Posting her pics because she said she had bf

Posting her pics because she said she had bf.

You're doing gods work OP.

I got a webm too for when she cammed with me. Gonna post it in a sec.


Fuck. Oh well, you can still fap to it if you mute it.

godspeed user. post everything she has.

it uploaded with no sound anyway.

on it, making more webms

i guess I remembered the -an attribute after all.


She did whatever I told her to do.

More coming. Slicing the rest up.

Sorry I didn't make her suck her own toes or anything but I didn't think of telling her to do it.

why do feet taste so fucking good?


who the fuck shoe's are in the background?
and alcohol?
and ps3?
those boots?
OP you are dumb. she's a slut. dox her.

Those are her boots, she wears boots casually, also she has a female roommate.

How did you meat this girl anyways?
Her eyes look mentally retarded.

2014 skype group

i know. It's awful. She's 5' 11''. Made me quite upset when she told me she was taken

So and etz I fuck you right! I did not do anything to anyone and you insult me !!! Has t halt unfortunately itself nothing vortuweiben except ne fette wampe! Have you always repektiert without compromise order !!!! Give me just one reason!!! But you pissed me without a leg. As the little bademeister with just 2 kilo muscles but always hulk play, was nevertheless clear that it klattscht only ne question of time. Themselves to blame!!! You want shacke hands but now you have to live with the rules. Fucks you now you have the animal in me and I am not alone. Ever made bullriding? I have stierier !!! And etz pass mal uff 70kilo raging tesrosteron egg-steered, 10% body fat and a single muscle which makes you no longer privately stressed pact stress. Fick you come but I've layer of 10 as long as I want so 21 o'clock is coming !!!!

and this is all you got in 2 years?
yah. no shit. she cucked you.

Well I hated her until a month ago. That's when we started talking

Great stuff but wtf op

suck "her" toes bud. You never saw a girl suck her own toes in a foot vid?

thats what I meant. Was so mad I made a typo

Why should anyone care about her? What makes her pictures so special? She is just another girl.

Acting like this is revealing of something but all she is showing is her feet.
Please, stop breathing.