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Wat. It's still the 7th in burgerland you retard.

voting ends tomorrow at 7

1.4 more days, nigger
Or more, it was months before W was officially president elect

See you on the battlefield.
Hope some of you faggots survive the initial nukes.

Every nigger should go back.

Best board comin thru >>>/loli/

Let's just talk about random shit while we wait for the inevitable shitstorm, because there's no hope sanely discussing politics tbh

Is pic related any good?

fuck off nigger

oh user

My body is ready, /k/omrades!

You deserve every thrust you get when the pack of niggers catches you after that thing jams.

It's cool fam, I got backup.

Silly user everyone knows niggers bolt whenever they hear gunfire

Niggers are usually the cause of the gunfire in the first place.

Handgun …..fucking pleb

This is a strange year

yfw hillary wins


nice pic. i can't find the pepper your angus original, but it's coming. people need more of the same to actually do something not the placebo of red v. blue so longterm it's better tbh

You got a KS Special as well, I hope.

you niggers have your ips ready for trolling Holla Forums?


go sue napster you soul patch wearing pedo

No matter who wins, we get (for the better or worse) a /cyber/ian as fuck burgerland.
Prepare your anuses chummers.



Jill need that 5% baby!

but Trump is going to ban stem cell research user

Double Dubs, Wew!


he can't, but the Christian ring that backs him can

no, they can't.

obviously. i don't know why i bother to try and hold actual discourse on this site, it's all morons who want to say nigger on reddit.


MFw Trump stumps Hillary in all 50 states.

I'm not going to sleep for two days I need results I need to gather information I have to become a center for information….I'm listening to the news now… we have to keep going we have to keep paying attention, my body is ready for whatever happens and fuck sleep fuckkkkk sleep whose with me?

Retard so retarded. You're a center of useless, the news is shit and all you're doing is parroting shit. You're just wasting your time not making a difference, go to sleep and check the results on the internet when you wake up.

Yeah great logic bro so listening to that. I don't think I'm making a diffrence by fucking staying up to watch the fucking news, I'm doing it cause I fucking damn well want to and do this once every four years.

Information bends reality.
Of course not everything that's cool in a cyberpunk story is legal, the author has to establish that they're "punks". So make cool shit (black ICE, Chiba's black clinics, weapons, etc.) illegal, but have our protagonists do it anyways. In reality, cool shit, such as cryptography, abortions, stem cell research, and guns, may all become illegal as well, yet some people may still find themselves, using these things, albeit illegally. Just like in the books, movies, vidya, and everything else. Whether hacking attacks and the like will become more widespread I dun fucken know.

I can't believe I didn't register to vote in time…

Still wasting your time loser. Go jack your tiny dick, have a beer and get life. Than you can see the final results and ki yourself.

Hehe americans are so autistic

Only a complete dellusional loser randomly starts telling people what to do on an anonymous imageboard. Good job brah.Great effort.

Go fuck your assault spoon, europoor.

You preety much have to be autistic to have made it this far down the rabbit hole. Just the fact that you're here makes you a loser too.


Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning: Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation
Take this article as ye will, Reuters usually has very little bias on it's serious shit, but who fucking knows. It's 1:30 in the morning here, so I'll just go to bed, and hope this nightmare will be over.

The only people predicting a Hillary victory are people who are woefully disconnected from the average voter. Its another classic case of "Dewey Defeats Truman"

Lol no it's not you delusional cuck. Everyone who isn't ojt of touch and a bipolar retard knows cunt hillary will win.

you're in denial, fag. it's over.

Way to project faggot. Lol you don't do chan things on a chan becuase I'm butthurt. Autistic american retard.

Denial faggot. Clinton won already a year ago waste of air

Well, lets see here;

Thats exactly what is happening on all accounts.

Look faggots. Trump probably will lose. But its sheep like you that blindly look at biased news websites and take their words as fact thats going to get Killary the presidency. These agencies are side-stepping facts on purpose to fullfill a narrative. But thats all fucking fine and dandy because "LOL those Drumpfkins are sure getting BTFO!" right? Is it really all a fucking game to you?

The Chicago Tribune was heavily Republican biased and they were so fucking sure Dewey was going to win they printed that ON ELECTION DAY. Can you not even once consider maybe we're experiencing a similar phenomenon?


