Hey Holla Forums, how do I go about selling myself into sexual slavery?

Hey Holla Forums, how do I go about selling myself into sexual slavery?

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Fine, how do I give myself away into sexual slavery?

You don't sell yourself into slavery because you can't keep the money. That'd be like turning yourself in for the reward money.

The point isn't really the money though. I just don't care about life anymore, so I figure if I may as well give some sick fuck some pleasure before I die.

When someone sells oneself into slavery, who gets the money for that?

I mean, if you've got money which you are presumably capable of spending, in what sense are you a slave?

i will personally own you, i dont care what you look like. be sure you ABSOLUTLY want to do this though because i will NOT under any circomstances release you.

Are you sure you want to do this?


If you enjoy your masters doing saddist shit to your genitals and having your anus permanently gaping and prolapsed permanently then go for it (protip; you'll have to shit in a bag for the rest of your life, its not as glamorous as fetish porn makes it look)

Sooo….good luck with that!

You're going to be begging for death if you agree to this with someone from fullchan user.

I was already begging for death, that's why I considered this in the first place.

If you're looking for death, at least go out in killing gang niggers.

You can browse Holla Forums and find a new purpose in life.

Last OR


100% employment globally

Is this a picture for desert ants?

Be thicc 😩💦👌

fuck off normalfag!


pls no

It's actually not an Holla Forums thing. They're supported by most modern browsers now…


wonder if anyone would want British sex slaves


But this place is the only imageboard that uses them.



…yeah still

Post pics OP.

I can't really give you any suggestions without a plethora of pictures.

The closest you could get, legally, would be to enter into a 24/7 BDSM relationship and either make it clear that you don't want safewords or just don't use yours. Anything else would probably get your owner into trouble.

You could even wipe her ass when she shits herself

move to a muslim country and pretend to be a little boy

contact a kink club
Send them a profile of yourself including (non-obnoxious) pictures and stats. Let it be known you wish to be permanently enslaved and don't care by whom. Chances are you're a faggot so you'll have to wait years for someone to take you up on it.