What is it about Zelda that rots people's minds and blinds them? Fine, you can like how it plays...

What is it about Zelda that rots people's minds and blinds them? Fine, you can like how it plays. But it doesn't look stunning.

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>>637599019Keep it up. Your tears are delicious.

>>637599019It literally looks amazing. Sorry your shit tier old faggot boomer cuck eyes can't see itFucking hate old people

I think it's quite beautiful

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>>637599019considering the hardware, some of the lighting effects are pretty amazing. I get really ugly flickers on distant shadows though

>>637599163I will keep it up. This gaslighting cannot stand!

>>637599019I really like the art direction. Probably the only modern tech I even have an appreciation for is volumetric lighting. Couldn't care less about Raytracing and all that shit that makes everything super shiny and reflective.


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>>637599580This stunningly atrocious.

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>>637599580>le ebin cherrypickFuck off retard>>637599932>blatant samefaggingKILL YOURSELF

>>637599019If you play it on an OLED Switch it looks great. Play it in its intended form. 960p to 1080p upscaling on your 4K screen is OFC going to look like shit.

>>637599019it's called art direction retard, stop acting like photorealism is the only way something can look good, real life looks like shit

>>637600050God, fuck tendie cultists so hard.

>>637599019>seething still at 11The Seething of the Snoys will never not be funny.

>>637599019stockholm syndrome cope that the nostalgia train is over, same with starwars trannies that cant adapt

>>637599019You know shit is fucked when the chink phone game knockoff looks significantly better

>>637599019I wonder if graphic whores are disappointed when impressionist paintings aren’t photorealistic photographs

>>637600218the art direction is shit too

>>637600549>tendies think their open world slop is comparable to Renaissance art

>>637600640kek, got em

>>637599332I'm glad Nintendo finally got their graphics up to par with 7th gen. Very exciting to see

>>637600640Yes. I do. u mad?

>>637600760You don't. No one is that retarded, not even a tendie.

>>637599019>accuse others of cherrypicking>post a bunch of areas the devs intentionally made to try and look good as reference>ignore the other 99% of the game where everything is just flat green and brown textures on randomly generated hillslolTOTK is genuinely one of the ugliest games that has come out in the past several years, it's embarrassingly bad

>>637599580and when it's not randomly generated hills that are just painted with a flat green and brown texture it's this fucking awful washed out blurry dogshit, just a stunningly ugly fucking game in 2023.

>>637601296Elden Ring is fucking slop

>>637601454didn't mention any other game, dilate

>>637601454Nobody said anything about elden ring you schizo toddler

is david jaffe Holla Forums's hero now? that's fucking sad you know

>>637599580That's literally inside a sandstorm you disingenuous down syndrome fucktard

>>637599019He's right though. It looks great. Same with BotW. I always like to stop and just admire where I am. Both games have stunning vistas

>>637599332for a ps3 game? maybe

>>637600640>Impressionism>Renaissance People on this board are relentlessly stupid

>>637600640>impressionism>RenaissanceGet a load of this retard.

>>637601274Totk is currently the single best reviewed to ever exist. It runs at 900p at 30 frames. We are in a thread about its visual aesthetic. The “art direction” of botw and now totk was specifically inspired by the Japanese term “gutto kuru”, which means to “stir the soul”. Knowing it was designed for the underpowered Wii U, with a target of 720p and 30 frames, his was accomplished by an effective consideration of complimentary colours, three line perspective, horizon lines, with acknowledgment to Japanese history of the Jōmon art period. Much like the renaissance artists of impressionist paintings. I feel botw and totk are specifically comparable to renaissance art BECAUSE it is specifically inspired by renaissance art. Hence this very thread, faggot. Again, I ask, u mad?

