Would Holla Forums side with the Templars or Assassins?

Would Holla Forums side with the Templars or Assassins?

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>>640141225/v/ would be those random citizens you squash by dropping bricks when using rope lifts

>>640141225I'd side with Templar for the mission goal, but id prolly covertly feed the worse ones to the Assassin's. I'd likely get killed tho lol>>640141638I can't believe the Assassin's canonically drop loads of masonry material on civves.

>>640141225It would depend on what point in history you would present them to me. The Borgias? Fuck no. Haytham or François de la Serre? They probably saw the world without the blind idealism from the assassins, even if the former regretted his entire life being taken away from that life and being constantly reminded of it by both the memory of his father and the presence of his son; and the latter trying yo joing up with them in an attempt to stop the senseless millennia old conflict.

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heh, i'd be my own side...

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>>640141225in the early anonymous days 4chan would side with the assassins but later on would switch to the templars just to be contrarian.

>>640141225>white bros or the diversity crewThat's not a hard question to answer

>Holla Forums claims to hate communists because muh controlling state and no freedoms>simps for templars which are a literal world running corrupt cabal that decides everything

>>640144795Look at the state of the world. You exercise your right to freedom, and this is the result.

>>640144795Communists are canonically Assassin's.

>>640145785Can't wait for Nazis to be Templars and somehow they still came out on top.

>>640145870WWII was canonically a Templar civil war, the Assassins were trying to kill the heads of all states involved in it, which is likely why they'll never touch WWII.

>>640145870>Can't wait for Nazis to be TemplarsHitler was confirmed a Templar in possession of an Apple of Eden since AC2. His body double died in the bunker but then he was killed by an Assassin while escaping.

>>640141225>Templars Usual govt glownigs>Assassins?Faggots.Why not side with neither?

>>640146052>le Grey Jedifence sitter

>>640145676>defending this shit>pretending to be retardedI can't say nigger, faggot or disagree with leftist shit openly and this shit is forced by your beloved govt.

>>640141225Almost every cool historical figure was a templar and they won anyway so easy choice

>>640146052>Why not side with neither?We will be the Watch Dogs

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>>640141225/v/cel always side with the dictators

Reminder that the Assassins killed thousands of people by starting the earthquakes in Haiti and Portugal

>>640144795What do you think communism is

>>640146493When non whites exist

>>640141225Assassin belief work in small/rural communities in touch with nature. Anywhere that isn't a crime ridden shithole where parasites at the top leech off the cattle and the masses.Templar beliefs work better in the other scenarios.

>>640146007>WWII was canonically a Templar civil warthat's a cool way to solve this, good on them

>>640141225Assassins are incompetent while Templar are evil and incompetent, just like modern political parties

>>640141225Neither, they're both complete morons. The only time I would ever side with anyone is in a hypothetical Mirabeau/de la Serre Assassin/Templar brotherhood because they were the only time either side had any good ideas in the slightest and it was actually going to succeed since many people inside the Brotherhood were backing Mirabeau and even after de la Serre's death his own faction was still trying to befriend the Assassins until Germaine stepped in.Templars can't see that they're placing all their eggs into a very corruptible basket and doing a bunch of absolutely heinous acts in the justification of the Greater Good™. Their entire plan is to let a group of like six people make all the decisions for all of humanity when they've already shown that they're willing to forego morality and any sense of being reasonable just to meet their goals. Yeah, there's injustice in the world but killing people indiscriminately for the most mundane and pointless of reasons then justifying it to yourselves doesn't exactly fill me with hope. Especially not when you murder random civvies for finding out you've got their telemetry info or try to kill a bunch of people who were just recently made homeless because of a fire with smallpox for seemingly no reason at all.Assassins are complete and utter morons as they kill their targets then effectively salt the earth leading to the collapse of countries and everyone's lives being genuinely worse because of it. All they do is bring incompetence, drugs, theft, and destitution to any area they "Liberate". If the Assassins actually gave a damn and actually tried working with the people, forming governments, forming groups, and so forth then maybe they'd be worth considering, but they don't. They just see a working system that's a bit top-heavy leaning towards one side, kill that side, then wander off and wonder why a rich area is suddenly a den of crime and gone to the dogs.

>>640146693But Rogue told me that templars good

>>640146795No one asked you

>>640146795>find working society>kill those on top>let it all collapse>refuse to elaborate>leavesounds pretty based

>>640146853Rogue was shit, instead of being because Shay didn't agree with the Assassins about freedom and all that, he just sided with the Templars because the Assassins were being a bunch of utter retards behaving retardedly.

>>640146795At least Ezio would buy and renovate shops, let commerce flow again in Roma/Istanbul. All other assassins just murder then leave lol it's at its worst in Syndicate.

>>640147056>Rogue Assassins are a checkbox diversity squad >They completely destroy continents beyond repair>The dapper British Templars are the ones who clean up their messRogue was based

>>640147056Don't forget it was also because he was being a retard.>Come back from a several month long trip.>Immediately run to your boss and start shouting at him accusing him of trying to kill you despite hearing a discussion that they had no clue what happened.>Then when you get told to leave and cool off you sit in the woods for like 12 hours.>Don't try and talk to your best friend after that incident.>Don't try to talk to the woman who is pretty much your love interest after that incident.>Don't talk to the man who trained you.>Don't try and talk to Achilles again in a more calm manner and iron out that what you found wasn't an Apple and that you guys are causing earthquakes.>Instead just run into HQ and steal the book and box, threaten your boss, and then spend the nextWhat in the hell was with Shay? He was so absurdly stupid and so was Achilles. At least Achilles has the excuse of Connor being dead, Shay was just stupid.

>>640147327>Burst in>Yell at your boss>Refuse to elaborate>Steal the map and leaveShay was based

>>640144515Nah, it also depends on the era. Back when 4chinz was balls deep into liking assassins, AC Revelations was the latest out and all of the other games before it. Then AC3 and beyond started showing that it is not as black and white as the earlier games with the Borgias being degenerate psychopaths.

>>640147494Rodrigo Borgia was based, it was Cesare who was the unhinged one

Probably Assassins, I just wouldn't get involved with all that clandestine shit

>>640147327I legit think the writers forgot Shay had to chill in a ship for MONTHS in-between Lisbon and the homestead. The dude is hotheaded as if the earthquake happened the hour prior not 70 days earlier

>>640144795in Syndicate the Assassins protect Karl Marx from the Templar

>>640147732>Wanting worker’s rights is…LE BAD!

>>640147917>murdering anyone who's better off than me is... LE GOOD

Dropped this series once they made George Washington into a villain. Anyone else?

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>>640145676Your govt. Was the first one to fuck you over, you absolute brain dead retard.


Why don’t they just make a present day Assassin’s Creed?

>>640148656because they'd have to present the modern day globalists as the bad guys and that'd be wrong

>>640141225What is their tax policy?

>>640145870>>640146007Nazis should've been rogue Assassins

In practice the Templars are just a bunch of cunts who hurt people for personal gain, when in theory they are supposed to be benevolent dictators. I do believe that benevolent dictatorship (ideally governed by an incorruptible AI) is the only way a utopian society will ever be achieved, so ideologically I guess I agree with them, if they were doing it right.

>Masyaf Assassins kept getting betrayed by their leaders>Italian Assassins were comic book heroes and had arguably the strongest run of the Brotherhood>Mayan Assassins were dumb cave people who needed a dumb pirate to carry them>Colonial Assassins were retards who went too far and played with powers they didn’t understand >French Assassins were pretty chill overall and didn’t mind working with Templars for the greater good>London Assassins were drunk chavs and commiesPick your poison

I like Origins, but I also feel like it fucked the timeline a bit by having the first sect of Assassins call themselves “The Hidden Ones”, mainly because I feel like they started out smart by giving themselves a secret sounding name, only for them to start blatantly calling themselves Assassins somewhere down the line. At least the Templars have Abstergo to hide behind in the modern era.

>>640147056The overarching plot of AC from AC3 until Syndicate was to show the downfall of the Assassins and why the Templars had come to dominate by the 21st century.AC 4 shows the Assassins to be degenerates well past their prime, to the point they recruit random passers by into their ranks. This is expanded upon in Rogue to show how they are essentially everything they claim the Templars were themselves with no regard for civilian safety. AC3 and Unity then shows that they are willing to start wars purely for self-serving goals rather than look at the big picture, and Syndicate shows how they've essentially devolved into roving nepotistic corrupt gangs of murderous thugs and mercenaries who go around causing opwn wanton carnage, loudly declaring that the Assassins aim to topple the government for no reason other than "fuck monarchies and capitalism and sheeit". And finally in supplementary material they admit that the Red Revolution in Russia was all the Assassins' doing and that both Lenin and Stalin were members of the Assassins' Order It's no fucking wonder that the Templars could just claim to want to bring order and security to people and would instantly gain mass support. The Templars didn't take out the Assassins, the Assassins assassinated themselves.

>>640148331Enjoy getting stabbed to death by the homeless, bourgeoisie

>>640148656To quote the head writer for AC back in the day, "a modern day AC would just be a standard third person shooter game"Watch Dogs is basically a modern day AC, and they even take place in the same universe.


>>640148656Wouldn't work if you understand how entrenched Abstergo and the Templars are in everyday life. It would basically be Watch_Dogs but with even twitchier cops.Have you played Watch_Dogs? You know how when you fire a loud gun and everyone instantly calls 911 so you can't stop them, and then ctOS goes off and you have to escape and hide? That's basically what Modern Day is if you try going loud and kill someone. Abstergo is almost immediately on your ass if you are a person of interest.The Assassins literally only function in communes in random forests and out at sea. The only countries that they even remotely have a foothold into are Japan and some of the US, and Japan is pretty much just because they are the Yakuza. I want to say they also function a bit within France and the UK but I can't remember exactly what factions are left, I just know the Spanish Brotherhood was taking heavy losses and Otso/Sigma Team eradicated the Italian one.The only reason anyone like William, Shaun, Rebecca, Galina, or Layla can get around is because the few politicians that do back the Assassins can get them fake passports and IDs to allow them to travel, and even then they have to hide and lay low. In the comics we see that they don't really get to stay in one place for long, a lot of the places they stay in are run down or heavily off the beaten path away from technology, and they're pretty much always on the move.