Pretentious loser excuses. He would lose regardless, just makingup shit to not have to live in the real world.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting user.

yup. that just about describes my approach. a game or a joke or, lest we forget where we are, the search for lulz. and you know what? i found some. a poor game and a bad joke, but plenty of kek.



I wish


Hell yes, brothers. Let us rise up and take it up the ass.

what did C&H mean by this?

ISFJs like you with the most common personality fall for ALL kinds of news media memes.

Oh ho, your personality was programmed by them in the first place.

Existence and reproduction are inherently immoral.

Does anyone know how to commit massive voter fraud?

I want to commit massive voter fraud.

I want to cast more votes than there are people on the planet Earth.

Eat my crust hairy asshole, you felcher



"Hold on, guys, my feeding path is jammed again"

Well, those people, and then all the pollsters and analysts and shit. But yeah, mostly just delusionals.

Except they've constantly been contradicting one another this entire election.
They've all exposed their biases to the point it's a wonder anyone trusts them at all.

Everybody in line at the place i voted were saying they were gonna vote for Trump it was practically a MAGA rally.. :^)

Regardless of who wins I'll be avoiding imageboards entirely for the next month.
I've had enough of this piece of shit election, I'm not going to sit through weeks of surplus shitposting after the polls close.

Sure smells like circlejerking in here.
But even as a taco I would vote for trumpif I could.
Hillary is going to obliterate this whole shit up.
Not to say Trump is any less retarded.

This, I've been waiting for boards to be fun again like in 2014 but all I've seen is Holla Forums in a high horse persecuting non normie anons(degenerates) ruining Holla Forums.
I even thought that Holla Forums wasn't as bad because they weren't half as annoying.
Turns out I was wrong, they're just as annoying.


I know right
We're all fucked.

What if Jennings wins?

They will provided high quality legal services with a view toward results and providing value and limiting overhead expenses.

I want Trump to win so Valve won't be afraid of releasing Half-Life 3 because of its anti- globalist message.

Half-life 3
Portal 3
Team fortress 3

To think it used to be good. I've been here since the first exodus and I'm still waiting for a real 16chan

What did you expect, it to be a hugbox at the level of tumblr?
Please, they've gone leagues past tumblr, they've entered hugbox levels that shouldn't even be possible.

Vidya-Drawfags get on this, need a pol user running faster and farther into the beyond. Faster than cis white scum from tumblr can :^)

Holy fuck this.
I made a tumblr account for a raid long time ago and while it had SJW's on a staggering level (and the shittiest user interface ever) there was a healthy number of people minding their own businesses.
Holla Forums pretty much got rid of every degenerate (non normalfag back in my days) and ruined Holla Forums forever.
They're literally deaf about what they don't want to hear, it doesn't even matter if it's politics related or not.

Does anyone has the "deep web ultra feminist manifesto" copy pasta.

Grass is always greener?

pol has 8x as many users as furry. they are truly top men

Top hugbox


we're all faggots here. that's an axiom of chan culture. ban faggotry and you'd be first up against the wall.

If that was a rule then the board would be empty though

I haven't voted yet. But the one who can get me the video to Jessica from MilfSeekerDOTcom, decides who I should vote for.

Voted for the God Emperor.







Gabe Jewell is a democrat, though.

Gabe Newell is too much of an anti-SJW to be a "democrat". He's obviously Republican.

First of all, he just doesn't give a shit, secondly he's donated to democrats and he's also a brony faggot who think video games are art.


Gabe Jewell is a Meninist cuckoid brony faggot. All meninists are voting for Trump.

when will the result be called?

Apparently 6 PM EST

If the anti-SJW meninists wins, the SJW's will be upset.

If the SJW feminazi wins, the anti-SJW meninists will be upset.

Either way, one group will have bragging rights. The other will be angry.




I have a feeling you're going to start posting that shit everywhere if he loses.

Sasha Banks is a feminazi cunt.



I guess deep down in their heart they knew what they were doing was wrong so when he was talking about illegals they knew they were


So what's the results like so far Americunts?

Ebin meme my friend

Get out and vote for Trump, you fucking faggots!



do it faggot


When Hillary starts WW3, remind everyone of this quote.

I'm from the future. Hillary wins.
BTFO Trumplets!

I'm from the year 2024. There was no WW3 under Hillary's presidency. Hell there wasn't even a civil war/race war.

what if the inevitable lawsuit over rigging elections is just to help pacify people who would go fuck shit up by making them think within the system?

