Based Slipstream & My123 KILL SECUREBOOT

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Linux that works with secureboot when >:)


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Nice topic dilution attempt Microsoft shill.



Wincucks will defend this



SecureBoot had to die anyways. Can't be updated without breaking everyone's previous install media either.

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We might be able to do something fucking useful with Surfaces, for one. Holy shit. And the point about backdoors is great. Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha

The following is a random keyword the nsa monitors via petn

Because what kind of cretin would want to besmirch a godly Surface with Loonix?

You could always disable secureboot on Surface tablets. It's just not very useful because half the drivers for Linux are missing.

That's bullshit, friend. Lurkmoar on XDA


let's try that again...

Doesn't work

I am excited. Chill.

This ASCII art is no good.

X200T is a much better god.


No one defends secure boot or any Windows operating system that requires it. Just salty lincucks who think the world revolves around their opinions.
People are cracking their SurfaceRTs now

fuck off nutella

All I want is to make my secondhand RT useful.

After I use this exploit, does that make it possible to install Linux through normal means?

Glad I did, it was worth it.

Can someone explain to me what this all means? I don't have UEFI to begin with.

Means you can install unsigned operating systems on systems that have secure boot. Basically you can install Linux, or another OS instead of Windows. If you don't have UEFI this doesn't apply to you in any way

Okay fully understood, I also did some reading and saw that on certain new machines, UEFI is forced on, and can now be turned off because of this.

Yes, after you use the tool they built (I think you can find it on Slipstream's Twitter or something) to break open your secureboot.

All I've seen is a single command by black_bob on XDA. I'll check that twitter and try now, thanks user.

Doesn't someone need to write a bunch of drivers for Lignux to actually function usably on a Surface? "Usably" being debatable, I guess.

The only devices that have any kind of secureboot are Macs (although its not enforced for Linux?) and Microsoft ARM tablets

If you were going to get a machine to run Linux you would've gotten something else to begin with.

A bunch of pissed off ledditors are claiming they're going to contribute to Surface Linux drivers because of the Windows Pro fiasco. So, maybe you're in luck.

I got a Dell Venue 8 tablet from work. It sucks ass and I'm unable to load linux due to the shitty UEFI secure boot. I can turn it off but if the BIOS does not recognize your boot stick to be UEFI compatible with 32 bit version of windows it does not boot to the flash drive.

That garbage should not be on any type of computer if you want to modify the OS.

I just got here, and I think this is great news. If I'm reading this rightly, this basically destroys UEFI's vendor lock-down capabilities, right?

I'm so glad I got a Macbook Air before Secure Boot was a thing.

u mad at OP?

oh god I'm dying.
when did /g/ get him to film the interjection?

how's hardware support on the X200T? I use an X60T with a 1400x1050 screen and it's godly, but I would like to consider using the faster CPU and more RAM assuming tablet digitizer and everything else works well in the X200T

OK I'll be a little less fanboy. I actually don't know a lot about tablets, I just wanted a Libreboot system with one that had decent specs. Apparently they only come in 1280x800 for a start. Libreboot is also not guaranteed to work ("works depending on configuration" in their docs) and in any case it's a real pain to install, I'm still sitting on one with stock BIOS until I can arrange someone to solder wires on.

I've tried the tablet at least and it seems OK. Pressure only, pen and eraser. No angle. Calibration can be done but it doesn't adjust for a rotated screen. Not such a drama as widescreen is really cramped for UI when rotated but it still sucks. Could be a way to do it.

does this mean that i can install gentoo on a windows phone?


Micro$oft BTFO!

This is great

Good thing goyim isn't so smart.

Can you please clarify on this?
Does it affect intel or AMD?

That's actually not true at all. I have a Lenovo Ideapad with secureboot. I didn't have to disable it to install Linux though. It really just depends on the distribution.

Kill me. I just want to use my RT for something other than fueling hatred.