>>637600215>960p to 1080p upscalingdoesn't it run at 900p docked? genuine question, i have no clue i thought it was the same as BOTW if they actually upped the resolution, good on them

Ultimately - game is incredibly funGraphics being important is 100% a aaa meme, some of the best games have "shit graphics" BUT if the only hardware (legally) the game is available on can't run the game at at least 30fps steady you fucked up and it's a piece of shit.I'm playing TotK on ryujinx and it's incredibly fun but my PC is mid as fuck so my fps is dog shit.


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>>637602383It's almost impressive that tendies can make this kind of bullshit up on the fly like this

>>637599019Tendies are mentally ill. You can preface that you enjoy a Nintendo game and praise the shit out of it, but the second you point out a single flaw their brains shut off and they either go into bootlicking mode or they start crying about the snoys that live rent free inside their heads.

>>637602383>It's actually impressive that the game looks like dogshit because Nintendo's hardware is underpoweredJesus Christ

>>637602886It’s all specifically stated by the game’s art director during his GDC commencement speech. again, I ask, u mad? nintendowire.com/news/2017/03/01/breath-wild-presentation-gdc-showcases-development-ideology-weird-early-concepts/

>>637602886he's not wrong you know, the game really does run at 900p AND 30fps! and they probably ripped off some paintings too

>>637603228>entire "argument" was copy pastedKEK

>>637599019>xenoblade DE pfp>game doesn't even run in a solid 720p dockedOf course he thinks it looks beautiful, he's used to looking at smudgy messes

>>637603129This is a foreign concept for Holla Forumstards but artists enjoy working within limits to define their product Again I’ll state, do graphic whores get angry when impressionist paintings aren’t photo realistic photographs?

>>637603335It’s not an argument. Complimentary colours exist user. Or is this news for you? Or are u mad?

Graphics shouldn't determine if a game is good or not, but if it does have bad graphics it should be made fun of because of it.

>>637601765It looks bad on purpose!!!

>>637599019Nintendo fans have no standards, they're only accustomed to playing Nintendo's shit and will vehemently defend it when possible and delude themselves to the heavens. These fucking idiots bought Nintendo branded cardboard, for fucks sake.

>>637602546Ryu looks better, but if you want the performance then Yuzu is faster for most hardware. The ugly white haze filter that Nintendo put over everything seems to be worse on Yuzu, but the tradeoff is I'm running 60 fps in most places with temporary drops to 45 in demanding areas. I'm guessing my same setup would be 30-45 fps in Ryu, but the colors and shadows look much better there in my opinion.

Nintendo fanboys don't go outside, seeing the sun must be like magic for them.

>>637600050>Reee mah graphics mah graphics>FPS is not 60 on a handheld!!! OH NOEZ lol fucking based Nintendies. They know whats up. All that matters is the fucking Art Direction and the GAMEPLAY.

>>637602481>doesn't it run at 900p docked?it doesthis shit is 900p docked max + FSR

I thought graphics and story didn't matter for games? What changed Holla Forums?

>>637603592>>637602546Ryujinx i would recommend as well, Yuzu is not far behind though they do seem to have a lot of updates coming out this month to fix a ton of issues. But i do agree Graphics is not everything.


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>>637601765Gerudo Town is not inside a sandstorm


>>637603613i wish i wasn't so spoiled. im so used to 144hz and 4k textures.

>>637603727Console fanboys are hypocrites, who knew?>guys story doesn't matter, we're not watching a movie here>agreed, this is why I hate Xenoblade and all JRPGs. They should have their cutscenes and dialogue and voice acting removed>NOOOOO THAT WOULD RUIN THE ARTISTIC APPEAL YOU DAMN TRANNY!These people can't have a single consistent thought for five seconds, and it's sad.

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>>637603529>ColoursColors MOGS Colours.

>>637600218I like when Ninteniggas do this cope as if they're aren't tons of stylized games that look 100x better and less ass than Nintendo stuff. Hi-FI Rush being a recent example.

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>>637604239Is Hi-Fi Rush open world? If not then it makes sense why it would look better.

