I’ve been playing since Cata...

I’ve been playing since Cata, played all through MoP and came back for BfA and I’ve never been happier with the game till now. I feel like I can just play the game with no homework or chores and do what I want without feeling at a massive disadvantage. All the classes feel cool and reasonably well balanced given how hard it is to balance 30+ specs in multiple forms of instanced content, the talent system is a pretty big W, the new class is cool, the raid is cool, and dragonriding is dope. Plus, 10.1.5 looks pretty lit. We’ve got tier sets. And dragonriding in the open world coming soon.All in all I’m very happy with how the game feels right now and I hope the devs don’t go back to making it unfun because if WoW keeps feeling like this I could get used to it.

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Yeah dragonflight is unironically the best the game has been since at least Legion but BFA and especially SL fucked the game's reputation so hard it doesn't seem to be mattering.

wake me up when classic fresh drops

Yes sisters Dragonflight is bussin' and farmin' Ws

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>>637601135literally rent free

why does blizzard bother paying for advertising on this shithole?

>>637601263"rent free" has literally just become a deflection for when you can't argue against something

>>637601353There isn't any thing to argue against, you're just obsessed with trannies

>This post is advertising or begging.

>>637601381>flaunt right in front of people>people notice you because of it>"urrh rent free"Holycope.


>>637601442>Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post, is also not allowed.

>>637601263Fuck landlords!

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>>637600925>>637601054>>637601263>>637601381>>637601532blizzard has the lowest quality shills

>>637601524That isn't what's happening though, you guys actively go out of your way to find it because you like making yourselves angry. I literally see NOTHING about trannies ever except for you retards digging shit up and crying about it.

>>637601381All western tech subcultures are obsessed with trannies because mental illness goes hand in hand with playing with toys and gizmos all day for escapism

>>637601684>i walk around with blinders therefore stop paying attentionLol. Anyway, WoW is dogshit.

>>637601684Tell that chud

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>>637601916>>637601576>more things a normal person playing the game will literally never see or notice dug up for the sake of self inflicted angerYes thank you for proving my point

>>637600925Next time say nigger at least once if you don’t want to be an obvious shill

>>637601916All three of the niggers who still play really pay a subscription fee for this?

>>637601987Kill those chuds

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>>637602248>no counter argumentyep

Wowsisters, did you buy your Blizzcon tickets for your IRL Goldshire erp sessions?

>>637600925>I’ve been playing since CataThere is nothing better than that phrase to completely disregard your worthless opinion.

>>637601987So true, sister. If you are blind, you don't see anything.

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>>637602312I'm an oldschool player, I even tried Classic but it wasn't very PogChamp.

>>637602397>still no argument

>>637600925>>637601054why is dragonflight good? what eu server should i roll on?

>>637602502You are beneath filth

>>637602509You expect me to formulate an argument against "just ritually blind yourself bro all the cool kids are doing it"

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>>637602534It's so much this rn

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>>637602613what did he even mean when typed that out.

Blizzard should just rape every employee and just close down.

>>637602592I still can't believe that they actually made this and then posted it online.

why should i play dragonflight?

>>637601684>you guys actively go out of your way to find it>has out-of-game events celebrating them and in-game events in overwatch during pride month>>637601135There's a quest chain in Azure Span where two lesbians fawn over each other in scripted events. It's not hidden at all. It's gotten to the point that when a straight couple is given the limelight I'm surprised.

>>637602925Because it's inclusive and diverse

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>>637602925Dragonflight is a breathtaking adventure that transports you to a mesmerizing fantasy realm filled with dragons, magic, and epic quests. The game's stunning graphics and immersive world-building create an enchanting experience that captivates from the very beginning. The dragon riding mechanics are a true highlight, allowing you to soar through the skies and engage in thrilling aerial battles. The story is rich and engaging, filled with intriguing characters and unexpected plot twists that keep you invested. With its deep customization options, rewarding progression system, and a vast open world to explore, Dragonflight offers an unforgettable gaming experience that will satisfy any fantasy enthusiast.

>>637602592>can only strawmankeep digging yourself deeper user

>>637602972Following Blizzard on twitter is the epitome of "actively going out of your way to find it"

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just don't read any text

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I wonder why this thread was made

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are trannys actually infesting everything or is Holla Forums just delusional?

or look at the screen

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>>637603248It's also right there in the Battle.net launcher, you disingenuous dimwit.

