Mortal Kombat 1 info roundup>Q: What platforms will Mortal Kombat 1 be available on?>A: Mortal Kombat 1 will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.>Q: When does Mortal Kombat 1 release?>A: Mortal Kombat 1 is scheduled for worldwide release on Sept. 19, 2023.>Q: Which characters will be available in Mortal Kombat 1?>A: Mortal Kombat 1 will feature reimagined fighters like they’ve never been seen before, including Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kung Lao, Kitana, Mileena, Shang Tsung, Johnny Cage, and many others.>The Kombat Pack will feature a Johnny Cage character skin with the likeness of famed actor and martial artist, Jean-Claude Van Damme (available at launch), early access to six new playable characters (available post-launch), and five new Kameo Fighters (available post-launch).>Q: What are Kameo Fighters and how do they work in Mortal Kombat 1?>A: Kameo Fighters are a unique roster of partner characters to assist during matches, creating expanded gameplay possibilities for players. These characters are chosen separately from the main roster of fighters.>Q: What type of modes will Mortal Kombat 1 have?>A: NetherRealm’s genre-defining Story Mode returns with a brand-new cinematic narrative featuring unexpected twists on classic rivalries and original backstories for the wide-ranging cast of legendary fighters. More details for online and offline modes will be coming soon.

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Kaptain Kameo reporting for duty!

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why are they call it mortal kombat 1?did they reboot the whole thing

>>637597445it's single player

>>637597445It's too much to explain. I think the name is kinda dumb but kind of clever. I just hate when people list all the titles of games and go "WHAAAT??" It just goes into the whole timeline changes starting in MK9 aka Mortal Kombat aka Mortal Kombat (2011). I must be the only one that is unapologeticly excited for this game, and that thought MK11 was the best MK game. I'm a life long fan and player. And just enjoy all the stuff they're doing with the franchise. I'm buying a new system just for this game.

I'm expecting my wife to be a Kameo, so that way I cannot be disappointed.

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>>637597012Kitana is so beautiful, bros.

>>637597971I'm expecting my homie Smoke to be outright ignored. That way I can save money.

>>637597445>Q: What type of game is Mortal Kombat 1?>A: Mortal Kombat 1 is the latest title in the acclaimed Mortal Kombat videogame franchise developed by award-winning NetherRealm Studios. The game will introduce a reborn Mortal Kombat Universe that has been created by the Fire God Liu Kang, featuring reimagined versions of iconic characters as they’ve never been seen before, along with a new fighting system, game modes, bone krushing finishing moves, and more.

Predict the rosterand predict the Kameo roster

>>637597012Moron Kombat can't even do a PC beta. Figures Netherealms ports have always been shit.

>>637598343>predict the Kameo rosterLiterally every MK character that sucks.

>>637597762Mk is fun. But not a great fighting game. But that's ok

>>637597012Does anyone else unironically find the MK story entertaining? Only time I would use Youtube and it's to just watch the single player cutscenes.

>>637598642It's not fun when it just devolve's into projectile spam like 11

>>63760012010 felt decently fast, why did they make everyone a lumbering oaf in 11

>>637597012No hot sexualized female characters with coomer outfits, I'll pass on this one, call me once the west grows a pair

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>>637599256Writing-wise, every NRS game since MK9 always had the same story pattern to me: strong opening, very fun middle, painful nosedive into depressive dark tragedy in the third act, ending that provides a vague status quo with a shrug for the future.No idea if it's Vogel doing this shit but it's getting old. The animated movies were a breath of fresh air because they broke from this.>all today

>>637598343Roster:>Scorpion>Sub-Zero>Liu Kang>Johnny Cage>Great Kung Lao>Raiden>Mileena>Kitana>Quan Chi>Ermac>Reptile>Baraka>Goro>Reiko>Havik>Sheeva>Kenshi>Jade>Tremor>D'vorah>New character>New character>New character>New ancestor of character>Guest character>Guest character>Guest characterKameo roster>Smoke>Skarlet>Rain>Kabal>Cyrax>Drahmin>Mokap>Nitara>Tanya>Sareena>Fujin>Mavado>Asrah>Li Mei>Bo' Rai Cho>Meat>Khameleon >Kollector>Erron Black>Hotaru>Guest character related to a main roster guest character>Guest character related to a main roster guest character

>>637597012>Preorder to get Shang Tsung!God thank fuck i dont play big modern games anymore

>>637600815If you're patient enough you're gonna get the season pass that includes everything for 2 bucks on a sale.Companies take advantage on people by preying on their desire to get everything now.

