Marketed as privacy platform


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Do you honestly think any of these slick, well-funded and mysteriously well-connected startups loaded with Google shekels bullshit are going to give a flying fuck about your privacy? Use your brain user.

use FOSS tutanota or openmailbox

yeah, no.


what do you do that requires you to send 150 emails a day?

have a job.

You use protonmail for your business?

You do know sending nigerian scam mails isn't a real job right?

Reminder that OpenMailBox is hosted in the Islamic State of France and has a retarded hate speech policy.

and it uses recaptcha during the sign-up process

They keep saying "based in SWITZERLAND", guys did we mention we are "IN SWITZERLAND" despite it having shitty privacy laws. You are thinking banks, but you are just gullible pricks. You can't even deny the lolocaust there without ending up in prison, even VPN companies in Switzerland required by law to store logs.

So what should I use?

bump for answer
maybe tutanota?

How do you get trustworthy APKs without the Play Store? I use the Android Market on a very old custom Froyo ROM.

oops meant to show cpuinfo

What the fuck, user.
Just use a dumbphone already until the servers get raided again

I'm pretty certain that isn't true.

In any case, domestic surveillance laws are totally irrelevant since alphabet soups trade country data to get around them anyway.

It's fast. Newer Androids have much better specs, but the new flashy UIs make them unbearably slow to use in comparison. Dumbphones can't double as Gameboys when you're out and about or waiting somewhere. Also Overchan and a useable browser are big pluses. Everything unnecessary is firewalled, so I'm only worried about installing sketchy APKs.


Have you been living under a rock?

F-Droid or Github

Just 2 examples - go to the download page:

I download the most from Github

400 000 Android projects on Github

if it makes money its a job

I need the PlayStore for many reasons.

I donate, donate and donate many projects. Constantly money for opensource developers. You never saw a typical DONATE APP in PlayStore?


Honestly m8

Well, you guys say Signal is a privacy platform, yet it also requires the google play store

Then neither Signal nor ProtonMail take privacy seriously

the best one is host your own email server but uptime will be your enemy.

the few good choices are either tutanota or openmailbox. tuta is completely open source but requires JS but they playstore cancer but its still available in git and f-droid but the problem is to find out if both apps have different signature, openmailbox on the other hand supports the good old pop and imap.

openmailbox = 500MB attachment
-good list of email services but not really good at this point

just wait until there's an .is mail service



I've dug into this, they claim that they'll release .apk on their website and potentially f-droid.

They sure are taking their time though.
same with authenticator support

Are scryptmail and mailfence good email providers?

dont trust kikes!

Best method is ours -Italian.
Face to face, hand to hand!
Kikes are stupid...

is aptoide better?

just noticed I put too much buts in my post, need sleep.

Mobile app dev here (it pays the bills):

The app probably uses Jewgle Services to send push notifs. Generally, push notifications are delivered using the API provided by the phone manufacturer, so there is only one service checking for all notifications, supposedly saves battery. On iPhone, they'll use Apple's service, on Android, they'll use Google Play services, because 99% of people outside of China with android phones have it installed. Similarly, Amazon has one for their devices. As a ProtonMail user with an (((iPhone))), these notifs only contain the subject line (not even the sender name, which makes spam annoying), and I'm also assuming that PM only pings the push service when they get the email at the edge server, they presumably do not store logs of this activity. It's important to remember that ProtonMail was designed to bring encrypted email to normies, and push email is a must to appeal to that crowd. If you really want privacy, self-host an instance of ProtonMail and use the web client.

Here's a list of services (from that list) that do NOT require JS:
1. Riseup
2. Yandex Mail (lite version)

As long as you're not kidding yourself, thinking that æpps will provide an elevator to heaven, I don't mind if you write mobileware that keeps normies from drooling all over themselves.
Lowest common denominator is not a good start for security. If we were serious about security, we would start with

why webmail?
Why can't use stand alone client with Tor? Should be safer than web. Or not? Are there issues like fingerprinting and stuff?

Why won't Tor create TorBird? There is torbirdy but does it modify thunderbird like torbrowser does firefox?

Why in the shit world does protocol like email had to be on stupid webmail javascript instead of 3rd party apps?

>download the apk from so it won't get connected to Play Store

At least that's what I understood was your problem.

It requires javascript because GnuPG being built into it, a version of it in javascript.


Do these assclowns actually know what 'privacy' means?

fuk u

Posteo master race

Not really, user, newer Android is designed to handle the flashiness efficiently. What bogs it down is the garbage that the carrier and manufacturer like to tack on. This is why CM usually runs better than stock Android.

I use tutanota as main email, it's pretty good

Protonmail is great. It is as far as you can get from a public provider. Host your own if you want max privacy.
Also, for idiots who bitch about JS. It is required because of encryption. Moreover, the front end is open source, so there is not harm.

tutanota user here

I like their mobile client via phone web browser.

Tutanota is OK. But how long?

If it makes money, you're not an inbred cheapo neckbeard so cough up some cash to either buy an inbox from a decent provider or host your own mail. Stop wasting your cash on weebshit.

Stop being such an extravagant faggot and learn to live with your budget or get a better job.


buy an iOS device

Nope, by law they aren't required to store anything. But we have a referendum that could change that soon. That's why we need to vote NO, something you can't do in your cuckshed of country.
Again wrong, you can deny the holocaust but then you can be sued for slander or defamation. There are some well-known holocaust deniers living in Switzerland.

That's shit though.

Other than that, go Switzerland.

Why not using a simple email provider and GPG ? I have an email account at and if i want more privacy I use GPG

Download the apk manually.
It says requires play store when you launch it, but just dismiss the dialog. It doesnt do anything, you can use the app fully.

That's because you're a slowpoke. I registered a bunch early because it always happens.

Found your problem.

An email provider that can at the request of the sender, reach into my inbox, and delete the email once I have read it[0], is someone I consider very hostile.

[0]: ((( )))



^ must be retarded
the message+attachments is on their servers and the recipient recieves a LONG link to it
after the page has been viewed or timers out message gets deleted
obviously if you want to keep it nothing prevents screenshotting or saving the message

Use Yandex

Yandex Lite requires javascript to register an account.
Riseup FTW,
only morons use webmail.

This is for people who think connecting a USB key to your laptop is going to encrypt your data.

I saw it in Best Buy.

They're really great for listening to music and watching 1080p anime on the bus.