>>637603441In the Real World?No. Fox oversells it.On the internet? They absolutely infest every traditional 'nerd' space because all modern trannies are severely autistic. They are in basically every online game and fandom.

This is the only expansion I logged on to just farm out mogs and cheevos without any retarded nigger power I need to keep up with, it's nice. I do wish there was more evergreen content to progress towards over a longer period like relic weapons and gw2 legendaries.

it's not gay if you just do not quests bro, come "play" dragonflight

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>>637603449when will they do something about these fugly old graphics

>>637602972>not trannies>>637603346>not trannies>>637603389>not trannies>>637603449>not trannies>>637603596>not tranniesSo are you going to make an actual argument or are we done here?

don't watch cutscenes either bro

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>>637601684You're so right.

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But what about the peak MMO gameplay?

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>>637603552Keep it up, sister. You gotta dress to impress. Slay.

>>637603760I know it was new back in 2003 but what the FUCK was I ever thinking spending time raiding in this gamewhat a fucking waste of time


>>637603726>not trannies>>637603702>not trannies>>637603746>optional dialogue within irrelevant side quest that's only accessible to begin with if you pick the right combination of covenants and soulbindsChalking another one up to "actively going out of your way to find it and make yourself angry."Next?


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>>637600925I can't find a huge flaw about it since I like m plus, raid, and some pvp. The gearing is better I think this season than last. If you look at the polls on the forum, people like M+ dungeons the most, followed by pvp, and then classic hardcore, so it makes sense why retail just focuses on its strengths, and they leave classic to fill out the rest of the experience.

>>637603909>"d.d.d.d.d.doesn't c...count... ">hasn't realized yet that nobody is falling for his goalpost moving 'only explicitly trannies!' shit and is instead continuing to laugh at the pozz rampant in this game sorry the AIDS got to your head, faggot LEL


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if trannies don't want attention why do they have a trans day of visibility

bros... I thought Shitterlands was good...?

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>>637603909You move that goalpost, sister.The rest of us are just laughing at your pathetic thrashing.

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>>637604123better question is why don't they go back to being invisible after

>>637603845It could have the best gameplay ever, but wows former core audience is disgusted by gays. Tell your bosses if they remove all gays and stop censoring the hot girls they can rebuild the fanbase again, maybe.


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>>637604234I dunno man, shit's more damaged than Star Wars

>>637603909So what will your cope be when they finalize their integration of the pronouns?>y-you don't have to use it! YOU'RE JUST GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO PAY ATTENTION SO YOU CAN GET MAD!I'm sure.

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>>637604070>>637604143>hasn't realized yet that nobody is falling for his goalpost moving 'only explicitly trannies!' shitThe conversation literally started about trannies user. Read the fucking thread. You are the ones moving the goalposts.>>637604253This is even more insane digging than anything else so far Get help

i don't want to play with other people is dragonflight for me?

>>637600925cool story, still not playing trannyflight blizzdrone

>>637604289That's why I used the qualifier "maybe". They might get some rats back in the maze, but it will never be as popular as it once was.

as an LGBT i heard good things about blizzard improving diversity and inclusion in their games and was excited to finally see myself represented, but now you say we're not even noticeable in them? well they can forget getting my money now.

>>637604489I don't mind your hapless flailing. Gives me more of an excuse to keep posting for the people itt that aren't utterly deluded/disingenuous.

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>>637604585>no rebuttalI accept your concession

wow has changed..........for the better..........

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>>637604719You think I care? You're a shillbot. I'm perfectly content to keep talking about WoW.

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>>637604729>blizzard starts catering to an extremely small niche group of weirdos, communist gays>game starts tanking Oh man who could have seen this coming!

>>637604542you can solo queue for everything now, just hide the chat and pretend the other players are bots.

>>637604729Damn, Vanessa Vancleef has a guild now?

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>>637604729>relize you're ignorant>end up worse than where you started in a pursuit to become betterThe irony

>>637604729South Park did ityoutube.com/watch?v=wldvpvC2sLU

How do you do, fellow niggers?

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>>637601054>best the game has been since Legiondamned by faint praise

>>637604868>makes threads advertising his bosses dead tranny game>calls others shills when they laugh at him

>>637605000>Become black>Lose all the knowledge to teach how portals workNice get

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>>637605067Would you catch up with the conversation, because I'm not the shill itt telling everyone to just "stop noticing"

This is my favorite Dragonflight character.They are just so precious.