>>637600815you’re supposed to wait a year for them to release the ULTIMATE KOMBAT KUM PACK DELUXE and then buy it on sale for $7.50 user

>>637597012No human looking reptile no deal. Stop with the crocman bullshit. UMk3 reptile or nothing.

>>637601136He has always been a lizard.

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>>637597012So they're completely remaking the series to remove all the sexy and goofiness huh. Fuck it, they can't completely bury the past

>>637597445>did they reboot the whole thingYesActually it's the second reboot. And they'll fuck up the story by the second game again and be forced to reboot it for a third time.

>>637599256>Does anyone else unironically find the MK story entertaining?It was entertaining until MK9. Then it was just reatarded.



>>637601136Based. I want the green ninja back. I know he was always a lizard but just handwave it as he looks human as an illusion and then shows his lizard self during brutalities/fatalities/x-rays. Green ninja was my favorite along with Cyrax.

>>637600764mental illnes

>>637597313Here Kaptain

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Top 10 biggest jobbers in Mortal Kombat.1. Frost2. Baraka3. Kotal Kahn4. Reptile5. Cabal6. Mileena7. Noob Saibot8. Cyrax9. Skarlet10. Jade

I remember being pretty freaked out by this as a kid. Does it do anything for you zoomers?

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>>637605415How is Reptile not number one?

>>637605438For me

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>>637605475Because human reptile exists and is part of his legacy.

>>637605415Shao Kahn should be at the top of this kind of list every single time.

>>637597012Nearly the entire roster is Asian... Will they make Johnny Cage asian too?

>>637597762I just hope this time around they remove that permanent fence that seems to be in the way of every character.

>>637601136Based Reptilebro

>>637600805I feel like Jade will get mournfuled kameo style here


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>>637605415Reptile and Baraka are fighting for the top spotFrost hasn't been featured in enough games to warrant it Kotal Kahn is a strong latecomer

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>>637605552>I can't believe Kui Liang of the Lin Kuei and Hanzo Hasash of the Shirai Ryu are Asian!

>>637605552Something I can see them doing is making Kenshi full Japanese.

>>637600805why people like reiko so much? he is so dull and people cant say anything cool about him beyond 'hes calm and stategic genenral'

Will Jarek be a Kameo, with his attack being plummeting down from the top of the screen?

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>>637605545Is this a joke? Shao Kahn has the best track record of all MK characters. He defeated Raiden, Liu Kang, all elder gods individually. They had to reboot the story because he was too powerful.

>>637597445The last one ended with a new timeline being created or something

>>637605642I didn't say I liked him, I predicted he would be in the roster.

>>637605683I want him to win.

>>637605609>Frost hasn't been featured in enough games to warrant itShe gets btfoed in every appearance though.

>>637597012Will there be one Kombat Pack? Will the $110 version be a one off price for the whole, complete package? (With the exception of the inevitable Aftermath 2)?Kombat Pack 2 + Aftermath 2 will be extra? $$

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>>637605620Never seen whiter names in my life.

>>637605526>That reptile face-melting fatilitySick shit.

>>637605658Kameo at the very best.

>>637605526Actually loved that as a kid. I'd never continue which meant I had to learn how to beat 4 in one go if I ever wanted to beat it

This will be your Kameo fighter for the evening

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>>637600998Forces preorder for >a character>beta access>beta isn’t even available to part of the player base because fuck youAll without showing an ounce of gameplay. How the fuck do you defend this at all with “we’ll just pay for it later.” Fuck modern games. And (not necessarily you) the people that constantly defend it like the good consumers they are.

>>637597445It's just an edgy marketing gimmick. Everybody is still gonna refer to it as mk12 colloquially. I wouldn't be surprised to make it more gimmicky, the ultimate komplete edition is "Mortal Kombat 12" kind of like mk XL.

>>637605545Shao Kahn literally won canonically in the original timeline

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>>637605713fair but i see a lot of people who do like him for some reason

>>637605871this 100%

>>637605828Havik WILL be on the roster.

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So basically Liu Kang became a god and painted the whole world with his piss

I wonder if they're doing a deep cut take on MK1, like Raiden being evil? No elder gods or outworld?

So no Injustice then?

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So, was Boon talking about seeing more 3D era characters talking about the Kameo system?


>>637600805if Smoke gets relegated to assist character I will be seething

>>637605609Frost literally gave her body and soul for more power and became the slave of a titan to get some attention and she was still the weakest character in MK11. She doesn't have a single win under her belt. Hell she doesn't even get a single line of respect or acknowledgement in any of the character intros. She was designed to be prime jobber. Frost being the number one spot is not arguable. Reptile was a super boss once so we have to show him at least some respect.