>>637604156No doubt, just play it on emulator then and if you would like to just pay for the physical version to show support if you liked the game. It's what some people do on here.

>>637599019fanboys are clowns, this is how it always istotk looks like absolute horseshit, which is not surprising because it's running on a 6 year old console that was already severely out of date at the time of its release. its not about "art style", the art style is minimalist and bland but sure its fine, but you can tell from the shit fucking textures and foliage, and fps it struggles to maintain even with that low low bar of graphical fidelity, that the game fundamentally looks like shit

>>637604212I think they compliment each other


My lazy coworker I don’t like was playing Zelda instead of doing her job and might lose her job now. Might buy the game if they get rid of her.

>>637599250Look worse than Horizon Forbidden West, is "amazing" a different tier that only applies to other switch games?

>>637599332I too have not bought a new console since the Wii U.

Shit looks worse than Mario Odyssey, idk why people praise its graphics, it looks like trash. It runs like trash, too.

>>637604698What's the job?

>>637600050>it's playable, stop criticizing it!I didn't know the sonic heroes devteam was running defense for Totk

>>637600050Do tendies really?

>>637603440If ANY other game released this year and looked like Totk you would decry it as looking like shit, you tendie drone.

>>637604359What about Genshin Impact? That's open world, much bigger than BOTW at this point.

>>637605085At least sonic heroes is consistently 60 fps on a gamecube

>>637605036Like I’m going to say. But I play vidya all the time too, I just haven’t been caught by anyone who gave a shit.

>>637604159Same with yakuza games and persona. Yakuza has alot of cutscenes that you shouldn't skip if you want to experience the game and characters the right way. Persona 5 is the longest game in history.Jrpgs generally have alot of dialog and story to them.That's why I find the sony hate weird. They do mistakes here and there but their games arent really much more movie than your average jrpg or kojima game.

>>637604924Every Switch game looks like ass except the stuff that's small and super-stylized like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. Smash too since basically nothing but the stage platforms and character models are being rendered. Bayonetta 3 looks and sometimes run like garbage, Xenoblade 2 and 3 looks terrible and drops to 540p with low-quality textures, Fire Emblem Three Houses looks early PS3, Mario Odyseey looks like ass in some worlds but okay in others, and more.

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>>637605235If it were released exclusively on a ten year old tablet, I wouldn’t. Because the consumer purchased said tablet knowing full well its limitations. These limitations are also called “medium”. Which is another new concept for you. And you’re welcome for the education. I don’t expect one piece of art work, on one medium, to be better or worse than another piece of artwork on another medium. Because the medium defines the art. Any disagreement, any objection to this statement of fact, reaching far beyond the shitpool of Holla Forums, into the pantheon of history of art, is to assert video games are not art. You may say video games are not art. You are entitled to say so. But if video games are not art, then your opinion on their medium, their performance and visual aesthetic, are irrelevant. You would then be, a legitimate and unironic, NPC.


>>637605521>a bunch of pseud Reddit babble just to say "Yes, that's true because Nintendo bonus"

>>637605673>prototypical Holla Forumstard incapable of high minded rhetoric really is a board full of npcs

>tendies actually consider their hardware being shit a point in their favorThis is astronomical levels of cope. This is 100% pure, refined, weapons-grade copium.

>>637599019>What is it about Zelda that rots people's minds and blinds themi have no fucking clueyou want puzzles? play tomb raider or the talos principleyou want good artstyle? play ori or transistoryou want good graphics? play literally anything elseyou want good performance? play literally anything else even the jedi got that got murdered for stutters runs better than thisyou want good quests? play witcher 3 or some shityou wanna explore? play outer wilds or subnautica or no man's buyyou want good story? lmao even the average aaa gosylop has better writing than thisyou want good combat? most other games will do better, the combat in these games is fucking shit and only a contrarian or faggot would say otherwisethis game has fucking nothing going for it other than the logo and the fact people grew up playing previous zelda titleshaving to put with the shilling of this game is like having to listen to your gay cousin gush about his spelling bee and the whole extended family has to kiss his ass for a whole evening

>>637599332Looks slightly better than a ps2 game.