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>>640141225Templar, assassins are reddit

>>640141225Most historical figures I like are part of the Templars but I choose the Assassins because I like autonomy. The Templars seem too much like Klaus Schwab and Judaism for me.

>>640146795i read all of this

>>640149663The term 'assassin' comes from the real Assassin order that existed in Syria in the 12th century. It comes from hashish, because they supposedly would smoke it to calm themselves before killing someone. The first game is directly based on that order, with major plot points being lifted directly from historical events. The original implication was that AC1 was gonna a standalone game, and that the Assassin order had gone into hiding after the events of the Altair's story only to unveil themselves to Desmond in order to extract info from him. Having the Order running around in broad daylight in later time periods is a retcon. It's not like anybody know what the term meant before the first assassins made a name for themselves.

>>640148656Because they don't want to, anything else is retroactive explanations. Back in AC3 their explanation is that they had to create double the assets, one set for the past and one set for the present. That changed to "muh it's literally impossible gameplay-wise" as if Desmond wasn't being built up to be a modern MC. Or as if Ubisoft weren't responsible for both Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell.Their interest in the modern day only goes as far as justifying the Animus for the past's UI. That's it. Darby McDevitt scrapped together what he could for Valhalla to finally close off the Eve set-up from all the way back in Brotherhood. You're never ever getting pic related again beyond people modding the Desmond model into Watch Dogs and roleplaying while crying themselves to sleep.

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>>640141225On one hand Holla Forums and 4chan at large are free speech purists, I believe that would fall under "freedom" which is a big part of the Assassins, particularly the newer ones.But on the other hand 4chan have a great disdain for certain groups, this pejudice would fall under Templars, I feel it would be a divide, those that value their hatred of these groups over their own right to freedom of speech would side with Templars whereas those that prefer the other would join the Assassins.In reality anons are too lazy and undisciplined to give their life to either cause.

>>640147124Makes sense, in Syndicate the Assassins are card carrying communists who actively goosh over Karl Marx. He is literally a character in the game that you have to help on multiple occasions. Of course they'd hate an imperial-minded government and a city based on free market trade.

>>640146795I agree with this. Both sides are retarded and neither side has a workable plan or any idea how to develop one. They both just fuck shit up that normal people build.

>>640149383you forgot about the poos in London

>>640141225The assasins are murderers and thieves. Why would i ever want to side with these niggers?

>>640149383>Mayan Assassins>dumb cave people who needed a dumb pirate to carry them But they were winning, it was Edward specifically who fucked them up by selling Duncan's maps to the Templars at the very beginning of the game. No Edward = no maps, or if Duncan had delivered them anyway they would've still killed them all in Havana. Edward did nothing but fix the problems he himself started, and Ah Tabai had more patience than Edward deserved.

>>640148238>America's first genocide leader can't be a bad guy!

>AC1 to AC RogueAssassins are based fighting against the obviously semitic Templars>AC Unity to presentAssassins are cringe faggot tranny bipocs

>>640148238>oh noez, he killed redskin savages to make way for white civilisationHow was he the bad guy? Ratonhnhaké:ton was an angry brainlet mutt who caused the revolution because his dumb timbernigger brain could only ever think in the moment.

>>640149985I just want some kind of resolution to the modern day story. Making a new doomsday plot that goes nowhere and then rebooting it the next game was tiresome like 7 years ago.

>>640141225I'd side with the Spanish Crown.

>>640151234The Templars were directly named after and inspired by mediaeval cloak & dagger christian sects. The underlying tone of the first game was christian crusaders = evil racist Nazis killing the harmless utopian Muslims (assassins) for the evulz.

>>640149951Well then make it Watch Dogs with hidden blades, I don’t mind. Even fucking Watch Dogs Legion had an assassin playable character.

>>640151234>AC1 to AC Rogue Rogue is the one that writes the Assassins like total idiots>AC Unity to present Syndicate is the first one that changes the game's starting message and features a literal tranny

>>640151660Other people do mind. They didn't want AC to be another shooter game, they wanted it to be a way to explore the ancient past. Their hard cutoff is the widespread adoption of cartridge firearms.

>>640150951He wasn’t

>>640151792Even though you could blast your way through Syndicate with the revolvers

You’d think the Assassins would be thriving in the modern day with the amount of thieving, whoring, and open conspiracies there are

>>640151527We're not gonna get it. William just got Loki's Isu blood in the epilogue of Valhalla, something both the Assassins and Templars have been trying to get since I think AC2? Meaning we're going to be seeing multiple games from Basim's life to try and stop this upcoming doomsday scenario by searching for Isu sites and technology they can use. If anything they're going to spend the next five games trying to get The Reader a new body so Desmond can be revived as they retire Loki and only after they do that do they tackle the doomsday event.>>640149951>and they even take place in the same universe.They don't, the devs on the WD, Far Cry, and AC sides have outright said that despite them having references in them they are not canon to each other. This means that Abstergo isn't in some random Japanese bunkers in FC3, ctOS is not being sold to Abstergo, and Aiden didn't kill Abstergo Entertainment's CEO. As far as Assassin's Creed's lore is concerned he died in Chicago and that's it, Aiden doesn't exist in the AC universe regardless of the screenshot of him.They even went out of their way to specify the Assassin in Legion isn't canon, it's just for fun.

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>>640152120Which is utterly retarded, as true as it is. Basically players have to choose whether to believe Olivier was killed by Aiden and that's it case closed; or that he was killed by ??? fuck you no answer for ten years.

>>640152379>or that he was killed by ??? fuck you no answer for ten years.CEO of abstergo's entertainment branch doesn't matter. It's like wondering who killed the secretary of Bob Paige's fast food brand manager in Deus Ex.

>>640147327>>640147675Crazy to think how easily the plot of Rogue could’ve been avoided if Shay had just calmly explained to Achilles that the artifacts cause disasters if you fuck with them

>>640152768Not even that, he just had to explain what these artifacts looked like. Achilles was under the impression that they were Apples which is why he's so confused when Shay starts shouting at him because nothing hes' saying matches with what an Apple does.

>>640152120>>640152379I’m guessing it’s because it’d probably tip the scales quite a bit if the Assassins ever teamed up with Dedsec

>>640146795Moose, your take on the "back to the roots" claim, for the next AC game?

>>640152013One of the many reasons why Syndicate sucked


>>640148656They can't figure out how to work around 'modern firearms exist.'

>>640153349at least you can curb stomp zones with enemies that have higher levels than you by "stealth"They made the dumb fuck move to make sneak neck stabs not kill if your gear is too low in Origins and Odyssey and begrudgingly made it an option to turn off or on in Valhalla

>>640153667As far as I'm concerned Syndicate killed the franchise, everything after is fanfiction

>>640153918Jack the Ripper was fun though

>>640153557They seem to do it just fine when it’s convenient.Desmond had a pistol when he raided Abstergo.Layla killed a team of Abstergo troops that were only using bows and arrows for some reason.Otso Berg came after Layla unarmed.

>>640153557>how to work around 'modern firearms exist.'I can solve that in 10 seconds.Templars abolished the 2nd ammendment and took all of the guns. And then took the guns everywhere else.

You know what really killed Rogue? Cutting out the hood on Shay’s Templar coat.

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I wonder what Holla Forums was like around the time the early games came out, I've been replaying them recently and there's not a lot of new discussion on them since they're like 10+ years old. I wonder what the shitposts were like, people diving into the lore, theorizing about future games, etc.Unless Holla Forums never gave a shit due to it being too popular, that also happens.Oh, and an important question, how do you guys feel about the kb+m controls for the older games? I was able to play 1 and 2 with my PS3 controller because there were patches to fix controller support and swap bumpers and triggers, but brotherhood doesn't have any of that and I either have to play it on PS3 or use kb+m

>>640154698Modern day Ubisoft would have a line where Shaun responds to that with “Well, I guess the Templars aren’t wrong about EVERYTHING”

>>640154698Modern guns have been shown in the games several times during the modern day sections.

>>640141225Templars because money and powerAssassins if I want to kill people using cool gadgets (that templars don't use for whatever reason)

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>>640153007Clearly nonsense. As far as we've seen it's just stuff Origins and Valhalla had but with a bit more social stealth.

>>640141225Haytham deserved a better game

>>640154698AC3 literally had Cross laugh at Desmond for using a Hidden Blade instead of a gun and then you proceed to use your flintlock-animation Glock to shoot your way out of Abstergo.The Assassins are specifically said and shown to train with sniper rifles in Uprising (The Juno comic) including killing one of the main Instruments of the First Will.You would have to timeskip like 200 years for it to make any sense and even then the Assassins would still have guns.

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If only the other RPG games could have kept the kino train goingyoutu.be/3kM1Y5VLEd8

>>640153918Syndicate is fanfiction, it introduced tr00n reinterpretation of historical figures and Assassin's are spidermen swinging around rooftops instead of using stealth and parkour. Unity is the last AC that's worth something.

Manipulate both sides for personal benefit

To this day I don’t know why Ubisoft was so desperate to run away from the ASSASSINS portion of Assassins Creed with Odyssey and Valhalla

Assassins creed story is fucking horrible. Suddenly EVERYONE is an assassin or templar.

>>640158626No user, YOU are the Templars

>>640154756I liked it, helped him differentiatie himself from an Assassin. He sure fucked needed it after still keeping his hidden blades and half the game taking place in the not!Jackdaw

>>640141225I would side with neither because both have niggers in their ranks.

>>640158626Was Abe Shinzo a Templar or an Assassin.

>>640151234>AC1 to AC RogueBlack flag and Rogue turned me from an Assassinfag to a Templarfag.


