What do dogs mean by this?

what do dogs mean by this?

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"Pet my belly please"

"Please rub my dick"

"you the man"

It's either or "pls don't hurt me, you're the boss"

i submit. here's my soft belly. kill me if you want. i put myself within your power. (seen my dick?)

why would the dog think I want to hurt it?

Dogs and even wolves in the wild often show their bellies as a sign of submission. It probably doesn't actually think you're going to hurt it, It's just doing it to communicate to you that you are above him in the pack, so to speak.

Or, you know, it really wants you to rub that belly.

Because it's a therapy dog

I had a basset that slept on her back sort of like that. But like balanced on her back, not leaning to one side. I don't think she meant anything by it.

well it doesn't, or it wouldn't give you the opportunity. it trusts you and recognises you as boss. it submits.
later, if it's a bitch she'll chew your headphones and shit on the couch.

I'll be inside my lab etc etc

rub it's belly, you'll notice he's licking his nose and snooze, that's a sign you're doing it right



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Ohy m8. See muh belly? huh? yeah that's right. That's where I'd put muh food IF I HAD SOME!

"lick my pussy dawg"

It's a sign of submission. They are putting themselves in the most vulnerable position to make a statement about how they acknowledge your control over them.

t. psychologist


tummy rubs

Nothing beats jerking off a pup

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They don't 'mean' anything, they're dogs.


Usually "rub my belly."

My husky also does this if I want her to do something that she doesn't want to, like come back in the house when she's sleeping in the grass on a beautiful day. It's her way of saying "yeah, I recognize that you're my superior, but pleeeaase?"




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