>>637605815>high minded rhetoricIf you think any of the shit you just posted is "high minded" you have an incredibly low bar and aren't nearly as smart as you think you are, which is often true for "people" who try to posture online the way you're doing.

>>637603613funny since the art direction and gameplay are both dogshit

I think it looks pretty good other than being too low resolution, the 30 fps doesn't even bother me. And I normally play games with a 3090 on a 4k 120hz. I think the art style and direction is what makes it look so good

>>637605846Tendies have accept their hardware is shit since the first gameboy used a cpu from the 1970s. but you can play link’s awakening on it, which is still unironically better than horizon whatever dawn, or god of bore, or gaylo, or call of poopy

You can’t like how it plays either. The game is shit but has the Nintendo seal, all they care about.

>>637605521So you're admitting that you are forcefully lowering your standards for this game? Yet at the same time you're directly considering it comparable to higher quality/standardized works.And nintendofags claim to not be bias, lol.

>>637605939Well you’re welcome to refute the existence of medium in art without becoming a NPC and being triggered in to your dialogue branch by line spaces But you can’t Because your dialogue branch hasn’t been updated yet. you’re still in beta

>>637605846I'm in the camp that graphics don't mean anything. If the game runs well, it can look like an 8 bit indie game for all I care. Hell, that's why I think Terraria completely mogs every Zelda game ever made. The thing is that Terraria at least runs at 60 FPS, while TOTK struggles to even keep 30.One of these games gladly discarded graphics to ensure proper optimization, while the other was lazy and just wanted le heckin epic 3d graphics.

>>637606118>Well you're welcome to let me derail the thread with an entirely different discussion so we don't have to talk about how TotK looks like dogshitI bet you'd love that, tendie wendie.

>>637599019Name one thing that’s bad about it visually that isn’t resolution or polygon count

>>637605521>If it were released exclusively on a ten year old tabletAnd who's fault is that? Nintendo's fault. They weren't forced to make a shitty outdated tablet. They chose to. You don't praise someone for deliberately making something shit and praise them for being able to make something on said shit thing.

is that a sunset... aaaa im stunned...

>>637599019It looks great to me.

>>637606116If by “standards” you mean the “medium” then yes. I accept all art in all medium. I don’t go the louvre and demand they repaint the Mona Lisa because the canvas is too small. You might though. again, all this only matters, if video games are art? Are they art? You’ll likely say no to simply continue Internet Arguing (TM). But the rules and structure governing art extend far beyond this blue board. Hence this thread. Hence Totk’s reviews. Hence your seethe.

>>637599019>that Shulk picBased xenoCHAD, get fucked OP

>>637600050>inb4 gene park is a Holla Forumsintendo cultist

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>>637606257Yes. And no one forced consumers to purchase said tablet. They chose to. They accept the medium.

>>637606228I enjoy when NPCs talk like NPCs because it reaffirms I have a soul and you don’t My soul reacts to art Your lack of soul reacts to pixel counts

>>637606363>If by “standards” you mean the “medium” then yes.So you are admitting to being bias. Thanks.

>>637604359maybe thats a good reason why it shouldnt be open world the switch clearly cant handle it

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>>637605386>That's why I find the sony hate weirdit's sometimes irrational but i can see where it comes from, with the censorship, $70 games and paid exclusivity.movie game excuse however falls flat on it's face when you criticize a JRPG or a Yakuza game though.

>>637600640I know it's always been said, but>Impressionist>RenaissanceWay to our yourself as a low IQ retard. 2 seconds on Google could have saved you a small amount of embarrassment.

>>637599332have you played shadow of the colossus?this is around there

>>637601454Love me some BoTW/ToTK. Elden Ring isn't slop. Just stop.