>>640154827Better late than never, the problem with AC has always been in a way how fast they released starting with AC2. That mostly kills discussion and the community around one game when exactly 365 days later a new one would come out. There's plenty of IPs out there that haven't had a game in six, seven years and what that does is create a genuine community around the games, people that discuss them in-depth and replays them again and again. Ubisoft traded that type of familiarity for another one, that of people expecting a new chapter every time they blink. What that means is that more often than not the specifics of games are left behind, their details not talked about because most people aren't playing it anymore and have moved forward. That goes triple for AC when it fell into the pit trap a lot of IPs from the early 2010s did which was to create a ridiculously huge extended universe via comics, novels, Facebook games and mobile apps; that made sure of half the universe's interesting lore to be locked away in mediums most people playing a videogame won't be interested in, and you can see that ITT with half of Moose's posts being comic pages.As for the TLDR of your question, people that were *really* into AC liked discussing Desmond and the mystery surrounding his story, especially around AC2/Brotherhood and with the former's ending in the vault/latter's killing of Lucy. People came up with theories, speculation on where it would all lead. Of course we all know now that it lead to absolutely nothing because the original vision and the devs that made it possible where shanked in the showers and left to bleed out.>how do you guys feel about the kb+m controls for the older games?The Ezio trilogy had pretty bad mouse acceleration which makes me always play them with controller even if I'd prefer KB+M like with AC1 and every game post Revelations.

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>>640145870I remember reading somewhere that the devs vowed not to touch WW2. I’m sure the AC lore touches up on it obviously but as far as a full on game or maybe even a comic book, I don’t think they have the balls to get ten feet within WW2 unless they go the COD Vanguard or nu-Wolfenstein route and completely fuck up the real thing and make their own wacky version of it

>>640157407>he says, posting the member berries Ezio's Family that mysteriously started re-appearing in games around the time the IP was dying in salesCurious

Where is Charles Holla Forums?

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>>640159703Your mom is curious about my dick

>>640159669They won't touch modern historical settings because unlike events from 500 years ago, there's people alive today that are direct descendants/great grandsons from the people depicted. Ubisoft wouldn't want to deal with lawsuits made by some angry dude in his 30s because a game says his great grandfather was a secret Templar.It's precisely why Syndicate, the closest game to our times, is the only game in the entire franchise that doesn't feature a single real life name as a Templar

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>>640146795>le enlightened centristJokes aside, this is unironically true. The Assassins are never really portrayed as inherently good except maybe in Black Flag and even then they’re portrayed as a bunch of incompetent retards that have to rely on a literal fucking pirate captain to save their asses. The Templars are evil because for some reason they’re always wrong about everything, although I agree that leaving the fate of the world in the hands of a few power hungry madmen isn’t the best solution

Killing Desmond off in AC3 was the biggest mistake they ever made. The story from then on became a jumbled mess that doesn’t even make any sense. What the fuck were they thinking?!

>>640159886>my mom so fucking hot it gets a retard into necrophiliaNice to know my genes are god-like


>>640153557like in the movies "guns for hitting not shooting"

>>640160129we really took desmond for granted. he was a decent fish out of water protagonist with the signature nolan north charm to boot. p sure ubisoft gave us reyla just to spite us.

>>640151234>make a game about chad vikings>they’re a bunch of trashy mongrel faggots who have sex with each other Literally what the fuck did they mean by this?

>>640154698>>640154856>the bad guys are anti-2AThat’d be hilarious if they actually did that

>>640160239sorry for your loss

>>640147494>he never played ac1

>>640160764why would the templars not be against taking power away from the people

The Adam Jensen games are modern day Ass Creed, prove me wrongNo but seriously, replaying the franchise it's weird hearing Elias Toufexis freaking everywhere in the early games. He's an informer in AC1, then voices Ezio's older brother and Ugo the thief from Venice in AC2 alongside I'm sure plenty of other side characters

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>>640159796I don’t get the hate for Connor. He comes off as a comically autistic retard. Even his voice sounds autistic

>>640154827>I wonder what Holla Forums was like around the time the early games came outMissed your post. I only got into the games because of people posting AC1 threads here at release. Without them I never would have even looked at AC1 in a store and went out to buy a copy since I had nothing else I wanted to play at the time.>I wonder what the shitposts were likeYou know the town crier quotes? "CURSE THE CHRISTIAN KING AND HIS ARMY OF INFIDELS" were thread starters which was like a 50/50 shot of either a religious debate or an AC thread. That's the only thing I can remember people shitposting with in 1, otherwise it was starting threads with the hatch of one of the bureaus and joking about the bell ringing or how you would tackle such a situation.2 was always the Leonardo hug into arguing if he was gay along with "It's a me, Mario!" posts. Brotherhood was "That's racist. You're racist.". Revelations was when everyone was starting to get stick of the games. 3 was "WHERE IS LEE? GIVE ME LEE!" nonstop.>people diving into the lore, theorizing about future gamesAs soon as people got to the end of AC1, saw the Al Mualim clones, saw the globe from the Apple, saw Lucy do the finger thing, and saw all the blood it basically cemented the threads here for months. It was nonstop speculation about who was a Templar, who as an Assassin, what events in history were altered, and very minor discussions about the satellite and water purification or whatever it was.When AC2 came out it was nonstop Leonardo posting, people posting screenshots of the pistol fireworks mission, "This game is so stupid with the Pope fistfight", the Ezio camera thing, and people discussing if Desmond's gonna go into different ancestors to fight the Modern Day Templars and who would they be.Brotherhood was wanting to bang Lucrezia, the incest kiss, people thinking seeing the Modern Day Monteriggioni was cool, very very rare multiplayer talk, and people being a mix of pissed and confused at the Lucy twist.

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>>640151483>america>white civilization

>>640161018He lets george washington live even after he finds out that he massacred his village.He is a loser.

>>640160129>AC3 and Mass Effect 3 have dogshit endingsWas 2012 the worst year for video game endings.

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>>640141225TemplarsThough to be fair, way back when the first one came out, I had this idea of a third faction, the Jomsvikings/Berserkers, a more middle of the road group who kept both sides out of Iceland, Greenland, and most importantly, Vinland. In fact I had it down that the reason the Viking colonies in Greenland-Vinland failed, was due to the Assassins and Templars doing all they could to kill off this third sect.but then they go and make the Viking game and kinda ruined my idea, I mean I guess it could still work as Iceland-Greenland-Vinland is untouched, but still it’s a blow to the headcannon.

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>>640161387>He's only likeable on the Homestead and when sailing because he's an actual personable person there (Barring when he talks to Achilles).>He's constantly insulting people actively helping him, most notably Samuel Adams who is pretty much the sole reason he knows where any Templars are in the first place.>He whines to Achilles, who trained him for like a decade and pretty much fed and clothed him, that he's done nothing for him and he'll beat the shit out of him for slightly mocking his inexperience.>As soon as he hears Charles Lee's name he starts yelling his name and beelining to whoever said it.>When General Putnam calls him "Mad as a hare" for thinking it's pretty much suicide to run into an actively shelled city, kill all the people on the two ships doing it, and then returning unharmed he takes that as a personal insult and refuses to ever work with him again.>When he finds out that Washington ordered to kill his tribe from Haytham, he refuses to team up with Haytham after wavering for multiple chapters because Haytham didn't immediately disclose that to him when they first met.Keep in mind this is despite the fact it was just a rumor he couldn't confirm until literally reading a letter Washington got in his camp.>The vast majority of his characterization is in Forsaken and the mission in Liberation where he shares his doubts about the Creed with Aveline.That's ignoring the whole "Haytham is infinitely better and we go from playing Haytham to having to play through tutorials we more or less already know as this dumb kid" thing.

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>>640162782Meant to quote >>640161018.

>>640161205Sounds like it was a good time, would've been in the threads if I were on Holla Forums back then. Crazy how public opinion on the games changed over time, at least on here. There were so many games that people got tired, and now that people like me are getting back into the series the new games are too different and not at all what I expected out of the series. Maybe I'll get to playing them at some point if I keep the replays going>>640159601Thanks. I'll try kb+m and see how it feels for a bit, and if it doesn't work I don't mind playing on PS3 like old times. Not a huge difference anyway, I'll just miss out on mods is all

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>>640141225Templars have been portrayed as real baddies in the recent ACs, not unlike before where they are for order, just...their order which is why the assassins are against them. At best they were grey. Or if you're being real, they are the same as the assassins just into control. Meanwhile the assassins are into freedom.

Templars, I've always been a bit of a knight fanboy.

>>640163841>Templars have been portrayed as real baddies in the recent ACsWhat games have you been playing?>Unity they are objectively good with Germaine's splinter group being the ones causing trouble because he's a Sage aka Aita who wants to sew discord among humanity.They were even going to group up with the Assassins and settle their differences. de la Serre even took in Arno after Shay shanked his dad despite knowing he's an Assassin's child and kept him out of Templar affairs so he could have a normal life growing up.>Syndicate they're cartoon villains so fair enough.>Origins the only Order of the Ancients member who was remotely evil was that old woman because she enjoyed throwing people into the Nile with a rock tied around their legs and simply wanted power. Everyone else was trying to secure peace for Egypt and Rome but some people let things get out of hand like Pothinus.Taharqa even spent all his money and time trying to build up a town in the middle of nowhere with low rates to live and work there just so he could help people and build the Order's presence at the same time.>Odyssey the Cult are all retards but that was intentional since Aspasia was trying to cull them all since many of them were simply joining to gain power while others were trying to take over Athens or Sparta and didn't really listen to her.The Order of the Ancients were simply trying to stop Darius and gain influence in Greece. I wouldn't really call them evil, the first DLC's guy in LotFB even calls out Kass about her murdering countless people while they try to prevent bloodshed.>Valhalla's OotA is primarily a bunch of Isu cultists trying to find Isu artifacts and remains while Aelfred tries to broker peace with the invading vikings where he can unless they refuse, kill the OotA members for both heresy and England's sake, forsakes his position as king for a time, and ultimately ends up trying to unite England and make it better.

Ok so I just had a thought, this will never happen but just roll with it-What if we got a setting that was way in the future, and we got the Templars as masters of Biomechanics/Biopunk and Assassins as masters of Cybermechanics/Cyberpunk (as they can not get their hands on the Bio goodies). We end up seeing the Templars resembling something like say the Dark Eldar Haemonculus Covens, but more human like (thus the Scorn pic) and the Assassins as the Adeptus Mechanicus).Would you play such a game or even like such a setting?

