This just came out, it's horror coop, anyone playing it?

This just came out, it's horror coop, anyone playing it?

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>>637595734>early access>co opinto the trash it goes

>>637596898co-op is optional and the dev has proven fairly competent over the years.

>>637595734It's really just co op Outlast and it was pretty fun when I played the beta. Good graphics and the retarded goonies looking monster that kept chasing me had me scared while the two randoms I was playing with were actually solving the level.

>>637597320>co-op is optional this only means that solo experience will be subpar

>>637597693Solo will be for actual gamers

>>637595734I don't play Early access anymore.

>>637595734Is it fun to play with friends?Also how's the Linux experience?


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Oh boy, is this another """"horror"""" game where i walk through rooms opening drawers and hide inside a locker room when a monster pops up??

>>637596898>>637597749>>637599471>>637599554If you haven't played Outlast 1 or 2 GTFO

>>637599571I spent most of my time in the beta throwing bottles at the monster's head. Didn't really see any places to hide like that you had to hide behind the environment or just run away unless you had a bottle.

>>637599632I have played and finished Outlast 1 and its DLC and I think that this being co-op is stupid.

>>637599925Try having friends then

>>637595734Beta was fun, not buggy and also stable

>>637599632I have played them user. I don't play Early access though

>>637599968I just think that horror works better as an individual experience when it comes to vidya

i would play it if it didnt fucking crashi dont wanna find a new graphics card i am too stupid and scared to do that

>>637600232It does but it didn't ruin the horror aspect of the game when I was playing it. I just had 2 retards running off while the monster was beating the shit out of me and I barely saved myself with a bottle.

>>637597320Nonsense. Red Barrels are an okay studio but they are terribly behind with the times. They had one success with Outlast way back in 2012 that was a huge hit, but rather than keeping up with trends they tried the same thing again with Outlast 2 back in 2016 and it flopped. They refuse to innovate their stale formula and this latest release is a buggy, ugly and boring game with nothing of interest. Alien Isolation, RE7 and the like took Outlast's ideas and made them better.

Outlast 2 was irredeemably bad, though I did like the first for what it was

Finally a glassing sim.

>>637599632I did you retard, coop horror games in early access are fucking trash. They should have just made outlast 3.

>>637600735This is Outlast 3, cope.

>>637600487You have shit like overwatch that came out in 2016 and horror is already niche.

>>637600303fuck it, i'll help. tell me what you do know about your machine, stupid.

>>637600785they have said its a spinoff and not outlast 3

>>637601047something about radeon adrenaline 22.2.2

>>637595734Nothing interesting about this game.

>>637600487I used "competent" as in "Early Access status should not indicate a poor technical experience", nothing to do with the quality of the game. I was also let down by O2.

>>637601193Okay. Now tell me about the hardware. Is this a PC someone built for you or did you buy it from a store?

>>637601417someone built for me a friend of my momma

>>637601549Pull the side panel off of the tower, whichever panel comes off more easily. Then trace the cable that goes from your monitor to the tower. With the side panel off, look at the device that the monitor cable connects into on the inside. Does it have words on it? Maybe even take a picture.

>>637600487Their mistake was make the DLC a better game than 2. The dlc should have been the real 2.Outlast 2 is just bad, too many trials and errors and the story sucks. Give back asylum patients again, the appeal was to see patients and not knowing if they would attack you, stay in their lane, or fap to corpses (lmao)Also hiding the real ending in a fucking comicIdk why they didnt try to make their own RE7

Played it on Deck with a friend, its fun. Seems to be receiving good reviews >>637599925You can play it single playerI expected it to be some kind of Dead by Daylight but it's actually more like Obscure?

>>637601775i dont think i need to do that because the name of the card is radeon rx580 series.i am kinda spooked about doing any disasembly on my computer i might need to call my mother's friend not that your insight wasnt usefull mind you

>>637601785I liked Outlast 2. Making the protagonist an actual bitchfaggot was clever and gave context for why he never fights back or mans up in the entire ordeal, and giving him a tragic past that ties into the Christian themes was interesting. The sheer gross, edgy, and disturbing themes were what made Outlast good, and there are a lot more gnarly and obscene things in the sequel. The Heretics were genuinely scary and had a cool design, simple but terrifying. The fact that everything is faster and can match your speed is great, it gives a feeling of real stakes. The Array being the source of the madness is well done, you have to actually use your brain and search to find out what it is, and the use of hallucinations plus the seamless lack of loading screens gives the feeling of an endless assault that never lets up, Loutermilch is a great villain, even the fat head priest is vile and disgusting in the right ways. It feels like a truly offputting place full of backward people, and you are a hunted coward. The comics were pretty good, I like how they show how mundane the events are from Murkoff's perspective.

