Are 4s and 5s the reason all games need waypoints? Because they are unable to find a "red door" for example...

Are 4s and 5s the reason all games need waypoints? Because they are unable to find a "red door" for example, because they can't visualize it.

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think its more that when your target audience is as wide as an AAA game you have to eliminate any instances where the player might have to think for a little bit

>>637600348No, 4s and 5s can still recall the relevant information with abstract terms or measurements. Games need waypoints because the average person is a filthy casual and catering to them garners more money.

>>637600348almost got it, but not quite.everything needs waypoints now because of your average ADHD shitter that has less than 5 seconds of memory and an even shorter attention span.even the 5 here is able to get through a game without waypoints.granted, there is a LARGE overlap in the two groups, so i could see your confusion.

Post games for 1 Chads.

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>>637600348I'm a 3 what does it mean for me

>>637601240>anal maniac >>637601320it's over

I will never understand the rage over this. You know the point of progression, nothing is stopping you from exploring.The most retarded It can be is during investigation plot and just highlights what you need

It's nice being a 1 because you can jerk off to your own thoughts

>>637601240imagine getting a boner in public after seeing a normal anime picture

I'm a 5 and I'm making a videogame

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5 must be bliss. Imagine being free from the demon of the mind.

>>637600348>the autistic 1>the chad 5

>>637601240what game?

Nobody is above a 0, this is stupid. There are no pictures in your head.

>>637600348Indirectly, yes.Still, it's a wider problem. I've tried very hard these past few years to disable quest markers, waypoints, and anything of the like, but it just makes the games unplayable, because they lack the proper world building that should exist alongside, let alone proper instructions.I've seen shit you wouldn't believe... NPCs explicitely saying "it's simple, follow the arrow!" which I had disabled... Searching for a guy in a wheelchair that I'm supposed to guess lives in the only house in the village with stairs out front... failing to interact with a guy because I bypassed some imaginary point a hundred years from there where a cutscene starts which you would never find without the minimap... all these moments were lost like a vidya without a waypoint...

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>>6376003484&5 are the reason high graphics sell

>>637601240The fuck is this?

>>637601373it changes how the game is designed entirely, the pace of the gameplay, how fast the player burns through content, how he engages and interacts with the game world

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>>637601240CYOA games, the ultime type of game

>>637601525is it a shitty pixel 2D platformer?

>>637601878>>637602054one of the era games

>>637601373It's not exploration if the solution is spelled out for you. Games like witcher 3 even go as far as to label all the spots on the map where theres content.


>>637601878>>637602054EratohoK pretty much sengoku rance in text format.Theres also EratohoTW which is more daily life love love stuff if you're not into capturing girls and raping them into submission, though you can kinda do that in TW as well.

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>>637601240King of Dragon Pass

>>637601373Exploring with a purpose and sense of accomplishment for reaching an objective is more rewarding. On top of that, just the act of navigating with less precise directions is fun. I would take things a step further and say that the player marker should also be removed from the map along with objective markers to really open up the possibility of getting lost.

>>637601240>U SensitiveLmao, literal porn mindrot, get a fucking grip my man

>>637603408>0 tentacles>0 hypnosesHey man even I have standards I live up to.

>>637603408>>U SensitiveWhat is that supposed to mean?


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>>637600348I'm a

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>>637603774Are these "people" sociopathic?

I remember think one day how weird it was to remember my moms face without seeing it. It's like I can see it without actually seeing it.

>>637601373It's utterly immersion-breaking.

>>637600348I'm convinced pics like these are only to gather views on Youtube by flattering the viewer, same as reaction videos.

>>637604330If you hadn't eaten lunch yesterday, how would you feel?

>>637603641U stands for urethra

You guys can't actually "see" colors. You can sort of picture them from one another in a sort of coded language for you brain. You can look at a red apple and a blue apple next to each other if you imagine it, but you're not actually seeing those colors.Just like if you try to picture someone's face, you're sort of seeing the broader strokes that make it recognizable to you, but then you go look at a photo of that person's face, and it's not exactly the same.

>>637601240I am a 5 and am literally currently playing TW

>>637604449But I did eat lunch yesterday

>>637604559>user finds out his a P-zombie

>>637604559I'm seeing a blue apple in my head right fucking now. Maybe you level up or buy the colorsight dlc or something.

