoids ate up this tranny nigger shit, but Japan is still is resisting by buying overpriced DS games from over 15 years ago.

>>640184701The numbers that are touted around don't account for Digital sales in Japan.

>>640184870>i..it doesn't count

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>>640184998Well, it kind of doesn't since we don't know the digital sales figures for Japan for either games.EO could come out in Digital sales too, but it could also end up being completely eclipsed by Street Fighter 6. We'd have to actually have those numbers to know.

>>640174406>done by AIAbsolutely not.You want AI upscale shit? Check out the Persona 3 Portable port.This is nothing like that.

>>640171075What's the point of making this threads here instead of moving to >>>/vg/ ?Everyone already moved on

>>640171075I'm guessing they're counting the 3 seperate entries as individual sales. Even so, good for EO, they deserve a win.

>>640171075I'm not really happy with the startup classes Do you get any new additional skills progressing through the game aside for the samurai and robot classes?

Can't have comfy eo threads since there's really nothing to talk about, so OP had to rile up SF fags.

>>640185585Anon the AI upscaling methods grow in strength monthly.You can actually see some jpg artifacts on older sprites so it's obvious they used it at least to upscale them

>>640174165left looks better

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>>640185849Whatever you say Pajeet.

>>640185912Take your meds, holy shit

>>640185808I'd say that EO beating SF6 in sales counts as big news, whoever gets mad at petty shit like corporate numbers deserve to be mad. EO NEXT soon(tm)

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>>640183292>>640184405SF6 sold more worldwide, much more. But consider that FIFA, Madden and NBA are some of the highest grossing vidya franchises of all time solely due to 3rd worlders, yet they're never discussed on Holla Forums because nobody with taste cares or plays that shit. The same applies to Street Fighter 6, which was tailor-made for low IQ shitskin favela monkeys. Like flies to shit, their opinions are worthless.

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>>640185760Nope, the physical copy was all 3 games only. Which is significant because that means Jap would rather buy more expensive old games than a cheaper brand new one

>Went for Blade Rave instead of Nine Smashes>Can't burst damage for shit against waves of enemies I fkd up didn't i?

>>640171075>japan saleswho cares

>>640186402Are you saying that no one talks about 6? There're constant threads up about it literally all the time, what a weird cope.


>>640187195>blade rave instead of Nine Missesyou did good

>>640186298Based EOIII LukeGAWD

>>640184152so alchemist is just literal dogshit in second???lmao



>>640187938There's a reason most of the parties in 2 are very similar despite having even more options.

>>640187195Nah, the gladiator is just like that. Blade Rave is better than the alternative.

>>640187195Blade Rave is better than Nine Smashes. Crowd control should be someone else's job

>>640188117what the fuck does this meanhow can they be "similar " to eo1 if the alchemist is dogshit and has 200x more spellcost?

>>640173720>>640173851>>640174165The graphics are much improved, there's a few small tweaks to some skills that were broken (in a bad way that is - Protector's Provoke for example now actually works more like its EO2 counterpart and forces attacks to hit the Protector rather than merely making them a slightly bigger target, making it worth using finally alongside Fortify and Parry, which were both utterly worthless before since you couldn't rely on attacks being redirected as you'd expect, and Survivalist's Cloak was also buffed to work more reliably), and there's a few QoL features added or backported from later games in the series (for example, EO1 had pretty archaic resting requirements: you needed to reach level 30 to rest a character, and it cost 10 levels, but now you can rest from the very start of the game, it only costs 5 levels like some of the later games, and resting below level 6 is free), and the map function has much more versatility (EO1 on the DS had an atrociously bad map with hardly any icons to use), but the actual games are otherwise identical to their DS counterparts, with all the pros and cons.Medic's Immunize still being busted bullshit that reduces ALL damage by 60% (90% boosted), Alchemist's Toxins doing literally nothing for poison damage aside from serving as a prerequisite for Poison and Venom (though at least they lowered the maximum cost to 5 SP so you can't waste points on it, and the description now shows that it doesn't affect poison damage - though even if it did it wouldn't matter since the damage cap on Poison damage is still 255 for some reason), the later floors like B27F being as cancerous as they were back in the day, item prices and such - you can generally look up information for the DS version and 99% of the information you read will apply to EO1 HD.It's not like EOU and EO2U where they were completely different games to the originals, so yeah, by comparison nothing of major consequence was really touched.

>>640187624>>640188273>>640188494I feel better now

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>>640188506>retard can't readAnon, the other person was saying that parties in EO2 are very similar to each other even though there are technically more options compared to EO1.

>>640188506I don't mean similar to EO1, I mean almost everyone uses the same party because half the classes in the game are garbage.

>>640188663>>640188632is my party acceptable

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Grimoires are a super fun mechanic if you're not trying to brainlessly minmax for 5% more damage.

>>640182193It absolutely was. They undid it after being called out.

>>640188879If those portraits belong to the actual classes and you didn't just swap them out to another class>Landsknecht >AlchemistIt's shit. Medic isn't bad but there's zero reason to take it over War Magus which can heal just as well and actually do damage plus better support skills

>>640189385I remember I had a friend that swore on using Medic. Used them to keep their Ronin at 1 HP for the evasion boost, probably would be fine for Hexer too.

>>640189385whats wrong with knecktsare whippers too strong? or ronins or something?

>>640189780Landsknechts do absolutely no damage. Lower than pretty much every other class except something like a Troubadour. Their best feature is being at a low level to meme one specific boss.

>>640189780They just do bad damage. All they're good for is one shotting the final boss with a specific low level cheese.

started playing 1, just managed to kill my first FOEthese games are hard

>>640188078Cool, I kill the queen and fight off like 13 bloodants and get 14,000 exp which feels more like 14 and the weapon is a crazy good katana I have no way to use

>>640190152>>640190075wtf is this game about

>>640190570>weapon is a crazy good katanaFuck you, the item for that only has a 10% drop chance but when I finally use a Ronin in EO1 I don't get it.

>>640190152>All they're good for is one shotting the final boss with a specific low level cheese.How the hell do they pull that off

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>>640190695Does it seriously only have a 10% drop chance? Luhmao

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>>640190890They have a counter that reflects 100% of the damage, even if they don't actually take damage from it because a skill negated it, and there just happens to be a class that can do that. So just take a low level one that's barely high enough to max out the counter skill so they take a million damage from the boss and have it reflected back at it.youtube.com/watch?v=omxNIlPEI8g

>only 3 and 4 introduced an overworld map>they ditched it in 5 and just made it a static map in nexusWhy? The feeling of sea adventure in 3 is amazing.