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>>640165210At that point is it even an AC game? Sounds like you should just make it a brand new IP with stealth stabbing instead of an AC game.

>"It is a good franchise we get to enjoy, brothers.">"The best. May it never change">"And may it never change the fans"

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>>640165210>"Since the player relives the deeds of his kin through his DNA, the I.P. cannot be set in the future. DNA of unborn people does not exist"This is the ninth out of the ten sacred commandments of AC, written by the original team around the time of AC2/ACB. *But* most of these have been abandoned already so bottom line no idea could be worse than the RPG trilogy

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>>640165887>Commandment 7lol. lmao.

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>>640166909I only ever played the first game, what's the scientific explanation for the Apples of Eden?Aliens?

>>640167240AC1 itself answers this question>It means we're in control>But how? What makes you guys so special, so smart? That you happen to invent all these things while we mere mortals stumble around like idiots?>To be fair, we don't invent them, we find them>"Find" them?>They're gifts, Mr. Miles. From those who came before. We'll have to continue this discussion later. Time's wasting

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>>640154827Other anons described it better but at the time, you can break it down to who cared about story, whether they liked the modern day plot or not or whether they just cared for the historical settings they had. You had wild speculation to what the ending of AC1 all meant, jokes about constant reused lines across the game and other discussions about the game itself but it wasn't anything crazy since it was a new IP after all.AC2 and Brotherhood was when things really got rolling, more bombshells being dropped from that game for the modern day plot with more theorizing to follow since it had expanded the lore a shitload, people discussing the various memorable moments in the game such as fistfighting the pope and speculation on future games and what settings they could use. AC2 in particular was really that short period of time where I would say the series was at its peak overall, since it hadn't settled into the recurring yearly releases and still had the freshness of a new series with a lot of room to grow and be talked about.Revelations and AC3 was the point where people were getting tired of the games since the pattern of being a yearly release had made itself very apparent, even if they had their own merits, people still discussing this to a certain extent, and kept the ball rolling on that modern day plot at least until AC3 basically put a disappointing end to it.

>>640167240Isu created them to control humans who they made as slaves to do work they didn't want to do like mining or farming. Later on they were retconned to also be power sources that could power entire cities for millennia.

>>640141225I wouldn't side with either, I FUCKING HATE the illuminati and want them to die VIOLENTLY, and the equivalent of modern assassins is ISIS and they can fuck off aswell.

>>640141225Mainly assassin's. But assassin's can also be way to woke and just silly when on top. A good Templar is better than the average assassin but good Templars are rare.

>>640172468>I FUCKING HATE the illuminati>the equivalent of modern assassins is ISIS>ISIS created by the CIA

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>>640165021Templars have as much to do with knighthood as they have with Christianity

>>640144654Haytham looks like a nigger mutt

>>640147292Rogue is a fanfic that where everyone has to be retarded in order for it to work.

>>640174332he is part W*lsh after all

>>640148238Villain? He was just doing what all nations do, if Connor doesn’t like it he can stop being an Assassin and focus on his people. Which considering that they are still bros in the Tyranny of King Washington TM, I’d say he doesn’t give a shit

>>640151591Weren’t they on the side of the Assassins?

>>640173647they still got duped into believing that shit wholeheartedly despite the CIA, probably, losing controlagain. (bin laden)who else fits the bill?

>>640150889Do you like literal glowies controlling how you live with ancient artifacts?

>>640174383If AC's current writers were intelligent they would've made the way the Animus affects the past part of the story, but that's a deep cut anyone not called Darby McDevitt probably doesn't know about. Long story short like Desmond ponders when talking to Shaun in AC2 or Brotherhood can't remember, is that "the Animus is inherently biased". And he's actually right, the Animus allows you to sequence past genetic memories not only from the point of view of an ancestort, but also feeling the way that ancestor felt at the time. It's inherently built into the system, it's why Desmond can use the Animus to 'inherit' Ezio's skills, or why Abstergo use it in Brotherhood/Revelations' multiplayer campagin to train their Templar agents. So what I'm saying is that if an ancestor felt a strong emotion at some point or tried to lie to themselves or remember something wrong, technically speaking the Animus would show you his wrong point of view because that's how his subjective memory recorded the event. Rogue's story could've been cool if it was written from the point of view of an easily indoctrinated individual, a young fool named Shay who meant well but whose good will was used by Templars to blame everything on the Assassins. If the way you see Achilles, Liam, Hope etc. act isn't actually how things went down. But again, this would require some modicum of forethought and the game couldn't even keep the lore of Shao Jun's box straight.

>>640151659Most of the targets in the first game are Muslims though.

>>640175859Honestly they should have made Shay actually go Rogue and side with neither. He could have worked with sympathetic members on both sides to try to create a peace or some shit like that.

>>640156437im nogunz but i can see the problem here

>>640154827lol no Holla Forums creamed their pants over AC1 to Revelations. They started hating on AC3 when at every moment they were reminded that they are living on stolen land

>>640177151*Conquered and bought

>>640159796>Where is Charles Holla Forums?Where's Bill Williamson?

>>640161018My issue isn’t his personality it was more that he kept flip flopping one minute he’s all about his tribe, then the Brotherhood, then revolution back and forth. I don’t hate him just wish he’d be more decisive.

>>640175859>and the game couldn't even keep the lore of Shao Jun's box straight.The whole box continuity is such a mess.>Embers (1526) establishes Ezio had the box and handed it off to Shao Jun.>Rogue establishes they found it in 1754 or thereabouts, then he kills Arno Dorian in 1776 to get it to the Templars, and then Otso's group found it in Modern Day for Gramatica to use using Shay's memories of where he put it in 1776.>Chronicles China (1526) establishes Shao Jun had it with her in China.>Chronicles India (1841) establishes Arbaaz has the Koh-i-noor and the box at the same time.>Chronicles Russia (1918) establishes Nikolai has the box and Shao Jun used it to record her consciousness into it so the tsar's daughter becomes an Assassin because of it and then I believe he either keeps it or gives it to her, I forgot which.>Meaning that the box Shay had was another box because the Templars used Shay's memories in 1776 when he last had it to find the box when the last known location of it was either with Arbaaz in 1841 or Nikolai/Anastasia in 1918.>The secret ending of Chronicles even said they used Shay's memories to understand the box more making it make even less sense because they shouldn't have the box they're holding in the first place.

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>>640141225I will side with the Predatorsthe oc donut steel that kills both templars and assassons

The game that ruined asscreed. The protagonist here is a literal cuck. Finds out Washington burned his village and keeps helping him. Dropped the franchise after this shit and never looked back

>>640165210What>>640165292 said. Sounds like an interesting premise, and could be fun if put into the right hands, but not so much of an AC game.

>>640144457Based. Imagine not start your own organization and hunting both sides

>>640165210I'm glad you don't work in the gaming industry.

>>640177424and now niggers, spics and goatfuckers are conquering that land. best of all without firing a single bullet. niggers breeding white women, spics going in masses and having 5 kids pero family.

>>640183880Nice cope, call to prayer should be soon so you should rush off.

>>640183880>yfw BBC posters are Templar agents pushing for the globo homoDesmond should've chosen to torch the planet and scorch the earth 11 years ago baka

>>640141225>fans ask for a templar game for years>Instead of making a game that argues in favor of order vs liberty as being better for society, like Men in Black managed to in a single fucking line Rogue just has Assasin's and Templars switch jerseys>Now suddenly Templars like to renovate districts the assasins for some reason are driving out of business, ancient relics create earthquakes out of nowhere, and every assassin is murderously insane and evil.

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>>640148656They did and it’s called watch dogs.The problem is they didn’t commit to the parkour bit, used mainly guns, and also the writing was… unimpactfulThe characters personalities in WD just weren’t interesting enough.Which is a waste because there’s plenty of people in the modern day with crazy personalities who would be just as intriguing as the historical figures in AC games.Hell you could just do the 80’s and it would make for a very interesting AC game.A big part of what makes the series is the eccentric personalities of the historical figures imo.What makes black flag among my favorites is the specifically the pirate characters.(Who were actually toned down to how even more eccentric real life 17th century pirates were)

>caring about AC writingit went to shit once ubisoft smelled money, it was supposed to the trilogyi wish the original writer would just "leak" the storyline, much like marc laidlaw did with half life

>>640187623I just want to tango a little with famous dead people.Is that too much to ask?

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>>640188124>famous dead peopleyou mean ubisoft's """interpretation""" of them like making da vinci a literal faggot?

neither im a lone wolf badass thatd kill both

>>640187623(1/2, I care waaay too much about this shit franchise that's been dead for a decade)>i wish the original writer would just "leak" the storylineWe kinda already know the original plot. Not from leaks, but from interviews over the years. Starting with thisyoutu.be/syV2-ZuaxC8And others like Nolan North talking about it in a convention when the latest game was Black Flag. The problem is the info is scattered and often contradictory. For example some sources say the original plan was to have three games, make it a trilogy with Altaïr, Ezio then supposedly a third and final game both with a brand new historic Assassin as well as Desmond saving the world. But then other sources like Nolan North said the original plan was either five or six games, to let Desmond's modern day journey some needed breathing room. Then there's also how the original plans involved Lucy who was killed in Brotherhood, but the decision to kill her was made by Patrice Désilets the original creator due to Kristen Bell's unreasonable demands so even if he had stayed on board for longer Lucy would've been dead regardless so his original plan would've changed no matter what. Nolan North mentioned Desmond ultimately gaining the ability to travel through time, but at no point is that mentioned by anyone else in the dev team so was he right or did he misinterpret the idea? That's why it's so hard to get what was the original plan. With all of that said, what we can mostly assume for sure was>franchise would've ended the 21st of December of 2012 with Desmond and Lucy as the main protagonists as modern day analogues to Adam and Eve respectively>the Eye of Abstergo satellite would've played a big role and would've probably been the last big Templar plot to foil>Desmond would've been a fully fledged Assassin and either had a full game to himself or his modern day sections would've been far longer than those of AC3

>>640187623>>640189029(2/2)And here is where the ending gets weird. In the video above Désilets kinda implies at one point that what AC3 got right even without him was that Desmond's final act would've been of self-sacrifice, that he would've always died in the end saving the world. *But* in some other interview where the connexion between Desmond/Lucy and Adam/Eve is made clearer (and where it's confirmed that Lucy was given that name because of the Australopithecus) it's also kinda implied that humanity would've perished in the second solar flare and Desmond and Lucy would've left the world in a First Civ spaceship, to colonize a new world like literal Bible Adam & Eve. Kinda like that 2009 movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage? BUT THEN the person that conducted that interview with Désilets clarified in pic related that that was his very first idea and probably not what the real ending would've been. So honestly just go with>Desmond becomes a super Assassins>wins over Templars>???>profit>happy-ish ending

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>>640188359He had to leave Florence in 1476 accused of sodomy, and when he died he left a sizable part of his things including the Mona Lise to his apprentice Salai who had been with him since the boy was 10. Leonardo's homosexuality is barely mentioned at all, and really only in passing at the end of Brotherhood's DLC as yet another way to deepen Ezio's friendship with him. I wish all gay men in vidya were like him, and it's not like it's some bastardizes evil corruption of the character.

