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Draw the three-way Spiderman point meme, but with all three Gullveigs.Or a three-girl POV blowjob.

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requesting Carmelita Fox in her belly dancer outfit with her hands behind her head and flaunting her tits so hard that they get action lines.

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Requesting Dia from World Flipper in a black tape bikini.>Image Referenceslitter.catbox.moe/728ki9.png>Video Examplesyoutu.be/L0zNJwBJ_IIhttps://youtu.be/B_YIhRQuY9khttps://youtu.be/hje9uvUXKQUhttps://vimeo.com/350630767

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Requesting Grimm from Black Souls with his anchor and a Runescape player character in full rune armor and wielding the barrelchest anchor complimenting each other's anchors.

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Requesting Rabi putting Mana Tank in a headlock with her thighs.

Attached: Lusty Rabbit and her Mana Tank.png (1520x1796, 1.11M)

Requesting Sunny Emmerich in a wetsuit and bikini combo.

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Requesting Isabelle with her off model body wearing a tight fitting cocktail dress that shows off and emphasizes her big breasts and hips.

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Requesting the mugshot scene from the Barbie Live Action parodied with Lammy and Rammy from Um Jammer Lammy with Lammy on the left and Rammy on the right (keep the bloody nose and missing teeth please)

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Requesting my dwarves from Deep Rock Galactic drinking and dancing while Mission Control is seething and screaming at them all to get to work.

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Requesting Robo-Fortune stretching

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>>640081263been making a new core non-pbr shader node group the last 2 weeks, made a model to show it off

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Requesting Banjo dressed as a priest while Game Over Gruntilda dressed as a sexy nun.

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Requesting Aisha dressed as a hula girl with the bikini barely able to cover her big titties.

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Requesting Painwheel in her post-credits ending appearance pinning down a guy sitting on his chest with a leering and suggestive expression about to have sex with him looking both terrifying as her Painwheel-self as well as attractive as her real Carol self.Extra Reference: files.catbox.moe/ppjsqf.jpeg

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Requesting the delete this meme with the Taken from Grim Dawn.

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>>640081894you got a robo-fortune delivery last thread

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Requesting Agent 8 from Splatoon 2 wearing a Native American outfit and headgear.If more information is needed I would like her to be in front of a bonfire outside a tent with the night and a starry sky above her. Perhaps with a bit of her war paint emanating a certain radiance similar to the bioluminescence of certain octopuses.Example: youtu.be/aPUF40j47-o

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Requesting Justin beaten up and having his clothes stolen, leaving only a leaf to cover his shame. It should be non-violent and his eyes should be swirls.

Attached: BF72E799-4735-4A85-B114-8D2FE7C0CD91.png (476x1238, 530.48K)

Requesting Charlie from Dont Starve in some elegant outfit like these

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Requesting an user's pov lying in bed with Rivet with her holding his hand like in the reference.

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Requesting Ly enjoying Rayman's endowed packagefiles.catbox.moe/68jdzt.png

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Requesting Diomedes from Ogre Battle 64 doing the Jojo Dio pose and wrry scream.

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Requesting this short dance sequence with Din from The Legend of Zelda; Oracle of Seasons

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Requesting these Koopa Girls shamelessly flaunting their assets

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Requesting Judgement from Helltaker wearing a sexy dress with a lot of thick thighs and hips focus thanks in advance

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Requesting the Courier and Red Lucy out hunting mutated wildlife together and the occasional legion assassin squad.

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>>640083083>thanks in advancehow lazy can you be?

Requesting Prez from Project Wingman having sex with Monarch in their cockpit.

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Requesting May in a wedding dress wearing a corset top with lots of cleavage

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Requesting Skullgirls Parasoul cosplaying a Parasol Beauty from Kingdom Hearts

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Requesting Shinobu as a futuristic cyber ninja.

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Requesting The Weapon in a extremely tiny micro bikini that barely covers her teratits. Have The Weapon asking Master Chief if that swimsuit suits her. Cut to John's raging boner popping through his metallic crotch.

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Requesting Garrett committing grand theft carriage that is ran by burricks instead of horses.

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Hey everyone, It's Fuuka Friday, and she has a new game coming outYou are going to draw Fuuka groping other Persona characters to celebrate, right?

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>>640081263Can someone make a drawing for Plants Gone Wild? Here are some of the plants.

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Requesting Miriam in a lewd maid outfit.

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>>640081263Requesting little Mark surrounded by 10 Lyns in pic related.

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2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, requesting Miss Forge wearing a cute mix of traditional Eastern and Western bunny costume like this

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Requesting Isidora from Blasphemous and Friede from Dark Souls back to back with Isidora's side having a bunch of flames in the background as she uses fire magic while Friede's side has a bunch of ice since that's her element.

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>>640081263files.catbox.moe/u9qu4b.pngcant post files

>>640086278>random catbox link with no warning what it contains I ain't clicking that shit

>>640086467cortex duplets ad edit

>>640086467Scorn guy's enormous veiny horsecock exploding gallons of cum

Requesting a recreation of Rex's harem picture but with Robin and Lucina, Tharja and Tiki.

Attached: FE Robin request.jpg (3264x885, 687.79K)

Requesting Childre Inarabitta from the Megaman Zero series but anthro and female.

Attached: childre-inarabitta2.png (880x600, 417.5K)

Requesting the Elite Beat Agents being called to help the modern video game industry but decide to nope the fuck out after seeing that its unsalvageable.

Attached: EliteBeatAgents_DSBOX_US.jpg (1000x900, 651.36K)

Requesting the space jesus exile from Star Wars KoToR2 using the force to walk on water.

