Can we haz a cute girl thread? :3


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In short, Holla Forums considers all nude images of children to be child pornography and they will be deleted and the posting address will be banned, if viable.


oh sheit ~


inb4 404

Sup fam.


Haii Flandre Anthony! :3

Eg har gått meg bort

sup Tony


I lied I dont know norwegian

degenerate af

I hate seeing little girls dancing to jew music in jew ways.


You should move to Russia then. Lot of ballet with little girls there. :3

her shivering because of her accomplishment is so cute! ^.^

Jag inte förstår det, eftersom du är fortfarande här?

kek, that explains it for me lel :p
I only know a little Swedish anyway, so understanding Norwegian is even harder for me, heh
Ich dachte eigentlich immer, dass du sowieso Deutsch verstehst? :p

This. :33


Make Little Girls Great Again

No! You have to fight for the white race where ever you are.

I'd usually agree, but she's so hot that I still like it.



I torrented a bunch of learn German torrents recently so I can speak the master language.

Seig Heil!

sounds like a dream come true

Last time i checked, they still are.

I seriously doubt my abilities on this. Nothing I'd do could ever change this.. luckily I'll be long dead before any of this really matters.

Loli pride world wide


How can you be so pessimistic after great victory. No europe needs to follow.

Every jew you kill is worth 1000 dead niggers. We can all make a difference/


If you knew me, you'd be pretty pessimistic too. Believe it. :^)

I can't kill anyone.