At this point wikileaks and other sources have released so much shit on hillary it would be a miracle if she ever puts one foot in the white house as president

normals don't know about wikileaks autismanon

the system being rigged/dishonest/fucked is just part of the game since probably Snowden. no one really gives a shit enough to do anything so it's being a passive trait. plus society has changed so much Bill could lick Chelsea's asshole on film and a ton of people would defend it.

Ill make them know

Sure thing Dylan. How do you get them to care?

metokur stream

I went for salt and I got centipedes.

Since I don't have a life besides this I voted for Hillary so Holla Forums would calm the fuck down.

You think losing is what will make Holla Forums calm down? Are you retarded user? If Trump loses now they won't shut the fuck up for four more years.

am I doing it right?

Holy fuck I have a US kid and an Israeli kid on Omegle both saying they like Trump and arguing if he'll be good for Israel. Second try besides autodisconnects.

But if they win they'll yell for four more years.

We won't get noteworthy results until like midnight or later.


So what makes you think anything will make them shut up?

Anyone without head firmly planted in ass knows election belong to Hillary over year ago. Trumo no chance

So what you're saying is that you're #triggered either way?

I just want a disscusion that doesn't derail into politics, real news on /n/, studying movies in Holla Forums not if the protagonist is a kike, taling about guns in /k/ not about the right to bear them.

any election coverage streams going on by someone who isn't a giant faggot

jesus christ im so sick of the faggots moderators on Holla Forums

Pretty sure you're new to /k/.

pic was this.

my post was a reply to this,

it's been censored now


Fuck off faggot


Why's this guy waving his sausage about?
Shouldn't he be voting?

SJW's in suicide watch already?
I don't know which butthurt will be the funniest Holla Forums's or SJW's.

Well, there goes florida.
As I wrote that Florida went red again. 24-3


It's Happening

Politico's map is so biased.
It says Hillary's winning despite trump owning her in the results, even in Florida by almost a whole point.


Posting these now because they are about to lose all value, even if president.

One main reason I want Trump to win is because he is the lesser of two evils, and I mean WAY less evil.

I really would not want a criminal to be president of the USA, the rest of the world sees us as idiots enough as it is.


Are you in a tablet user?
New file limit is 14mb

Can you explain me why burgers have an electoral college?
So normies can always win?


we just got Texas again.

What if Clinton wins by electoral college?


My local newspaper: Hillary Clinton has 68 electoral votes to Trump's 48

Google live results: Clinton 44, Trump 51


If it's by faithless electors there will be riots.



Trump is over Clinton by 1M voters.


It's going to look like Trump will win until the West Coast numbers come in. The middle of America is a pretty likely Trump set, leaving California and friends to pull it in for the Dems

If Clinton wins by Electoral College people will start dying on the streets.

Lookin bad for Killary.

No it isn't. The middle of America is traditionally red.

Good job, Burgers!

Lookin bad for Killary.>>6384280

Lookin bad for Killary.

are you literally this stupid?

they are baiting you stupid retard, they all know trump has almost 0 chance to make it to 270 electoral votes no matter how much he wins the popular vote

I hope selling out to CTR was worth it.

your salt pleases me

Can't Wait to see the butthurt reactions tomorrow.
Doesn't matter who wins.

question is. will there be riots?


Yes. It will be precious.

I have a craving for salt.
Do you guys have any from the past hour or so?

I have a craving for salt.
Do you guys have any from the past hour or so??

Anyone got anymore of these shops? I need them to spam to a friend once Trump wins.



Could the modes change Holla Forums pet to a red pendulum?

So… what are the odds that Pence is planning on having Trump assassinated? Anyone care to take a wager?

I mean, if he was ever planning on becoming President, this whole VP nomination must have been like mana from heaven. Why waste so much time and effort raising funds and a constituency when you can just ride the coattails of some wacky doofus that half the country hates, and whose death can easily be placed. Hell, he might not even HAVE to place the hit, all things considered.

fucking Poltico's cucks


Stock Market is crashing. Hope everyone's stocked up on non-perishable goods.

The only fucking reason stock market's crashing is because every jew bet their money to Clinton so all uneducated monkey would believe is Trump crashing the market.



For every step Clinton takes Trump takes 2.

Ohio just went Red


If the senate goes red Clinton is going to have a bitch of a time.