>>637605762Did you play MK12? No, this is just the beginning of the DLC.

>>637605981Yes and no. There will be some returns to the roster, but also a bunch of Kameo returns.

>>637605996His new name will be Johnny Kage, an Asian-American Hollywood actor seeking to star in his breakout role anyday now.

I'm getting into the spirit of fighting games, what's the best one in terms of single player content released in the past like 7 years?

How do you think kameo fighters will work? Will they just do a move and fuck off like mvc assists or will they stay on the screen a bit more like assist trophies

>>637605980Wasn't there a lot of restructuring of DC stuff after 11 released? Wouldn't be surprised if they shelved Injustice 3 due to that.


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Mandatory thread

So dual/partner fatalities are gonna be a thing right? It's obvious

>>637600805your insane to think ninjas will EVER not be kept on the back burner for roster DLC.

>>637597445Yes. Again.

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>>637600815they've been doing this pre-order character shit since mkxit's lame as fuck but sadly it must work well for them

>>637606112MK tends to be packed with singleplayer kontent, it's the series' best quality. So MK9, MKX, MK11.

Why is MK such a big deal? I don't nearly see it as much as I do Smash, Tekken, or SF. Hell I see KoF shit more than I do MK, is it just a big normie thing?

>>637597012Anyone else hoping Kameos just replace X-Rays altogether? I feel like maybe that's the intent since a lot of people were irritated by how long and ridiculous they got in MK11.

>>637606102I doubt we'll get anyone outside of Quan Chi and Kenshi as usual.

>>637605415This is the only list where Kotal Kahn deserves number 1

>>637597313It's Shujinko's time to shine!

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>>637605980Probably after this mk. Injustice 3: Gods will fall was in the Nvidia leaks a year or two ago.

>>637597762I am buying a new System for SF6 but this justifies it further.

>>637605415why isnt kano on the list?

>>637606140This whole album is a fucking treasure

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>Fighting without the spirit of the samuraiHmpf!

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>>637606081I assume there will be more and $110 is the price so far.. Fine. I will try to resist a preorder but with that suave Tsang Chung mofo it will be difficult.

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>>637606103How does johnny cage (and special forces) even fit into a game set in the past

>>637598503>can't even do a PC betaSFfags continue to ruin PC betas for everyone by cracking.



>>637597012>Woketal Chinkbat 1>A thread was killed for thisFuck off

>>637601136Usually it's me saying that every thread.If we got human skin reptile what type of eyes would he have?

>>637602246third*>>637606284Just like in MK1 when he was there for a publicity stunt and Sonya was after Kano

>>637598118I miss my nigga Smoke. Played him so much in MK9 and was mildly disappointed he was only Triborg variation in X.I also liked his long flowing Fabio hair

>>637606223MK is not and has never been the best fighting game gameplay wise, meaning it's not big in hardcore e-sports, but it is very pleasing to the general audience thanks to having content packed games, loads of flashy gore, and signature cool characters.

>>637606223MK is literally the highest selling Fighting Game franchise right now.Fuck, MK9 is why every fighting must waste so much money on cinimatic story modes.

>>637606284Time travel.


>>637606302>nu metal garbage

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>>637605593Smoke is the thing that will determine if I preorder or not, as stupid as that is. I wanna be hype but I need the full MK3 Ninja roster back and Smoke especially. He was my main in MK9.

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>>637597012>preorder to get shang tsung

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>>637597012Shill thread. NRS going full shill mode because they are scared of getting inevitably shit on by the behemoths that are Tekken and Street Fighter

Don't mind me, just posting the best mortal kombat

>> official TV series ended with a TOTAL Shao Kahn victory. And it was glorious.

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>>637597313>We are now in a time line where Mokap might come back.what the fuck

>>637606263He had a movie where he was the lead villain with access to Kronika's time powers, and he straight up ruined the whole Earth.

>>637606112Literally Mortal Kombat, hence it being the highest selling fighting game franchise.

>>637606397>He hurled his thunderbolt


>>637606361I wanna see what they do with the wispy, floating hair on modern systems. It looked a bit weird in MK9 but the concept was perfect for him.

So if I understand this right we can play two different Kung Laos, the Great and the hat version? Great Kung Lao is supposed to be a badass that was reigning champ until Goro showed up. How might he play?

>>637605415>1. Froststopped reading there nigga LMAOOOOOO

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>>637606223>is it just a big normie thingYes. MK was absolutely massive in the 90s so most people know of it. It also usually has a lot of casual friendly content outside of getting stomped online. It's why the story mode in these games are more in line with the movie games that normalfags love.