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Requesting this bunny girl wearing a bikini

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>>640086467Spider man is inside that link, and he needs your help to get out and stop Mysterio!You wouldn’t let evil triumph, would you?


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Requesting naked apron Lorelei.

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>>640087590That eggman looking fucker is a girl?

>>640088402Now do it with Barett

>>640088402Based :)

Requesting Barbara and Elysia smothering Rayman between their breasts

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Requesting Kanna from Blaster Master Zero wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouqet, looking at the viewer whilst crying tears of joy. you may be able to tell that i am at a low point right now.

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>>640088512lol I'm sure she cleans up nicely

Requesting Candace (Genshin Impact) doing a topless belly dance.

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>>640089000nice trips

Requesting Nino from Fire Emblem posing like shown on the right.

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Requesting the helpful meme tip from the image to the right with Cereza, I've included some weapons from the game for reference.

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>>640088402predictable but still based

Requesting this design of Sonya Blade getting her tits sucked through her uniform by an user.

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I'd like to request Lotus from 999 wearing this fashionable bikini, standing with her hands on her hips

Attached: Lotus bikini request.png (2430x1080, 2.25M)

Requesting Hu Tao from Genshin Impact wearing San Lorenzo main kit

Attached: Hu tao request.jpg (5724x2660, 2.14M)

>>640081263>>640081296I did something retarded that I have no clue whether to put it on /a/ or Holla Forums but as Imouto appreciators I though Holla Forums may like this. Kirino and Minami from Oreimo in a recognisable scene.

Attached: Kirino Gear.png (1080x778, 545.25K)

Requesting Double sticking her tits or ass out in front of the confessional booth window while an user recounts his sins.

Attached: ✝️.jpg (2079x1477, 202.55K)

Requesting Zanik having wholesome sex with the World Guardian with them hugging and kissing.

Attached: 1636403317519.jpg (1004x862, 243.85K)

Requesting Daena and the male protagonist from Legend of Mana getting married.

Attached: 1506005249715.jpg (500x500, 157.04K)

Requesting Black Souls Dorothy giving Grimm some magic lessons but then gets angry because Grimm keeps staring at her cleavage instead of paying attention to her lessons.

Attached: witch and her apprentice.png (1762x854, 1.9M)

Requesting Scaler sitting on a large lizard egg.

Attached: Scaler and a lizard egg.jpg (1383x425, 124.29K)

Amy bending over requester from last thread here. Thanks for the artist(s?) who contributed their deliveries for my requests!

Requesting Modeus wearing nothing but panties, red leggings, and pentagram pasties covering her nipples.

Attached: 103b771751d9f2b6246567e256cff5a3.jpg (2655x3000, 1.41M)

Requesting Muffet and Baroness Von Bon Bon passionately making out.

Attached: muffetbon.png (1110x912, 848.97K)


Requesting Gene and Elvis fighting off a horde of killer poison chihuahuas.

Attached: 645864753453.png (1050x616, 683.53K)

Requesting Mario as a truffle hunter using Poochy as his truffle hound.

Attached: 242tgr4wt4w.jpg (2192x1508, 239.88K)

>>640093574As requestedvidya.pics/post/view/101220

Attached: white_hair.png (1240x1754, 560.16K)

>>640081263Requesting Orange fused with Remilia causing the Canadian Fires

Attached: OrangeMist.jpg (709x399, 263.96K)

Requesting yamashiro takane and a enclave soldier sitting at a campfire togetherTakane reference: files.catbox.moe/avubc0.pngEnclave soldier reference: files.catbox.moe/1c0989.png

Attached: F2DC4D96-F85B-455D-9549-2E95EE8C6573.jpg (1280x1280, 117.12K)

Requesting a parody of this workplace rules comic with the handsome man being Space Marine, the ugly guy as Anthony, and the girl as either a Moh Shuvuu, Yuki Jyorou, or Lilim.

Attached: strange journey work rules.png (2500x1632, 2.71M)


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Requesting Caitlyn dressed as right pic.

Attached: Untitled-1.jpg (2065x1500, 396.6K)

Requesting the image on the right but with Seaport Water Oni (monster girl on the left) punching Ryuujou.You can make it look goofier if this looks kinda cruel for your tastes.You can see the whole thing around 1:35youtu.be/iNKO77QDCN4?t=95

Attached: rip chestlet.jpg (4116x1480, 1.05M)

requesting Clank in a black tape bikini and Ratchet in a extremely tiny micro bikini that barely covers his teratits and Captain Qwark in a wetsuit and bikini combo

>>640097032Ok groomer.

Requesting Angela wearing Samus' zero suit.

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>>640098736How? She's prefectly legal.

Requesting Alisa giving the GE1 protagonist a nursing handjob.

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Requesting Ryza drinking a huge soda with a straw that is stuck between her big tits

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>>640089441>>640081296here ya go

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Requesting Midori from Guitar Hero as a zombie dressed and skinned like Junko from Zombie Land Saga rocking out.

Attached: midori zombie.png (800x515, 152.07K)

Requesting a sequel/follow up to pic related with the male villager and June.

Attached: 1681353642237027.png (1636x871, 616.84K)

>>640009709Thanks for the stacked teach. And those lips are to die for.

Requesting Klonoa eating a Fish Taco.

Attached: 1644677437630.png (654x787, 164.23K)

>>640101172Cute good job

Attached: cowboy.jpg (500x500, 22.88K)

Requesting a pale Arle Nadja lying dead in a coffin peacefully at her funeral holding a plushie. The coffin is surrounded by flowers.

