Why haven't you started your own game studio?

Why haven't you started your own game studio?

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What the fuck is that. Looks like a daycare.

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I have a decent idea but bringing it to life would require a team of 5 men all of whom would have to be paid

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>>637601993Why the John Xina dicksucking?

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>>637602118>>637602042Link, gotta see it.

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>>637601993what the fuck is she even doing at the beginning there

Western women have zero struggles in life. I'm a bit jealous.

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>>637601993>completely inked in arm. Why would you want to be black

>>637602273Do us all a favor and become a woman, frogposter.

>>637602321Men cannot become women.



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>>637601993seems fun!

>>637602405>.exe is this limewire?

>>637602545just went to coomper.party her handle is booba.exe

>>637602405damn she would be so nice and cute without tattooswhat a waste

>>637602420how are there that many more single men than women in the 18-29 segment? polygamy? dating older men?

>>637602405>https>.exewell i definitely don't feel safe and secure i'll tell ya that!

>>637602404I know. I just wanted speed up you inevitable suicide, frogposter.


>>637602775some women are dating older men in general to get their resources, some are involved in actual polygamy but the vast majority is a small number of high value men (chads, if you will) are having sex with multiple women. from the perspective of the women she had sex with chad and thinks this is the start of a relationship so she considers herself taken or at least "talking". chad on the other hand only sees these women as disposable cum dumpsters and considers himself single.

>>637601993The levitating plant is actually pretty neat and slippers over shoes in an office is genuinely an improvement over keeping your feet cramped in ugly business casual shoes. Everything else is just "nerd culture" cringe.

>>637602206It was a meme at the time of this video. That's all there is to it.

>>637602042Tell us more

>>637602969so it's mostly women thinking that their fwb hookups with attractive men on tinder are actual relationships meanwhile he's got a roster of like 20 women, then? I wonder if there is a way to measure all of this.

>>637602775Women are long distance dating men from other countries, women are dating each other more, women are dating older men more. Western and Asian men are just khv nowadays.

>>637602775>how are there that many more single men than women in the 18-29 segment?Soft harems around Chad. It's so bad women are literally creating groups on social media trying to figure out if their guy is fucking other girls

>>637603252>women are dating each other morethat's not really a factor though. gay men are much more common than lesbian women are.

>>637602969>unironically parroting incel infographicsI hope you're just pretending.

>>637603289This is the reality. I'm in college and I know literally ten other guys that are virgins and we are all over the age of 20. While two guys (one chad and one tyrone) in my classes have literally fucked every second girl in my year.

>>637603379what's it caused by then?

>>637602405>last entry a year agoThat was pretty underwhelming. Nice rack though.

>>637602775Most women will rather share a chad than date a guy on their level these days.

>>637602775It is societal damaging to even think about the reason. A society cannot continue itself longterm with statistics like this. You are looking at massive issues ten years from now if these statistics do not undergo change. These women are getting older, as are the men. And the men are clocking out of the system altogether. There are less and less men who could have been capable fighters opting out of serving their own countries because of this type of thing. When single men are in massive numbers, problems arise historically because they are unhappy with the system supposed to keep them tame. Video games are getting worse too so the distractions are losing the holds they had.

>>637601993>>637602405make up should be illegal

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>>637603289proof of these social media groups?

I can only do so many things in one lifetime.

>>637603525The society will inevitably collapse anyways, and then reform in a different manner. None of it matters. Accept the clown acceleration pill and just enjoy the drama from a cold outsider perspective. Literally every single western country has replacement rate birth rates and without african/indian immigrants we would have job/market collapses already. It's joever for the west, unironically. Just enjoy the chaos.

>>637603546google "are we dating the same guy?"it's a facebook group

>>637603508Truth>>637603525Absolutely nothing is going to happen because anyone who tries to do anything is destroyed even by those he shares interest with because they all view doing something as "glownigger" shit.

>>637603525Nothing will change in the west, videogames might be getting worse but most people will still play them. They don't even care if the games get worse. Games and porn are probably the major two factors that keep men sedated, also other hobbies etc. The problem will be addressed on government level when all the millenial roasties and zoomers are past having children age and seething. No one cares about the men now and they won't care in 10-20 years. There is no dawn coming.