>>637604559>Just like if you try to picture someone's face, you're sort of seeing the broader strokes that make it recognizable to you, but then you go look at a photo of that person's face, and it's not exactly the same.Im so sorry user..Damn, must suck really.

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>>637605041>>637605108I have had occasional visions where I close my eyes and I see straight up a weird red square flying by. Or a green square. It's weird. That's what seeing a color actually is like. This weird phenomenon hasn't happened to you guys, so you don't have the frame of reference to comprehend the difference between what it's actually to fully picture a color and what it's like to SEE it in your mind.

>mfw cant think of an apple without thinking of this image and that one tweet

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I think this is such bullshitI can visualize entire scenarios in my head with my eyes open, what does that make me?

what the heck, dude? you hear voices in your head when you think? that means you're CRAAAAAZY

>>637600348Is this an out of season april fools joke? Surely no one can close their eyes and conjure an item. Even the best artists need to use references.

>>637605363They can't. They're such brainlets they think that them picturing something in the abstract means they're seeing it as it is.I mean, maybe there's one person in this thread that actually has the equivalent of photographic memory, but most people are posing or dumb.

>>637605446Okay, just making sure.

I can literally see what I visualize because of how often I "played" Tetris Effect games when I fall asleep.It's also very cool when you hear a kick ass song that your mind just makes on the fly when falling asleep.

>>637605506>It's also very cool when you hear a kick ass song that your mind just makes on the fly when falling that's piracy..

These poor anons.

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>>637605446That's why the picture shows 1 being photographic memory, 2 is probably what most see, beyond that you are a subhuman NPC.

>>637601901This, OP pic is a psyop. No one "sees" things in your mind. You close your eyes and see black and think about the appearance of an apple.

>>637601240Based, the mind break scene with the mind reading girl made me HARD.I just wish some more characters got translated already.

5s coping lmao

imagine if everyone was a 5 so games stagnated at ps2 graphics or even textbased but the game systems were so complex due to processors being worked on and funded more and game development costs being all dumped into mechanics and story

>>637600348I think the reason games have waypoints is because modern devs are to lazy to do good level design.

>>637605685'Envisioning' is a better word. But some people can't conjure up images in their mind at all.

>>6376057245s are being realists

>>637602313Is it going to be a metaphor for depression?

ITT soulless NPC golemsI can see why they rolled out a massive slowkill campaign to euthanize most westerners.

>>637605783I can't conjure any images either, I can just think about appearances. When you ask me imagine a bunny, I could tell you details like the ears standing up rather than being floppy. But I still only see black.

>>637605550Lmao NPCs have gotten so mad at AI because they don't know that their mind does the same type of thing all the time.The output of AI is essentially the dreams of a very retarded, simple mind.>>637605685Your gaslighting doesn't work on people with souls. Every real person can actually see mental images sometimes when falling asleep and waking up. You literally see mental images when dreaming. You can train to see mental images more clearly when wide awake. Cope and seethe.

I hate that this is such an effective meme. I just know the majority of people saying they're above 5 are gaslighting motherfuckers.If I can "picture" a red apple being held by a hand next to a blue apple also being held by another hand, I can't possibly have Aphantasia. That's not what it fucking means. You motherfuckers don't visualize apples literally as if you're watching a movie of them. Fuck off.

>>637600348>need waypoints?No, the reason we "need" waypoints is because waypoints are a simple, modular system to implement instead of consuming a lot of time and manpower just to do some gay shit like a journal with specific directions to a place (which could very well change later in development or post-release, requiring those aspects to be manually updated as well). It is an infinitely superior system both for developers to implement and for players to engage with.Reading directions is a 5 thing. Doing as you're told, sticking to the road, following signs and landmarks at every step, checking your notes multiple times to be sure you didn't go off-track. Any faggot like >>637601098 trying to make pseud excuses and accusations towards waypoint appreciators is a hard 5.A 1 will see the waypoint marker and plot his own route through the unknown.

>>637605363>>637605446the magic of blur makes it possible. Anything shitty looks good blurry because lack of details is filled by brain

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>>637606000I don't see shit and I still see things vividly in my dream. I can tell you details about what I see, but I still didn't hallucinate light going into my eyes. No one does.


When I close my eyes, and I kid you not, I see anime porn.

>>637606109>You can train to see mental images more clearly when wide awake.Grab any object. Stare at it until your eyes start to hurt then close them, focusing on the visual impression this object left. Do this multiple times if needed to make the impression stronger. Then try to make the impression appear without the object.