How are you doing that bold red text thing? Kinda new to Holla Forums, I used to go to 4chan for quite a while.

fuck off


Just put /redskin/ on each end of the text (no spaces)


Where's that list of people who promised to move to Canada? Let's hold them to it.

redtext test
/redskin/redtext test/redskin


But Canada sucks and we don't need more fucking pinstriped nigger lovers over here thanks.

Alright, I know how to redtext now.


… okay, and? The market thrives on certainty. Uncertainty causes crashes. You can kind of imagine what a Hillary presidency will be like. No one knows what a Trump presidency will be. No one knows how he'll respond to a crisis, no one knows what his cabinet will look like, no one knows what he actually (and I mean ACTUALLY) plans on doing, no one knows what plans of his, known or unknown, will be able to go through congress and be passed into law or will be stuck in legislative hell.

Best case scenario? He lied through his teeth during his entire campaign, and will be a good boy and will do exactly what the GOP tells him to do, and we get 8 more years of Bush. Maybe he'll be assassinated by crazed liberal activists or by his VP. Chances are high that he'll be impeached shortly after being discovered that he's high on cocaine while having sex with a high-priced escort.

If he's smart he'll just let somebody else run the country while he flies around the world and does photo-ops.

i'm not sorry


OHIO confirmed for TRUMP

I was banned for daring to worry about the election.
I'm stoked as fuck that Trump is doing this well, but what exactly is wrong with being worried about an election as close as this?

Fucking Virginia.
God damn Fairfax makes me ashamed I'm from here.

Pic related is a qt Finnish TV reporter, she seems to like Trump while everyone else hates him and doesn't even dare say anything positive about him. She doesn't, either, but at least she asks why people hate him and don't hate Hillary, etc.


Florida called for Trump

Trump will win, accept it shills

California you liberal cucks


As a Hillary hating taco who browses chains I wonder which choices in life brought me here.

Forgot pic, as you can see I changed devices.

At least Trump is still in the lead.


not yet he hasn't made it to 270



are you fucking retarded?

Would anyone here actually leave the country if the candidate they didn't like won?

I highly doubt it.

Go away faggot.

I'm trying to not get too cocky. But I love this.

Taco user here.
SJW's wouldn't move to Mexico.
Its too racist and nationalistic.
Holla Forums is welcomed though.
You wouldn't have any privileges and would be treated like shit, like everyone else but it has all you wanted.

Fuck you Washington.



Holy shit, what did i wake up to. Is Trump actually winning? LOL

Do anyone have a stream?

How's the predicted state's for trump college value compares to trumps?

Currently 244 for Trump

I don't want to be a turn down but this is Romney's vs Obama's

i'm sure the last few states won't take too long


Nice trips.
Where? Google stopped updating after 238 but been finding the same news.

Who needed a miracle to win?

user with the trips.

Thanks. I'm so fucking antsy on this I'm not even caring on that. BBC is still stuck on 244 for Trump so far I'm getting nervous on the rest of the progress.

IA, FL and OH changed colors from Obama's time. That's 53 votes.

Pennsylvania just changed color.


I won't deny his meme magic

He won the troll vote obviously, but most of his voters are just emotionally stunted morons.

You guys are going to be pretty disappointed in a year when it's business as usual.

They'll be now living with you Trumplodytes for the next year if he wins.

They'll be no living with you Trumplodyts if he wins.

Maybe, maybe not, but it will have been a pretty sweet ride.

I don't even think most of his supporters are "racist", but the amount of magical thinking going on is amazing and shows a stunning lack of knowledge of how the government works - the president is mostly a figurehead.

We now have an orange pepe that grabs bitches by the pussy. Which is still totally fucking funny, and pretty good advice but … not something I want my president to be bragging about.



Thats beyond hillaryous

At the Shillary hq

They'll be no living with the Trumplodytes if he wins.

Pics or didn't happened.
All Trump needs is Arizona, Wisconsin and Minnesota to get the 270.
All with Republican leanings.



I live in Minnesota and it's pretty blue here.

Look at this.

Supposedly don won already. Am I being bullshit to or is it really habbining?


flipping through media outlets cnn,abc,nbc,cbs all have stupid shit like 99% reporting;trump ahead by 3% and they still wont call it

i was always very skeptical of the whole "media in the bag for clinton" shit but it sure does look that way if you can read between the lines


He is 95%+ likely to win, but all the votes aren't counted in a few states

Occam's razor.
Supporting Trump is unprofitable and drives sponsors and advertising away.

