I don't understand the appeal of putting ugly women into video games. No one will date an uggo

I don't understand the appeal of putting ugly women into video games. No one will date an uggo.

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The fucking irony of Epic Games making this ad when they're literally the only western dev left putting attractive women in their games.

>>637602340I wanna fuck the fortnite girl

>>637602190OMG that looks exactly like me!! I feel represente now!!

>>637602190maybe cause there HASNT been atractive woman in western vidya for what10 years now?

>>637602340......it was the Dove soap company's ad..

>>637602190Inundation with attractive bodies and faces in the mass-disseminated media is the reason women's standards are insanely high. Less aesthetically perfect specimens in movies and videogames is a good thing.

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>>637602472>maybe cause there HASNT been atractive woman in western vidya for whatobjectively false

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>>637602190ESG is always your answer to any of this retardation

>>637602836I don't care what women want in real life they're bullshit anyway I just want cute girl entertainment.

>>637602872well you cannot make a little girl unsexy so its a moot point

>>637603008>women are bullshitTruer words have never been spoken.

Obese Landwhales = 1] More soap spent to wash folds = More Moni2] More health problems = More Pharma Moni3] More carb addiction = More Food industry MoniIt's all about moni.They want more disgusting slobs since disgusting obese slobs are the kinds of retards who are easily manipulated, because even food manipulates their retarded degenerated brains.

>>637603108>well you cannot make a little girl unsexy so its a moot pointexhibit B

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>>637602190funny how it's always just about womanthey never mention how the tree trunk sized buffed dudes are impossible>is that a reasonably attractive woman?>i'm gonna seeethe and attention whore!!!why are fuglys like this?

>>637603431is not perfection like JAS but i still would

>>637603465seriously, men are expected to suffer in silence while bitchy karens keep getting their way.

>>637603465Massive incel energy radiating from this post

>>637603465>they never mention how the tree trunk sized buffed dudes are impossibleOh no, they totally do mention it. However, they lie through their teeth about how it's a male power fantasy and that no woman finds muscle attractive at all. I guess men are the primary consumers of all those shitty romance novels with buff dudes on them, gotta read smut to get my fault dose of power fantasy.

>>637602690and they partnered with Epic Games to help make it.

>>637602190>No one will date an uggo.

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>>637603545what do you mean? i "would" every character, even Manie

>>637603951nta but you have a literal mental illness

>>637602190Game companies have saturated the male market, now they are desperate to appeal to women. Someone thought this would make fat women want to play their games.

>>637603590>Massive incel energy radiating from this postHow?

>>637604184>talking bad about any woman = incelYOU WILL RESPECT QUEEENS

>>637603465Be careful what you wish forThey might as well start subverting "masculinity" next

>>637603951This one too*shrugs*

>>637602190>the appealIt's not about appeal. The idea is to make damn sure not a single straight white male enjoys the product.

>>637604378>women >caring about menfeminism is all about women being superior to men, they haven't cared about dudes for the past 10+ of this bs, they're not going to start now

>>637604075Sorry, not a leftist

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>>637602190There is no appeal to obese landwhales except by the most niche tiny percentage of society that are chubby chasers.The only time in history landwhales had "appeal" was the old medieval and backwards times when the appeal was the implied wealth behind the landwhale, and not the landwhale's appearance.Obesity is disgusting, unhealthy, mentally ill, and a direct byproduct of Capitalism taken to its worst extreme where obesity is an extremely profitable condition and therefore desirable for profiteering.

>>637604353It doesn't really matter because all men are going to be small and women will be tall in a few years anyway, so the main complaint is irrelevant

>>637604386This you, bro?

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>>637603465An unfit man sees a buff man and is inspired to better himself.A fat woman sees a skinny woman and feels threatened.

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>>637603926Only in the sense that they're using unreal engine, epic didnt have anything to do with the campaign

>>637602452And I feel disgusted by you!>>637603465Because, as feminism has stated, the female form is disgusting to the point you have to censor it. The male body, on the other hand is nature at its peak and we can only celebrate such a bless.

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>>637603984nahi hate half of the characters in that game

I am a woman, I hate ugly people IRL and I certainly don't want to see them in my escapism. Fuck trannies, faggots, and feminists. Beautiful people only in entertainment, unless they're comic relief, fatties and freaks are funny to laugh at.

>>637604825>average size waist>flabby arms and legmy friend, this is what happen when you do a lipo but don't follow the strict diet that goes with it but hey, at least she is doing something to fix herself instead of whinning on twitter

>>637602190it's not that, it's literally that she's realistic, women irl look ugly

>>637604825>>637605079How did she got bigger tits? Shouldn't it be the opposite?

>>63760394518k for three months shaking your meat at people ain't bad at all

>>637602190>be a fat guy>"lol hit the gym you obese fuckin incel neckbeard!">be a fat woman>"Omg you're such a beautiful queen! Don't change anything!"



>>637605026shut the fuck up you dumb cunt and go back to pleasing your husband's cock... oh wait nvm you're too unlikeable to get any dude to commit to you KEK kys famala

>>637605026TITS OR GTFO

>>637603951It really is a red flag when dudes start dropping the term incel. Either they're one themselves or they're the type of dude who's desperate to get some.

>>637605570I have a husband and two hhhhhuwhite children bucko. Wash your penis and maybe you'll have a husband too one day.

>>637605763vete a la mierda pedazo de mierda mezcladora de razas *spits*

>>637605927Hey Muttnit!

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>>637605927>dirty goblin language

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>>637605927hello latinx brother

Women live life on easy mode.Who gives a single fuck about how fat women struggle? They still have an easier life than the average man.Fucking dumb whores. They'll always find something to bitch about.

