Do you guys like cooking?

do you guys like cooking?

I'm making stir fry

coming along nice

I like the idea of cooking, but every time I try to actually do it I just end up annoyed at how much work even the supposedly simple recipes are

the work is the best part.

I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I bite into a great meal I've just finished.

oops my reflection is in those pics

food came out great

Looks disgusting, all you did was make spaghetti and add some shitty sauce to it. 0/10, would not eat.

Come back when you get a wok and learn how to pan fry everything.

what about the finished product?

any ideas what I could make out of these?

One fucked up drink

Everything went better than expected.

I bet you've never cooked before fam.


Made chicken tikka masala for dinner today.

how did you get the rice like that?


Get a small bowl, fill it with rice, place and plate on top of the bowl, flip the plate and bowl together, remove the bowl form the top of the rice.


Beat me to it

I bet that's you're favorite drink

Are you thirsty for a hot beef injection?

Anyone actually like Eggman??


I order food or eat shitty microwave dinners because I actively avoid trying to eat what I cook. Doesn't matter if it's good or not.

spend some time in a commercial kitchen and you will feel the same


I do but I'm a lazy, dirty nigger with an unkempt kitchen and no dishwasher.

Except I'm not, it's been two weeks since I last put in enough effort to wash a couple.

Not really.

I would like to do that sometimes, but the problem is I want to do things I don't get in every restaurant, which is a problem cause I often can't get foreign ingredients without importing them.