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Lack of DZ

bruh literally every corner of the planet is grifting each other with pointless talking points

you can no longer spawn bombs in totk as in botw?

>>637595935>VaushLiterally the Shadman of politics.

sexual freedom is when midriff (only male though, no objectification allowed)

>>637595935>WHAT'S WRONG WITH AMERICANS?This is what happens when you don't beat your kids.

>>637596272You kind of can, though they're consumables like in older titles, and they pretty much explode instantly.

>>637595935Wow he REALLY wants to fuck animals

isnt that guy a pedophile?

But when women do it it's bad. Fuck those faggots.

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>>637595935>VaushHe’s a pedo

>>637595935It's a big fetish game hidden as a family friendly game.The devs like to jack off to the thought of children playing their fetish game.

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Destiny BTFO this retard

>>637596556Yes and he's into zoophilia and a confirmed ogre fucker.

>>637596647who doesn't

>>637596581>vagina bones???

>>637596647>Destiny>blowing anyone the fuck outlmao

>>637596581What Nintendo of America did to TMS should have been considered criminal

>>637595935>>637595991>>637596272>>637596581>>637596636>>637596807>>637596823Reminder that Vaush is an open pedo that also wants to fuck and suck horses

>>637595935We don't claim Vaush

Vaush be like>Hmm, I wonder if I can build a 5000 RPM vibrator for Epona in this game


>>637597464No, but vaush claimed to be of us. His old channel name was vaush vidya, and he heavily slanted his culture to Holla Forums previous 4+4chan user return.

>>637595935Ok I took the bait and watch the video. It's awful. I'm embarrassed to even had look at it with my YT account and not in incognito. He basically makes the argument that because some people find Rauru hot that's a win for the left. It's insane. Chris Chan levels of autism mixed with retardation. Oh and he shits on 4chan for half the video because retards here are obsessed with traps and femboys therefore "fascists" (because we're a fascist site) are closeted degenerates. Fuck you OP.


>>637597212What does a Borderlands character have to do with anything?

>>637598251See my post again, retard.

>>637598914As if I disagreeing with it retard?

>>637598251If you are an e-celeb you are antithetical to being an user and aren't part of Holla Forums

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What the fuck is the with the recent trend of censoring words like 'sex' and 'kill'? I keep seeing it.

>>637599132Youtube monetization

>>637599132On youtube? It's just draconian algorithm that will nuke your video and bury it alive if it's not advertiser friendly. On other social media its autism

>>637599059Obviously. I'm not claiming counter to that I'm saying it's inevitable that people will post about this faggot given how much he tried to posture himself next to Holla Forums.

Vaush is almost always right. And when he’s not he genuinely tries to correct himself.

>>637598720How is it a win for the left when I want to breed Rauru's asshole and I'm right wing?

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>>637598720>because we're a fascist sitethis but unironically

>>637599232>>637599268Mixture of both, honestly. Started with TikTok prohibiting certain words, and it spread like a cancer from there.

Americans are really really gay.It's honestly interesting to see.

>>637595991>tendies*Nah making everything about race or sex on the internet is an American thing, not exclusive to tendies.

>>637599132united statians being united statian

>>637599365Because it shows that so called "traditionalists" are hypocrites

>>637599748Im not a traditionalist i just hate you mentally ill freaks

>>637599483The whole world is. Americans just don't hide it.

>>637599859That's why he said so called. Because retards call you that.

Vaush za Stampedo...

>>637599947Nah, Americans are definitely far gayer, and this projection even proves it.

>>637599859Don't worry, no matter how much you think you hate me, i despise you thirty times as much.


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>>637595991Oh yeah, tell me more about Sony games with no ugly black dykes with halfshaves.

>>637596664ogre? Like in wow?


>>637597212idk who that is but it sounds basedAll of the horsefuckers I've known have been pretty cool dudes, very right-wing.

>>637600134The degradation of humanity

>>637600006Yah. No amount of coping will change that.


>>637598720frankly can't really blame anyone for thinking that this site is a septic tank for shitty people. The place sounds and acts like the loudest board. The loudest board brings in tourist flies that then spread across the boards carrying the shit of the board they mainly came to this site for.Such is life.

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>>637599059Tell that to Oney. They built their entire career on appealing to Holla Forumsirgins and got away with it

>>637600536>THINK OF [...] CHILDRENOkay

>>637600603It's a combo of 2016 Holla Forums shitposting and youtubers being incapable of making their content without constantly trying to flash cred for posting on 4chan.

>>637600705Oney has been on 4chan once and didn't even understand how to use it. He's closer to a redditor. The rest of the gang (except Lyle) however...

>>637595935I was gonna make a joke in poor taste but I'm really just upset.

>>637600705youtu.be/D6ccO40pdAAI'm just going to post this to remind all of you that every single thing you write is worthwhile content to your average online content viewer. 2 hours, shame.


>furfag interspecies cuckolding is a major victory in a video game is a major victory for my political ideologyjust… what?

>>637600352Like in his bedroom. His '''''''''girl''''''''friend'' got at least 18/00 strenght and weapon mastery in greatclubs.

>>637600516degenerate coomers aren’t actually right wing, they’re just terminally online larpers who cling onto extreme ideology in lieu of a personality

>>637601394They don't get many wins. Vaush often says your average leftist should live with no hope and imagine it millenia before they achieve what they want. Says it's suffering to be on his side. Openly states he uses false bravado.