>>640141225Bold of you to assume that either side would want Holla Forums

>>640148149Marx never advocated for something like that

>>640148238>>640150951>>640151483>>640175131This twist made no sense, he spends the whole game going after the Templars cause he thinks they murdered his mother and people yet when he finds out that actually no they didn't it was the people HE was working for he just doesn't give a shit doesn't even take a few moments to think about it.

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>>640141225Dumb setting, stolen from AoE3 out of all places.

Modern day Templars are too cartoonishly evil to join.

>>640190491The issue with Connor is that they wanted to make his character neutral to both conflicts so they went with making him a native but in doing so needed to add all of the shit that comes with it. They should have just made him Dutch or something.

>>640190664They were cartoonishly evil until 3 and Rogue when someone decided that they needed “complex”.

>>640149663>only for them to start blatantly calling themselves Assassins somewhere down the lineThe way I see it the moment they called themselves Assassins is when they became a bastardized version of the real brotherhood, and wasn't truly them. Altair reverted it back to the way it was post Origins.

>>640190958They were complex in AC1, what are you talking about? It went wrong with the Borgias, that's when the conflict was made solely black and white

>>640141225I miss the direction 3 was heading in, showing that assassins and templars were just 2 sides of the same coin, assassins fucking everything up because they liked chaos theory and templars fucking everything up because they liked autistic control over everything, then other games came along and said nope templars are evil. Also I am one of the few people that found Desmond alright and wanted to play with him in the modern day on the run from templars and assassins till they unceremoniously killed him off.

>Everyone and their mother tells me AC Unity is shit >Play it >Think it's pretty good and like the story It actually ended up being one of my faves.I liked how both the Templars and Assassins were shown to be both bad and good. Syndicate was a massive step down storywise I was disappointed. Also the murder mysteries were good they should bring those back.

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>>640160973Funny how his first major role was Sal in NFS Carbon

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>>640191079>the moment they called themselves Assassins is when they became a bastardized version of the real brotherhoodBut they started calling themselves Assassins with Masyaf, because that's where the real life historical assassin came from>Altair reverted it backBut they kept calling themselves Assassins for one thousand years after Altaïr? Wat?>to the way it was post OriginsOrigins is a lore nightmare and limiting the birth of the brotherhood to 49BCE was unbelievably retarded

>>640191115One of your targets is a psychotic doctor that’s kidnapping and vivisecting people.

>>640190837He wasn't neutral he was hardcore Assassin.

>>640191445No I mean to the revolution. They didn’t want it to be “Murrica fuck yeah” or “God save the King” so they made Connor a native.

>>640146182Is the first watch dogs worth playing? It’s on sale right now and I’m considering getting it

>>640191306He also voiced the wheelchair dude in I Am Alive, Kobin in the last two Splinter Cell games and now that I remembered since my last post (which tbf I did because I don't like remembering Odyssey exists) he also notably voiced Leonidas

Attached: this cool fucker and his voice are the peak of the game and everything goes downhill after it.png (1920x1080, 1.97M)

>>640191353>But they started calling themselves Assassins with MasyafThey started calling themselves Assassins with Hassan-i-Sabbah in Alamut, who was the real life founder of the real order. He was the one that bastardized the brotherhood in lore by giving his members drugs and making the order go public before Altair came in and fixed things.

>>640141225Assassin's. Freedom > all else

>>640191394Sounds like a very Assassin way of seeing things>Before I close my eyes, I must know... what will become of my children?>You mean the people made to suffer your cruel experiments? They'll be free now to return to their homes>Homes? What homes? The sewers? The brothels? The prisons that we dragged them from?>You took these people against their will>Yes, what little will there was for them to have. Are you really so naive? Do you appease a crying child simply because he wails? "But I want to play with fire, father!" What would you say? "As you wish." Ah, but then you'd answer for his burns>These are not children, but men and women full grown>In body, perhaps, but not in mind. Which is the very damage I sought to repair. I admit without the Piece of Eden--which you stole from us--my progress was slowed. But there are herbs, mixtures and extracts. My guards are proof of this. They were madmen before I found and freed them from the prisons of their own minds. And with my death, madmen will they be againAnd he's not wrong. After his assassination, the number of madmen in the streets of Acre increase for the rest of the game. In a way it's similar to Talal's death speech>...long abandoned the men and women I took into my arms>What do you mean?>Beggars, whores, addicts, lepers. Do they strike you as proper slaves? Unfit for even the most menial tasks? No. I took them not to sell, but to save! And yet you'd kill us all, for no other reason than it was asked of you

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>>640192019>He was the one that bastardized the brotherhood in loresource

>falling for kabbalistic dialectics>everlollmao even

Little did you know when playing AC2 that two of the statues in the Sanctuary were blood related. Thanks, Ubisoft!

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I wonder if AC4 is as good as i remember, i had lots of fun with my pirate ship. I do not remember shit about the story tough aside our buddies dying which made me sad.

>>640194008What makes this retcon even *more* retarded is that back in AC2 the Animus was able to locate the common ancestor between Subject 16 and Subject 17 ie Ezio. Meaning tech from six years before the events of Odyssey was able to point out common ancestors between users based on its internal database. So why the FUCK does Layla have to choose between Alexios and Kassandra when, given she saw Aya's memories in Origins and Kassandra is her direct ancestor, the Animus in Odyssey should've prioritized her genetic sequence found in Leonidas' Spear over that of Alexios?

>>640192954It's not properly established in the lore, but it can be assumed that he did as the order of the Assassins started with him, and seeing the state of the Assassins and how corrupted they were by the first game. They were building off of Hasan's legacy.

I'd be this guy youtu.be/rsK0bnkTAiI?t=281>You're just some blind fool who's always chasin' butterflies. Whereas I'm the type of guy who likes to have a beer in one hand and a titty in the other. Thing is, boy, I can have what I seek. Had it, even. You? Your hands will always be empty."

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>>640146007So what was WWI then?

>>640194403You can really tell AC3 was still (the last one in fact, to be) written by Corey May. Poignant dialogue even for 'little' targets like that one>>640194559Little is known about it other than the Allied Powers were backed by Assassins and the Central Powers were backed by Templars. You get glimpses of WW1 London in Syndicate

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>>640141225Which one will give me cummiewummies

Templar. Assassins just cause chaos and hurt people for no reason. Do they even have an objective? Or do they solely exist to fuck up everything the Termplars are trying to build?

Which AC are worth getting? played the first 2 and brotherhood decades ago and missed the rest of the seriesalso, should I just get them on playstation? it seems like all the steam releases have ubisoft software garbage

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>>640195817Altair would bend over Ezio and rape him like the dog he is.

assassins are reddit

>>640195817You can play all the Assassins Creed games on PS Plus Extra that's what I did.

>>640195221Vabon wise, Assassin's think humanity should be free from the any entity that seeks to control them. The Templars are Isu supremacists that basically want humans to go back to being slaves of the Isu

>>640141225Templars let me play games in a giant LAN factory, easy pick

>>640195817Up to Revelations it's the pinnacle of parkour gameplay as well as Altaïr/Ezio's stories. The next one AC3 is Desmond's end. Black Flag is a very fun pirate game with one of the better stories. Rogue has its gameplay with AC3's setting. Unity is a return to form with one huge ass city with next gen crowds and assassination missions. Everything afterwards was shite.

>>640183880I was born here and am married to a white woman.

>>640198656A rat born in a stable is not a horse.

>>640194791Allied Powers=Assassins Central Powers=TemplarsI thought the fucking Assassins helped the moslems in their conquest of Templar Lands, and the Holy Grail of Templar lands was The Byzantine Empire with their seat of power being Constantinople?

>>640191687It's 6-6.5/10 on its own. Maybe install a couple of mods like E3 graphics or Lively City and it'll be a 8.5-9/10. I'd say it's worth a try if solely for the atmospheric Chicago.

>>640195817AC1 to Unity Pirate them all for PC.

>>640147056Shay is an idiot and he definitely isn't a "rogue". He left behind a group of self righteous murderers to join another group of self righteous murderers.

>>640198974America is the stable, you are the rat

>>640200642stable these nuts (you can't)

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>>640196762Why am I seeing this picture all over Holla Forums lately?

>>640192830That would be a good point if he wasn’t slowly maiming and then killing them.


>>640199216It’s never that simple the Assassins and Templars while being based off of real religious orders are for the most part agnostic.

>>640198974If you're going to apply that to Americans, everyone without native American genes is the rat you dick head.

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>>640201825No. Because Americans don't pretend to be Indians (usually)

>>640200316NTA but i want to pirate Syndicate for that sweet London ambiance. Is it worth it?

>>640202082Yes, because non native Americans aren't born in the American stable, they rats infesting the stable.

