Looking For Commission Work

Hey. Any drawfags here? I want to commission something with Laci Green getting RAPED!

Since she loves the LGBTQ community so fucking much, it has to be a girl with a dick doing the rape. So anyone got prices and shit?

Preferably someone who takes Paypal.

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How edgy

I'd say gb2reddit, but that's not even edgy for reddit.

Go back to…shit, I dunno. Are there forums as disney.com?

What's your email?

Do you prefer realistic pencil or comic ink?

there is a Dora the explorer forum.

You want some Tablet work or can I use my nib and kent paper like a true mangaka!!

In that order.

- Comic Ink
- [email protected]/* */

Please send me samples of your work and price.

Let's see what you can do, and it doesn't matter to me which you use long as its colored and shaded.

well, that rules me out. I have no markers or anything. I just do black and white stuff.

Hey op, is your budget 60$+ ?

I can go up to $65

Is that all you get for a monthly allowance from your parents?


sweet, sending you an email right now!

Okay I'll drop to 65

Are you a female? Because you talk like a bitch. Grown men shouldn't talk like scared little girls.

Hey edgelord, savoring the edge I see? Shheeeiiit don't be so edgy mane


Laci Green is an honorable Aryan princess. Anyone wanting to harm her will have to go through me

Aw shit, guess I missed out- I could've used the cash.

Green is an Irish name.

Irish are not Aryans.

Also, between her over-sized mouth, chipmunk cheeks, gummy smile, and big nose- she's hardly beautiful.

She is a Jew and you should read her election night twitter posts. Bet she deleted them, tho.

captcha for this post ended with zog


What are you gonna do sell it on ebay?
This is a troll website with openly gay pedo police that lay eggs.
half of us have photo software that could faceswap Laci, with a vast library of rapescenes including strap-on rape, drawn and photographed
And want to fucking pay money?
You honestly seem like a fucking kike speculator circling a meme economy like a hungry vulture. You should be removed from the gene stock of humanity. I apologize for your existence.





Laci Green puts raw garlic up her pussy. - youtube.com/watch?v=H7VAHWdr8Ww
It's to stop vampires raping her.



Barth them

Nice pents faggot


Wouldn't a "vagina hacker" be a rapist?