>>637605871He also took used goods as a wife and raised the daughter of another man and had to artificially create his (weak) child because he is impotent.

>>637606397Yup and it was the best era of MK. Edge at its finest.

>>637606416>Tekken 7 sales: 9 million>Street Fighter 5 sales: 7 million>Mortal Kombat 11 sales: 15 million

>>637606416Hahahahahahaha.....MK11 out sold SFV and Tekken 7 combined.

>>637605415Reptile and Baraka have NEVER known victory.Reptile has the dishonour of being originally a secret super cool character only to job and Baraka has the dishonour of not even being playable and literally dying in mk11 to a newcomer.Atleast kotal pwned Goro that one time

>Homelander and PeacemakerI actually dig the AMERICA guest DLC featuring Not-Cap and Not-Supes.

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>>637606514Kotal Kahn at least has some wins. Frost doesn't have a single win.

>>637606529That's because Skarlet succed him dry

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>>637606416Considering MK11 outsold both Tekken 7 and SFV combined, I doubt they're all that scared.

>all the MK games are on sale>I remember playing at some guy's house, I used a big guy/little girl character>they're not in 11 and it looks like they won't be in this one>reason being that they were not popular enough to bring back to 11goddammit this always happenswhy can't I be a goddamn normie and like the marketing approved characters

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>>637606596>>637606602The shills are retaliating and getting aggressive. Your lies won't fool anyone NRS tranny

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>here's your kameo roster bro

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>>637606689>becomes a blood god, takes over Outworld and makes Shao Kahn her begging slave in her arcade ending

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So are Kameo Kharacters essentially assists from MK9?

>>637606614If it was just lizard reptile he would be higher but we have to respect the legacy of human reptile. You can't compare him to baraka which was born and raised as a henchman cuck.

>>637606772I forgot this happened

>>637606523This is something kids today don't realize but the arcade cabinet was a roaring monster in every arcade. Shit like super street fighter II cowered at the sight of it, no matter where you went in the arcade you could always hear the attract mode or violent screaming when it was being played. Everyone who visited an arcade knew what MK was despite never playing it.

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>>637606441Still the best TV adaption of a video game nearly 30 years later

>>637606276Wish they could have kept Cary's likeness. He looked so fucking cool in MK11. I hope MK1 is fun. It's depressing how much MK11 was dream come true shit but the game itself is ass.

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>>637606773Wow, you got to two thirds of MK11's sales.

>>637606791Kenshi, Havik and Nitara as playable, believe.

>>637606696Is it cracked yet? I might give it a shot but it wasn't cracked last I checked.

>>637606696Tekken 7 and SF5 were both low budget games and black sheep in their series. Can't wait to see the cope from Moron Kombat fans when T8 and SF6 blow it the fuck out

>>637606709Sucks to be you, I'm a Kano main and he's practically guaranteed a spot.>>637606857This but for Killer Instinct, the ACTUAL loudest cabinet in every the arcade.

>>637606361His character portrait was so shit though.

>>637606654kotal is a kahn whos supposed to rule outworld and gets beaten up by everyone. thats even worse

>>637606689>Skarlet, you will receive my sacred seed >Yes, master *pulls the blood out of his dick*

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>>637606772>AAAAAAAH MUH SPINE IS BROKEN GET ME TO THE SOUL CHAMBER>wakes up from the soul chamber>wakey wakey kotal, time for a beat downFucking lmao. They never did a character more dirty than him.

>>637606709yea they will be an assist character at the very best

Smoke WILL be in.

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>>637606441Up until a few days ago I never realized that Raiden and Shao Khan were played by the same actor

>>637606435>Reptile's them is a literal porn star's songthe 90s were

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>>637606956>Can't wait to see the cope>both low budget games and black sheep in their series

>>637600764this thread is clearly made by marketeers. You never shit like this for any other game, even tendie ones. Also, see how the replies all follow a very positive "I'm so gamer" style. Definitely shills and bots.

>>637606971That one too. Helpes that the music was actually good in that one.>KILLAH>KILLAH>OOOH SHE'S A KILLAH>YAPAPAPAPAPAPAPA

>>637606857I can still remember waiting in line for like 30 minutes only to get my ass kicked in 2 by the top dog playing that day

Reminder that Mortal Kombat babbies don't actually play the games past week one. They discuss the shitty MCU story mode, look at all the fatalies and then never play it again because they are neanderthal bong toking dimwits who can't play fighting games.

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>>637607064This. Weebshits are delusional.

>>637607154How would you know? You don't even play video games.

>>637606791Kenshi, Tanya, Quan Chi, Nitara and Sareena don't deserve to be in that pic. They're actually cool.