>>640192208V was rushed and full of cut content

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>>640192208>The feeling of sea adventureIt's a fucking puzzle more than anything, fuck that shit I'm glad it was gone

>>640173720is the gorilla fucking her?

>>640192557The King is protecting the Queen.

>>640192483You're literally charting a course through hostile waters. It's as close to a sea adventure as this genre can get unless you create some Grimrock 2 tier behemoth of a game that allows actual sea travel.

>>640173720remaster not remake but yea waiting for 4, 5 and nexus hd versions

What the fuck is her problem?

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>>640187624>Nine Misses*Two Misses, Nine if you're especially lucky

>>640193589Her friend talked her into training as a Dark Hunter to "boost her confidence"

>>640193657>gets a similar ability but it's actually decentNothen personnel Gladiator

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What's the point of zodiacs? Their skill spread seems too much.


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>>640192483That's exactly why I liked it.Fuck 4's overworld though, that was just a waste of time.

>>640193942>1 point into Stars>maxed out Singularity and Etheric Charge>elemental Limit now hits like absolute fucking truck and never fall off while they are free to either attack with elements or Dark Ether your arbalist into spamming front mortar every turnHere you goEverything else is optional

What's in your opinion the best wildling subclass? They are such a relaxed class they actually get a ton of downtime.

>>640193589Wears clothes.

>>640171075can you not

>>640194078thanks skeletor, see you next week

What's your personal headcanon for your party?

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>>640171075I just care about the new portraits, has there been porn of dark hunter yet?

>>640192483>>640193063I love sea charting bros. But I still think that we needed a post game food that allowed 99 turns of exploration.Maybe mods can add that sort of thing for free exploration.

>>640195661I'm sure a basic bitch cheat engine can handle this.

>>640174406>this was done by AIyou have absolutely no fucking clue what you're talking about.

>>640194098>maxed out Dark Ether even though I don't have anyone in my party spamming high TP spells Time to rest

>>640194372Doesn't matter because their main skills eat up way too many points for the sub to matter. Guess you can tack on Hoplite for minor bulk shit due to being able to equip a shield.>>640190075Wrong. Survivalists and Alchemists are the ones who got hit the hardest in 2. With Alchemists peaking around Stratum 4 and Survivalists basically being reliant on you grinding up their ultimate bow from Chimera otherwise they get fucked out of existence as an offensive class for the entire game.

>>640188571Did they do anything for hexers?

>>640192208I did not care for the overworld at all. Give me the single huge labyrinth divided into strata any day.

>EO6 is announced (7? Does Nexus count?)>you're in charge of designWhat needs to be fixed or added

>>640196506I personally murder whoever decided to make the nexus class lineup a poll, then go home.

>>640196352Binds have been buffed, they are easier to inflict now. Also you can drop down to babby difficulty for boosted XP so grinding up latecomers isn't such a pain.

>>640181083the orange blobs are SOVL

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>>640196664The majority of the classes in the series are frontline attackers and if we left it up the fans, there probably would have been a ton of redundancy in a different way.

>>640196506>big sky tree>you climb up>tree is split into the usual big stratums>smaller cave/shrine/minidungeons off on "branches" that you can explore via i dunno, airship or balloon or something>bring back wildling or equivalent summoner class but use V's summon slots so it doesn't hog an entire party member slot>subclasses>cooking with ingredients as a separate class of drops but that can be sold, used for quests, or cooked for buffs>lady boner (forma de teenager) or her equivalent descendant comes back as blacksmith

>>640181083It was more tense when you didn't know what kind of horror was hiding behind the menacing fuzzy cloud

>>640196094I've compared Landsknecht to Medic and Protector in 2 in one run and their damage was pathetically around the same level except without the benefit of stun. At least Survivalist Apollon hurts harder than Landsknecht anything.

>>640196506I'd cancel the project.all the old nips who grew up playing Wizardry have retired now. You don't want to see what an EO6 would look like.

>>640196506>what needs to be addedBunny girls. Bring them back

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>Time to farm Small Flowers for Nectars>Get nothing but Hibiscus

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>Playing EO3>Fourth Floor.>Think I'm ahead of the power curve.>Have best weapons available.>"Go kill the catfish">Ambush Garmer.>Buff up and blast him with everything I have.>One third of his HP gone.>Out of TP.>Blinds all my guys at once.>Picks me apart piece by piece.FUCK. Do I just need to grind more? I don't have an identify item so I don't know his weaknesses.

>>640197272You're supposed to be using Brawn or one of the Chasers with Landshark in 2.

Any tips for a newcomer? Should I really skip 1 and 2?


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>>640197706Chasers are ass. I'd know because I did another different playthrough where a Midareba still hit as hard as a three hit Chaser against Colossus who's supposed to be weak to elements and resist physical stuff.

>>640197460Princess needs those for her baths

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>>640197749Yes. Start either with EO3 or find a way to emulate one of the 3DS games.

>>640197705>One third of his HP gone.>Out of TP.Welcome to EO3, all of the bosses now have 1 million HP.

>>640197792Look at him go!

>>640198024There's no point in them making any more new classes because they will never ever top Princess.

>>640198071>Narmer would have had like 20k hp in U3.

>>640197749The best way to get into franchise is 4. It's also the one with the least amount of quality of life decisions so playing it first instead of going back to it later is optimal.

>>640198129My first game was EO2U, Sovereign was my favorite because of the passive healing and buffs. It was such a cool design aesthetically and mechanically for a healing class. Also had a warmage, hexer, dark hunter, and protector. Currently playing EO3 and am running a frontline sovereign.

>>640198257U3 would also fix and buff a shit ton of stuff so i wouldn't complain.

>>640197792Stop running near the FOE you piece of shit.

>>640197823>Weaker than RoninYeah like almost every class in the game. They're still stronger than Survivalist.

>>640197705Here's a spoiler.You need to get him to at least half. Then You're free to use a tent and finish the fight

>>6401983272U's story mode is a massive highlight for Sov too since Arianna is a fantastic combo with Fafnir.

>>640197705And then you have retarded shit like Dark Ether for infinite TP

>>640196506>What needs to be fixed or addedBring back 5's field events system. Add a simple personality selection among a dozen or so archetypes on character creation. This would then determine how the characters act when involved in events, instead of it being randomly determined by the game and possibly contrary to how you had imagined the characters to be.