>>637604239The lighting and boom shaders for this game are next fucking level. I want more games that use this. This game is the first one in a long fucking time to absolutely blow me away. Wish they had of dotted enemies around the levels and had a few more paths to make the game a little more interesting though.

>>637606685>censorship, $70 games and paid exclusivity.But enough about Shitendo

>>637606631No one forced millions of people to buy a ten year old tablet. Additionally, I can only be biased if I made the switch myself. If you’re curious, I did not make the switch. I am not Nintendo. I don’t know if that’s confusing for you

>>637600050>Bingalingbing bing wahoo dingalingthis has to be someone from this site, right?anyways lol.

>>637602481>nintendo>increasing resolutionlmfao>>637602383the wii u is more powerful than the shitsif it wasn't, the shits might have finally gotten an XCX portby the way you should play XCX.this isnt renaissance art, its just shit.

>>637599019It's really baffling

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>>637606363It's interesting how you bring up art. No one would legitimately try to compare a child's scribbles to something like a work from da Vinci. No one sane would hold both of those up to the same standards. Someone might say the drawing is good (for a child) but to claim it's equal to actual art pieces and should be scrutinized as such would be laughably retarded.Funny, isn't it?

game of the decadeyoutu.be/8fXN55IlZ5M?t=18look at this beauty

>>637599019Rabid and blind worship of a company they think somehow cares about themLook at how anything but endless praise gets you labeled as “seething”

>>637607075This game looks like ass. You need to have extreme levels of cognitive dissonance to think this crap looks good while shitting on how the yearly cod or ass creed looks.

>>637607004If I go outside right now how many trannies will I see?

I don't even understand how this could be a controversial statement.I grew up with Zelda games, so sure I can understand some people have some emotional attachment to the series but Nintendo kept dumbing them down and watering down, because their main audience is literal children. It's not a bad thing, but it is what it is.Souls is the version of Zelda that grew into an adult instead of remaining in perpetual childhood. It captures the feeling I felt as a kid but evolved alongside my own adulthood. Zelda 1 or 3 when you were a kid playing on the NES or SNES, at the time, felt like this mysterious and dangerous fantasy world. Souls replicates that.But gaming has evolved a lot in 30 years. It went from a children electronic toy to a mature adult hobby. Players have higher standards and expectations.From has successfully raised the bar for extremely challenging gameplay, complex level design, immersive atmosphere and masterful art direction. They are very sophisticated experiences with subtle nuances and profound meaning. Gaming has become true Art thanks to studios like From Software and geniuses like Hidetaka Miyazaki.Newer Zelda games by comparison are just toy-like, cartoonish, simplistic. They're kids games.Again, not a bad thing, that's Nintendo's brand. Miyamoto is a very talented children's toy creator. As a father, my kid is gonna be old enough to play these games soon and I'll be happy to play BOTW or a TOTK with him. It's like watching a Pixar or Ghibli movie, it's quality family entertainment, it's for children with underdeveloped tastes and minds. But when I'm on my own, I'm not watching a cartoon or playing Nintendo games. I'm watching the filmography of Andrei Tarkovsky or playing Elden Ring. Because I'm an adult with a developed sense of taste and intellect.What's bizarre of how aggressive Nintendo fans get when you simply point out this reality that they have the underdeveloped minds and sensibilities of literal child.

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Guys can I make a controversial post too? Okay here goes. I replay Morrowind yearly. What's that? I play a game with bad graphics for hundreds of hours a year? That's insane!

>>637607012We’re not talking about a child’s scribbles? We’re talking about totk? The single best reviewed video game to ever exist? Made by a team of hundreds and several educated and professional artists? And a game, likely similar to oot, which will be discussed and analyzed for decades to come?