>>637606194Please start doing No Fap November right away you fucking coomer.

Is it possible that there are not enough souls in existence to account for the billions of meatsuits on the planet? (Meatsuits is not spellchecked, so even AI knows it is a real thing ha ha) That would explain all the dregs that currently exist and who follow [CURRENT_THING].

>>637606360That's different though. All that could do is maybe a 4 in OPs pic.

>>637606438souls aren't real

>>637604115you'd be surprisedthere's a long-running vocal minority over in /tg/ that think including any non-human race is the domain of "freakshitters", the mark of culture's decadence, and that human beings are incapable of, and should never try to, roleplay as anything but a normal human with a sword

>>637606029>waypoints are... LE GOODget outta here, 5.>oh look at me i need the game to tell me exactly where i need to go at all times!>uhhhh no im not the retard! you are!

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>>637606503>t. vaccinated #5

>>637606503>npc says souls aren't realStory checks out.

>>637606503Not him but you obviously have a soul if you posted.

>>637606593Bahahahahahahahahaha Good one. :)

>>637600348If you aren't a 1 or 2 you are an actual NPC and probably lack an internal monologue as well.

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>>637602047I'm unironically a 4 and I prefer older classic games and spend most of my time playing nes/snes/gba games.

>>637606484You don't become a master of anything the first few times. Believe what you want, but you are missing out. You are like people who can't lucid dream or can't do it for longer than a few seconds so you assume anything more than that isn't real.

>>637606593>you obviously have a soul if you posted.chatbots have soul , AI rights when?

>>637600348I'm a 1, I can fully imagine just about anything visually clear in my mind, I can even taste and smell things, and I like waypoints. Sorry contraritroon, are you a Morrowind tranny? Dogshit directions don't make any sense, maps have existed for thousnads of years in our universe and others aswell, not to mention magical maps. Nothing is more boring and a waste of time than having to read poor directions for 5-10 minutes, and then walk through a dogshit empty world that looks worse than a unity game asset flip for over 30 minutes to try and find one of the worst low effort 2 minute to complete locations in existence.You will never pass or be a woman by the way.Same goes for all of you contraritroons aswell, might aswell be 5's with NPC takes that are just copy pasted from contrarians on Holla Forums:>>637601098>>637600582>>637600558>>637602075>>637603774>>637604302

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>>637606026Silence, meat puppet.

>>637605594>>637605446Photographic memory has nothing to do with how realistic you can perceive a picture in your imagination

>>637606804>not a new ip

>only a 1pssh you mere mortals can't even imagine what a level 0 sees

>>637606714my guess is you value gameplay over look.I think 5 should enjoy books way more than 1 since they can render the story in their head while 1 can only get same with playing AAA / movie

>>637606785I don't know what I could gain from that though. Nothing would change

>>637601901Nigger detected.

>>637600348I have to imagine that even if you can't visualize a red door that won't keep you from knowing a red door when you see one.

If I can imagine a blue apple next to a red apple, then that automatically makes me a 2, even if I don't literally visualize it as I would were it actually in front of me.Prove me wrong

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>>6376003484 hereI like modded skyrim, rimworld, and dungeons and dragons videogames.

>>637600348lmao this nonsense againmost people probably answered 5 cause they didnt get the question

>>637607204This. 5 accounts for less than 3% of human beings, but the image is not great at transmitting what it would actually look like to be a 2 vs a 5, because these concepts are hard to translate.

>>637606934>flipped numbersI think 1 should enjoy books way more than 5 since they can render the story in their head while 5 can only get same with playing AAA / movie

People who are 5s do you not also get that heightened ability to visualize shit right before you're about to fall asleep? Because I'm 1 and that happens to me and my mind just ends up playing me like videos of being on a roller coaster and shit. Also happens when I take benadryl, took too much once and stared at a blank TV and my mind created a whole Minecraft let's play on it.

>>637607831>and stared at a blank TV and my mind created a whole Minecraft let's play on hell of an imagination there buster

>>637606951It's fun, pretty much releases you from depending on what others produce for entertainment, makes media you do consume better especially written stuff. Lends to good memory because the best mnemonics are visual-spatial. Sometimes useful for visualizing concepts in math.

>>637607831I started using a notepad app on my phone to right down all my ideas right as I fall asleep.