>>640198257>>640198071Enemies in the series have gotten more and more HP as time went along because your damage output has gone up along with it.

>>640198605I tried to run away but it said I could not. >:( I'll level up a bit more on the B4F monsters and some sea quests. Debating if I should rest because I gave my sovereign Noble Proof which is useless because she's front-line. Also gave my Arbalist Bandage which is even more useless.

>>640198667Dark Ether is a meme anyway. You're better off just killing the enemy faster.

>>640198719>created two male-female pairs for my Nexus playthrough>it randomly landed in such a way they actually interacted as i intended them to doI woud love to have something like this be controllable

>>640198667My party is frontline mace Gladiator and Sovereign plus ninja clone, backline Ninja and Arbalist and fire-themed Zodiac.

>>640198896>fire-themed Zodiac.You're better off just putting 1 point in each element and then going all in the skill that gives bonus damage for hitting weaknesses.

>>640198773>I tried to run away but it said I could notYou misunderstand. You just need to meet the halfway point and then your TP troubles are gone.Also if you need levels go find some rare gold FOEs and ambush them from behind. Hope you have some leg binds to stop the thing from running.

>>640198431I dunno, I used Survivalist and they felt about the same. Brawn didn't feel much stronger, Chasers did feel stronger but at the cost of gimping your party's damage which may be even worse. Alchemists at least have points in the game where they feel like they do damage, even if they still suck pretty bad.

>>640198859Depends on the fight i think?If i can just win spamming Blade Rave + Front Mortar i'll just spam Ether for TP efficiency.Otherwise i'm cloning Zodiac for double etheric charge + elemental weakness to the face

>>640198620>Arianna is confused>Starts doing the High Lady laugh everytime she attacks

Do FOEs not respawn?

what’s the endgame money grind in eo1? drywall is obvious, but slow if you want the best gear

>>640199549after 7 days, bosses 14 daysfor cheaper inns just slot in a level 1 character and fucking snooze

>>640171075I'll never understand the appeal of dungeon crawlers. It's nothing but walking through a 3D maze like some rat over and over fighting lifeless pngs.

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>>640198620>story modeGet out of my franchise.

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>>640199694Keep moving zoomer this genre isn't for you.

>>640199679Thanks, its my first time playing EO so I am a little lost on how to survive the early game

>>640199890if you're playing eo3, you can fight the sea quests again and after the fight, you'll be healed

>>640199694me neither but here I am, having fun.

>>640199694All I need is to explore and beat up monsters. Don't need anything else to have fun.

>>640196506Takes place on a flying continent.It is surrounded by clouds that are deadly for humans, cannot go lower the cloud level.Amidst the clouds, a peak of a giant tower is discovered. Traversal down below is possible. Adventurers from all over the continent flock to the capital city.Scaling down the giant tower is the first part of the game. It is done in a typical Etrian fashion. You spend 2 stratums there, 5 levels each, but with side dungeons in different branches of the tower. Levels are interconnected, there are multiple entry points leading to different parts of the tower. Once you hit the ground level, a base of operations gets established. There are several ground regions, and you're free to explore them in any order, but different stratums have varying enemy strength, so you're incentivized to try out different regions instead of progressing linearly. All of them are interconnected too, for example a misty forest leads to a base of a mountain you can enter from a different place.Finale happens once you visit several shrines and release the locks, prompting the tower to grow in size. Its internal layouts change completely, enabling even more areas and opening up new side areas. The final battle happens in a stratosphere, at the new top of the tower, on ex-stratum 1. Entire stratum is one giant final boss puzzle with rotating invisible teleport mazes fuck youKeep V's summon rows but automate summons, they are out by default. Take 4's SP investment formula as a base but remove artificial level limitations from advancing the trees, just control EXP tightly, so you can't outlevel the content. Introduce character personalities or maybe even optional bonds. Introduce "side adventures" you can use for other members of your clan to automate their leveling, XCOM style. U2 esque hub development. Modernize the menus so it's easier to use field skills. Evolve grimoires even further or make a blue mage class.

>>640199443>Stand still for a few minutes>Characters break out into casual conversation>Sometimes include NPCs based on locationSay what you will about story mode in EO but I thought the party in 2U was done really well

>>640196506Add weather. Also add classes that can affect weather in some way, especially a weather-based one that'd be like a fucked up magic Ronin.

>>640200418>Arianna is a super cute dork with adorable reactions>Bertrand is legitimately one of the best JRPG characters on 3DS>Chloe is there for flatserviceFlavio is kinda the only weak link in the party both narratively and gameplay wise.

I just got the to 3rd stratum for EO3. Any tips for dealing with the lava floors?

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>>640199807>not enjoying both the classic and story for different reasonsImagine being this joyless

>>640200729Don't use sole guard. Max your monarch march.

>>640200050I am starting with the first one

>>640200729Level up a Ninja Farmer and max out Safe Stroll and Rain or Shine, skip all the random encounters and open up shortcuts for your party

>>640174510Needs pubes

>>640196506I'd definitely go towards a 3D ARPG light Monster Hunter action game while still maintaining the dungeon crawling gameplay

>use one skill>out of mana

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>>640201505>he doesn't invest on dark ether

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>>640201875i just auto battle everything but the bosses

>>640171273EO is truly the gold standard of crawlers

>>640202019>t. one shotted by the green bird

Is the labyrinth of touhou game any good? Feel like playing some other game before I start 3

>>640183274want mine ?

>>640202175im in 4th strata spamming auto battle thanks to my sovereigni will sub my ninja to get that dark ether tho, i didnt use zodiak

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>EO3>doing some good floor progress>don't feel like dungeon raiding anymore>chart the seas to find new shit>found a new island and fought some weird shark>make money selling fish>bored now>go back to raiding the dungeonEO3 is pure comfykino.

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Why are so many of the male explorers so erotic and sexy?

>>640196506>you're in charge of design-postgame statum with endless floors that are procedurally generated when you enter them and don't change when leaving.-a party randomizer function without party switching, no nuzlocke permadeath shit though-no boring cookiecutter protector class-spears on offensive class-summons again on their own row-new weapon types and unique classes similar to Yggbot, beast and necro-new F O Es-return of big+small dungeons-no races, subclasses or grimoires. just good classes with potential to upgrade-skill and item descriptions with actual information and numbers, no more vagueness-Himukai potatoes and lolis-FM music option

Is a non-link landsknecht even decent in IV? Practically every other attacking class can do multiple things but not using links seems so underwhelming.