It's obvious they are shills for Hillary.
The networks were all happy and shit before and now they're somber and talking shit about Trump's voters.

Woman in the pink jacket on CBS talking to Charlie Rose is already demanding a recount.

Oh there will be and it'll be great

well i talk shit about trump voters too they're a bunch of fucking retards voting a man with literally no redeeming qualities into presidential power

but yeah they have a point about the whole biased media thing, obvious to me now

You talk a lot of shit about Trump, but you don't really give us any reason why Hillary would have been preferable at all.

His redeeming quality is that he isn't a hyper-corrupt and evil insider. He's basically running on the same platform as Obama. Change. Motherfucking change.

It wouldn't, but Trump isn't any good.
Hillary wants to destroy America, Trump will probably kill it trying to save it.

Official pendulum.
The chamber is red as is going to be the Senate.

this shit is taking forever

26% of blacks are going trump. so much for this "pushback against black presidency" argument.

You know whats going to happen right?

Blacks aren't fucking stupid. They are very street wise.
Surprisingly the amounts of uneducated black people translate into people who by surviving realized Obama was full of shit.
Only the educated black people by SJW rhetoric in colleges feel like victims of the white man.

Stay here in Mexico, finish my STEM career get a job nice enough, pay for my green card and go shopping at El Paso?

Unless your degree is involved in wall engineering, good luck pal

That's still vastly preferable to deliberately destroying it and whoring us out even more to globalist interests.

dae wanna fuk lara suthern?

Is actually mechatronics. And all my family has green cards.
Almost didn't saw Cart man's hat.

i'm gonna go play EU4 for a while
I'll come back in like an hour to see if its over yet

Not for long

You sound OK. Alright, we'll let you keep the cards but don't you fucking rape nobody.

No it isn't. Bush/Gore was close; you just don't want to admit your new ruler.

Can't promise nothing, I'll probably rape and murder some people, but not cause I'm Mexican but because I'm an avid user on Internet's Trolliest website.

As long as you're raping for the right reasons, that's all that matters user


This is going on too long. I can't wait till shit is over so be can begin prosecuting Hillary.

Pennsylvania is at 97% and Trump's winning.
If he gets Pennsylvania he'll get 264 points.

If Clinton was winning all the networks would have called it an hour and a half ago.

Watching CBS live coverage.
FBI has the fault Clinton's loosing.
Holy Shit.
I've always considered hypocrite from Mexicans not to support Trump, after all if there's a nationalist and racist thinking population is the Mexican.

Pennsylvania is 20 and hes at 254 now. When he gets PA he wins

Pennsylvania is for trump.
264 votes

Hes also going to get Arazona and Michigan, more than likely hes going to get NH and Alaska as well but he'll have won before that

Watching CBS only because I like Charlie Rose. He's fucking ready to go to bed.

Is it too early to celebrate?

She has to win every single state left and he to win 1 or 2 more. Crack the beer and whip out the dick

anybody got that make Holla Forums great again banner?

CBS hasn't get the message yet.
Waiting for the reaction.


Heres some coverage from MSNBC

The Senate and the chamber are Republican.
The pendulum is official.

Gentlemen, I don't know about you, but when Godking Emperor Trump takes the Throne, a bit of…re-arranging is in order.


Huffington Post
Washington Post

Add your recommendations.


Campaign chairman is going to the HQ to cheer people up. lol

Even jewgle says Trump got PA.
CBS says its still uncertain.
Trump won a point in ME.

oh wow

dudes telling everyone to go home

Clinton spends election night under literal glass ceiling - I guess it will be forever unbroken

Don't go home theirs only 4 electoral votes left!

My bet is tonight Bill gets a divorce, goes to Vegas and gets a girlfriend striper to live happily until he dies.

WTF CBS… he leads in PA by 76k

What happens if hilarry issues a call to arms tomorrow to occupy dc?

No mainstream is acknowledging PA yet until they get the last 3%.

Oop, just a Fruedian Slip goy! We're a news agency! You really EXPOCT US X-DDD to be completely reliable on silly things like the truth? Pfft..some goyim I swear oy vey!

They don't want to admit it.

AP called PA 15 minutes ago.

Correction, 30 minutes ago.

Who? Sorry, I'm the taco.
ABC, CBS and NBC still say 248.

Associated Press

Blomberg says 269.
Jewgle says 266
NBC says 248
Everyone else 245?