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>>637606795That game was very pretty too

>>637606203Terraria really is fun as fuck. I need to get back to it

>>637607075this is what 50% of the NEW content looks like in this game

>>637603549Yes>>637603904Yes it is until you complete the temple


>>637607075lol how the fuck could this ever be a goty candidate i feel insanethis looks like something you'd see when a kid is gaming on an old episode of law & order

>>637606601Absolutely fucking Reddit post holy shitKys tendie

>>637607489Kek this

>>637600543Y-yeah... You tell t-them!

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Just your annual reminder that every company that switched to the "4k massively immersive open world with photo realistic graphics" model hasn't released a game in 10 years.

>>637607534NPCs can only speak in prescripted dialogue branches when triggered by a player action. On chan, and Holla Forums, this player action is hitting the enter key to make a line break. The NPC reacts with said dialogue branch. They can only speak with prescripted dialogue cues until they receive an update. Which you have not.

>>637599019it looks fine. it is a lot of fun to play. not the best, but well worth the price imo.

>>637599019Would you be sharting your dick and balls off in manufactured outrage if they were praising Final Fantasy XVI's graphics? Or Dark Souls' graphics?

>>637599019It not Zelda, it's Nintendo that causes brain rot. Tendies were fine with that God awful Pokémon game, so no wonder TotK looks amazing to them.

>>637600750Both PS3 and X360 would explode even attempting to run TotK

>>637607321That doesn't count because it's Holla Forumscore so it gets a pass>>637607286>souls is the version of zelda that grew into an adult>it's also less funMakes you think

>>637607286didnt read learn to write your thoughts better tardo

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>>637607472It's not. There is a sandstorm in the surrounding area.

>>637605941This. If it had HZD's art direction and Doom Eternal's gameplay it would have been a perfect game.

>>637607351>The single best reviewed video game to ever exist? Citation needed. It's also amusing how you fucking clowns pretend reviews don't matter (they don't) until they're in favor of a game you like, and then suddenly the game is factually good because muh reviews.Most intellectually dishonest, biased, hypocritical vidya fanbase out there. Fucking disgraceful.


>>637607661it took them six years to release TOTK

>Zelda ThreadAlright you fags, how much damage does the master sword do in TOTK? Can it break?

>>637607790>Holla ForumscoreNot a thing, it is illegal to like games with bad graphics.

>>637607856>It's also amusing how you fucking clowns pretend reviews don't matter (they don't) until they're in favor of a game you like, and then suddenly the game is factually good because muh reviews.lol why are you pretending like all of Holla Forums doesn't do this?

>>637599019>What is it about Zelda that rots people's minds and blinds themI think this swings both ways. It also pisses people off that other enjoy it. Why can't people just focus on what they like? I don't mean for Zelda but for anything. Both sides flame each other for having a differing opinion. Holla Forums has to be one of, if not the most insecure board on this site.

>>637607682Not even the guy you were arguing with originally but you need to go outside. This is embarrassing shit on the level of that one kid in high school who always butts into every conversation with >WELL ACKSHUALLY, AS AN ENLIGHTENED INDIVIDUAL...

>>637607919What's your point? My point is that releasing games with "up to date graphics" is unsustainable and if it continues at the rate it is heading the next Elder Scrolls game after 6 won't come out until you're dead.

There is an unfathomable difference between what Zelda as a game is like, and what its fans online say it is. To a much bigger degree than I've seen with any other game.Nintendo's advertising for it is really good. They maintain their brand and public image extremely well. But it's beyond me how someone can talk about PURE EMERGENT GAMEPLAY and DIGITAL BEAUTY when the actual gameplay footage looks like fucking this >>637607075

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>>637607856You're the one who spent the last few years spamming everywhere that TotK will get bad reviews. You can't have it both ways.You shat in your own bed and now you have to lie in it.

>>637608028And yet when an indie game cuts back on the graphics, you're the first to call it "gay pixeltrash". You hypocrite.

>>637607856This may surprise you but singularly am not the entire Nintendo fanbase. Additionally, totk is factually the single best reviewed game to ever exist.

>>637608069>EVERYONE IS THE SAME PERSONYou need to take your meds.