They are trying to cancel Carmack

literally the Godfather of

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>>637605098no way im reading all that, I thought twitter only allowed 140 characters?

>>637605098>the Godfather of vidyaNot even close.

>>637605098cancel culture in metadoom when?

>>637605098>Godfatherno, he's just a good programmer. john romero and doug church are the godfathers of fps games

>TryingThey got him to quit Facebook and VR. He will never be fully cancelled, but he also will never be relevant.

>>637605352>>637605425Children, go outside and play. Adults are talking.

>>637605575He isn't even close to the godfather of vidya you dumbass. Video games had already become a worldwide phenomenon by the time he started working in the industry.

>Carmack Cancelled>Romero Justed>forced to work together again>saves gaming and potentially the worldI'm not saying I condone what's happening, but if it means we get the gang back together, perhaps it is for the best.

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Don't know why he is bothering to apologize. It's not like he is going to get fired when hes independent again and can retire for another 50 lifetimes with his zuckerbux anyway.

>>637605425>>637605352>>637605654>just a good programmerhe literally - literally - brought 3D real-time graphics to the table. No, John, you're not even close to being as influential as Carmack.>b-b-b-but inverse square root was invented by a mathematician in the 80syes, and Carmack was the only person to understand that paper and transfer it to code. In more than ten fucking years no one else could do it.

They went after the original creator of DnD so it's no surprise. Every industry has "modern people" that attacks the forefathers of that medium. >>637605253Didn't they increase it? Hard to tell since they don't actually list the number and go with a circle that fills with blue.

y'all chuds think you can act like bigots but not get judged like bigots? think again. that's not how the world works. that's not how anything works. history will not be kind on you.

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>>637605669The only thing Carmack could contribute these days is insistence on game engines being well optimized and having near-perfect frame pacing. To the point where if he doesn't sign off on it feeling right in this regard then it just doesn't ship. He would be a great tester and consultant. Romero is still a creative guy and good level designer.

>>637605482the funny thing is his VR project failed due to diversity and woke company polticis at Facebook, he even hinted at it when he left, yet he is still to cowardly to openly say so. just a nerd being afraid of the big tranny bully.

>>637605837>he literally - literally - brought 3D real-time graphics to the table.Well, that is false. In the sense of him being the first to do it is completely false.

>>637605098And of-course he cucks out. What did I even expect?

>>637606139>if I move the goalposts you're wronggreat conversation skills, tard

>>637605837Nice accomplishment, but not worthy of the title godfather of vidya.

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leftists are so blatant and transparent, if you don't believe in our beliefs then you are LE BAD!! Who gives a fuck about Carmack's political beliefs? If Carmack shilled killing babies and forcing your children to get hormones, I am not gonna go out of my way to get him cancelled.God I hate these politcal obsessed trannies so much

>>637605098They can try, but he won't ever be replaced. Power to him.

>>637606231he is not the one posting fragments of whole sentences and ends them with an insult.

>>637605654He is one of the smartest and most important men to walk the planet. There isn’t a single game you enjoy today that has not been influenced by something he did. That isn’t even taking into account the other things he worked on outside of gaming.

>>637606231>3d real time graphicsAlready around in

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>>637605575>>637605837do you know who doug church is?

>>637605098He's kind of right, if you just run a con and don't bend the knee but don't make a whole stink about it you'll probably move the needle more in your direction than going this route.

>>637605669Games engine are too complicated to be a one-man effort now. The last big tech Carmack tried to push was MegaTextures and it never gained widespread adoption and was eventually even dumped from idTech.

>>637606405How did John Carmack influence Super Street Fighter II Turbo?How did John Carmack influence Super Mario Bros. for the Famicom in 1985?

>>637606050I think he is more content to let the world burn now. Age may not have hurt his ability but he is likely just tired and ready to enjoy his fortune.

This is the type of radical retard >>637606327 that Carmack is talking about for anyone wondering.

>>637606405doug church and the looking glass team are more influential to fps games than fucking id software you retarded millennial.


>>637606468man that game aged like milk

>>637606468You don't have to go that far back. Virtua Racing pre-dates>Wolfenstein 3dNot real 3d.

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>>637606941for fps system shock was more influential than doom and the games are 1 year apart.

>>637606692>The last big tech Carmack tried to push was MegaTextures and it never gained widespread adoption and was eventually even dumped from idTech.that technology was not new.its called a texture atlas and its been in use since the 90s. the whole "megatextures" thing was marketing jargon id came up with.

>>637606849Still looks pretty fun to me.Maybe I'll try it via MAME tonight but the chance the emulation is good for an extremely early 3d game like that is low.

>>637605098>Godfather of vidyaDoom was never good. It was only popular because of the gore and shock value

>>637606468battlezone was 1980

>>637607031System Shock came out in 94 and by then 3d games were all over the place.

>>637606941Yeah but it's running on dedicated arcade hardware.

doom was always a chud gamecarmack is chud zero

>>637606468how about a game that doesn't suck?

>>637606941There's also Solvalou from

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>>637606790Whatever you say zoomer posing as boomer.