>>640202481Solely for the ambience? Yeah sure, it's a cool city. But everything else in it is just bad.

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>>640146795This is why Alfred is coolHe didnt like the Order, he hated it and manipulated the player into doing what he couldnt, destroy them

>>640141225Templars are Abstergo. Why would I side with Ubisoft? Abtergo is the way in which the devs are showing how shit the game industry has gone.

>>640146493Slavery of the populace to ensure a small group of people in government withold all the power and luxury


Attached: 32b056e2bd86a0d2606b491c74451636dca46e12b443ec2284dc9499bf353cbc.jpg (261x422, 42.57K)

>>640202675“Native” Americans weren’t born in the American stable either.

>>640161018I think it was whiplash after parting with the charismatic italian lead and getting baited with a charismatic british templar lead

Attached: 1433247641677.jpg (1280x720, 95.48K)

>>640202967You misunderstood what he was about. The only difference between him and the Order of the Ancients he was the leader of is that the former pushes his weird Christianity/Isu mix while extolling all the virtues that he believed in in the OotA, while the latter believes we should subjugate ourselves to the Isu and they're gods we need to worship using religion as a tool to do that.Aelfred was essentially a pious Christian trying to relegate his beliefs with reality while the Order of the Ancients saw the actual truth of their world and believed humanity should bow and be subjugated because that's what we were made for. There is virtually no difference between the two organizations otherwise.

Attached: Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla 2021-02-19 04-44-58.jpg (1920x1080, 955.27K)

>>640195817Finish the rest of the Ezio saga and grab Unity, it was the peak of the AC games imo. 3 is divisive and 4 is barely an assassin's creed game. I honestly can't remember any assassins from Black Flag, it was pirates all the way down.

>>640203712Hey Moose do you have a list handy of all the canon choices in Odyssey? I feel like I'll only ever play through the game once so I might as well go with the version the devs had in mind even if that means the characters are retarded schizos that flip flop in their choices. I know Kass kills Deimos at the end and the mother also dies, but anything in-between? Who she allies with in the battles you can have in each part of the map, so on? Thanks

Attached: the bad timeline won.png (1280x720, 1.11M)

>>640204875reddit.com/r/assassinscreed/comments/pzigws/ody_assassins_creed_odyssey_playthrough_guide_as/That's the one I know of, I know there's another guide when the novel first came out but this one is more thorough. The tl;dr is that you make all the worst choices except for trying to save Alexios all game before giving up on him. It's honestly the worst playthrough you can play because it's so stupid. The fact she doesn't save her entire family is beyond stupid.

>>640203894>4 is barely an assassin's creed game. I honestly can't remember any assassins from Black Flag, it was pirates all the way down.How does it feel to be so wrong when the only character that explores the creed more than Edward is fucking Altair

>>640204875who's the tripfag and why is there no one making fun of him?

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>>640141225/v/eddit will just side with however makes the most irreparable damage to the world and the justification will be "uhhh trannies uhhh niggers"

Templars of course. Assassins always lose major influence and are close ro eradication. Thats why theyre hiding all the time.

>>640205075Thanks, I'm guessing the DLCs don't have explanations on canon choices? Odyssey is a shit AC game from what I remember (played for 17 hours years ago as Alexios, got to the Oracle of Delphi and stopped) so seeing the protagonist canonically crash and burn everything around her will be funny meta-wise

>>640205254Because he's been on these threads for ages and is like, the one tripfag in this entire site that actually knows about vidya and talks about them to an autistic degree and never brings up the tripcode. Same in the Yakuza threads. It's kinda like the familiar village shaman, in a way.

>>640205308They’re hiding because it’s a part of their Creed.

>>640205381I think the novel was before the DLC even released? Everything about that would be up for interpretation, the guide says the Alethia stuff happens before LotFB so I have no idea what's going on. I gave the list another look through and she's not completely retarded, leaving Stentor and Nikolaos alive. It looks like mom doesn't get insta-gibbed either. She just really gives up on Alexios.

>>640153007>"back to the roots" claim, for the next AC game?Narrative driven Stealth game, which current Ubisoft isn't going to make.


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>>640191394And part of the mystery is that same doctor used to be kind and caring and cured the poor. The whole plot of AC1 is finding out what changed a bunch of great men from kind saints into amoral monsters.

>>640194403>>640194791This is what I loved about AC1 and 3, that was missing in 2 and barely present in the other Ezio games. The villains had motivations and personalities that went beyond being evil for the sake of being evil.

i dropped ass creed at black flag. i tolerated ship moments in 3 but 4 made it all about ships.

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Is he based or cringe?

Attached: 1AB49812-E4D9-427E-A310-E908E4EF8076.jpg (2000x1000, 232.35K)

>>640208881It might depend on Mirage, so far he's based solely because of how he dabs on Layla. Also do we know if Mirage is gonna take place before or after Loki takes over the poor sod Basim's mind and body? Or maybe that's what will be explored in the game?

>>640208881K I N Oyoutu.be/V-3swGZQ4Ow

>>640204875>>640205075>canon choices

Attached: BBED2A70-96CB-4EAA-AD81-4E70C6B500B2.jpg (200x200, 7.42K)

>>640209048Why does Layla even exist?

Attached: 5C248DA2-2D0D-4C78-AC46-3FC55D348CD9.jpg (1363x1027, 91K)

>>640209352Because Brotherhood set up Eve and Desmond needing to find her, but that was then dropped for the next decade. Some writers here or there tried to reference it like Unity having an Eve namedropped in Dead Kings, but at the end of the day it was still nothing. Having Layla meeting with Desmond in the Grey made Juno's cryptic dialogue finally come to fruition, even if a decade later and under completely different circumstances than the ones envisioned by Brotherhood's writers.

>>640203587Then your phrase literally doesn't mean jack shit, and either everyone is a rat and their are no horses or only the first documented people on this land (non-whites) can be horses.

>>640209279Used to be there was no worry on what was canon or not because the Animus didn't fucking allow you to deviate history and change the past, but alas


>>640209048If I remember right when Hytham talks to Eivor about Basim after he tried killing her he specifically says Basim was always like that meaning by the time Basim met Hytham he was already Loki or influenced by him or whatever he is. I think it's Loki assimilated with Basim but they both want the same thing so he didn't overtake his body, but considering how absolutely pissed Basim was fighting Evior I'm convinced Loki overtook him and "Basim" hasn't existed for a decade or more.When Basim was 17 he was already having visions of djinn. After that he meets his Mentor and joins the Hidden Ones, after which he starts losing his mind, but he only loses it after he became the equivalent of a Master Assassin and Loki assimilates with him. So it'll either happen more towards the end of the game or like 50% of the way through because it apparently happens before the comic events happened when he met Hytham.

Attached: Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla 2022-12-07 00-08-59.jpg (1920x1080, 654.62K)

Wait if Odin Tyr etc. were all (re)born in Norway as they were supposed to, why the fuck was Loki randomly born in Baghdad? lol

Attached: that's a long ass distance especially for the 9th century.png (696x450, 81.96K)

>>640141225Neither. They're both globohmo organizations.

>>640210920They'll probably make it the central conflict of the game for that sweet sweet drama. Honestly we'll see if the writers are skilled enough, but (((in theory))) having a main character that slowly kinda loses his mind throughout the game without a way to stop it sounds like it could be a cool, sad nightmare scenario to explore and ponder about. Kinda like Arthur Morgan + Tuberculosis or V + Johnny Silverhand

I mean if there was ever any real reason to choose Templars I might have to think a little harder about it. They are always portrayed as like cartoonishly evil, Haytham was a sort of refreshing breath of air for them but even in that game it devolves into evil mind control powers. Why EVER choose them? It's not like the Assassins even have this profound moral high ground either, it's just that the Templars have nothing really going for them.

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>>640153557Hardcore stealth game. Piss off the braindead Fifa people that still buy the games. Bring back actual game enjoyers. Stonks will go down however.

>>640211476It's based on whoever's bloodline they managed to luck out into so Loki probably drew the short end of the stick and got pushed out further than they intended. Keep in mind Loki was also a last minute addition to the fetuses since he killed that other Isu when they were transferring their consciousness so he could have just done something different that changed things up.Keep in mind everyone doesn't activate all at once either, Odin was already waking up in Eivor's brain since she was a kid, Freyja was apparently haunting that shaman's mother for decades, Tyr only very recently (Like within the year of Valhalla starting) started to influence Sigurd at all, it's implied Thor activated in Halfdan at a young age which is why he was constantly so good at war, and Sif apparently never activated in Faravid as far as we saw.

>>640210920Based lore scholar. I've seen you complain about the lore and writing of the franchise before, why do you still stick with it and recall so much of even its latest entries?

>Every game the assassins win>New game>They are back to losing badlyYou just can't defeat the Templars. Of course I choose them.

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>>640212564Yeah I forgot Loki didn’t use the Yggdrasil’s reincarnation device at the same time as the rest of the Precursors. He had to sneak and use it after as the others didn't want him to be reincarnated. It'd be pretty funny if he just fucked around pressing a bunch of random buttons which is why he appeared so far away.

>>640212995If you asked Bellec he'd say "ackchyually losing every time is a good thing chud"youtu.be/EvYc1tpYfQ0?t=170

>>640191284>Everyone and their mother tells me AC Unity is shitThat's because when it was relevant it ran like shit on every single piece of hardware unless you we're the guy using a server as a gaming rig. To have played the game meant you had to deal with all the bugs and special ed stuttering mess.

>>640141225If we're talking about 3 specifically, the templars and it's not even close because picrel has more charisma than every other character in that game combined.

>>640213034Why didn't they want him reincarnated. Never played nor intend to play Valhalla.

Why don't they just make an entire game set in the current time?

>>640213130>BellecNiko's great-great-grandfather?

Attached: Niko_Bellic.jpg (258x387, 12.42K)

>>640213636People expected that early Assassins Creed games would lead up to a modern times game where you play as Desmond running around an IRL modern city.Instead they gave us a side plot which was almost entirely indoors, more the pity.