>>640202790>Is x even decent in 4Yes

>>640200973welp, I should've used my skill points in that when I subclassed. FML

>>640200973>>640202906You don't need to max Monarch March.

>>640197749Just play 1HD. Skipping games is retarded. 4 is meh and only recommended because it's the easiest. Untold are only worth it if you're a storyfag or have already played EO1/2 and want them changed and modernized.

>>640197749start with 3HD and if you like the series, play the other entries

>>640202724For them to look good in the doujins fucking female etriams of course

>>640200583I'm literally bertrand

>>640202790I didn't use links and they were pretty good. Not godlike or anything but solid. But to be fair I also had Bushi subclass which is stupid good for damage.

>>640203442Doujins only include monsters and ugly bastards, dummy user, the men are for each other.


>>640203036>4 is meh and only recommended because it's the easiestThat's V though

Attached: 22rd sex.jpg (1920x1080, 280.89K)

>>640204754It always seems weird to me when people say that 4 is the easiest when at every stage of the game it's more punishing than V.Like, there's no analogue of this absolute cunt in 5.

Attached: 1680721149807431.png (1200x720, 974.54K)

>>640203036>Untold are only worth it if you're a storyfagThis is misleading, as someone who likes VNs and reading. EO1's story is great. Untold's is bad. It's not "if you're a storyfag", it's "if you need bottom-of-the-barrel Tales-style "skits" in your JRPG".

>>640205073just arm bind him bro

>>640205273Seems weird to complain about Tales skits when they are among a few franchise that bother giving characters that much characterization and banter.

>>640205273Tales skits are based though

>>640205073I wouldn't consider myself good at the game and I still beat 4 with an all Medic team. It's also the only game where I actually beat the postgame.

>>640205486Tales defined the trend before any other major RPG series.>>640205581What I'm saying is that it's significantly worse than what you'd find in Tales.

>>640183292There's plenty of shit to consider. We know EO is #2 on eshop but we only have physical Switch numbers (not digital or Steam), and it only counts collection sales, not individual entry salesBut EO on Switch sold more than SF6 for PS4 and PS5 combined.And yea we're only talking JP numbers, but for EO that's pretty huge cause it means there's a very strong chance for more entries.

>>640205073It's easy to get overleveled in 4 if you do all the side content. By late game, FOEs are hardly a threat at all. You can KO them in 3 turns.

>>640205073Just fly around him?

Are they’re any quality of life features in the remakes or are the DS versions better, specifically about EO3

>>640205758A lot of the FOEs in the series are rather trivial to be honest.

>>640184425Playing 1 HD now... wish we could use all classes from the start and change colors like in V/X. I mean... for the price I hoped so! Also sorry but I can't be assed with the map while playing on TV, put in on full auto as of now.Btw... why do "home consoles" have this SOULESS digital keyboard? Feela kike ass, minor compmaint but it's just fuckinkg lame comapred to each game having their own "keyboard".

>>640206009Other than auto mapping and being able to speed up walking/battles like in newer titles not really. 1 did receive the most though since originally you couldn't strafe and there was no equip menu at the shop so you had to manually check your characters' equipment to see if you had upgrades

>>640206534Thanks I’ll just stick to the DS versions for now then

Honestly, thus is how HD remasters and remakes should be done. Preserve the game, pretty it up, add on some nice QoL stuff if necessary, unfuck some broken shit (only if it's broken in the bad way) but otherwise leave it as is.

>>640206883I completely disagree. I'd be happier with untold 3 instead of the effortless port that is only meant for people that are too retarded to download a rom fileMy only cope is that the HD remasters at least get some modding like adding extra classes and shit

>Try EO1 back in the day>bounce off it early on>try EO3>love the weird classes even if it's so easy to break at the end>love the sea stuff>years go by>suddenly fans dunk on itI haven't finished V yet but I liked it more than IV

>>640206994Just go play a JRPG if you want a shitty story and premade party. Untold goes against the spirit of EO on a fundamental level.

>>640207272Literarily fucking kill yourselfBoth untold games have classic mode you dumbfuckMight as well just go back to the original NDS games because the HD remaster have auto mapping which essentially turns the game into generic JRPGs

>>640206883I don't care, 1 as it stands us not a good game and there was small touch ups they could have done to make it the best on DS.

>>640207505Does the auto mapping add story? No? Now fuck off


>>640207591Auto mapping turns the game into strange journey

>>640207654I don't care about your gay personashit. get out of my thread

>>640207591You don't like story mode because it's not EO and apparently it's something you can't ignore according to you. Therefore, these remakes are also trash because the auto map takes away what makes EO unique, and you can't ignore them so they're.

>>640207654You also have to turn that function on, and even then it's not a full and comprehensive auto-mapping function like in SJ.Piss off, you disingenuous cunt. I am immune to your bullshit.

>>640207716Auto mapping turns the game into Persona Q

>>640207272Nobody forces you to use a story part in untolds and they fixed access to extra shit in U2U3 would literally be a perfect game because the original 3's balancing is all fucky

>>640206883I want more 3DS games to get HD remasters like this

>>640207654>>640207772i like those 2

>>640207716man you're assmad as fuck lmao

>>640207767>You also have to turn that function onSame with story mode in the untold games

>>640207772PQ unironically has some of the best dungeons in the series

Looks like anti Untold autist is back to shit up threads. Thought he got tired of c eating dicks every time he made one of his retarded posts

>>640195182I shipped my Gladiator with my Hoplite.

>>640208180I ship my Hoplite with her bunshin

Attached: 1505523640683.jpg (1280x720, 349.24K)

>>640207772I liked the second and fourth stratum in the first one. The third stratum was kind of boring, though the fifth one did a decent job of going back and forth between floors to progress.Shame about Naoto absolutely obliterating the difficulty of any random encounter.

>>640207885The first one was pretty neat in that category. Second game was boring in comparison, and they didn't even unfuck magic anyways.

>>640208180Bobcut Hoplite surprisingly has some good fanartShame her in game art is awful

Attached: 1667238783695795.jpg (700x1190, 87.99K)

>>640195182>old man warmagus>short hair hexerThey don't interact much,but when push come to shove,they will protect each other silently(with the hexer being more emotional).

>>640171075In what universe

>>640174165I hate the new magma floors, they're hard to differentiate from regular floors.

Where did it all go wrong?

