What do?

Hi guys! I'm larping out of boredom on Facebook as this guy (pic related) and have a large collection of images from his instagram.

For a past few days I'm exchanging messages with a married woman (she is 10/10 MILF at age of 25). Not going to post pics, but she sent me her first pic maybe 10 minutes into the conversation. Now I have about 10 + her video, some silly erotic dance.

I wonder what do.

a) send evidence to her hubby that he wife is a whore

b) get more wins

c) ….?

Any ideas?

catfish, obvi.
Are you within sex distance of this female?

do them all in reverse order

C do whatever you want
B get more wins
and THEN tell her hubby, that would be the greatest win.

get her to buy you music so you can actually support artists you like then turn her into hubby while sending him good music.


I'm in another country, but I'm native to the country I'm larping in. She thinks she is about 30 miles away from this guy.

sounds like the best plan

man, the last time I paid for music was pre 2000.

>on another note magic happens when you like this guy, all women want you… >>>/fit/

no shit. never bitch about pop artists again. that's kinda the point.
man i should work out.

you should… I also larped as a less attractive guy (about 20% bf), and had a pretty good interest.

i'm sure someone has monetized the service you provide, but you should still start something up.
assuming the odds are pretty high if she's a whore, her friends are too. you're playing sims right now and it makes me weirdly happy

Judging by the photos of the house interior and her wardrobe style she is pretty loaded (or her husband is). Give me some ideas to monetize it?

Man, I know how to spot catfish when I meet one. I've been catfishing on and off since the 90s. Larping as a hot guy is a totally a new territory for me.

not my area of expertise. meant monetizing a service where you attempt to catfish people's spouses.

jesus I don't know why she's even cheating

My approach is to just talk about her, myself, us – although today she made some comments about situation with her hubby. Apparently he isn't home often and she sees him only once every three months.

I just responded with a line, that a woman like her deserves more attention than that and she would feel safe in my strong arms. It's so funny actually to come up with these lines.

He probably got stuck in traffic one day and came home too tired to notice the new shoes she bought with his money.

Anyway, the woman is trying to get some bodybuilding advice from me, so >>>/fit/ was helpful.

She suggested I could give her some tips. I wrote back she can join me for the morning workout at the gym, but the rest of the day she spends with me in bed. To which she agreed.

If you are fat-ass get fit. I kind of treat is a my motivation to reach this goal. Currently at 21% bf.

not why I was asking, I'd let him fuck my ass all day


This guy is straight. His gf sometimes makes an appearance on his instagram and she has some fitness youtube channel.

how long are you going to go before you out her?
Nice. I'm not a fat-ass, just not toned where I want to be anymore.

name of channel?

Not sure. Thinking how to best play it. I only set up this FB account this week. Already at 100 friends, about 90% women (10% men for balance and not to raise suspicions).

I think a natural thing if this guy would exist would be to meet up with her for a shag kind of asap. Right? Or actually make this morning gym session and teach her squats and then fuck brains out of her in the bedroom.

So I guess I'd have to stall a bit.

Hint: Find the guy by reverse image.

well you're attractive and thus allowed to be as busy as you want

I was pretty busy myself in my real life… so had just short conversations with her. Kind of fitting it around my real life schedule lol.

0 results and tineye is being slow, throwing up errors

can't someone link his instagram or something so I can stalk him relentlessly?

Holla Forums is not an obligation

oh, that's so cool… this means if Holla Forums can't find him then bitches with iphones can't either

gym.felix on insta

Man, I'm a wagecuck not neet

thanks man, I'll think of you whilst I think of him and masturbate

great, he can dress as a gestapo agent and I can be his secret gay lover

Any update OP?
Post some convo or pics….
Most of all, give us proves or you are larping about larping

see image

11/10. people like you are why i come here.

OP… are you trying to hook up with a ayyyyy?

But thx for deliver

To blog some more:

I used photos of the same guy on a Christian dating site. I put one shirtless pic and a clothed one in a profile.

Within first 24h I had just over 100 messages and "pokes" roughly equally split.

Ended up writing for three weeks with two girls. First one was was sending me her boob-pics every day (she was strong 6/10, nice boobs tho and a virgin). She event sent me a blowjob pose photo, "ready for you" kind. And wanted to lose her virginity to this guy.

The second one was a polite and well rounded girl, actually a girl I could marry. She sent a selfie each morning with some cute words, and we had interesting conversations. When you're looking hot you can sperg about Hitler and Holocaust, and Jews all you want kek. I even got her to the point of writing 'I love you' messages within 8 days.

To be honest, I'm quite proud of this one, because English is my second language, and these girls never realised that and thought I'm just a hot English lad.

No, we're in separate countries with about 1,000 miles between us, she thinks it's about 30 miles. Also, I don't look like the guy.

I know, but look at her forehead OP…..that something that crashed at Roosevelt

Was actually free or *free to join?
Wow I never realized that…pic related

Have you contact already the parents of the BJ grill? Have you got in touch with the husband of the ayyy? Are you striking your own ego or actually doing stuff for flinge shit and laugh?
whats your first language OP

OP here

forgot to add… that the first one almost daily initiated some sexual role play

I guess you're right. No one is perfect, rest of her body is really fit, I can't believe she has two sons. She's fit, I'm telling you guys!

Paid one. Within 48h I could not keep up with messages and just were writing emails with the two girls I told you about.

Didn't think of it. I have all the images saved up, including the profile image.

Not yet. I came to Holla Forums to get some ideas what do.

I'm doing it so I can know first hand that when by the end of 2017 my abs start to show (hopefully) I'll be drowning in pussy. Motivation to hit the gym each day.


Free to join, first 4 days free, full access, then you need to pay. The shitty profile with a hot guy images generated so much interest that it was more than one could handle.


What /fit/ness training are you aiming for the abs for '17? That sounds like a long time for abs to show…..or whats your starting position otherwise
Meh, is true most of the time but you attract only those type of whores….that will go away asap they find someone with bigger abs. I myself bet on humor and attitude, I don't get in clubs but when going in pubs is a sure fuck
Based Slavs

For the BJ grill save everything, make copy share fuck sake OP, share! then find a way to get in touch with the parents, send all in a printed paper via mail since I guess it wouldn't be easy to get them with FB and she could still lie saying was photoshop. Maybe the rest find the usual church they go to and send it there, public shame those gezable

For the ayyy, as I said save and screenshot. Make her do something really humiliating like sticking the best toy of her son in her vag while taking pics outside or some shit like that…mostly to make it a divorce.exe maybe the husband is a pussy that will forgive her, but if it's really something big this will never be the case save that poor man OP.
When you collect more stuff, invite her to meet at a pub in her city since she thinks is only 30km away never show up and send all to the husband…"why your wife isn't there? Nope she isn't with Stacy her best GFF"
There is no way in hell you will tap ayyy, different pic and all

What else are you in doubt?

some "christian" girls are closet freaks

Anymore stories user?

sage negated

No one saged, sage is not a downvote faggot.

More pics of him?


Are you being edgy?
Don't you know Holla Forums changes bümp to sage negated?

Because you don't have them.

Chalk another one up for the list of shit that never happened.

had this thread open for days, I already got the masturbatory material I want though :)

something doesn't seem right here

I've been catfishing for a few years actually, got a few chicks on kik and skype that I never really cared about. But I found this one woman that I cannot bear to let go, she's 18 and just the sweetest girl.

I'm a pretty edgy faggot but this girl's words got to me, plus she is pretty too. How do I get rid of these feelings so I can continue with the keks?

a milf under 30 is a slut with a kid, no exeptions