To make a company with a lot of people you need>To pay a set amount to rent a building space per month (900-square-foot space would be around $2,625 per month)>Pay employees (between $64,000 and $127,000 a year for each one for a normal dev)>Pay Insurance>Make the money back in a field very unforgiving without lots of effort and knowledge. Costs more to do so and the game has to be good>Even if one game makes bank, you must make more than one banger

>>637603737only 109k members and its NYC. its cope

>>637602206Because Cena is a cool guy you dramatic faggot.

>>637602269she's begging for money because her company isn't making any

>>637603873oh so 109k members and it being in NYC means it doesn't exist then, gotcha.

>>637602405She's hot. And that is a very close penis toy to the average penis

>>637601993kind of like levitating plant desu

Are gamergirls the new Emo?

>>637603837People inherently have survival instincts, and don't want to risk their comfy lives. Why not live like a wagie that gets to drink his favorite onions, eat his favorite mcslop, and play his favorite nintendo game while watching his cool marvelslop flicks, or they enjoy playing niche goyslop and spending their time on goyslop sites like 4chan 24/7 in recluse. Men and women in the west do not want hard lives, they do not want to make kids that'll make their lives harder, they do not want to fight and protest against degeneracy, they do not want a better society. They are happy with what they have. Enjoy the slop, and accept it for what it is. Any resistance to the slop is pointless and actively self-harming, you are ruining your chances at relative happiness by denying the goyslop.

>>637602405I'm gonna start making my new usernames end in .exe, I bet it'll fuck with someones anti-virus web plugin on forum urls

>>637603837its even worse than that. I have a friend that mentioned by name the crisis and wondered what caused it and I explained him the sexual hierarchy and he still just said it was personality problems and women chasing badboys like its the 60s.

>>637602775A 24 year old woman dating a 34 year old man isn't too uncommon or looked down onA 24 year old man dating a 34 year old woman is very rare and seen as weird

>>637601993On a scale of 1-infinity, how much in love was the soi man with her to the point of breaking up the studio after he was crying for a whole summer?

>>637604270>A 24 year old man dating a 34 year old woman is very rare and seen as weirdI wouldn't say it's seen as weird, it's just that a guy that young doesn't typically have anything to offer a woman that old. it is definitely rare for that reason though.

>>637601993>Why haven't you started your own game studio?Because i dont look like her if i look like her i would also have a game studio


>>637602269She's very Italian

>>637604461its weird because a 34 year old women has almost 0 market value as it is so you would think the 24 year old guy ideal for her

>>637602118bullshit, no pubes ruins it and she does not know how to suck dick

I would make one and hire people if I had the money. But games don't have a high expected revenue unless you pump a lot in. It's kinda a bad market to be in and you need a lot of capital right off the bat to make anything AA game in terms of budget especially with marketing and if console development happens. But Kickstarter is one thing for easy money after the start of development to keep things afloat if done well.

>>637603525>men who could have been capable fighters opting out of serving their own countries because of this type of thingAs someone who did an enlistment in the Navy, that's not the reason. The reason why so many don't join the military and don't stay in is because it's beyond soul-sucking. Unironically, the problem is too many women, both in the bureaucracy and in the rank and file. Every branch has become a jobs program that's finally succumbed to the pozzed culture that pervades the rest of the govt. I watched the most blithering, useless people get promoted for being brown and/or having a vagina while the white and sometimes black men who basically carry the entire system on their backs never get promoted. Those people get out as soon as they can and tell all their friends back home how horseshit the military is and how miserable they were the entire time. Plus zoomies are starting to wise up about how useless a college degree actually is so many of them aren't even willing to bear it for bennys.

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>>637604182But women do chase bad boys, it is more socially acceptable than ever before. And when they get pumped and dumped they still won't take responsibility for their own actions and seethe at society and men instead.

>>637604270They're both weird and uncommon nowadays. I'm saying this as a 23 yo where all my male and female friends are in the ranges of 18~25, and I only know two girls who date guys that are outside of their early/mid 20s, and they're considered weird for doing that. We are not in early 2000s anymore, not even men get to age gracefully unless they're rich and just get gold diggers. Women AND men have incredibly hard standards and are happier having fictional partners (books, comics, anime, manga, games, fanfiction) than accepting mediocre partners. People don't realize how many femcels there are as well, I know so many girls who are virgins in their 20s and you'd never expect it based on how they look.