>>640213593He got in a massive fight and betrayed Odin due to stuff involving his son Fenrir so he was cast out of getting to live in the post-solar flare world. The Isu at the time realized Aita's method of surviving into the future via the blood was the only way to really do it, but because they had little time before the solar flare hit they could only make it so you basically got passed along a specific bloodline for a certain amount of time and then activated. It wasn't as good as Aita's method which passes you down all of humanity's bloodline (Or so he said) forever and you keep reincarnating randomly which is why sometimes Sages happened every few years, other times every hundred years.>>640213598See >>640149985. It was only really possible early on in the canon, nowadays it's way too convoluted to try and Abstergo are basically untouchable. Cal is the only one who has really managed to deal any sort of blow with an actual assault, and that's only because Sofia allowed him to.>>640212827>why do you still stick with itBecause I like the gameplay even through the many faults of Odyssey and Valhalla and the story is interesting even though there's so many retcons and stupid things. It gives me the same fun Kingdom Hearts does narratively which is seeing how much crazier it can get. I also like seeing how they weave in the historical bits into Modern Day, and seeing how much dumber Modern Day can get now that everything's been retconned a million ways from Sunday. I can't wait to see the asspull the get to revive Desmond because that's very clearly where they're going.>and recall so much of even its latest entries?I have diagnosed short-term memory that's severe enough it interrupts my life. I just randomly remember things in detail and can't force myself to remember what I want so basically what sticks sticks, whether I want it or not. Might as well use what does to talk with people.

Attached: Assassins Creed 2016 (1080p Bluray x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 7.1 Tigole).mkv_snapshot_01.35.15_[2019.09.29_08.17.45].jpg (1920x804, 697.41K)

>>640141225Aren't they the same thing but Templars are just a bit more strict?

>>640213593Whoops, forgot to mention that the reason why he was reincarnated was because when Odin's group of Isu did their consciousness transfer via blood to the fetuses Loki snuck into the room and killed one of the members who would have had his consciousness transferred.

Attached: Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla 2021-01-16 12-28-12.jpg (1920x1080, 363.55K)

>>640214350Based moose. I know that odyssey also has God's that are isu like Zeus and what not in that dlc, is the dlc a fun time? And I saw that origins also has a "supernatural" dlc but I never bought it, does it also have gods or mythological figures that are explained as being isu?

>>640213636>eastern european terrorist criminal whose gameplay revolvers around senseless civilian killingWould fit right in in France

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>>640141225What side controls organizations like the WEF?

>>640144457I miss unironic edgelords

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>>640144795>Implying we've had freedom in the first place

I'd have tons of incest sex with my ancestors in the animus. I skip the story in porn.

Attached: metal-gear-solid-mgs.gif (640x492, 2.39M)

>>640214946>And I saw that origins also has a "supernatural" dlc but I never bought it, does it also have gods or mythological figures that are explained as being isu?Curse of the Pharaohs is great. It does have a rational exploration for it and the areas and bosses are neat. The only one that kind of sucks is the massive desert I can't remember the name of filled with the human birds. Thebes is also cool to explore.>is the dlc a fun time?Elysium (Part 1) is fine, the only real issues are some of the enemies are really tanky (and I'm saying this as a setup that can one-shot anything outside of battle) and the jump pads make traversal annoying at times.Hades (Part 2) is trash. Absolute trash. The bosses and two side quests are the only thing that save it, and you have to like the characters in those side quests or those are bad too.Atlantis (Part 3) is great, easily the best part.

I remember playing AC2 and Brotherhood and being creeped out by the glyph puzzles, I dont remember what they all meant anyways

>>640213767meant for >>640213598

Did they stop doing the ultimate armor gimmick from the early games? If anyone knows what I mean. Ezio gets some cool metal armor in ac2, some armor that had fur on the shoulders in brotherhood, and I remember ac4 having that cool Aztec armor that deflected projectiles.

>>640215147The 90s needs to come back``

The problem is that Ubisoft themselves don't even know what they are. At one point in time they are equally flawed ideals, at another point in time the Templars are cookie cutter evil personified.

>>640216576Kind of. Rogue gives you a Native American Isu armor for finding some keys I think it was.Unity you gain the Assassin's robe from the first scene if you do all the Nostradamus Enigmas.Syndicate gives you a spooky white Isu outfit for Evie for collecting a bunch of something and I forget what Jacob gets but he also gets something.Closest thing for Bayek would be the Isu armor from Trial of the Gods or all Isu locations, I forgot what gave it to you.Odyssey's got a billion armor sets and I can't remember if you get anything specific from collecting major stuff or not. There's ton of unique armor sets though so "yes" but also "I can't remember what".Valhalla's got a bunch of unique sets tied to collecting things, and the epilogue grants you Eivor's true outfit for starting it, picture related.

Attached: Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla 2022-12-07 00-27-01.jpg (1920x1080, 1.07M)

>>640216576The games are RPGs now with gear and stats so they stopped yeah. AC2 had Altaïr's Armor, Brotherhood had Brutus' armor and Revelations had Ishak Pasha's armor. Black Flag had a Templar armor, Rogue has a Mayan armor. Unity has Altair's armor in black but even though it fits the bill from previous games (armor locked away behind a series of keys you unlock) in reality it is a skin that you equip on top of your actual gear, not gear itself. It has no stats. Beyond these games I don't really remember.Also while we're at it, remember how Brutus' armor is stated in Romulus' scrolls in Brotherhood to be his family armor? And you can see the armor's breastplate has the Assassin logo in it? But you then play Origins and not only does Brutus look like a generic dude without any armor equipped, he is also alive and active at a time when the brotherhood wasn't even a thing and there was no such thing as a logo? Oh and he didn't even kill Caesar? And he certainly didn't use Brutus' dagger? Yeah fuck Origins

Attached: Brutus Armor Logo.png (1920x1080, 2.94M)

Who is the assassin with the best style and best outfits?

>>640194403Came to post this.

>>640219647Ezio, no question about it.His Revelations outfit alone is great.

Attached: Ezio-Costume-FFXIII-2_01-scaled.jpg (1810x2560, 289.83K)


>>640219647Assassin’s Drip

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>>640219647Altaïr > Giovanni = Pilgrimage Ezio > Duncan Walpole > the rest

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>>640220267I fucking hate that assassin glove so much.Both Fryes had an innocuous look to them without the hoods but they had to add that gauntlet that ruins it

>>640220337>Duncan Walpole After the appropriate pirate parts are added, sure. But base form? You’re tripping

>>640217772Assassins saw somebody cool in history and retroactively decided to make them theirs.You know. LGBT tactic.

>>640220520Base form is the best form and it's an absolute sin you have no way to get it back outside of using the Governor's Outfit or whatever the black one was but that's not blue.

>>640219647Unity had the biggest array of customization options, so Arno wins by default

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>>640220680You saying that just proves me right. As Moose is always wrong.

>>640220690How did Syndicate become such a regression?


He’s literally me

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Attached: 9C1DC00C-619D-451A-84A9-FA68C7400013.png (250x266, 142.28K)


Attached: Assassin's Creed® Syndicate 2019-09-10 16-40-15.jpg (1920x1080, 445.53K)


>>640220520Base form > Edward raping it with random bits of leather attached to it. It's a beautiful outfit and wanted to play with it post-Havana so goddamn hard I made a mod for it back in 2018 way before old Ass Creed modding had the resurgence it seems to have had in the last year or soI will never not be mad at myself for uploading it to Mod DB and not nexusmods as since then there's been others that did so and are probably more well known and downloaded than mine but oh well

Attached: my mod.jpg (1280x720, 117.51K)

>>640221465>>640221485Cope. It’s bland and kinda gross desu.

>>640141225The Templars backed Hitler so then obviously

>>640221694So edgy. Those non whites, amirite?

>>640221246>he didn't rape EvieNot the literal embodiment of an anonThen again the India weather made her age twice as fast but she'll forever remain a qt in the base game

>>640222064>Then again the India weather made her age twice as fast Or maybe Jacob just got all the good genes

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>>640222286I forgetis Jacob homosexual or am I mistaking him with a different assassin

>>640223610I think he’s implied to be bisexual, but ended up marrying a woman and having kids

>>640224102>Kassandra fucks everything that moves but ends up in a straight relationship and having kids>Jacob chases boipussy but ends up in a straight relationship and having kidsGuess Ubisoft wear their Frenchness in their sleeve

>>640225108They have to have kids to keep the assassin bloodline going.


Attached: C06779BF-45FF-48C0-B807-DCB78F87F8EB.png (892x870, 171.51K)

>>640225298>>640225461>Ezio, I really need you to fuck my sister

Attached: B679D88F-DB70-4781-9C89-AA4F7779BF00.jpg (598x603, 33.1K)

>>640225679Ezio just tied his sister up and left although she was dtfwhat a waste

>>640219647Connor just looks badass in his normal costume. His costume is probably one of the better ones for blending in, outside the British brothers

Attached: ACI-Connor.png (375x680, 247K)

>>640147917Why anyone would trust the opinion of worker's rights from a fat lazy unemployed rapist will always confuse me

>>640209352They needed a new character for the modern segments and the current state of gaming being what it is they just made a character that checked every diversity box they could and then write her to be an insufferable Mary sue. Until they realized how retarded she was (and by extension they were) and have her start getting shit and ultimately get killed off.

>>640226367He’s literally Holla Forums

>>640226631/v/ can't afford a maid to rape, he's reddit

>>640147917He was an out of touch upper middle class retard that got handed almost everything he had and felt guilty when he saw how the plebs lived. He’s the 19th century equivalent of the virtue signaling faggots all over social media.

>>640224102>I think he’s implied to be bisexual,No. Some crazy Templar Jacob just killed forcefully kissed him while he was dying and then one of the writers went on twitter saying Jacob is bi. Jacob never shows attraction to men in the slightest in the base game or Jack's DLC.

>>640153007One-off celebration of Assassin's Creed 15th anniversary. They will go back to RPG after Mirage

>>640228472I remember that scene and the look on his face was mix between disgust and bewilderment.