>>637596556worse, he's a cia nigger

>>637598720being into femboys just makes you a degenerate, not a closeted one

>>637596272you open a menu and add it to your arrow you need to do this every time you want to shoot an arrow with something attached to it btw

Vausherald on log

>>637601570I will always hate metokur for driving Terry into suicide.

>>637596807What people who watch too much porn call the hip bone/pelvis

>>637600012>>637599981humans naturally despise gay people and you will never change this lmao

>>637601757Where did my post disagree with you? I just informed you what "so called" was meant to convey as you seemed to miss out on basic english.

>>637600134Reminder that SHE left himImagine getting dumped by Shrek

>>637601714If only twitter had never existed

>>637595935Pedo vibes

>>637600705>to Holla ForumsirginsIf by Holla Forumsirgins you mean NGfags and people who wish they were old enough to be on the internet in the mid-2000's, sure.

>>637595935Why is that ugly people are so obsessed with "sex" that they talk about it like a teenager who brags that they touched their first boob?

>>637600134What phenotypes are the these?

>>637600134Hitler's Rejected Youth and Bridge Troll on Sick Leave.

>>637595935americans are like animalsshowing your belly is a sign of weekenss

>>637603231You have obviously never heard of the Beijing Bikini, nor most of recorded history.


>>637598720>because some people find Rauru hot that's a win for the leftNo it's a win for the left because NINTENDO did a MASSIVELY popular game with positive furry depictions. Rightoids would shoot themself in the dicks picking their silly battle here. Take your ADHD meds.

>>637595935>oh no a man is scantily clad that means hes a sexual deviant >desipte the fact that most cultures BC were doing the same and were ultraxenophobic nationalists where sexuality wa a private mattergee.

>>637603573what are you talking about schizoid? My uncle Jim loves Space Jam. Conservative have nothing to do with hating sexy anthropomorphical animals, they just make fun of furries that dress up like one.

vaush is a pedo

>>637603573Are you actually acting like the overarching concept of a left wing in politics is substantially aided by positive furry depictions? Are you just falling down the stereotype that people make for left leaning people where they basically want you to marry your dog?

>fat tiny knockoffirishladdie fuck off and die

>>637596807it's a meme that might be a bit before your time.

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>>637595935It's funny that people will say this when zeldas lore and world here is just a 1:1 match up for hyperboreayoutu.be/ia_EuV0HAKY


>>637596807how new?

>>637595935I don't know. I wanted to go to a gaming convention but they check for thought crimes at the door now while telling you they don't push an ideology.

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>>637604024No, it's about abs on chicks. Rightwing debate bros collapsed because some of them like abs on chicks and they see that as liking a masculine feature that empowers women and therefore is gay and collapses the family.

>>637595935Watched it. He's basically just saying that he finds Rauru hot. And that most of the designs in the new Zelda are pretty openly horny in how they're done while also accentuating musculature. Dunno if he ever played BotW cause that game had plenty of that too.Also he talks about how more right wing people go on the most about the usual sexual deviance shitpost stuff (trannies, BBC, femboys) while also clearly getting off on it way more. How that is dissonant with their insistence on eradicating it. But that's cause he's a political streamer more than the talk about horny goat people.

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>>637605157That's a guy. Whyd you pull sargon and co's meltdown over a meme out of your ass? That lasted for like 3 months more than a year ago and muffled out of existence.

>>637605379There is something to be said about rightwing degeneracy online and how they claim to champion classical aesthetics while posting ugly wojaks and pepes and simping for lolicon vtubers.

>>637605554real talk how does the Nazi-Furry pipeline ever get started because I thought it wouldn't happen to me and it happened to me. Can someone with better social awareness explain

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>>637606310Because you actually don't care, you're just doing what feels good. Some explanation of all the wrongs in society is mainly a security blanket. If you actually cared, you'd be a pedantic autistic asshole rather than an indulgent autistic asshole. You exist in simulacra and are managing your simulation. It's just sad that there's enough harranging assholes(literally the goal of some of these people is to make you feel uncomfortable) who want to make you and others feel unsafe all the time that you register that sense of security as being an actual ideology and overreact.

>>637606310It can't speak to it but I've seen it happen to a friend. I think it has to do with animal people being both an escape from racial politics and an easier affirmation of species hierarchy. There also maybe that "buffer" furry gives to gays; you aren't jerking it to dudes, these are non-human cartoon characters. Your brain processes the information differently, copes with it easier.tldr: redwall

>>637595935Ruled by women and trannies. Note how many women and people like that pedo openly fawn over male characters at every chance but if a guy does that for an actually hot female he gets called an incel?

>>637606310It all started when your parents fell for vaccine propaganda


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>>637600134Fear and Hunger encounter


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>>637606813>Because you actually don't careWell you aren't wrong, I kindof had an inclination for furry art for a while but fell into the edgy "kill all furfags" stuff as a teenager until I stopped giving a shit when doodling some sexy furry bitches for Holla Forums ages ago and realizing "hey I like this stuff". I still think overwhelming majority of furries and fursuiting as a whole is incredibly cringe and shitty but I can't be completely honest and say I have nothing to do with it>>637607056Maybe? It always felt easier to get along with men but I can't go that far. Even morality and society aside I really, really don't like poop and know eventually the other one is going to want sodomy. No amount of cleaning will ever satisfy me, I'm a mega germaphobe and wash my hands probably 15-20 times a day. Vaginas are kindof gross too but pee and blood really doesn't bother me as much, plus man ass can never compete against woman ass. I don't really crank it to furry dudes either

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