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so is dragonflight solo friendly

>>637605280Fuck no

>>637604131literally the only thing that matters in community perception of quality is consistent updateswow players are so mazed that they haven't enjoyed the game in over a decadethe only thing that keeps them coming back is novelty


>>637604131Incredible how consistently this cycle repeats.

me and my 69 friends are going to start 70 new highmountain male warlocks once the update drops

who /BDK/ here

>>637605536All demonologists who use succuboi exclusively, ofc. we are all straight white and married to women IRL not sure if that matters

>>637604131i thought people hated it?

>>637605205Why do they do shit like this? So many of these interactions with the hecking valid characters involve you forcefully validating them. What the fuck happened to the old guard at Blizzard? Are there no tard wranglers left?

>>637605503Basically every expansion>[expansion] IS TOTALLY BUSSIN>[expansion] is actually shit and the worst>NEXT [expansion] LOOKS AMAZING! IT'LL BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND CHANGE EVERYTHING! WOW IS BACK BAYBEE

>>637605205This isn't even a gender thing you stupid fucking retardGod you people are cripplingly obsessed

>>637605739This poster is a troon arguing in bad faith

>>637605689>What the fuck happened to the old guard at Blizzard?they all left Jim, modern media is more about who's way more faggier than others instead of actually telling a story, it's pretty sad and revolting

>blizzard /vg/ game threads dead>shills keep spamming threads here >keep getting dunked on

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>>637605503>pay shills to shill new expansion >shills shill >payment stops >shills stop shilling its not hard

>>637605739I accept your consneedsion.

>>637605932don't forget that one troon (who may be an actual blizzard worker at this point lmao) who keeps defending this revolting bullshit

How do we feel about this, frens?Are we hype?

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>>637606015This place has ruined me. I'm chuckling at fucking "consneedsion".

>>637605000>whitewashing bad>blackwashing good

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>>637606147respect their pronouns chud, they are transnigger

>>637606035I assume they're all shills. Nobody would pay for and defend this shit for free.

>>637606230you underestimate how broken the mazerats are

>>637606110>voice>pronounsdon't tell me it's what i think it is....

>>637601135Secretly based?

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>>637606230indeed at least the overwatch shills appeals to my coomer self.>Verification not required

>>637606035I only remember Foxxo, or has /wowg/ spawned a new cretin to flood this board with his retarded spam?

>>637606657he's still around but in a surprise twist he also plays xiv and i'm no longer sure how deep the schizo rabbit hole goes at this pointwow players are something else

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>>637607057>in a surprise twist he also plays xivNo fucking way, this has to be some elaborate schizo plan he's laying down to pull a reverse 'ACTUALLY I WAS UNDERCOVER ALL THIS TIME' move or something. I just can't imagine how or why he'd suddenly switch sides after ranting and raving so long that XIV was shit and WoW was the best and all that

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>>637607440he has all jobs at 90 and an ingame houseso at this moment i have absolutely no idea what's going on and i'm weirded outlife is a fucking circus and wow players are the clowns

>>637601054Okay, asmon

>>637607057>WoW is so bad even its shills who defend it for FREE on Holla Forums for hours and hours on end playing FF14HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>637607636>life is a fucking circus and wow players are the clownsAmen to that, anonAmen to that

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>>637607057lmfao even the biggest blizzdrones got poachedI wonder when Barry will break

>>637607636>>637607710>>637607828>xiv player falseflags as an unhinged schizo>xiv troons pretend he isn't one of them

>>637607057Alright, this isn't funny anymore.Who is in control of this simulation we're in?

i see the discord trannies are again in a wow thread dumping their folderhow can one game live so rent free?

>>637607636>all jobs at 90thats a lot of boosters to buybut scat loving furfags have always been bad with their government handout dollars

>>637607969Yeah bro, a guy with all CMs and all Mage Tower weapons who's been screeching about XIV long before he ever joined it and got mocked for dying in Mechagon15 113 times was actually all an elaborate falseflag.In MoP, when he was clearing challenge modes on every class, he was actually thinking "one day I'm going to switch to final fantasy 14 and le epic own everyone with this falseflag"

>xiv xiv xiv xiv xivMindbroken and obsessed.

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>>637607969>mindbroken wowtranny makes xiv account to false flag