Why are you not playing Spore rn?

Why are you not playing Spore rn?

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Watch the first trailer for yourself.

>>637597675What do you mean


>>637598317yeah what about it

>>637597443I don't like how the game goes from action to sim city.

>>637598629We were robbed.

>>637597443Last time i played i was trying to kill all grox but it was taking forever and i got bored and uninstalledOne day i'll reinstall and actually finish

>>637598935its really hard. They own thousands of planets

>>637597443Because Spore STINKS!

>>637598826>We were robbed.lol, I remember being cognizant enough to complain about it when I was what 7-8?It was still fun and it needs a remake

>>637599156take that back retard

>this game is BAD!>why>BECAUSE I FELL FOR MARKETING!lol

Spore is one game I keep coming back to occasionally. Guess just not enough time has passed for me to warrant another playthrough.

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>>637599190I was a bit older then and the wait was better than the final product.

>>637599251Many such cases.

>>637599198>>637599251The game's fun but the marketing makes or breaks a decision to buy. That's why literally everybody knows Skyrim.

>>637597443Keeps telling me it can't connect to server or some shit like that.

>>637599921same. But that only limits downloading from other players you can still play it. Its cuz the servers are long dead

>>637598317I just stumbled upon Spore on a Walmart shelf one day having never heard of it prior. When you dont have the expectations of the marketing the game is pretty good.Also this trailer is literally what the game is but the graphics arent finished. Whats even your point?

>>637600386No molecular stage.No aquatic stage.No city stage.

>>637600991the only one maybe worth it would have been the city stage

>>637598317why did he do it bros

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>>637601335>he doesn't want to be a fish in a three-dimensional stage

>>637601645To ally with the GroxFuck organic squishies

>>637600991>shows some animals swimming for a split second>BRO AQUATIC STAGE CONFIRMED THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVERIs this the "deceptive" marketing about this I hear so much? Seeing some cells split for 1 second doesnt confirm a molecular stage.

>>637602530t. never lived through the age of game developers sharing dev progress

real talkThe original Spore would just be Star Citizen before Star Citizen

>>637597443I actually got it recently for $2 on Steam but it’ll probably just sit in my library literally forever and never get played

TOO MUCH customization, same thing that bugs me about Sims 3

>>637603728Play it user, it's definitely worth the time

Jesse, I'm in Spore

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>>637603393>t. no source

>>637603834That actually makes me feel more inclined to play it. I think I actually had this game on disc as a child but our family pc couldn’t handle that game. I played pic related instead and had a good time.

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>>637599395Same, this thread is making me think its about that time.

How about Galactic Adventures?

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>>637604014when I was a kid I loved science channel and discovery channel.They would have ads for the game, and I followed the devs showing gameplay of the aquatic stage, and talking about their intent for it to simulate evolution with gameplay features.

>>637603728Its really worth a playrun, the beast stage its 100% comfy and even the space one that it is the worst one its comfy too

I remember the hype for this game, I played it for a few hours and never played it ever again. Should I play it again, has anything changed in 15 years?

>>637602530They actually said that they had not enough time to finished these three stages once they were relocated.

I loved spore when it came out though my family PC could barely run it, I don't know why user's are complaining so much about the dropped content for a game literally made for 8 year olds.


>>637604106Since you've bought it already, go for it>>637604285What's it gonna be for this playthrough, user? Last time I finally allied the Grox as a Zealot

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>>637597443Because I'm not at home right now. Fucking love Spore, missed all the media hype so I went in with minimal expectations and had a great time.

>>637599921The online is still up, last I checked you can only make an in-game account if you launch the game through Origin, don't know if it works the same through EA app, but once you do you have an account that can go online on the GOG/Steam/CD version of the game.If you have the GOG version it should give you a CD key that you can use to redeem it on EA app.

>>637598826>>637598317That trailer is obviously a pre-rendered video, you fucking tard muncher.

>>637598826>We were robbed.It was too ambitious for a 2007 game

modded it is fun, too bad there aren't many mods for it.

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>>637605538See >>637604492

>>637599395I still like the character creator. And the game's built up a ton of weird adventures and creatures over the years. Admittedly I just like making really lewd monsters.

>>637606065Yeah, you're right, it was a major disappointment. My point was that nobody who was cognizant of Spore's release thought that trailer was actually showing any gameplay - that it was anything but a pre-rendered movie.

>>637606096>I just like making really lewd monstersis there a single person that didn't make a penis monster?

>>637606340Me. I was too much in love with the idea of making cool dinosaurs and monsters that I never once considered the idea of making sentient cocks.

>>637604421Are any of the dlc worth buying?

>>637606454wtf. not even as a joke?

>>637605970What are the best mods? Or should I go full vanilla for a first playthrough?

>>637600386The game's development was fucked by EA. What was supposed to be an evolution simulator by Maxis ended up being executive meddled into a creationism simulator. My understanding is that EA literally had two teams working on it, one whom it was a passion project for and the other which was comprised entirely of marketing goons.

>>637606530Not even once. I remember feeling weirded out that everyone else seemed to immediately think it, when I just immediately thought "I can make a Spinosaurus". Perhaps I am secretly autistic

>>637606740No, you are normal and wholesome

>>637604421What a weird fucking era this was.youtube.com/watch?v=I_H4rh4LLZQ

>>637606740>I just immediately thought "I can make a Spinosaurus".I feel like we would have gotten along well as kids

>>637606740nobody immediately made a dickdude. i remember feeling really clever for coming up with a couple dick monsters after my second playthrough

I wish you could modify the whole solar system with those galactic adventures.seeing the planets come really fucking close and then twirl away as the circle around the sun is a sight but more or less impossible to decently capture in the vanilla game.

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I never made a dick man, but I did figure out on my own how to do that trick with arms to make boobs with jiggle physics


>>637604014I'll vouch for him. This game was being hyped to shit prior to release, and the fact that it was Will Wright saying it made everyone believe it was going to be as huge as The Sims was. The fact that this game is at best forgotten and at worst thought of as horrible is a reflection of the frustration that Will Wright of all people couldn't live up to his promises.