>>637607086Retarded take. Workplaces and universities around the world had to straight up ban doom on their networks because people were clogging it up playing deathmatches.

>>637607076>I, Robot received a poor reception on release. Approximately 750–1000 units of the game were created. Few have been confirmed to exist today.[11] The arcade cabinets have since become rare collectibles with Dave Theurer's involvement being a selling point among collectors.[20][21]>The arcade game received mixed reviews upon release. Play Meter published two reviews in its December 1984 issue. Gene Lewin rated the dedicated arcade cabinet 2 out of 10, but raised it to 7 if released as a conversion kit. The review praised the "unusual" colorful graphics and originality, but said "it lacks the excitement necessary to make it a top earning game" and that an "average player will not be very interested in I, Robot." Roger C. Sharpe rated it three hashes, with praise for the "new 3-D raster video animation system" and execution, stating it "won't be a sure-fire sensation, but it does exhibit "sleeper" qualities."[22] Clare Edgeley of Computer and Video Games magazine reviewed the game in March 1985, stating that the "graphics are perhaps the most unusual of any arcade game around" but is nevertheless "a cubist's delight." She also said the ability to change angles is a "nice" touch.[1] In 1991, Mean Machines placed it on its wishlist for arcade games to appear on consoles, believing the Super Famicom would do that game justice.[23] In 2001, author John Sellers described I, Robot as a "near miss" because of its strong release that didn't gain enough popularity. He further praised the game, calling it enjoyable and influential.[24]

>>637607086Revisionism. You hate to see it.

>>637605098Why are mentally ill rightoids so fragile?

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I get what Carmack is saying but he doesn't realize that posting about it only makes rabid twitterfags push back harder. Best to just ignore it and let these tards forget the next day.

>>637605098LMAO this is what they are mad about.twitter schizos are fucking wild.>if you don't believe men can get pregnant you are a nazi HHAHA

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>>637607224So?That doesn't have anything to do with this discussion about who "brought 3D real-time graphics to the table". It wasn't John Carmack.

>>637607259I picked a non-wireframe game so I wouldn't get >wireframescounter replies.

>le godfather/grandfather of vidyaThat would be Nintendo, the creator of video games.

>>637607356KEK, porn addiction brain.I remember when mpreg was just a hentai tag

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>>637607161ok but it's more influential than doom because it's actually a fully 3d fps. >>637607279doom isn't even a real fps.

>>637607605hope that's a parody account

>>637607086Doom is a great game. There's no need to be stupidly contrarian here. But Carmack is still not the "godfather of vidya". The industry was already a juggernaut before he ever came along.

>>637605425>john romeroexplain Daikatana

>>637607308>I, RobotThe Will Smith movie?

>>637607654there are lots of parody accounts replying if thats the case

>>637607605>using greentext outside of 4chanis there anything gayer than that

It should be obvious by now the woke crowd has the bankers on their side. Whatever potholes they encounter, they can overcome with the next truckload of cash while the other side gets cut off from the economy.

>>637606701>How could a man who revolutionized 2D graphics on PC possibly influential on these 16 bit console games?Is your sword unbreakable because it has been folded 1000 times?


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>>637607671>explain Daikatananot doom and came out after system shock, quake and half life

>>637605098Besides the weird change in the usage of "based" over the past decade, seems pretty mild. Carmack isn't interested in being a culture warrior either way. Comparing this to going to a Klan meeting like some people are saying is absurd.

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>>637607563>Nintendo, the creator of video games.The first video games were created on mainframes in universities. The first commercial ones were a US arcade machine and then Magnavox Odyssey. Consoletards are tards.

>>637607742oy vey, don't question things.

>>637607563/v/ would scream and piss and shit themselves denying it but there is a solid argument for Miyamoto being the godfather of console gaming. He was one of the first to really get the difference between arcade vs console experiences and wasn't focused on bringing the arcade experience home.

>>637605098>Cucked out in a dayWhat a fag

>>637607337>"Based behavior is the opposite of social justice activism, which is about meaningless virtue signalling">engages in meaningless virtue signalling in the very next sentencelmao. just...lmao. these fags have 0 self awareness

>>637605837>he literally - literally - brought 3D real-time graphics to the table.fake 3d first person games existed in the 70's, also system shock is a true 3d fps game unlike doom.

>>637607774>Super Street Fighter II Turbo>a 16 bit console gamehey retardshut the fuck up and let the real nerds talk

>>637607986>stating objective facts is "virtue signaling"mindbroken

>>637606165He didn't really cuck out.

What the fuck do you even do at a basedcon? Cosplay as a gigachad and fuck some slag in a frog hoodie?

>basedconwhat a bunch of faggots lmao

>>637607917Miyamoto had zero influence on the industry bffr

>>637607986you have no clue what the phrase "virtue signalling" means

>>637607723It was a standard formatting for quoting in shit like newsgroups and E-mails, before the first imageboard was created. You fucking toddler. Memearrows have rotted your brain.

>>637607694yes, the smiths can't produce anything good

>>637608112Well now you're just being silly.

>>637607860People should really see the comment against it, they're fucking hilarious.

>>637607917atari did that before nintendo you moron>>637608112also this