>>640206408Man watching that video is so fucking sad. Even if Mirage somehow delivers in city layout and focus on social stealth, it'll also have Valhalla's horrible telegraphed parkour and the more forced "crouch behind waist deep cover" generic stealth that started with Unity. Not to mention it'll surely lack the depth in writing the games stopped having after Revelations (besides Black Flag but that game looks like lightning in a bottle the more time goes on). This 'member berries title will mean little when a couple years from now we get Odyssey 3: Valhalla Boogaloo: Japan Edition

>>640159048Every assassinated historical figures is a Templar like how they made Caesar a proto-templar

Man i haven't played this since the initial release.

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>>640228978It was, Jacob just finished stabbing the guy before having a kiss forced on him. Now imagine if that happened to Evie instead of Jacob.

>>640229426That wouldn’t happen to Evie since she’s supposed to be perfect.

>>640229072God that shit was so fucking dumb.

>>640229998Can't expect much characterisation from character that was added last minute because of a botched interview.

>>640230609I remember in another thread there was this dude that went all out to defend her.

>>640161286It WAS white

>>640161286The cope is real.

Need a pre-Origins AC game to play on my Steam Deck. Black Flag is the front runner. I already played 1/2/B/3. What's the best that isn't those ones?

>>640231791Well then he was a retard. Evie was obviously added after the whole 'animating female characters is hard' Unity "controversy"

>>640191613All the marketing material showed him slaughtering red coats and fighting for America. Seems kind of strange that the game didn’t play into that.

>>640232220>>640230609I love Evie.I want to make her pregnant and see her body become more feminine, broad shoulders turn subtle.

Attached: ACS_Henry_Green_(Database).png (533x722, 421.32K)

>>640232665If you've already ruined her with all spices and Indian sun Henry

Attached: guillaume-molle-evie-ingame-headshot.jpg (1920x903, 376.13K)

>>640232260Ubisoft are known cowards when it comes to marketing vs. the actual games. Like how with Odyssey they showed only Alexios yet Kassandra is the canon character.

>>640232665Honestly when he proposed after I finished collecting all of the flowers I thought it was a Joke. Like the most they did was autistically flirt once or twice and sperg out about flowers. They had as much chemistry as a log in a pond. Fuck Jacob had more chemistry with Greene than Evie did.

>>640233080>Jacob had more chemistry with GreeneBri'ish(?) love the curry

>>640149702>And finally in supplementary material they admit that the Red Revolution in Russia was all the Assassins' doing and that both Lenin and Stalin were members of the Assassins' OrderWhat the fuck lmao

>>640232872People still call her Ms. Frye and she has Henry's sash if memory serves. What happened to Henry?Die to the bullshit from Ass Creed Chronicles?

>>640233863>>640149702>Lenin and Stalin were members of the Assassins' OrderThey weren't real assassins. Real assassins haven't been tried yet.

>>640232872I'm so mad they did her that dirty. It was like she turned into an old crone at the library who yells at everyone and is even older than she actually is.>>640233880>Die to the bullshit from Ass Creed Chronicles?Nah, he wasn't in Chronicles India. The last time you saw him was through mentions during the JtR DLC.

Attached: Assassin's Creed® Syndicate 2019-09-09 13-19-15.jpg (1920x1080, 536.09K)

>>640233985>It was like she turned into an old crone at the library who yells at everyoneThat’s pretty much what she did most of in the main story only now she looks the part too.

>>640141225I would betray both

>>640233985Jacob had kids and later a granddaughter that worked during the WW1 era with Winston ChurchilChurchil is a templar, her granddaughter is a feministEvie probably didn't have any kids with Henry, since nobody even mentions it.What a tragedy.

Its been ages since i've played the old ac games. Which is better brotherhood or revelations?

id just be a guy who talks shit about the templars at the town square or whatever but i'm powerless so they ignore me.

>>640235191templars broke the legs of a sick dude in the 1st game.They will break yours just to shut you up.

>>640141225I am fully in support of pure liberty over pure authority, that being said I wouldn't lift a finger to help the assassins if they were already winning.

>>640149702Anon none of that is the real reason because the real reason was Templars made Daniel Cross a sleeper agent who assassinated the Mentor in Dubai and proceeded to leak their cells, which left the Assassins in such disarray that the Templars were able to insert George Bush as their puppet in office

>>640189759huh, the fact ive never noticed that after playing ac2 and brotherhood a lott of times means he is a character first a gay second. good job ubisoft, too bad far cry 6 has a literal tranny and faggot talking about being a tranny and a faggot.

I would join Assassins because fuck the precursors and fuck the Templars worshiping them like cucks. But I would later kill my fellow Assassins because they're the same type of follower cucks after getting rid of the Templars.

>>640235407Tbf this was before the brainrot took over the industry and pic related was seen as a nice a genuine moment between long time friends and not fujo bait.

Attached: Bros 4 lyfe.png (828x467, 700.31K)

>>640236483Leo gets kind of embarrassed that Ezio found out about his young boy lover, and Ezio just goes "nah, it's cool lol"Considering people got killed for less by the church, Ezio is progressive

>>640236690>Considering people got killed for less by the churchI don't think he gives a fuck about the church, considering he gave the Pope a smackdown a few years earlierplus meeting gods in vatican's basement

>>640236690He’s been fighting the church for decades why would he give a shit about any of that.

>>640236903>>640236820I'm referring to how people in general viewed homosexuals at the time.

>>640236690ezio has seen time traveling aliens and discovered that all religion is a lie, his genius inventor bro being a fag is the least of his concerns. i know it would be for me, at least.

>>640160026How come Assassins Creed can't get away with it but there's a hundred goofy cringe WW2 Vidya that's disrespectful and bad?

>>640148238I don't remember him being a villain. He was just a third party who didn't care about Assassin's and Templars and Natives and he just wanted murrican freedoms n shieeeet

>>640149383What about Hidden Ones?

>>640237504>WW2 Vidya that's disrespectful and badI don't know what you're even referring to besides maybe Battlefield V and Call of Duty Vanguard.Both games don't even depict people that existed at the time beyond being cardboard soldiers.

>>640192830It's been so long since I've played AC 1>After his assassination, the number of madmen in the streets of Acre increase for the rest of the game. This sounds cool. Anymore examples of your assassinations having a passive influence on the game world in any of the Assassin's Creed games?

I didn't touch this series since AC2 came out. Got unity a few days ago. Why do they still have the modern world fuckery? Just drop the player in some setting and let them be an assassin jfc

>>640239835Unity doesn't have any modern day gameplay. Just setting set pieces where you just sprint forward and can't lose unless you were a victim of lobotomisation

>>640148238That's only in the DLC Wish that they did more alt history DLC like that with different people in history getting corrupted by the apple

>>640239835Because it's what gives context to any of your actions and because it's one of the defining traits of the series. If you watch this video:youtube.com/watch?v=Jcw9xV1NmlEYou can hear from them specifically why they continue doing everything they do which you might have questions about. One guy even asks why they did the Juno thing in a comic and the PR guy had to think up a BS response on the fly.

femArno a cute

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Replaying the older games its crazy how much better the parkour is than in the nu ac games

>>640160553"Pagans were free love LGBT homosexuals" is just the latest in shitlib nonsense. Scandinavians would drown fags in bogs.

>>640201825America did not exist until Europeans invented it. Before then it was unclaimed unnamed land that various warring tribes wandered around with little conception of property or nationhood outside of their immediate clansAmerica is literally named after a european

>>640242701Well yeah, they intentionally gutted the parkour of nu-AC because it was going to be less urban and more horseback riding open-fields. Coincidentally, nu-AC is also shit

>>640215147You'll never see them again because this new age of social media meme culture has murdered the concept of sincerity. Everyone's too insecure to do what they personally think is cool because being passionate about anything is "cringe" now.

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>>640243074>latestThis has been the larp for fifty years. Neo occultism, satanism, and neo paganism all arose after the cultural revolution of the 60s to be "anti-christian" religions. I remember the neohippie flower power retards with names like River Moonchild back in the 90s who claimed to worship the sun and trees, and they were all radleft Greenpeace commies who wanted to destroy nuclear energy and cities and property and suburbs and capitalism and war and borders. Never wore shoes, never shaved, never bathed. Celebrated 'yule' instead of christmas

>>640141225>Egyptian prequel going to the heart of ancient ayy shit Precursor setups>NOTHING about Memphis Rite Masonry/Templar originsThe amount of sidestepped and dodged exposition & setups with the entirety of Western esotericist literature to draw from in that franchise has been astounding. Templars per picrel; wouldn't hurt to touch on Napoleon & Hegel more in the Russian campaign.>“I have heard much of the nefarious, & dangerous plan, & doctrines of the Illuminati, but never saw the Book until you were pleased to send it to me. The same causes which have prevented my acknowledging the receipt of your letter, have prevented my reading the Book, hitherto; namely—the multiplicity of matters which pressed upon me before, & the debilitated state in which I was left after, a severe fever had been removed. And which allows me to add little more now, than thanks for your kind wishes and favourable sentiments, except to correct an error you have run into, of my Presiding over the English lodges in this Country. The fact is, I preside over none, nor have I been in one more than once or twice, within the last thirty years. I believe notwithstandings, that none of the Lodges in this Country are contaminated with the principles ascribed to the Society of the Illuminati. With respect I am Sir Your Obedt Hble Servt Go: Washington”

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>>640150658>Makes sense, in Syndicate the Assassins are card carrying communists who actively goosh over Karl MarxGood setup for Metal Gear 2 Animus bowdlerization of the genetic memory record, at least in play back. Really just want Hitman game play outside the Animus to bring back the old multiplayer mechanics with that corporate/government industiral espionage intrigue layer again ... There were ancient Persian regimes dabbling in free love, wife swapping, state enforced homosexualty sort of deal where the red & yellow heraldry may ultimately derive; could be cool.

>>640234863brotherhood, revelaitons has a really good ending but that's about it

Theyre both retarded. I hate the scifi aspect of Asscreed. The edens apple or whatever Altair was chasing in 1 should never have existed as an allegory of how humans are blinded by greed and thirst for power.