Attached: 1588991104766.png (1080x1034, 989.79K)

>>640208630I see no issue.

>>640208630She was literally jumping on a dick of that harbinger in Nexus. She wants to be a mother.

>>640195182In universe my entire party got lost for months on end in the forest since my landy was a retard and kept reading the map wrong so they couldn't find their airship to leave.that's a headcanon for the massive gap in time it took me to finally play IV for real after playing the demo and running out of plays for ithad to use a cia cause i never found the real game in stores

Attached: 1679641701627028.png (595x1000, 368.57K)


>>640208630From the beginning. Good thing you can easily mod the game to make it right.

Attached: s4.png (1080x1080, 224.11K)

Attached: atlus fans.png (1194x1198, 1.24M)

>>640209252If it were possible to have someone arrested for a post on the internet I'd have you thrown into the slammer for life.

>Eagle Eye stacks with Primal Drums

Attached: 1672728128777407.png (400x400, 131.48K)

>>640195182Every character I set as the protagonist in other games is descended from my EO1 protagonist. In Nexus, that applied to the whole party.

>>640209380Oh, you're one of THOSE people. Here, this is for you. Do you feel represented?

Attached: wwk3.jpg (1080x1080, 104.38K)

>>640209547Nose too small. I still feel excluded you chud

>>640209547>watermelon arm bandit's the small details

>>640209402>Eagle Eye stacks with Primal Drums and Wolf Howl>Berserker Vow stacks with Attack Order and Bravant>Charge

Attached: 1655880659188.gif (375x498, 3.28M)

>>640209547You're making it worse. Stop making it worse.

>>640209547That finger is clearly missing something

Attached: portrait-young-man-basketball-player-red-uniform-spinning-ball-finger-isolated-owhite_680097-271.jpg (1334x2000, 286.06K)

>>640207741I would love to just play classic mode, but unfortunately the devs locked the bonus dungeon behind the shitty story.

>>640209847CAM ON AND SLAM

>>640209884Good thing there's mods that fix that

>>640174510Need clothes tearing mod as you take damage


Attached: representation.png (1080x1080, 220.31K)


>>640209798>it's a charged front mortar>on a sleeping enemy

Attached: 1658257420586093.jpg (750x726, 86.63K)

>>640210147I hate that I laughed at this.

>>640195182Wendi>new landshark portrait. Joined to make dosh and find a cure for her sick dad. Died a ton early on and was demoted to farm party protection, before eventually proving herself and rejoining the expedition team.>HelenaMain protector. Seasoned veteran who gives Wendi shit all the time for being brash and inexperienced. Probably because when she sees Wendi, she sees her old self. Shit went sideways with her last team so she became a protector so she never had to see that happen again>AdaBlack haired Alchemist, has a history with Helena and teases her about it. I haven't figured out her deal yet>DrewNew medic portrait. Has zero bedside manner and will tell people "you're dying, the poison will kill you soon" in a really creepy, blank expression and tone. Basically super autistic child prodigy. >FreyaNew Survivalist. May or may not be raised by wolves, and has limited capabilities to commune with animals. Was found alone in the labyrinth and raised to be a guide for new adventurers.

>>640210147>>640210376I mean, not like it'd be anything new for Atlus.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 19.75K)

>>640174403>Starting out with EO1>everything is fine until 6th stratum>F26 seems bad until you get to F27>F27 is where the fun begins>F28 is just even more F27>then you get to F29>hahahahaha i fucking hate this>F29 is a special kind of hell i never want to see again>F30 is a breather until you realize you need to do sidequests and kill all 3 postgame dragons to actually get to the end otherwise you just get to some locked doors>need to come back here after doing 10 hours of clearing sidequests and killing the dragons>time to fight the superboss!>Primevil used Explode!>wipes my party on turn 1>that took me another few hours to do, I'm not even getting into that bullshitSo now that I'm done with that I get to play EO2 which I hear everyone says to skip but fuck you FUCK YOUnothing can be as bad as EO1's 6th stratum

Attached: 1630203942971.png (839x778, 777.51K)

Limit Zodiac is way more fun than Meteor Zodiac

>>640210890i love my meteor zodiac but I wish she were limit specced for abyssal god considering his elemental weakness

>>640208593Nigga they GLOW

>>640210147Perfection. Made for the BWCC (conquistador)

Attached: 1659027698737139.gif (440x330, 121.97K)

>>640211138galo etrian?

>>640211394YE GAL-O ETRIAN

what to do if I used all the odd powder on accident before getting to the side quest plant nigga door on floor 10 in eo1

>>640195182My Dark Hunter/Nightseeker and Hexer/Arcanist fuckThat's it, thats the headcanon

>>640211541Give up on the quest and take it again, you fucked up my man

>>640211646which ones, show portraits

>>640195182My Gladiator was actually an undercover ShogunHe "retires" but a silent Shogun wearing a mask all the time joins insteadThe entire guild knows who he is but keeps silentHe thinks his disguise is actually working

what are these games even likecan i play as only lolis

Is this better?

Attached: representation 3.png (1080x1080, 219.34K)

>>640211851first person dungeon crawler rpg, you draw the map yourselfyes

Attached: 1679602830839774.png (800x1050, 732.39K)

>>640211756technically the shy stick had a crush on the edgy nightseeker

Attached: yes.png (130x46, 8.4K)

>>640212013the arch on that belly...

>>640210147You forgot something.

Attached: 1686440547425442.png (1080x1080, 365.98K)

>>640212058good nightseeker choice


Attached: 1662546896661027.gif (300x268, 455.77K)

>>640212394He is by far the most stylish nightseeker in the seriesNo wonder he got like 3 extra portraits in Nexus

Can't wait for singularity and etheric charge to make regal radiance even more batshit.

Attached: RR.png (1920x1080, 2.13M)

>>640212281design so erotic they used it three times

Attached: 1668132993287431.png (700x950, 452.55K)


Attached: representation 4.png (1080x1080, 320.27K)


>>640213313how the fuck do people get to have 6 people in their parties and i dont?

>>640213745use a wildling or a ninja

>>640213745They're temp summons. Some classes have skills that make use of the extra slot.