>>637597343I hope they keep adding more monstersI want some kind of Daniella from Haunting Ground

>>637602278RedBarrels, let it go.....nobody liked the sequel....

>>637602284They will probably do

>>637602178You don't need to upgrade that, at least not for this game. The game probably just needs an update.

>>637599925Agreed. It's just a gimmick to stand out among the other nonstop flood of horror shovelware.

>>637602391Ill take your word on it good sirI guess ill Wait when they fix the problem itself i hopeAnyways i guess its back to coughing my lungs out

>>637602278While I recognize the game had potential, it really is a bad game, and I suspect the game was supposed to be a new ip but then it needed to use the Outlast name to sellLet's be honest, first game and the dlc was about a company abusing and mk ultra mentally ill people in secret, and you were the one who needed to reveal that while surviving. The mcs being silent BUT voicing their opinions in notes was simple and good enough. Reading the notes was fun, and better than the Aloy Lara Croft Blake was Also like I said, first concept is better, while Outlast 2 is basically someone seething at christians again and calling them pedosNot a christian, but I'm tired of seeing that shit being applied only to the same faggots that wont touch you. Try doing that shit with Islam or kikes for a change dudeAnd even then, the religious shit was boring. All villagers act the same, while in the asylum you had>Harmless patients>agressive ones>the main variants>some variants following the "priest">one variant actually trying to burn the whole thingAlso the gameplay of 2 was awful, as well as the pacing. And even the childhood abuse theme was better done and less flanderized in the dlcAnd Murkoff doesnt even make sense in the sequel, since they were all secret, not install a fucking tower knowing it had the pregnancy effect on women, for sure someone would fucking notice all the women being suddenly pregnant>comics were goodI'm sorry but you can't just show the fucking real ending in a comic not even 1/3 of fans know it exists

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>>637602365RB it's known for always trying to shill 2, it's trash, they should just accept that game is the reason outlast died

after playing the beta I can safely say the game is very good and just playing a couple matches in the EA release there's a lot to play around with. all three maps have different variations you can launch after you do the initial run and every rig has levels to it as well, apparently there are perks you can unlock but I haven't seen to much of that

>>637602278>>637603591I just like learning How fucked up murkoff is.It makes so much better when we get a third game we get to send the company to hell

>>637599571what would be scarier to you?>inb4 a dreadful, tense atmosphere where I don't know whats around the corner, where the scares come more from the implied terrors rather than any present, tangible danger

>>637604514Now you're just fighting reddit WITH reddit.

>>637604278Same, so far I'm interested in seeing how it grows though I wonder if dbd already ate the popularity and if they should have made this soonerDidn't play Exoprimal beta but so far seems like it has a Story Mode plus the online mode where you can unlock improvements>>637604391Murkoff is a Company made for ME

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>>637604391Just announce the evil within 3 too, I miss Mobius

>>637602278I enjoyed Outlast 2 but I barely understood the story. I do take some responsibility for it, as I didn't want to sit and read every single note as it appeared (I was playing it with my girlfriend)Is it worth playing again and paying more attention to the story?

>>637604861It's trash

>>637604861Play it again and pay less attention to it.

>>637604664>>637604757Yeah all of the monsters in this series are just victims If not the biggest victim.

>>637600487I think those games were all watching Amnesia, not Outlast.