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>>637604825This kind of clothing is so typical of women.They already wear make up to hide how bad they age.This shit really puts it into perspective how far they'll go for vanity and lookism. Simps are scum.

>>637605763I always knew that Peterson was trans

>>637605026you will never be based.

I'm from Eastern Europe and most of our women here are completely normal when it comes to shape. Sometimes maybe a bit chubby but never outright obese.I change my location on some dating apps to America, zooming through different zones, New York, Atlanta, California, etc just to check this out and I'm immediately hit with a constant barrage of obese or fat women and the normal sized ones are the minority. What in the fuck even happened to that country? I didn't realize just how bad it was before I did the comparison in profiles between my zone and their zones.

>>637606076Wait is that britney?

>>637605026>I am a womanStopped reading right there.Go be a single mother and ruin another generation you fucking worthless whore. You are worse than useless.

>>637605026Why would anyone want to listen to your retarded standards? Ever asked yourself that? Of course not.Go back to cheating and file for divorce like the rest. That's all you'll ever commit to.

>>637606615We're being poisoned in every aspect, that's what.

>>637602190I'll never get this approach. For men since the inception of video games it was>Hey, wanna play as Fictional McChadface who is much cooler and better and stronger and more attractive than you?>Ok.For women it's like>Hey, wanna play as Uggo McFatface who is really fucking unappealing like you in real life, because it's realistic, you ugly bitch?!>HELL YEAH, I FEEL SO DIVERSE AND REPRESENTED!!! WOOH! Attractive women need not apply, only I matter, meee! I'm what real women look like!!!

>>637606615>What in the fuck even happened to that country?Complete cultural destruction and massive multinational corporations owning everything with no restrictions except the ones lobbied by bigger corps that mostly affect smaller companies to stifle competition.It's why you have corn syrup in literally everything and people are pushing being fat as something "normal".

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>>637606727Nuh uh, I just got back in from tending our large garden, og neet stahm husband works a high end job, I got the good life and you're utterly seething because you're a kissless hand-holdless virgin, you're probably ugly too like all the people in modern games that's why you're dilating while crying rn troon-sama

>>637607096This pretty much.It's whose hands the money passes before it trickles down to the bottom.Of course the monetization comes first and foremost. Banks are run by filthy fucking Jews.Everyone turns a blind eye as long as it doesn't affect them negatively, which if you're upper middle class, it doesn't so you don't give a fuck because you already have your assets.Everyone else stays fucked. That's how it works.If things start to look bad and people are "waking up" the media pushes racism as a narrative to distract and misdirect hate towards white men as the devil and cause of everything. Conveniently it works in the favor of Kikes.

>>637603951That's a good deal if that thing cam have sex with his giantess goddess. I actually envy him.

>>637607189This is how a filthy woman types.I am not surprised. How many dicks have you taken before your current victim? You definitely weren't a virgin by the time you tied him in a web. You fucking evil bitch.

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>>637606879Lol no I'm gonna have a 60 year marriage and die happy surrounded by family and not alone and seething like you


>>637602190>I don't understand the appeal of putting ugly women into video games.same logic as thinking videogames cause violence. they invent in their heads that our behavior mimics media that's targeted at us like schizophrenics. i never discuss gaming with nongamers to avoid this kind of shittery.

>>637607404>if that thing cam have sex with his giantess goddessYeah, just like happens to every white knight

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>>637607558Here's hoping but chances are it slips out one way or another that you're just another cheating whore like all the rest.It's not like you have any self-awareness or sense of accountability. You're a stupid woman.

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>>637607610That's the relationship, giantess goddesses create little angel white knights to defend and fuck em

>>637602190>People have a preference towards beauty>Company(ies) try to push for the removal of beauty>Interest goes down, leading to a loss in profit that builds up over timeYou can change the game, but you can't change people.

>>637603431Anon... Emily is not a little girl, you are literally marrying her in that pic, meanwhile Jas is perfection

>>637607549Two. The 1st guy cheated on me with an ugly negress which is actually hilarious to think about now.

>>637607558LolLmao.>A woman actually thinks this.Don't kill me.

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>>637607715Sure thing buddy, don't forget your daily OnlyFans donation

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>>637607670Even your slightest of well wishes are sweet and I'll look to see the best in you user!

>>637602190>. No one will date an uggo.90% of people on this board would hold her hands while looking on at your children playing in a field of lilacs.Seriously, you're not going to reject fucking that at all, you've been in a dry spell for a long time, maybe even always.

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>>637602190If the character is proud to be fat why does she wear armor that makes her skinny in public and doesn't take it off until people aren't around to see?

>>637602190>I don't understand the appeal of putting ugly women into video games.Me neither.Guys don't like ugly girls.Girls don't like ugly girls.No one plays ugly girls. All girls I know who played mmos, always created cute and sexy characters, collected slut armor and spend extra on costumes. If they played sims, they spent hours creating characters, donwloaded bodies, faces, presets. If they played TES, they modded the shit ouf of the game, more than people who use sex mods.NO ONE LIKES UGLY. NOONE

>>637607775Literally every girl I've gone out with has been a cheater.They ALWAYS without fail find a way to lie their way into pinning their unfaithfulness on me.That's how women think and how they act.Even if I were superman these women wouldn't stop thinking "I can do better." It's such a waste of time trying to please a woman I swear to god.All I got for my troubles was loss of friends and the police coming to fuck with me trying to toss me in jail because she lied and said I made her "feel unsafe."Never got physical or even verbally abused her and she tries to get me a criminal record.Fuck women I'm done with you all.You'll betray anyone on a whim.

>>637607786I'm blessed and have it good, why ruin a good thing? I just planted the onions user, the harvest shall be good this year. Remember to enjoy the sunshine while your kids frolick happily outside outside of shitposting, its very important