How's your learning going, Holla Forums? You want to play games and read manga like they were intended, right?

How's your learning going, Holla Forums? You want to play games and read manga like they were intended, right?

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>1600 anki reviews

>10 hiragana reviewsugh klll me.

>>637603415>ankimiss me with that shit

Nah, I just want localizers dead.That doesn't need me learning Japanese.

Fuck Anki, I'm just playing everything in Japanese now, no matter how tough it is. ShareX OCR is a god send, bros.

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>>637603498>i want change>however, i will do nothing to promote said change

Something that people don't talk about but should is that you only learn japanese to read and play stuff in the beginning. It's not long before you're reading and playing stuff as a way to learn too.

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>>637603595>OCRyou didn't read it

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>>637603595That's how you should be doing it. Anki is a motivation killer. Actual real immersion is how you learn.

i was able to read this earlier and it made me really happy

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>>637603185alright bros, i am going to ask here so the experts can enlighten meso here is my question: how can i figure out that in this case the 歪み is pronounced "hizumi" and not "yugami"i know that the correct is hizumi because i heard it but what if it wasn't voiced

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haven't missed a day brosstarted immersing a few months ago too

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>>637603808Ruby does NOT respect private property.

Anyone use HelloTalk?Pretty convenient in how you can just hop into a jap room and be talking with jappos in seconds

>>637603185Almost done with Genki 2

>>637604451Dekinai.Read tatsumoto.

>>637603498>I "care" about japanese games and hate to see them being mistranslated by trannylators>But I'm not willing to put in the effort to enjoy and verify the source material's intent out of my own ability instead relying on others to do it for meCongratulations. You're either one of those lazy braindead consoomer cucks faking outrage towards trannylators because you think you care (you don't, otherwise you would take matters in your own hands) or worse, just a vocal shitposter who never cared to begin with. You have enough time to write a post seething at bad translations, surely you could use this time to actually try being part of the solution. Ready to see what excuses you and the people screaming the loudest about bad translations will come up with to justify not actually learning the language to solve this issue. Go on.

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>>637604194chatgpt is good for this kind of stuff

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Have been doing my daily reps since I started again in 2019, only missed a day here and there the whole time. I have about 1600 words left on the final core 6k deck, and I'd wager I know at least a third of those already.Next step will be immersing much more and finding a good kanji study deck.

>buy doujin from fakku>uncensored cocks and pussies >buy doujin from comiket >censored out the assexplain how Japan is superior

>>637603185I can read out most hirigana and katakana, but I still don't know what much of it means. Barely started memorizing kanji

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I started producing music right after I memorized all my kana and I still remember them but I'm so busy learning music and lifting weights.

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I finally sat down to play BotW and decided to do it untranslated, and I'm having no issue except the occasional word I need to look up. Glad I did too, because I occasionally switch the locale back to check the English version when finding anything even remote spicy, and without fail they've changed it to try and sanitize it.

>>637604352she couldn't help it, she was starving

Pretty good, today I jerked off to an onee-chan NTR CG set. Played a bit of FF1 on the 3DS, but I don't know if it's a good version or not because they released this game like 80 fucking times on every fucking device imaginable.

>>637604710>3-4 years>4500 cardsThat's under 5 new cards a day, you absolute moron. Good job spending 4 years doing what you should've accomplished in a year.

>>637604913I sometimes know the meaning of words in Kanji but no idea how to pronounce it, like I knew what your image said

>>637605196>changed it to try and sanitize itSame situation with MHW with the handler but instead of sanitize, they "spice" her up. In English she is an unfunny quippy autist but is just a determined and polite girl in Japanese.

>>637605640How many games have been ruined like this I wonder

Nope. All that time learning would take away time from playing translated vidya and anime.

>>637604913sex dog

>>637603185any reason these threads don't exist on /a/ anymore. where they actually belong?

>>637604673it doesn't answer my question unfortunately, since both "hizumi" and "yugami" are written 歪み and also mean the same thing "warp" or "distortion" in the pic's case >>637604194 so it's impossible to figure it out depending on the contexti want to figure out why "hizumi" is the correct pronunciation instead of "yugami" unfortunately chagpt pic doesn't mention "hizumi" at all

>>637605909this thread is about video games in Japanese though so why does it belong to /a/ ?

>>637605909Sperg modI assume the same one that banned sakurafishPossibly also the homo threads but I never really paid attention to them until recently

>>637605909They were banned off /a/ a long time ago because the mod got very salty about being an EOP and made up a bullshit reason to ban them on sight.

>>637605909They get deleted despite manga being the most accessible way to learn

>>637606341>>637606381>mod on a board literally about japanese media>eopchrist

>>637603185>How's your learning going, Holla Forums?Paused until I graduate grad school in 3 months. The anki and card making grind anyway. I still play and read casually with look up software every weekend for an hour so I'm not forgetting all of it yet.

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>>637603595Based fuck Anki

>>637605691Considering this "spicing" has been around since the NES, I'd wager more than a baker's dozen.

>>637606381what a fag


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>>637606936>漫画とゲームばっかやって流暢になるやつなんていないよYeah, no shit if that's the ONLY thing you're doing.

>>637603185The daily anki grind is boring as fuckI dont know enough to play anything without having to look up literally everythingThe thought of having to study while playing games instead of just enjoying them also sounds boring as fuckI'm far from comprehending anything I'm actually interested in because of the sheer amount of unknown wordsGrammar filters me hardI've been on the verge of quitting recently because of zero progress

>>637604194そういうときはググればいいのよ>まず歪み(ゆがみ)は「曲がっていること/心の正しくないこと」の意味として用いられています。 歪みを「ゆがみ」と読むと上記のような意味になりますが、「ひずみ」と読むと「曲がっていること/物体に外力が加わったときに起こる、形・体積などの変化/ある事の結果として現れた悪い影響」の意味となります。今までの展開でその「外力」となるものが現れたんじゃない?

>>637606936Yes, only the truly passionate succeed.

>>637605909/a/ is now ruled by brownoids and shounenspics

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>>637603185Going all dandy

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>>637607517Shounen ruins everything. Again.

>>637607339you won't get anywhere if all you do is complain

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>>637607339Yeah, you sound like a retard. Might as well quit today and save yourself a few days.

>>637603185>How's your learning going, Holla Forums?Alright. 3.5 years in now. The hardest thing is finding shows to immerse with that aren't utterly awful. It's getting really difficult.>>637604194They don't mean the same thing at all.A quick dictionary look says yugami is for describing a "kink or twist in ones character".Nuance like this can be learned either from a dictionary or just from reading more/getting more exposure. Context will tell you which is the correct reading.>>637604913Don't memorise kanji on their own, it's a waste of time. Learn whole words.(t. wasted several months on kanji at the beginning)>>637604710>4 years and i'm still doing a useless pre-made deck>4 years and i haven't actually even started learning yet.Ouch man

>>637604724>paying for porn anywhere

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>>637607949ignore the buying part then, english translated doujins are still superior because they aren't censored

>>637604673I can't wait for he next generation of retads that will develop a crippled japanese because they are too retarded to exercise their brain.

>>637607949Having print copies of stuff is cool and many of them aren't scanned

>>637607941>3.5 years in now.How fluent would you say you are? Could you go to Japan and be completely fine? Or is it mostly reading/listening knowledge?

>>637607949I paid for some of the lolita games, money well spent

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>>637607490How do I get passion?


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