>>640171075SEX with all the etriams

>>640213480i don't get it

Attached: 1659410326721727.png (570x570, 403.51K)

I kinda wanna run 3x Wildlings for 3x frontline tigers now


Attached: EUf7D18UEAAKfO7.jpg (645x911, 64.33K)

>>640213938do not lewd your etriams, they are adventurers

>>640214256What if I take them on a lewd adventure

>>640214210EO6 better be in 5's setting. I love potatoes

>>640214602Based tater masher

Attached: 1509219150401.jpg (930x804, 225.96K)


Attached: representation 5.png (1080x1080, 347.5K)


Attached: 1684621669756655.png (692x610, 405.69K)

>>640171075EO roguelike but good wen?

Attached: 1656890455822040.png (1920x1080, 3.04M)

>Go exploring and beat up some random optional boss>Now I have a bunch of endgame wandsWild

Attached: file.png (894x620, 444.39K)

>>640215940>new mystery dungeon comes out and it's good>everyone still hates it because they don't actually like roguelikesit's all so tiresome

>>640215940roguelikes are inherently terrible

>>640216060Attack power doesn't affect spells, only TEC does

>>640171075Never played EO, can I just pirate this one and jump right in?

>>640216065I enjoy Shiren the Wanderer and PMD, sad I won't be able to play and understand whatever the fuck is going on in Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 since it never got localized/will never get translated or let me figure out what the fuck is going on in there anyway.

>>640216298>he doesn't know about combat medic

>>640215940>roguelike >good

Attached: 1659232843686168.jpg (608x399, 168.79K)

>>640216298All of those wands have high attack power and also boost tec.

This motherfucker shows up in the Stratum and gives a free egg-in-a-basket. How do you respond?

Attached: Conrad, of the Freeblades Guild.png (502x580, 51.43K)

>>640217642i give him my meat

>>640171075Does anyone have the ROM for having all the classes in 4 at the start of the game?

>>640217642I hand him my guild card again

>>640217642The Freeblade Guild has conquered every labyrinth known to man. To receive one of Conrad’s eggs is a blessing.

>>640217642Eat all the eggs.

>>640217642Weirdest rival guild ever.

>>640219863it's not a rival guild it's your free streetpass friend for friendless people

>>640217642Do you think his penis is a stumpy as his sword?

>>640220884it's a weird angle

>>640183102>gematsu.com/2023/06/famitsu-sales-5-29-23-6-4-23aren't these physical sales and in japan only?

>>640171075>play EO1>its boring as shit, drop it at the beginning of the 2nd stratum>play EO4>get further, but still drop it in the snowy land because its tedious as fuckdid i just play the two worst games in the series or is the series actually ass

>>640171075>WHERE IS UNTOLD 3?!kek never ever

>>640223010EO is trash, Wizardry is where it's atWe don't need those portraits we have imagination

Attached: wizardry1-1.jpg (640x400, 50.64K)

What's the point of book weapons? The Tec increase they give is negligible.


Attached: 1685312601893410.png (680x709, 243.33K)

>>640223285nothing considering you can just forge TEC onto daggers

>having trouble with EO1 red dragon spamming panic>look up if there's any way to mitigate it other than stacking ailment resist accessories on every>lol toub bravery blocks itI get why that works since it's also an attack down but that seems dumb. I've already heard that one of the other dragons spams a regeneration buff so you need a troub for that since no one else can remove it. Why did the devs make having a troub so necessary?

>>640223285It makes your wizard look smart.

>>640223448There are bosses that spazz out if you have too many buffs active so its "balanced"

>>640223448It's like they wanted you to mess around with different classes and builds but oops resetting points cost 10 levels and grinding is a bitch if you already didn't have a troubadour with the exp up skill.

>>640223448>so you need a troub for that since no one else can remove itHexer's defense buff breaks IceblockNothing you can do about Regen besides DPS racing and Leg binding it

>>640223726>Leg bindingi mean headbindmeanwhile EO3 dragons can bite with their legs

>>640186402There are going to be SF6 threads on Holla Forums for the next 7 years. Cope and rope. Also fighting games are still niche as fuck compared to sports games.

Attached: angel juri sexy kick.jpg (3184x2232, 711.38K)

>+10 Tec for 5600 >+15 Tec for 58000EO1 is a trip

>>640223863>fighting game threads on Holla Forumseasily some of the worst posts on this board

>playing eo3 first time on my 3DS>get caught by a FOE for the first time in B2>game crashes>start game back up>"The saved data is corrupt and will be deleted"um um um um um what do i do, what is going on. I cannot find anything relating to this for the game online, do i shut off and try again, do i press okay let it delete and then it will hopefully say "save deleted loading backup" It was literally just getting to be fun, I'm not gonna go though that no skill slog again if it's gone.

>>640224882sorry user, I've never seen that happen before

>>640223865don't forget 125000 for +20 tec +30 TP

So what im hearing is that I should start with 3?

>>640223863>he thinks fighting games are niche>without a single trace of ironyDo… do you even know where you are?

>>640224932>>640224882phew it loaded on the second reset

>>640208630healthy saleslady

>download early shogun and yggdroid mod>use UABEA and follow directions 1:1 (or so I thought)>get a blackscreenI'm starting to feel like the dad from cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I don't want to regrind those jobs.

Attached: gunfood.png (512x352, 251.28K)

>>640225906EOIII is the strongest game in the trilogy and is the best one to choose if you just want to play one of them, but EOI is important for setting up the world EO takes place in.

>>640187918based post

>buffs youT-thanks...

Attached: 1668673652839781.png (309x212, 75.24K)

>Second Sword maxed>Swashbuckling maxedyep it's gaming time

Attached: 1532319762206.webm (433x250, 2.42M)

>>640208630What a downgrade what the fuck.

>>640226540Just get a clear game save and do ng+.

>>640227979How does Second Sword work?Does it only affect normal attacks?

>>640228273>Does it only affect normal attacks?yeah

>>640227883I beat him first try by tanking his big fuck you attack the with the big protector block skill with a 5 turn cool down.

>>640171075What is this box art? Who or what is this game even for. Pedophiles that's who.

Attached: Shake.png (196x312, 38.03K)

>>640228003*upgrade with paizuri skill unlocked

Attached: 1509320858897.jpg (450x777, 69.7K)


Attached: lvmjg8ehqgt81.jpg (640x344, 23.71K)

>>640205754>but for EO that's pretty huge cause it means there's a very strong chance for more entries.Honestly, I'm hoping they look at the sales data and bite the bullet to make an Untold Collection with Untold 3 being the main centerpiece for their trilogy.I just want Arianna to find her Fafnir Knight at Armoroad and see Ricky passing by with Highlander-kun.