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>>637607232It's just a picture of all the 3D era newcomers.

>>637607193You probably had a better shot at beating him than the AI.

>>637607108>appears out of nowhere, refuses to elaborate>REPTILE>kickass song>provides best fight in the

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>>637607108>Traci Lords is an American actress and singer. She entered the adult film industry using a fake birth certificate to conceal that she was two years under the legal age of eighteen.reptile chads keep winning

>>637606514>Kripple Kahn

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>>637607309And it was added in reshoots just to have an additional fight in the film too.



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>>637607225No shit retard he’s a 4channeler hence why he’s analyzing the data.

>>637607232Kabal knew this.

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A-user, would you like to, um, p-play some Mortal Kombat with me?

>>637607126You are comparing two ancient fighting games to one that came out in 2019. The goalpost moving is astronomical. How do I get on Boons marketing payroll? Looks pretty fun. Reminder Warner Bros deploys shills all over the net everytime a big title gets announced. They did it for MK11, they did it for Hogwarts, and they did it for that joke Multiversus.

>>637607391I can't believe Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Hanzo Hasashi and Kui Liang are Asian.

>>637607463He wasn't available for the reshoots

>>637607408>>637607431based KabalHowever Nitara is better.

Takeda was a good character conceptually. His chains were one of the coolest weapon in the entire series.

>>637607207thats normal for fighting games on steam. im even more surprised its that high i could have sworn last i checked it was barely hitting 1k

>>637607557Hes a fag

>>637606956The only Street Fighter to outsell Mortal Kombat 11 is 2 and Mortal Kombat 11 has outsold every Tekken (through Tekken 3 is very, very close)

>>637607108>MK shouldn't be sexy!

>>637607512Yes, let's be fair and compare games that came out at the same time instead.>Mortal Kombat X sales: 13 millionOops

>>637607309And then the sequel tried to one-up it by having 3 Reptiles at once.That movie was awesome. It's so fucking bad.

>>637607338Some of her early videos before she was legal are still onnporm sites. FBI is too lazy to take them down

>>637606997Yeah it kinda was. I have no idea why they gave him the Vegeta/Freakazoid widowspeak

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I can't believe they're still doing this "Pre-Order to get this character who is clearly already in the game" shit. I think they're the only major publisher doing this.


Attached: 1746058-1745821_25305_bd_stryker_color_122_189lo.jpg (720x960, 143.39K)

>>637607614Nah that was that bow fag. He married Jacqui.

>>637607785I read this as widow speak first.

>>637607408>>637607431>Defeats Kronika and gains her powers>Immediately realizes this job sucks shit>Sells her powers back to her in exchange for wiping out the Black Dragon, and giving him a hot wife, giant mansion, healed burns, two sons and a load of high end vehiclesBest ending in that game except for Spawn's.

>>637607614That's Kung Jin. Takeda is with Jacqui Briggs.


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>>637607512I'm simply a millennial enjoying nostalgia zoom zoom

>>637600805>Ermac>TremorIt's perfect

>Shang Tsung not included in the base rosterlol. lmao, even. ngmi

>>637607824He's literally the most hated MK character of all time.

>>637607824We had Robocop in the last game.

>>637605415Kotal should be number 1. He literally died in his own reveal trailer for MK11.

There's going to be a huge update 2 years into it's life where they'll add a "2" and then will be called MK12

>>637597012Least they didn't use mumble rap this time around. Also the models look a bit better as well.

>>637607207>Reminder that Mortal Kombat babbies don't actually play the games past week oneThat's every fighting game ever.


>>637605415Why not Goro?

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>>637607714The best part of it is that while 3 Reptiles spawned, Raiden only fought two of them.

>>637607965Why did they hate that character so much

>>637607942No that's Hsu Hao. Stryker was redeemed in MK9.

>>637597313Kitana needs me as her Kameo

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>>637607965>Meant to reveal Kotal>Upload Jade's reveal footage by mistakeI laughed for hours.

>>637607903>AM/BFThat's an extremely rare pairing

>>637608036He won Mortal Kombat tournament 9 times. Goro deserves some respect.

>>637608064No, she must be on the roster.

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>>637607824In my rape dungeon

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>>637606069Don't forget her first appearance in the 9-X-XI timeline is jobbing to Cassie in the X prequel comic

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>>637608021Any other fighting game, even Strive trannies actually play the fucking game, and discuss the gameplay. All these 30 IQ NRS fans just gobble up this cape shit tier writing and that's all they give a fuck about. Imagine giving a fuck about the story in a fighting game. Dweeb ass niggas