>>637603538If you dont think she still looks cute without makeup then youre fucking retarded. Look at women without makeup more.

>>637603525Nothing will happen. It is not the 1800s or early 1900s anymore. Even if a Genghis Khan-type man was to start rallying all the incels to start an uprising where they go around taking what they want and raping women, his call is competing with video games, drugs, and porn and he can't win.The western man is completely domesticated. Yes, life perpetually single fucking sucks and you have nothing to look forward to in life, but with modern amenities you are at least comfortable and distracted from how empty and pointless everything is and that's enough to keep most men docile.Outside of places like this website most social media and news websites etc aren't even willing to address there is a problem. Damning statistics like literally a third of men 18-29 being single and not fucking once since turning 18 gets written out as an unthinkable impossibility. No one wants to acknowledge the problem, no one wants to even believe it exists.And further than that no one wants to do anything about it because no one gives a shit about men. If you aren't a chad with your own soft harem, tough shit. Guess you'll be jerking off for the rest of your life.

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>>637604592all that "market value" shit means absolutely jack to women. it doesn't matter what a woman's market value is, they can't adjust their standards up and down based on their own value like a guy can.

>>637604641Women do not belong in the military at all.

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>>637602775Men marry for looks, women marry for wealth. Usually younger women have looks and older men have wealth. That's kind of always been the deal, just wealth means different things per society and era.

>>637602405>tats>fake titsDisgusting

>>637604816>I know so many girls who are virginswhen women say they are virgin it doesnt mean the same thing as when a guy does. when a guy says he is a virgin it means he never had sex. women might only count vaginal penis to vagina sex as losing the virginity and if they still want to pretend to be pure they only count the sex if they liked it and the guy made her cum. no woman is a virgin over the age of 20. when I was in college I met a 19 year old girl that was obese and a virgin and she was really depressed about it so I tried to cozy up to her and be nice. She then instead of dating me decided to go to parties and have sex with random men. she later concluded all men are awful and only care about sex and then became even more of a whore.

>>637604623Fuck off nigger, no pubes should be mandatory by law

>>637604048>And that is a very close penis toy to the average penisMy mother has one as well

>>637605243I know these girls very well, they don't brag about being virgins, they are ones though. There are so many zoomer girls whose only sexual experience is unironically through discord or social media.

>>637605423you are hopeless and delusional if you believe that

>>637605423>There are so many zoomer girls whose only sexual experience is unironically through discord or social media.Yeah, where they meet the guys who fucked their mouth or asshole because it "doesn't count teehee".You legitimately have to be mentally disabled and homebound to be a virgin past 16 as a woman.

>>637605284neck yourself pedophile, women are supposed to have pubes

Western civilization is ruined.

>>637605876>>637605881You are delusional oldfags who are out of touch. I'm not saying all zoomer girls are virgins, retards, I'm saying that just like there are a lot of virgin men there are obviously a lot of virgin women now as well. I have two sisters and they're decently attractive with normal hobbies and still virgins at 18 and 19, and I know since they literally don't leave the house outside of school and never go to parties.

>>637601993What a bunch of quirky, idiosyncratic kooksters! I've never seen anyone like this before!

>>637606043or your sisters will randomly meet some guy at school or work and then fuck him. lmao

>>637606043I believe you. Zoomers and soon gen alpha will be such homebodies that it will be hard for them to get laid and it won't be because they're unattractive, but rather because they never meet anyone and have dogshit social skills.I do think the problem will always be worse for men than women, though, by virtue of women simply being more sought after, more valuable, and more able to get a partner should they merely express interest.

>>637605423>>637606043I know one girl who's still virgin at 22 or 23. She's a total weirdo and doesn't know how to make up. I should fuck her, but I fear her dad will stab me.

>>637601993>no full-size basedjak posterSovlless

>>637606043>You are delusional oldfags who are out of touch.Dude, YOU'RE the out of touch oldfag who reads all the MSM articles about how "zoomers aren't having sex anymore!" and takes them at face value. The median female bodycount has risen consistently.>I'm saying that just like there are a lot of virgin men there are obviously a lot of virgin women now as well.No there aren't. There are tons of virgin men because women think 90% of men are unfuckable these days. Meanwhile the standards for women have never been lower and even a fat disgusting pig can fuck an in-shape guy with a decent job because dudes are just that desperate. Being a virgin is a choice as a woman and no woman is going to choose to be one,>they literally don't leave the house outside of school and never go to parties.Guess what, we live in an age where women can order fuck the same way they order Doordash. Stinky NEET women who never leave their room can still get a dude to show up and bang them if they want, which is why even a woman as fucked up as the average user still isn't a virgin.Virgin men want to believe there's tons of virgin women just like them but the reality is their female looksmatch has probably fucked at least one Chad and still gets dick whenever she wants.