>>640192393>V was rushed and full of cut contentDespite that, it's probably one of my favorite entries, next to Untold 2.

when's EO6 coming out? next year? or is it gonna be stuck in the void like project re:fantasy?

Attached: gkg924i5w35b1.jpg (1366x2048, 231.75K)

>>640230343Well they both have a food mechanic that completely ruins the exploration

Attached: 1657295413471822.jpg (1920x1080, 645.22K)

>>640230502The void.Reminder that is was announced 5 years ago and according to recent interviews it's nowhere near done.Not that I expect atlus to have worked tirelessly and briought their best people to work on it all that time.

>>640231028hopefully seeing the reception to the legacy collection will spur them on

>>640174803>>640175310Untold 1+2 classic are better than the originals. You can even patch the game to give you access to story dungeons in 1. Original 1 is easier IMO because of immunize being broken as shit and you simply can't do that in untold.

>>640231001haha imagine eating on an exploration, fatfucks am I right?

>>640175310>Untold 1 Classic>Easier than EO1 HDUntold 1 is way harder than EO1.

On my second loop in 3, gonna do deep city this go around then retire at 70, and do the true route last. At this point i'm eagerly awaiting more, i dunno why or how i skipped this series but it fits right in for me. I'm a bit ashamed it took a streamer to convince me to get in.

youtube.com/watch?v=xucsY2b6kcMIt's time bros

>>640232370fuck off

>>640232616t. medic

>>640171075etrian oddessey sold over 1million last week? twitter.com/VGChartz/status/1666461661199319041

>>640189002getting dragon skills on my alchemist was fucking sick

>>640183102japan having superior taste once again, nothing new here

>>640231808Never played either Untolds just tell me if Untold 1 fixed chaser skills and made them fun.

>>640191295ur-child and ur-devil are fucking assholes in untold 2. Most poorly designed super boss in all of EO

>>640232370fuck on

>>640233038Chaser skills in untold 1 function like other chasers/links/chains where it’s multiple follow ups instead of one.

>>640233487Kino I'm in.

Attached: 1677008734288267.gif (1200x900, 500.69K)

Every time I play 1HD it just makes me long for 3HD instead but I can't bring myself to start 3 until I finish 1. Send help.

>>640232370oh hey they did add the untold primevil ost.

>>640210841claret hollows is probably the worst 6th stratum in the entire series, but the super boss is much more forgiving than the other shit.

>>640232878it beat sf6 physically in japan, obviously not internationally. OP is a faggot and keeps making these bait threads.

>>640197792Thank you user.

>>640232370>that descriptionHe must be really happy quick saving is a thing.

>>640217880>he wants imperial at the startI think you can just use a NG+ save

>>640197749Don't listen to untold schizos.

>>640234057Yeah, I've already beaten the game on 3ds a few times before, I want to fuck around with Imperial and my furfag Bushi

>>640199694Yes go play the latest goyslop instead.

>>640234152Brooooo I love bushis so much. People always subclass that shit, but the actual class is good.

>>640174510cringewhere's the microbikini and her blushing?

>>640210841>read this>meanwhile this floor is breaking me>it's probably easy compared to f26-f30

Attached: 1656047840008605.png (1917x1077, 2.99M)

>>640171273>DT2Has never been good.

oh no

Attached: 20230610235818_1.jpg (1280x720, 268.63K)

>>640233887>baitit's only bait if you have no idea what OP is talking about or are a console war/franchise war monkeytry educating yourself

>>640234962ok OP, how about you stop attracting the console war monkeys over here with your retarded bait then? we can get a thread going without it.

>>640235065>An event that's not going to happen>never ever again>NOOOOOOOOO U CANT POST THAT ITS BAITEO WON

Attached: 1675288445549364.png (534x558, 235.77K)

>afraid I might've outgrown EO>buy EO3HD>can imagine the party talking with one another>can imagine backstories and quirks for each character>half of the day has already been spent with EO>tfw I can visualize the applewe're going to make bros

Attached: 1267520912566073.jpg (1280x720, 48.74K)

>>640235353you're alright autismbro

>>640234332Bushi/nightseeker with blade flurry is kino. There's nothing more fun than watching your HP going up and down like a bitch in heat

>>640232370>needed two 4-7% chance stuns to land to winThis is next level autism

>>640235949still not as aids as ur-devil

>>640235949>This is next level autismwell the uploader has been doing almost nothing, but EO videos for 8+ years. They even had a post on somethingawful post archiving their playthroughs with backstories for their characters.

>>640208630What do you mean? That's an improvement.

>>640236275he's also doing a 7th dragon let's play

>Put the map screen away>The minimap is the super zoomed in one for drawing>despite the fact that you can't draw on it when the map screen is awayWhose retarded idea was this and why isn't there a mod to fix this annoying retard shit

Attached: 1657284878175.jpg (225x216, 46.21K)

>>640236275>>640236467He's a nice guy, just really autistic and only knows EO. Let him have it.

>>640236578I ain't saying it's a bad thing. Guy has helped me figure out some strong party comps, so more power to him. I also like going through the forums and lparchives for nostalgia sake.

Attached: jojocomfy.jpg (1920x1080, 208.83K)

>>640232370>>640236275>>640236578Ah, I've seen this guy post on the Steam forums before the games released. He knows his shit.

has anyone tried this on a shitty old laptop? Just curious if I should try the HD collection or emulate cause I know they emulate.

>>640237203Try pirating them to see. Atlus forgot to implement Denuvo on release so maybe the 1.0 denuvoless version will run smoothly enough on it.

>>640237540I was asking before I bothered downloading in the hopes someone might have tried.

>>640237619Bro they're all sub 1gb filesizes, you live in some 3rd world shithole where that's a problem?

>>640238267No, I was just asking a question because it takes 20 seconds to make a post in the thread and it takes me about a minute to download a gig of data.I'd rather not even bother setting up a download then extracting and installing it and running it to determine if it runs, and then if it runs in later strata, when I can just ask if someone else may happen to know from their own experience or from having seen it elsewhere.


Attached: napier3.png (627x1002, 639.85K)

>>640238336it's a turnbased rpg so it shouldn't be entirely unplayable if it gives you fps dropsi've beaten skyrim on an old laptop once and everything was in slomo

>>640223863>states the obvious>thinks it's some kind of burnno one cares, niggerfaggot. all fighting game fans are low iq subhumans or coomers anyway

etrian 3 is so fucking good. i hated the shitty remake when it was announced but all stars aligned and it tuned out insanely well. i hope we get some cool mods in the future.

