Don't mind me just expressing my support for my favorite presidential candidate!

Don't mind me just expressing my support for my favorite presidential candidate!

Cool math problem OP, but you have to finish it if you want anyone to solve it. H - 1B = ?

Welcome to capitalism retard.

If your job is so easy that any immigrant can do it, you have only your retarded low skill self to blame.

Working for free

Underaged and probably uses drugs for 'fun'

this is why I'm a Holla Forums missile now

Of course the highschool dropout fears his minimum wage job would be taken by someone else

That's right, my friend. The goyim are but cattle made to serve us and they deserve to be punished for their low skills!

Protectionism? That's totally not compatible with capitalism, goy. Please ignore the history of capitalistic societies prior to World War II.

Well that's not real socialism :^)
That's not even real capitalism!!!

You need to get a masters degree goyim, if you want to work at taco bell.
Come on goyim, take out a loan and make yourself more competitive!
We added a dozen new mandatory cultural marxism classes just for you, so you can feel comfortable in hating yourself and your white priviledge.
Don't forget about the 6 gorillion!

Well that's not real capitalism :^)

That's not even real socialism!!!

I'm not even same user, but you're fucking retarded.

They're called Holla Forumstards for a reason I see

I grew up in rednecksville and I knew a few Holla Forums types: one got out of prison and got a jailbait girlfriend who never really went out till they broke up and it turned out she could talk and didn't normally wear inch thick foundation on her neck and face, one posted one of those parody facebook groups on his wall (Mothers Against Some Subculture Shit) with a carefully worded point-for-point rebuttal, and one of them bought an east-asian wife off the internet in the 80's, let his son get married at 13, and didn't let his daughter get higher education except for some weirdo cultist education centre in the boonies.



Holy fuck you Holla Forumsacks are retarded and desperate for attention.

Your off-topic shitposts keep getting less and less subtle.

GAS THE Holla ForumsACKS

Hell, I don't even deny that Trump is an alright guy, especially given his competition, but what the fuck is this shit doing on Holla Forums when they have Holla Forums or /poltech/ or wherever else to do their happening LARPing? I really don't get it.

That immigrant that got free college paid for by you and is given priority over you in hiring because you're forced to partially pay their salary is not out-competing you, user. You're being held down by your "leaders" for Pajeet by order of globalist Jews.

Hillary Clinton brings together libertarians and socialists like no other politician can. :^)

cool story man

If you're such a fuckup that you got passed over for a guy who was in the country for less than ten years and speaks with an accent, who comes from a war torn country, you only have yourself to blame.

Capitalism works

... Which is what I said from the jacuzzi my chic penthouse in Miami

Well, thanks for the IQ boost, Jewish heritage!