Attached: arle_funeral.png (801x600, 725.76K)

Requesting Ember from Wrath of the Righteous prostituting herself

Attached: ember.jpg (3592x2481, 1.8M)


Attached: 1686357555878.png (1230x1064, 383.52K)

Aradiafag didn't thank me


Requesting Gene in a fancy and cute kimono, either fully done up or loose off the shoulders and with her cleavage exposed. i.imgur.com/zrDpI06.png Her wearing bunny ears is optional.

Attached: 96de04c5c5651898b946f91d3fa5d066.jpg (1718x2400, 526.94K)

Requesting the Dryad in a summer outfit using seaweeds as a skirt or a hula skirt and a seashell bra as a top.

Attached: 1673208266470270.jpg (850x900, 171.39K)

Requesting the miqote doing matsuoka shuzo's "NEVER GIVE UP!!" speech.Also taking coloring requests

Attached: archer.jpg (640x873, 152.14K)


>>640103702color ref: files.catbox.moe/2ekrki.jpg

Attached: 1682563755417820.png (3844x3000, 232K)

>>640103702Here, try this Cornelia.litter.catbox.moe/c92p6l.jpg

Attached: 1589340896204.png (4158x1967, 1.47M)

>>640081935I don't get what 90% of those words mean but this is still pretty cool, good job user

Well since Lazys fans continue to have the most boring tastes, back to requesting Dolores porn again.If you poses, I guess this would work: files.catbox.moe/0552g2.png

Attached: character_dolores.png (932x1624, 1023.82K)

Requesting Tulin from Legend of Zelda ToTK playfully getting his cheeks squished like the reference on the right.

Attached: tulin req.png (2342x1432, 2.02M)

Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing her maid outfit, doing a pose like shes rushing and about to punch the camera/viewer, she can either be showing a sinister smile, a souless stare or be super angry, up to you.Non-ingame reference: imgur.com/GGhgzaoNothing lewd, please.

Attached: ref5.png (1834x790, 1.78M)

Requesting Callie taking a picture of Marie and Three after she found them asleep on the couch because she thought it was cute, and then uploading it to the Squid Sisters official social media.Bonus: It causes a PR shitstorm.>>640102758Thanks for the colours btw.

Attached: Agents.jpg (5223x2525, 1.37M)

Requesting anthro mouse Ashley having sex with human Leon.

Attached: fy2gby3g7.jpg (2854x2266, 1.47M)

Loli request?

>>640107023Nanako Persona 4 Blowjob

>>640107023Girl from fear and hunger

>>640107023Requesting a yandere Aht raping Stocke based on the bad ending from her side quest.youtube.com/watch?v=cGV4FKx3K7M&pp=ygUicmFkaWFudCBIaXN0b3JpYSBhaHQgcXVlc3QgYmFkIGVuZA==

Attached: 20221020_213023.jpg (1769x1200, 705.88K)

Requesting lewds based on this Darkstalkers sprite

Attached: download.png (148x125, 3.61K)

>>640081296I made something retarded

Attached: Something Retarded.png (1284x993, 305.08K)

Requesting Tiny Kong and Kalypso giving an user a double titjob.

Attached: Tiny Kong and Kalypso.png (2000x1691, 2.01M)

Requesting colors.

Attached: Captain S.png (2200x3400, 1.39M)

>>640081263Requesting Sorceress from Dragon's crown wearing a eyepatch bikini like so.

Attached: Sorceresseyepatchbikini.jpg (3048x2232, 1.22M)

Requesting a drawing of any of these photos with the respective boats from Azur Lane.Hermione: pbs.twimg.com/media/E5SzwwwXMAM1FyE?format=pngWarspite: pbs.twimg.com/media/E5S4DfqXEAQYGtn?format=png&name=largeShropshire (just add her in posing somewhere): pbs.twimg.com/media/E5S1ywzWUAInD8J?format=jpg&name=mediumRiggings aren't needed.

Attached: boatsandcats.jpg (3172x1496, 1.1M)

>>640107023Suggesting this cutie for lewds.

Attached: NNKII_Tani_watercolor.png (245x524, 131.88K)

>>640104172thanks so much! sorry for the slow response, the thread got shitted up by request bots so i dipped for a while

equesting a remake of GRAND's Peach pics using Movie Peach. Yeah the face on the original is an acquired taste for some and a dealbreaker for othersfiles.catbox.moe/8g6x93.JPGhttps://files.catbox.moe/fkbklz.JPG

Attached: Featured-The-Super-Mario-bros-movie-nears-700m-worldwide-with-another-powerful-weekend.jpeg.jpg (1200x675, 448.23K)

Requesting Lunastra as a cute little loli.

Attached: lunastra.jpg (960x540, 144.43K)

>>640104949>>640103702Hasn't it been months? Why do you still keep trying?

>>640110281Marielfag is unrelenting, there is no use in calling him out

>>640107023Alice in a microbikini.

Attached: Alice.png (704x1187, 477.28K)

Requesting Lilith and Kid Dracula kissing behind a book (a Bible for comedy sake).

Attached: kss.png (1297x398, 896.62K)

>>640081263Requesting eleven as a sexy catgirl cutely meowing lovingly

Attached: sexycatgirlno.11.jpg (1733x996, 930.26K)

>>640111592blue board user

Requesting Aisha using the hunter's room to change clothes and casually greets him while she's nude only wearing underwear.

Attached: 1677731241571844.jpg (510x822, 129.47K)

>>640111772But no more blue balls thankfully


Attached: think.jpg (452x678, 23.96K)

>>640107023Give her big breasts on her chest to help balance out the muscles

Attached: jelanda_in_ghoul_form__by_oad_world__by_damienangrybirds_df5f84n-pre.png (881x907, 275.66K)

Requesting Fado giving adult Link a thighjob

Attached: 1641807098233.jpg (980x824, 119.25K)

Requesting the Penitent One from Blasphemous rising from his grave with faithful Catholics praising and celebrating his return.