Tell me about DEF in EO3, is it really negligible and am I better off ignoring armor?

>>640238924Depends on your party


>>640239309Ignoring armor is for ninja tank parties or kill first partiesYou need armor

>>640238924Monster damage formula is (str*4-def/3)*(sqrt(str/vit)As you can see 3 def equal 1 damage migitation. Stacking vit is better because it's a multiplication ,and in early game stacking vit has more impact. The "optimal" equipment depend on the monster and your unit. I run body armor+2 VIT accessories usually.

>>640238924End game you just wear the accessories that give you 50% resistance to a damage type capping at 99%

>>640238924You can probably upgrade your armor like once a stratum and be fine. Then come endgame its what >>640239507 said.

>>640223267Ok, Monte Cook. Go back to your ivory tower of "real rpgs".

>>640213949American Internet is dumb

>>640171075millenom girl HD when?

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>>640236570because you can zoom outYeh it's shit but a fully zoomed out minimap is usable for drawing

>>640239993>immediately spoils the twist>dumb characters who constantly talk about not important things just to waste your time>grimoiresNo way fag

>>640240118>dumb characters who constantly talk about not important things just to waste your timein what media does the characters exclusively talk about plot relevant topics

>>640238716Really want the EO3R dude to continue 2.0. He said his group is looking into modding 3HD atm.

>>640238924From what I understand from reading damage calculations, DEF on the status screen is a useless made up number that may as well not even be there. That number does not represent your total DEF from equipment. Total armor DEF along with VIT and STR for physical and TEC for elemental determines the damage you will take. The way damage calculations work you're better off stacking VIT than DEF early on, but that doesn't mean to ignore it completely, just to not worry about upgrading unless it's like a 10 ARMOR DEF NOT STATUS SCREEN DEF difference.

>>640171075>outsold SF6FUCKING PROOF?!

>>640240204In the real rpgs like Baldur's Gate 2

>>640240264go back sfbabby

>>640240278GO FOR THE EYES, BOO

Is there a way to make miners get exhausted less or is the optimal strat to always just farm one node until they exhaust? Also is this really the most reliable way to make en in the whole game or is there anything a bit less tedious later?

>>640210841If you derived enjoyment from EO1, you're good to play the entire rest of the series, most of the people complaining about 2 seem to be the kind of people who get unreasonably mad about their favourite class not being the most optimal choice for every party.

>>640236275i said mean words on here once about how the somethingawful lets plays drill into your head that you need a prot/medic, but they don't do that at all and i still feel bad about it considering one of them might have seen it. those lettuce plays are pretty great and extremely useful even if they are dead wrong about ecstasy being a bad skill


>>640240374depend on the game. In EO3 the 5 farmer party is simple and effective way to never really run out of money and smooths the experience a bunch

>>640239482>>640240246not that user, I'm still early in EO3, but when people say "stack VIT," do you mean with the forge mechanic and a VIT ring? Is there some other way?

>>640240816I got the 5 farmer party that I made at the beginning and are all lv0 with no safe stroll and just relying on vigilance plus they are starting to fall off at the 2nd stratum since I can no longer keep up with the small rewards I get from each trip vs the expensive gear I keep getting. I'm still waiting for my other 5 farmers to level Keen Nose and one of them to finally get Safe Stroll through Combat Study.

>>640241030you put all their points in combat training , so they get passive xp from your main group. By the time your main group reach stratum 2 they should have maxed it and you can start taking harvesting on 4 of them and go for stroll on the last one. At stratum 3 you get subclasses and a free 5 points so you can easily max everything relevant.

>>640171075>outsold SFhow? is there any stream shilling the game or something? or did zoomers finally wakeup from their retardation?

>>640240848All of them. Use wepaon with the most strength and forge vit for your tank. Stack vit ring. Remember to prioritize equipment armor with vit forge,even when it's def is not the highest avaible. Also count your character def using the actual number on the her/his equipment ,not the made up number on the status screen.

>>640241187Combat Study is maxed but I still need one of them to get stroll, I think she's like 2 or 3 points away still. The other must have skills are Keen Nose and Harvestry right? Also when I subclass, why N/F?


>>640241194SF6 only sold a total of like 35000 copies on PS4 and PS5 combined. Japanese players just really hate the black american hip hop aesthetic they went with.

>>640241264look at ninjas class skill

>>640241264ninja main skill reduce mana cost so you can take 1 point of double crop for 1 extra ressource for 1 mana. Personally i just level it to 5 or so and go to the inn every 2 -3 trip

New mod to change sprites for the shopkeepers

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>>640241737>that winking teaxh on the chikkin bucketlmao

>>640241226I did some science, no clue how useful this is because it's level 1

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>>640238580Edie if she localized in the 90s

>>640240414It was a little basic and archaic (Immunize kind of makes the game a cakewalk except for postgame fights) but I enjoyed mapping out the stratums and leveling up my characters. I'm just hoping that the later games actually stay difficult past the second stratum since you can break EO1 really easily.the funny thing is I emulated EO4 and cleared the first stratum there as my first EO experience then the remasters got announced the week after so I decided to wait and play the series in release order

>EO1>still trying to find this fucking fenrirsurely the fifth floor will reveal him to me

>>640193896*unzips endless battle*heh... nothing personnel, kid

>>640195182All the lolis have sex with my self insert

>>640195182who is this semen demon

>>640244186etrian odyssey 5 necromancer

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Best girls

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>>640243702Spoiler each boss is on the 5th floor

>>640244635I hate having to come back to B5F every time I need to fight a new boss they should fix this

>>640244832It's super easy, teleport to 6 then walk backwards

So, how is it compared to DT?

EO1HD questionshould I bother learning gathering skills?

>>640246002No, just make specialized gatherers and someone to protect them

>>640183292People bring this up because EO is not some big ass game but a niche gamenmade by the members of Atlus who wanted to keep making more dungeon crawlers after Strange Journey. SF is dead in its home country that's all.

>finally unlock improved link>try to beat shiny dream eater+holy beast>almost leveled up twiceHoly shit

I've never played one of these dungeon blobbers. Is it possible to brick and become impossible to progress or can I do whatever's reasonable?

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>>640247175you shouldn't play them until you learn how to use proper words

>>640246106Outside of SF2, SF has been pretty niche in Japan. It was always the western crowd that was carrying the sales

>>640247175You can redo skill point at the cost of some levels.You'd also have to try very hard to fuck things up so they can't be salvaged.