>>637606487Covid lockdown unironically ruined a generation of young people. Even normies had their social skills stunted. There are so many incels and femcels after it.

>>637602405sheesh this site is great, nicolebun and some other hotties.no vids?

>>637606969>There are tons of virgin men because women think 90% of men are unfuckable these days.The double standards on this one are just amazing with young women. I've seen so many people posting shit like "'why are so many women bi/lesbians these days?' well, have you SEEN the average guy?" and then they use out of shape white nerds and couch potato guys as examples.As if fat women aren't extremely common. And they're still getting fucking laid because the standards for women are very low.

>>637603252>women are dating each other morelol, lmao even

>>637607098this was posted in the last threadbunkr.la/v/0gmwl02mbmv21mseytek4_source-0jc4Abd9.mp4

>>637606969Nothing you say makes any sense. There are 50% men and 50% women in every country. Even if we assume that there are guys who somehow fuck multiple girls at the same time, it cannot turn the scales at a massive percentage. Worst case scenario it'd be 60/40 or 65/35 if you're incredibly cynical. But you underestimate how many femcels there are nowadays as well. Your incel khv rage is blinding you from using cold rational thinking to come to conclusions. Take a chill pill and use your brain.

>>637607390there are no femcels. the only femcel I ever met still had sex with a guy she matched with on tinder after 4 hours

>>637605209>tats>fake titsDiamonds

>>637607205This is why I just laugh about the Dove shit where people pretend that women just have such high beauty standards they HAVE to meet. The average woman literally weighs as much as the average MAN did in the 70s but still has zero issue getting laid. There are literally no standards for women these days.

>>637607531literally look at twitter kpop stans without profile pictures. they're all ugly below average women because they're fat and lazy and dont take care of themselves. they dont do anything except shitpost all day on twitter and jerk off to fanfictions about kpop boys. You underestimate how pathetic gen z is

>>637607390I'm not the guy you're arguing with but there is definitely an issue with women going after primarily high value men and forming a small 'soft' harem around him, whom he dates and fucks all at the same time, unbeknownst to one another. It's such a phenomena that there have been articles and shit written about it on feminist websites, ie "Am I the side girl?"

>>637607390>There are 50% men and 50% women in every country.No there aren't. Young men outnumber young women in every civilized country because of birth rates. And young men have to compete with literally every male who can get hard for the same group of 18-25 year old women while young women only have to compete with each other. It's insanely easy to have tons of virgin men but not virgin women.

>>637603869I was set to make like 40-50k graduating college with a BFA in Game Art going into level design work, most game devs don't make that much unless you're into engineering/programming or are in a senior position. In the end I couldn't even break into the industry so I just decided to work remotely doing general customer support roles and made six figures doing that. Not worth it in my opinion even if you can make it in.

>>637601993The only reason I would work in a place like this is to fuck the chick that runs it.

>>637607703forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=168948903even fat ugly women can get sex if they want to. they are volcels at best

>>637607751Are you retarded? There are 51%/49% scales at worst, and many countries have more women than men as well. And if you think all young girls are fucking boomers despite the fact if you take a walk outside you'd literally never see a zoomer girl together with a guy that's not a zoomer, then what do you think all the old women are doing? Take your meds redpill schizo and start using your brain.

>>637604623All women would unironically be better with pubic hair and armpit hair.

>>637607887lmao you are so out of touch its unreal. I am 32 and my girlfriend is 20. zoomer women are still young and pretty at least long enough to snag a decent boyfriend. zoomer men are on redpill forums trying to figure out how to looksmax when in reality they are just ugly incels that even the gym cant save

>>637608115>I am 32 and my girlfriend is 20stopped reading there. what I got from this is that you're a sexless late 20s guy that is coping he'll start getting prime zoomer pussy because he saw some andrew tate chinless look alike tell him he will as long as he "grinds"