Attached: 1665555917655037.jpg (1600x1230, 271.78K)

Requesting witches panhandling for cash.

Attached: labyrinth-of-galleria-the-moon-society-cover.cover_large.jpg (600x982, 126.41K)

Requesting pic related but with the grave being for Skyrim and Todd Howard as Mr. Krabs.

Attached: sequels, remakes, and reboots.png (716x1024, 1.19M)


Attached: IMG_0245.jpg (3000x4000, 2.22M)

Requesting the Battletoads using their Gamestop profits to start their own PC gaming platform called Gamehop.

Attached: 1642840201533.png (566x340, 160.5K)

>>640081296>>640000482somebody in a prev thread about your scorn cosplay asked what peach and mario cosplaying would be like given scorn doesnt even have any clothesi figured it outyou just need to literally become scornpeach seems to be having a good time at least

Attached: jesus christ how horrifying.jpg (1000x1211, 1.03M)

>>640117609Really hot Sina George, bupiti's gonna love it

Requesting Jessica from Dragon Quest 8 wearing this outfit and flaunting it like the rest of her outfits. files.catbox.moe/khaagq.jpg

Attached: Jessica outfits.png (1024x478, 566.57K)


Requesting an user using Giant Otter's butt as a pillow to take a nap

Attached: giant otter.png (2271x1063, 1.44M)


Requesting the Darkstalkes female cast as different styles of Japanese schoolgirl stereotypes. Asking for Sukeban and Kogal to be keep it simple but anything works, thanks.

Attached: schooldays.jpg (5283x2107, 2.38M)

>>640117809That's quite the dedication to a cosplay

Requesting the Cheshire Cat from Black Souls wearing the Egyptian outfit in the reference.

Attached: 2439789789.jpg (3780x1784, 889.58K)

Please draw Sara Chidouin from your turn to die either giving birth or buying wonderbread

Attached: Chidouin.Sara.full.3372811.jpg (347x600, 39.14K)

Suffering from extreme boredom

Attached: Poison.jpg (1451x1738, 200.18K)

>>640117809Why is she saluting hitler?

>>640114916I'll take a crack at this

Requesting Elena beating Tifa

Attached: tifaelenaloss.png (530x988, 802.98K)

Requesting the left image but with Peach

Attached: 0FF5A0AC-C9E3-42E0-9F38-B8E2A1A7EAE0.jpg (1024x737, 56.24K)

Requesting Nelia wearing something akin to this while she talks to an off screen Champion(CoC 2's MC) in her Shop.Outfit ref: files.catbox.moe/ywxdjd.jpg

Attached: Nelia_DCL_Bust.png (900x900, 385.74K)

>>640121345*beating off

Requesting Hekate wearing: only Gran's blue hoodie; naked and covered by a bath towel; a cowprint bikini.

Attached: hekateget.png (488x698, 810.07K)

Requesting Nemissa from SMT Devil Summoner giving a titjob while Nagi is sucking on the cock between Nemissa's tits.

Attached: 472842523.jpg (1274x728, 237.47K)

Requesting Wii Fit and Ring Fit Trainer relaxing on the beach sunbathing in extremely suggestive bikinis that barely cover their naughty bits pubic hair is more than welcome>Some extra referencesfiles.catbox.moe/95ucqi.png

Attached: trainers.jpg (2540x1500, 1.06M)

>>640102501Why does this fetish even exist

>>640102758always love your linework and stroke

Requesting Lily giving a clothed buttjob or thighjob

Attached: 1683256159493407.webm (498x720, 3.54M)

Tomorrow i want to draw girls who are cute and possibly funny, any requests?

Attached: 1686377088468.png (625x504, 42.39K)

>>640127124This brat seducing her professor rubbing her butt on his crotch with a tiny micro thong peaking under her skirt

Attached: Brat.jpg (1200x848, 143.17K)

Attached: alouette63.png (798x598, 75.58K)

>>640127124Romani in the rain and her dress becoming transparent

Attached: MM_Romani_Artwork.png (628x1060, 368.02K)

>>640127124Carol wearing Red Hood's outfit but with a bunny ear hood instead of wolf ears.

Attached: 343t4hth.jpg (1684x1856, 384.95K)

>>640127124Nanako giving a blowjob to a big cock!

Attached: cuteandreallyfunny.png (1003x1416, 1.35M)

>>640127124Ashley in dolphin shorts and a tank top, doing some sports

Attached: ashleyandashley.jpg (1024x768, 710.49K)

>>640127124Nowi giving male Robin a thighjob

Attached: 1684292100702948.png (476x800, 467.41K)

>>640127124Purah angrily yelling that she can still be sexy at Link

Attached: Smol.png (720x900, 412.89K)

>>640127124The pedo is mad thirsty tonight lol.

>>640127124Maria feom castlevania turned into a monstergirl like a fishgirl or snek.

Attached: 1456025615505.png (994x955, 387.38K)

>>640127124The rest of the hat kid but the dress is hiked up and she's bottomless

requesting this asshole, "lil' hunter" drawn as the chudjak with text under him reading "YWNRTNT" with the last 2 letters in green

Attached: lil_chudder.jpg (1920x1920, 658.15K)

Requesting Tifa wounded with a big see through hole in the abdomen

Attached: Tifa.jpg (1280x694, 44.49K)

Requesting Pelinal Whitestrake fighting and trying to kill Link because he thinks Link's an elf.