AP now says 276. Hail to the King.

Google says 276. That makes it official. Everyone else is just behind and/or you're seeing delayed feeds.

Donald Trump is president elect.

Why has no SJW committed sudoku yet? Why will they not commit sudoku?

Hillary will fake evidence that the election was rigged. Trump will not be legit until at least six months have passed, unfortunately.

That guy for CBS @ Trump's place just fucking called out his libtard bosses.

They don't have the honor to Sodoku

Shit I was watching NBC tape it.
Its happening.

They know the fucking numbers and it's not delayed by that much. They are holing on for deal life.

It's happened people!!

What'd he say?




Basically he talked about how they wont call it and are meticulously going over the numbers.

Sky News in Britain reporting Clinton has conceded

Trump ready to speak to explain what the fuck he's going to do now that he actually has to be President.

where to watch it?

But first, here's Mike Pence with a word from Jesus


Taco user here.
This morning I had 20000 pesos.
I changed them all into dollars.
Trump wins.
I have 22222 pesos and going up.

Trump says "great" a lot.


Also could you guys reply to this post all the salt.


Killery better fire up her lawyers. I hope he makes good on the prosecution threats.

Are you even listening to his speech?

Tell us.

Yes I was. He was nice but that doesn't mean he can't make good on bringing a criminal to justice.

a whole year of memeing and we did it. we fucking did it.

Jews changing sides in fleek.

CBS actually admits that even though the media accused Trump of not wanting to concede that it was Hillary who was reluctant to admit defeat.


They usually at least try. American government was designed to change slowly.

I have a plan:
Also consider:

start with this guy

Your plan is terrible. If you're not a leftist trying to give us bad ideas, you simply must be retarded.

Fuck off.

stop being FUCKING mean to me


Is this real life?



So, Holla Forums, what is your prediction on how Trump will help bring the country together:

1) He won't, he'll listen to Ted Cruz and shit on 50% of the population, leading to a backlash in the midterms, and polarization and gridlock continues as usual

2) He'll make reasonable proposals that enough members of both parties will be shamed into supporting them, and will actually defuse some of the toxic climate in D.C.

3) He'll do such a spectacularly shitty and incompetent job that members of both parties will realize that they have been jackasses and need to unite against a common enemy before the country goes to shit.

I'm hoping for (2), afraid of (3) and assuming (1).

Do you think this election was rigged?

"This is a rigged election!"
-the newly elected President of the USA.

The republicans took over the senate as well so I doubt there will be much gridlock. The wall is definitely happening since building walls is quite literally Trumps job. He will bring America together through sheer nationalist force

Our opponents have been dashed to smoldering bits.
But from their ashes, they may still burn.
Our war is not over. Bear your arms once more.
Inauguration is our resting day.

Reality TV


Now we need to see hillary get jailed or executed for her crimes

Yeah, I was thinking more of gridlock on a large scale, where shit seesaws back and forth every two or four years and nothing ever really gets fixed. I agree that Trump can probably get some things done for two years, although I think it will be tough because he doesn't even have the full support of Republicans in Congress, and the Senate majority is not filibuster proof. And the farthest-right factions are going to be on his ass from day one for not BUILDING A WALL and LOCKING HER UP and are going to be a constant distraction from actually being President.

I'm kind of excited at the prospect of someone who isn't beholden to any Washington interests being President and I am interested to see how it turns out, but if Trump wants to be effective at all it seems like he's going to have to walk back some of his nuttier shit. The Democrats hate him, the GOP establishment doesn't like him very much, the Washington insiders don't like him, the press don't like him, and any foreign leader not named Putin isn't going to take him seriously…that's a pretty tough scenario.

are you serious

I don't expect 3, because the DNC officially back him. I expect 1. I hope for 3.

I can see you faggots took a generous dose of media

I've spent two years following this fucking clown circus of an election, I've picked up a few things along the way

seeing this post today makes me cry of happiness.

/222/ respect


;) :) :) :) :) :) :)
This stupid angry euro was so wrong feels good mane.

I can't wait for it to come out that Hillary rigged it and still lost


We did it lads!

See you in 4 years when we re-elect Trump!


Stay golden pony boy

couldn't resist…

Damn near every other country has a border wall with at least one other country, but the problem with the US getting one is that the border with Mexico is so fucking long. I still hope it happens though, complete with landmines and barbed wire.

get out or lurk more you retarded newfag