What do u guys think of retro gaming emulationstations?

What do u guys think of retro gaming emulationstations?

I posted my raspberry pi on craigslist and got some calls.

I also ordered an odroid c2 from korea to step up n64 and dreamcast performance

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why not just emulate on your PC? if it needs to be portable, a laptop will work fine.

whatever, it's your money.

A laptop isn't good enough for n64 or above emulation. At least no cheap laptop is. However I agree with everything else you said.

I'm not op btw fam

And a much weaker ARM board is?

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Most cheap laptops couldn't handle it, but my thinkpad W520 could run Ocarina of Time just fine.

I just use my DS Lite for Gameboy/Color and GameGear stuff. It's cheap, portable, and has real buttons, etc.

do u guys not no how to game or sumthn

You want something portable, just get a bluetooth gamepad for the phone.

there's no way you could carry that in your pocket comfortably.

i got big pockets pal


Not all of us are big guys who could crash planes with no survivors just buy being too close to either wing.

So would a pi or a beaglebone actually be powerful enough to emulate snes and gba games at 1080p? Or even just native resolution? And what about playing video? Anime files can get pretty big.


as far as im concerned its a brand that people identify with and that makes it easier to sell

raspberry pi will stream what you need and can emulate games from the 80's

could i watch a 10 gig movie?

a movie thats ten gigs?? wut

if its on xbmc then yes you could just stream it

Are you sure you aren't just mentally ill and incapable of expressing your thoughts beyond buzzwords?

pi can emulate up to n64, though hit or miss due to n64 emulation development being ass backwards and full of drama queen faggots.

Depends, Retropie can do some neat stuff on a pi.

I recall the Raspberry people did make some SJW shit tweets.

I have a pi3 with retropie and a C2 with HK's android image. They both work well for a Kodi/Emulation box.

I favor Rpi3 with Retropie because you can set it up then lock it down with Kiosk mode, disable run command, and hide "Retropie" in the systems menu. It's nice to set it and forget it so family can use it.

The best advice I can give is buy OEM vintage controllers and usb adapters. The knock-offs just don't compare.

I just use my 3DS XL. These homebrew machines always seem to have a mixed bad of terrible buttons and inputs for whatever reason or are a little too pricy for what I imagine becomes obsolete quite quickly.

Also SJWberry Pi is cancer.

They said they didn't want the sales of anyone involved in gamergate. I'm happy to oblige the wankers.

They did

You can liberate enough content from certain (((companies))) to offset the $35.

I can't even fathom how much I've taken Sony for, much less the (((others))), just using the Pi3

what do you think of selling them? right now ive got a guy that wants a few games. Namely goldeneye, super smash bros, and tony hawks pro skater. all of which struggle a bit on an overclocked pi.

Should i get better hardware or just try to sell it as is.

nothing has as good of support as RPi and retropie is good also. I dont wanna get swamped trying to work out quirks on another system

i was thinking about emulating on amazon fire tv's or nvidia shield.. or even getting an odroid xu4

You probably could sell them (everyone wants to buy mine) but I'd stick to reliable emulators/systems and lock everything out so they can't fuck it up. They can just use the Xbox or PS3 controller they already own.

Maybe the orange pi would work to keep the overhead price down? It's like $18 shipped. No idea how polished their version of Retropie is...