Attached: 75589345.png (1588x1062, 2.82M)

Requesting Candice wearing a cute and sexy glaceon themed outfit

Attached: 1634673682203.png (800x1184, 468.28K)

Requesting the CD-i Zelda scene with Turok and Adon

Attached: i wonder what the primagen is up to.jpg (2152x1000, 274.65K)

Requesting Momopie from Painter Momopie floating down in the air by using her big hat as a parachute.

Attached: Momopi Ref.png (1395x902, 1.51M)

Requesting a female Void Psyker from StarCrawlers raping an user with her using her summoned eldritch tentacles to keep him restrained.

Attached: 18231783256235.jpg (1057x600, 140.64K)

Requesting Xiao giving a blowjob with heart pupils in her eyes.

Attached: xiao.png (190x300, 19.35K)

>>640117609Woah fucking nice user! I know the boobs are the focus here (and they look great of course), but I love the hips, super nice job, thank you very much!!

Attached: 1679072284518935.png (256x139, 43.17K)

Requesting a Justice Committee Club Member mob (left) wearing the leotard of a Sangvis Ferri grunt. No helmet or visor is needed since her hair already covers the eyes.

Attached: justice leotard.png (2672x1144, 1.61M)

Requesting Xiao Cowgirl

Attached: xiao.png (419x841, 331.88K)

>>640081296>>640069985>>640070458>>640070598>>640070873>>640071013some doods

Attached: diid.png (2347x1087, 596.33K)

>>640136571Oh man that mutant flea from Plok looks super creepy, thank you so much!

>>640136571Thanks for doing my Big Glup suggestion she looks pretty cute and I love the text on the coolant bottle lol

Attached: ew2ws2.jpg (800x797, 323.62K)

Requesting the Yujiro post rape panel from Baki Dou with it being Demi-Fiend on the floor crying and Matador in the background walking away, alternately have it being Serph on the floor crying while Demi-Fiend is walking away based on the secret boss fight in Digital Devil Saga.

Attached: 7568563867385.jpg (1940x1100, 269.49K)

Requesting Alisa from God Eater as a furry wolf girl.

Attached: 11f702fe4e616dfdd1885b8b10df31ae.jpg (2508x3541, 3.59M)

Requesting Manon forcing an user to smell her sweaty crotch

Attached: 1683258565479695.webm (1080x1920, 2.32M)

>>640140296requesting manon meeting the harpie ladies from yugioh instead

>>640140414requesting manon meeting her fans instead

Attached: me if real.png (1024x689, 997.44K)

Requesting Link tucking Midna in for bed

Attached: bedtime.jpg (1122x600, 203.17K)

Are these drawthreads still filled with fake posts or can I look through it to see if I find any interesting requests without having to worry? I haven't looked at one for like 5 years or more

>>640143970Look mate you obviously care too much about drama so why bother. Go back and be free.>5 yearsAnd next time be more realistic.

>>640144178What? Is that a yes or no then?

Requesting something like the comic on the right with Werehog Sonic from Sonic Unleashed and Lah from its movie, Night of the Werehog.youtube.com/watch?v=TLKSLCdNyU8 Basically Lah looking scary with some black sclera eyes glowing bright purple and menacing and some ectoplasmic flames around her while trying to scare Werehog Sonic who is going through a corridor. Turns of that did not work because he actually finds her quite cute and attractive. Which makes her blush because she actually likes him quite a lot and loves werewolves.

Attached: comic_diea.jpg (2250x1135, 728.69K)

>>640143970yeah its still bad

Requesting a crossover between Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter, Isla from The King of Fighters and Josie Rizal from Tekken with the three ladies as street hookers looking for clients in a favela or a shady corner. Probably featuring a cameo of Chun-Li patrolling the area wearing her uniform: files.catbox.moe/wj1ua3.gif

Attached: Tag_Team_Crossover.jpg (5260x4806, 3.01M)

>>640144376Ah, alright. Thank you. Guess I'll try asking friends or googling other places to find, hopefully good, requests.

Requesting Nyakuza Hat Kid feeding a bunch of stray cats with some stolen milk

Attached: Nyafia.jpg (3899x2080, 1.27M)

>>64014397090% of the requests are by one spammer. There's a reason drawfags use artists' threads and don't recommend delivering to requests in Holla Forums and other boards' drawthreads.

>>640145536Ah yes the thread that got deleted 4 times today

Attached: Smash_king_profiles_ganon_by_tigura-d34ha4y-1-.jpg (640x480, 86.87K)

>>640145736I wonder what makes drawfags rather use those threads than these.

Attached: 1686324199233970.jpg (720x1050, 201.59K)

>>640145969Aiming for a fifth time? Kinky

>>640145536There's too many IPs for it to all be one guy.

Requesting Maid Akuma preparing dinner for her Master

Attached: Maidkuma.png (2357x900, 2.66M)

>>640146546It's easy with IP hopping. The guy has been doing it for years on Holla Forums and other boards' drawthreads. Not many drawfags wanna enable him so they stick to artists threads that are about sharing anons' own art and no requesting. You can see the difference in numbers of drawfags who post to those threads but for some reason don't come to these threads. Plus the guy has admitted he wants to ruin the artists threads because they make him look and feel bad.

>>640147862>>640145969>>640145536>Juju once again doing this shitRemember to show this to the people who keep asking why those threads get deleted

Requesting Penny losing her cold and venting because Ashley is way too much popular compared to herfiles.catbox.moe/4qka5e.png

Attached: ced.jpg (3873x1459, 1.04M)

>>640148039Dude, you yourself keep bragging about having mods take the threads down for you because your operation is discussed in them. You even stopped linking to previous threads where the truth was revealed and discussed in them.


