What's your gaming squad like?

What's your gaming squad like?

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>>637598159all these guys could get girls if they just be themselves

hades is the only one that could get any pussy

me and my niggas

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I harass and fight with every w*man who tries to join a friend group I'm inthis resulted in me getting kicked out from most friend groups, but I hate women more than anythingmen belong with men and women belong with women, simple as that, disagree? you're a normalfag, and a communist, and black

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>>637598159Based Boper crushing women 24/7

>>637598271that's the joke retard

>>637598271lmao i bet you consider yourself intelligent

He looking at 2 girls at once

>>6375981590 1 - (Unknown)2 3 - Stef4 5 - Lando6 7 - Stebe8 - Boper9 - Hades

>>637599851Gimme that Boper Brapper

>>637598159I haven´t had friends in a decade

>>637599851THE PLAYER

>>637599851the first one is lando he just wears a wig

>>637598314>when you use the bathroom to do fat lines

>>637600842You're lying

>>637600954it really gets good

Fighting for freedom is...le Bad!!!!

>>637598159Lando looks like young anime Eminem

>>637599851Hope for Hades, nigga must be lonely.

Ladies, watch out for Boper. He may not look like it, but he’s a real puss crusher and heart breaker

>>637598552Nate moment

My gaming squad when we go aquaparking.

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>>637599189roflzorz I bet you consider yourself worthwhile


>>637598159Me and the boyz be like:

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>>637598159>that one dude wearing tie-dye shower curtain


>>637598159elite giga slutz save the worldthis was my first commander WOTC Ironman run wich got BTFO last week though, rip

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>>637599851For me? It's boper

>>637601184is this real??

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>>637598159Boper fucks


Me and the boys blowing steam off after a moba game.

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>>637602243This one never fails to destroy my sides.

>>637599851I want to bop The Bopper

>>637599851give me stef

>>637602243haha spinal cord damage

>>637602243What was the point of this?

Me and my gamer parents.

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>>637602696just a bit of banter


Me and the squad seeing a gacha player.

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>>637598159a little something like thsi... likeminded compatriots who are just a little out of th eloop... who see things just a little differently... and thats what makes us so pwoerful... ha ha ha

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>>637598159For me? its The Freak Bobby


>>637602389Looks like it destroyed his sides, too.

Me and the squad after saying the n-word in an online game.

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>>637598159Me if the freak


>>637604063Where I can find this kino?

>>637602696an excuse to kiss each other at the beginning

>>637599851GIVE ME HADES

Name the squad members.

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>>637601940no user it's clearly CGI

>>637604897Boris the bearSergej the sandbagAlyosha the annihilator


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>>637605437Dogshit art choices but why not

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>>637606062>A larger, older woman

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>>637601184are they ok?


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>>637598159ayo we got redditors throwing romans over here lmao

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>>637605890Not bad. Just having 4 clones I can willing control would be crazy busted plus 4 sword Zelda has an ok design

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>>637605437>B4nny lay, b4nny out!!!




>>637606531im the luckiest motherfucker in the world

>>637598552Based homo supremacist



>>637605437Why not

>>637600842Is this true?

>>637604063what's the device?




>>637600842Complete bullshit

>>637605437All these outdated whores

>>63759815940-66 year old Irish, Scottish and English dudes. Met them all playing CoD blackout and one WoW years back.

>>637599851Alright rollan.

>>637598552B a s e d

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>>637599851Gimmie good

>>637598159we say nigger,faggot,and kike>>637598552>I harass and fight with every w*man who tries to join a friend group I'm inunfathomably based

>>637601184Did they died



>>637605437Goin in blind