>>640150225hope she sees this bro

Requesting a pair of Jet Set Radio girls sandwiching Beat between their butt

Attached: JST.jpg (2350x1748, 333.25K)

Requesting Blossom from Battlerite being caught eating a grass sandwich

Attached: blossom.jpg (520x590, 38.36K)


Requesting this meme with Captain Falcon and Marth

Attached: cover3.jpg (1920x1080, 398.13K)

obviously wip

Attached: 1672777895492288.png (683x859, 266.39K)

Requesting a Menat fortune teller machine.

Attached: 1686232570268899.png (1850x1400, 2.14M)

Requesting Hate-Sex with Pirate Master and Risky Boots

Attached: ayeayemate.png (1289x552, 725.62K)

Requesting this super plump and extra wide child bearing hips version of Ana from spelunky 2, half naked riding an user in a cowgirl position with pov from the guy camera angle, something similar to this drawing: files.catbox.moe/4w5kbn.jpgI would like for her to have some very large areolas.

Attached: 20230610_120341.jpg (962x1614, 405.09K)

>>640088402Requesting this but with Aerith's ass being that big.

Attached: Aerith.png (1753x1193, 1.58M)

>>640156341Tits too big. Start over.

>>640159697requesting borvart do this


Whenever people upload my work to danbooru it always gets deleted. It really lowers the confidence I have in my art. I feel worthless as an artist because of it. Does anyone have any advice?

Taking small tips requests

>>640162061Danbooru is mostly Japanese artists with a side of very popular western artists, I wouldn't worry much about it. Instead laugh at the RP comments from rule34xxx


Requesting Drow Ranger from DOTA 2 big sweaty tits, a point of view from below showing her underboob and her sweatdrops going from her face down to her tits directly to her crotch

Attached: ranger.jpg (2888x1200, 799.71K)

Requesting this meme with Angel and Kronhen

Attached: 1639454644123.jpg (2880x2880, 590.24K)

>Taking Thicc big booba requests or if you're curious what my style looks like:vidya.pics/post/list/artist:desgardes/1whoever adds pictures to the booru can you add pic relatedthe full res is:files.catbox.moe/kni7i2.jpegand the character is bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Conia>>640162061Don't worry user, all of mine get deleted from Danbooru too, but considering it has such an easy tagging system, all I do is upload to Danbooru, then it automatically gets uploaded to Gelbooru, Rule34.xxxgelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=desgardeshttps://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=desgardes >>640162557>Instead laugh at the RP comments from rule34xxxlmfao so true

Attached: Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 12.05.13 PM.png (413x188, 98.24K)

>>640163742Wanna ask for a pinup of Evil Eye in this poselitter.catbox.moe/zgiok7.pngThat is all!

Attached: Evil_Eye-1.jpg (860x608, 81.76K)

>>640163742Yeah, at least it’s useful for getting it on all of the booru derivatives quickly.>>640162557You couldn’t be more right there. Those comments are wild


Attached: 1665489232087731.png (879x889, 263.03K)

>>640163742Big hefty leaking snake tits.

Attached: 1670250545031364.png (1600x1920, 3.11M)

>>640163742>>640082187Make her extra thicc because she didn't get her summer body.

I'm requesting the Great Elemental Lightning Queen from Atelier Ryza stepping on user's face, or dick, like a dominatrix. If you can have her talking down to him at how pathetic he is that would be good too. There is literally no fan art of her that I can find.

Attached: Great-Elemental-Lightning-Queen.jpg (3000x3000, 2.55M)

>>640164971>>640163742K I'll go with yours, never played much monster hunter but ill do my best : )

>>640164462Nice style, who's the character?

>>640166203Nice, have fun drawing her :)

>>640168057Annie from Antonblast and Greaseball from pizza tower

Requesting pic related with TOTK Link

Attached: Northalertwideeyed_ad1e5d_10212112.jpg (521x651, 53.6K)

I only have time to do one drawing tomorrow, so I’ll select one. What girl should have an on/off pic where one is her normal clothing, then the next is nude/lingerie?As long as it’s a character I don’t do often or isn’t totally obscure I’ll consider it. It should also be a girl you want to see stripped naked, so already girls in already skimpy clothing may not fit well

>>640170689What are the characters you do often? Also suggesting any helltaker girl you like, the suit should be a nice contrast to the lingerie (Beelzebub if you don't have one)

Attached: 1679060912319084.jpg (540x540, 77.5K)

>>640081263hey this is sunflower from pvz heroes, I didnt know anyone still remembered that game

Attached: 2496993_sawcraft1_pvz-solar-flare.jpg (1280x1264, 232.33K)

>>640170689Gonna suggest Pauline, she'd look good in some sexy red lingerie

Attached: SMO_Pauline.png (1538x3200, 2.96M)

>>640170689I'll suggest Hughette. Mostly because I'm the only person here who requests stuff from Triangle Strategy anymore. Medina guy was kind of a whiny bitch.

Attached: Hughette Artwork.jpg (1280x905, 117.45K)

Requesting Muse Cromwell from Grand Knights History Petrified after looking into the Medusa's eyes with her tits spilled out her dress.Petrify ref: files.catbox.moe/e4hdip.jpg

Attached: Muse Cromwell.jpg (2425x2200, 1.3M)

Bumpity bump

>>640170689Toko Fukawa would be nice to see, having her as the normal clothing pic and her Genocide Jack alter for the lingerie one.

Attached: toko fukawa.png (1524x1008, 791.73K)


>>640170689Would you be interested in Curilla in white lingerie?

Attached: Curilla.jpg (1814x874, 277.74K)


Attached: file.png (2000x2000, 3.83M)

>>640170689It's a longshot but I'll try my hand at suggesting Chris from Suikoden III

Attached: Chris Lightfellow.png (1050x2502, 2.13M)


Attached: Frimelda Lotice.jpg (600x930, 93.9K)

>>640177314Based, love to see OFF fanart here

Requesting pic related but with it being Sierra and Daena from Legend of Mana lusting after the male protagonist.

Attached: 234345667543.png (2761x836, 1.84M)

requesting Es showing off her nipple piercings

Attached: 1483903141819.jpg (1635x1891, 512.89K)

>>640181820>replying to his own delivery again to bait the artist for more

Requesting giovanna with the Faust Afro the same size as it is in game

Attached: IMG_0063.jpg (381x542, 66K)

sure is dead for a saturday

>>640186678It's Summertime. What'd you expect?

>>640187632What, i thought summer started by almost the end of the month.

Requesting Angela V-signing over drained Ayin

Attached: 1685811462787293.png (1215x537, 719.54K)

>>640163742A sexy Neoshadow girl please

Attached: Neoshadow_KHIII (1).png (411x456, 140.84K)

Requesting Gale from Digital Devil Saga being out of touch unable to comprehend internet memes.

Attached: 1657485490456.png (327x322, 100.65K)

>>640163742>>640082187>>640081296NSFW (full res):files.catbox.moe/07xj4b.jpgIf it looks strange in areas, it's because I drew it on a large piece of newsprint and it had to scan it in four parts and combine them. She's fully nude because I didn't have any green for hula skirts, but I'm thinking I'll try to digitize it from this sketch and just draw it on top.

Attached: Screen Shot 2023-06-10 at 4.09.31 PM.png (700x291, 459.42K)

>>640191013Wowza that's a thicc Aisha! Such nice delicious chocolate titties, I hope you do digitize it I bet it'll be amazing.

>>640171416Yeah, it's based off of Peargor's gijinka design.

Attached: loekd1t74v971.jpg (1057x603, 70.42K)

>>640187794It's summer,Where is the Mariel in a bikini requests

>>640191436Yes Botfag. We all know you like an OC version of the character. Stop fishing for more deliveries you greedy schizo

Any Street Fighter girl requests? w/ poses because I'm suddenly aphantasia mode today. Preferably SFW but can do tasteful nsfw.

>>640191013I thought the gold brown stuff was poop at first and for a moment thought some weird shitting dick nipples thing was going on.

>>640193020Kimberly wearing the bikini in the reference and showing off her butt.

Attached: 1659756694517463.jpg (800x1134, 78.9K)


Attached: elena.jpg (2255x4024, 678.83K)

>>640161118>Tits too bigyes, that's the sole reason why I draw

Requesting Toriumi from Persona 3 blushing super hard from getting her hand held

Attached: 1686351020488658.png (1102x1062, 842.01K)

>>640161118Bro what you mean there's barely any tits there

>>640195039how big is good enough for you?

>>640162061post something to see if I can help you somehow

>>640191615You know what, youre right, requesting my MMO character wearing this for summer beach adventure.Reference: imgur.com/GGhgzaoNothing lewd, please.

Attached: diver.jpg (600x600, 32.9K)

>>640195160At least DDs. Anything lower than that isn't big

>>640145969Because that thread is redundant, you could post that here, but it seems like people is too thin skinned to ignore "botfag" to do that here, also if the purpose of the thread was for artists to share and comment their art l, there are boards exactly for that, but o can't actually blame you when Holla Forums nowadays is more than hal, threads about offtopic or barely on topic shit and hardly anything is done unless porn, scat or gore is posted.

>>640193312lmfao yo i just had this gold paint i was trying out for the sandy beach part of this picture i used as a reference lolbut fuck i totally see what you mean, dont worry itll be sand in the final version

Attached: 03E1E9A0-F0EC-44C3-8F8A-3C68CB6D17C5.jpg (697x1050, 118.65K)

Requesting Wolf getting Owl a new katana as a Father's day gift.

Attached: 1641152022625.png (872x1081, 1010.45K)

dryad drawing :3

Attached: dryad.jpg (1816x1816, 220.19K)

>>640199816Very good terrarierAnchorin>>640081296

Attached: tumblr_inline_o22bdeDQW31qfi0ds_500.gif (480x270, 1.25M)

Requesting Cierra taking a shower, showcasing her nude body.

Attached: Cierra_2.jpg (290x316, 18.04K)

Requesting Katsuragi in a shower with her lathering her big breasts with soap enjoying herself.

Attached: 18371hdu2u1.png (653x960, 577.26K)

>>640107737cute retards

>>640145536I basically don't give a fuck about doing requests here anymore because of the system being abused so heavily, I just post vidya shit I draw and if people like it then good. It took me a while to realize I could do that here instead of waiting for the odd yoshi thread that doesn't get deleted.

>>640195527Your maid will wear a sling bikini and you will love it.

>>640148039>Brings up Juju out of nowhereSo they were right then.

requesting trucy wright wearing mumei's kimono

Attached: trucy kimono.jpg (1508x1200, 309.43K)


>>640178390The other ones were interesting but for some reason I’m drawn to this one the most. I’ll let you know when I can start.

>>640132649>>640081296oh hey, i modeled her in a request on a thread before, so here's a new render!note for archive, i go by "uneven prankster" on most places

Attached: cutiepie.png (1280x960, 53.82K)

should artists be namefags here?

>>640207434Oh shit, that's so good. I wonder what a 3D version of her game would be like if someone attempted it. Thanks so much!

>>640207830they shouldn'tbut I would like if they did, I miss sunlight sparkle

>>640207830It has happened multiple times but it's uncommon. It's not an issue really, I don't see much reason to do it beyond giving yourself more (usually negative) attention but it could help with tagging on the booru if you don't have a signature.

>>640207830If they want to it'd be appreciated, if nothing else to give them a tag on the booru

Requesting Ashelin giving a titjob

Attached: 1680736337124084.jpg (424x800, 129.74K)

>>640119401Bumping... Please draw this, it doesn't have to be good.

Requesting Carnifex from Underrail beating the shit out of the last vidya boss you fought.

Attached: 1648873412003.png (960x826, 500.99K)


Requesting pov sex with Seong Mina from Soul Calibur with her big butt being grabbed.

Attached: 1679606977472399.png (1920x1080, 2.78M)

>>640207830I didn’t for a long time, but it ends up just making things convenient here…and people that became familiar with my deliveries could already recognize me by my posts, so I thought it made sense.

>>640208167>>640208327>>640208398>>640211449look, i'm not judging, it's just that Holla Forums houses the biggest schizos of the siteand those schizos who love to scare artists away will have an easier time with a name to target

>>640212115Then why the fuck ask if you should nametag here. This is most stupid development to be honest. Besides booru people always finds your name, you aren't safe ever.And if you think /a/ booru guys are uncanny then go to Holla Forums and /trash/. The cape booru guys and furries can find your blog with a single sketch posted.

Attached: dunce_cap_office_party_humor_party_hat-ra116770148ef48fd893c08e53bf22e0c_6w0a4_307.jpg (307x307, 15.39K)

>>640212115>>640213072>The cape booru guys and furries can find your blog with a single sketch posted.And the fact that if you have lists of artists that live rent free and folders full of their work, it kinda affects that too.

>>640213072>Then why the fuck ask if you should nametag herealready answered>and those schizos who love to scare artists away will have an easier time with a name to target>And if you think /a/ booru guys are uncannyI'll have to return your cap to you since I never mentioned /a/

Attached: 1658032196371508.png (408x434, 82.46K)

ban all nisigurath/draugr/coderevenant threads

Requesting ghost blowjob

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 20K)

Requesting Aila going "All according to Keikaku."

Attached: Aila Keikaku.jpg (617x2407, 252.14K)

>>640210504no refunds

Attached: shartscribbles.png (428x344, 80.62K)

Requesting this scene, except Kim is actually flirting with dee jay. However, dee jay immediately starts laughing, gets up, and points as other people join in

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 209.17K)

>>640177252>FFXIman, I want to really play that game, but SE won't make a sub bundle with XIV and I completely distrust pservers

>>640081263Requesting supercrown dragnaux, or at least rule63

Attached: super-crown-dragnaux.jpg (2640x1440, 392.68K)

Requesting Kain reading Raziel a bedtime story.

Attached: 6f6c2502a4d872fea30434d178d2387a.jpg (2750x3586, 1.38M)


Attached: file.png (2000x2000, 2.58M)

>>640220368scary bird


>>640117809Jesus Christ

>>640205997Good taste, she is great and I'm looking forward to it!

>>640217852Holy crap, right? The game is phenomenal, I picked it up again for the first time since like, 2008 and the game's still great but I miss the social Party-based gameplay and interactions. At least plowing through the story is easy if you follow guides, have good Trusts/Linkshell and have one or two people to help you.I'd be willing to play with people here if they wanted to.

>>640225362I've heard mixed things about the playerbase. On one hand I've heard that they are very helpful and welcoming, on the other I've heard that they make XIV players look normal at times and can be really fucking petty.This is all from a friend who's been playing since it launched and has been trying to get me to play for the past six years.

Requesting my waifu wearing a hooters outfit

>>640126551It’s attention seeking

Requesting Fake-Rabi giving Mana Tank naizuri with lots of cum shooting into his face.

Attached: 1676161650729740.png (954x480, 300.19K)

>>640225362I wanna take my time with the game once I start. I'm not really interested in the MMO aspect, I just want to experience the story. I've had enough "social" interactions in games already.But at the same time, I want to play things like RDM and COR, but I was already told I'll need help if I want to go through with that retarded combo

>>640230320If you want to clear some later story segments in each story-line, it REALLY helps to have one or two other players, at least. It can get really stupid.>>640226804That's true but the odds of encountering the unpleasants are quite low, its usually those who bot or are for hire.

>>640217548Everyone should know Dee Jay's only built for Air Force Cun.

>>640081263Requesting Elena from Street Fighter happily holding and molesting, groping or fingering a flustered Makoto, thinking it's a traditional Japanese greeting.

Attached: 1685162151352975m.jpg (1024x877, 188.06K)

Requesting Bombchu Lady playing solitary to kill time

Attached: bombchu.webm (500x236, 60.58K)

Wake up

Requestin Hal & Mal as Death Stranding Porters or something simpler like UPS mailgirls

Attached: Halluel_and_Malluel_(Summer)_A.png (960x800, 172.21K)

>go on the vidya drawthread booru>it's all porn

Attached: 1562932398359.png (376x289, 88.13K)


Attached: PXL_20230611_054357142~4.jpg (1837x2581, 697.86K)

Draw Tikoh getting some post-feasting exercise, with the proper apparel.

Attached: Tikoh exercising.png (476x536, 564.95K)

Attached: bonfire3.png (800x600, 10.93K)

Requesting Daisy posing like the reference on the bottom showing off her abs.

Attached: 1674390856296488234.jpg (2372x2276, 676.52K)

Wake up

>>640238176they add stuff from /aco/ too for some reasonno one felt like making an /aco/ booru when the board was created, I guess