>>637603591As I suspected, a lot of the seethe comes down to people asshurt about the unfavorable depiction of Christianity, while it's more of a cynical, condescending depiction of religion in general. Red Barrels are a bunch of Canadian atheist leftists so it's hardly a surprise that they would take a stab at Christianity while also making it a core theme. I don't think it's badly done, there are some variations in how the villagers of Temple Gate interact with Blake, some will sit around on the porch and only attack when provoked, some can be found hung and crucified, others are living in hiding, some have turned on each other. It’s hardly all the same, you have the one villager who gives his life protecting Blake. The idea is that Outlast is a very dark, cynical series with no room for heroes and no catharsis; Miles is consumed by the Walrider, Waylon’s life is destroyed and Blake becomes a catatonic lab rat. Outlast in general is an inversion of the power fantasy common to horror games and games as a whole, you are not allowed to feel powerful in Outlast, you play as a regular scrawny dude who can’t fight for shit and dies quickly, going up against vicious people that have been conditioned to kill with their bare hands. It filters moralfaggots because Murkoff gets off scot-free and it filters powertripfags because you are not allowed to defend yourself. Beyond that, the biggest draw is how visceral everything in Outlast feels, the terror of Eddie being a tall man that tries to buttfuck you as you desperately limp away, the animalistic Heretics, the creepy offputting nature of Loutermilch, they always use something with deep-seated cultural fear to get a reaction, the careless gore, scat and gross-out everywhere, the disease and squalor of the Scalled, the genital mutilation and depictions of rape.

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>>637604946Barbarian movie is literally the Whistleblower DLC but with tits

Outlast is pozzed, unplayable garbage.>enter asylum with emaciated dudes hanging around>see dozens of weapons and other ways to defend yourself>better just use your camera only lolThen Outlast 2 which is just 6 hours of>christians bad

>>637605049>play haunting ground>the girl never uses all those spears and swordsHaha....

>>637604391>It makes so much better when we get a third game we get to send the company to hellmoralfag detectedthe whole point of murkoff is that you cannot beat them, they are too big and complex for anyone to take down, too deeply rooted, too smart, they're always one step ahead

>>637604986I feel like it's just a very coward approach that's been overdone. Even the flashback ended up being a little cringe, it starts good but Jessica doesn't act like a abused kid, she also runs away screaming like if this was a cartoon. Dunno, it could have been done betterI liked Sullivan but he was underused as fuck

>>637604664I feel like this games huge benefit is the fact it’s a coop game, problem with asymmetrical games like DBD is they completely fumble on its simplicity, but with this they have a lot of freedom on balance and map design since they’re meant to be little horror movies with friends and honestly the game totally balanced around solo play entirely because they removed time being a factor in your final grade so that’s very goods

>>637605140Yes but i have propane bombsJust let them try to defuse it

>>637605049OL2 should have been a lot shorter desu>Christians badI agree, it was basically Twitter being cocky at christians while being silent about other more dangerous pedos

>>637605310Jessica's behavior is actually among the best depictions of an abuse victim in gaming, it's very subtle

>>637604986>Outlast 2 the guy sees that tongue monster and the schoolSo was The Groom just seeing women and his boypussy being raped everytime? Must be like having Silent Hill in your brain

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>>637605428Murkoff has a private army and forensics. They'd know the smell of your farts before you even got to within a mile of the building

>>637605589Nta but Alice Madness Returns and the whistleblower did it way better

>>637605662Nah I think Eddie was just insane, the Array has a much stronger effect than just the therapy, he was always like this long before Murkoff acquired him

>>637605662Chris Walker had PTSD but his intentions made sense. He wanted to contain any potential host by killing every person he saw. And the ending proved him right, he was basedTrager enjoyed torturing people so he was in paradiseManera had good meals and a good time, eating is goodGluskin wanted your boypussy because his own was raped to death. But he is right that women belong to the kitchen and should serve men

>they took out the gendered dialogue from the betaweak devs

>>637595734This was announced like 6 years ago, and it’s EARLY ACCESS? What the fuck were they doing for six years?

>>637605662The Engine made them crazier, he was already a murderer but it's implied he tried to get better. I doubt the guy could even get laid without his ptsd triggeringThe groom was just more intelligent than the rest but I think the engine makes them some kind of sleepwalker so you just see the representation of their fears and desires (containment for Walker and a wife for the groom)

What would The Groom do

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>>637606651Probably run away to avoid being raped by such a masculine guy again


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>>637606992>unironically using Facebook memesdude...

>>637607328>getting offended at old memeszoomer moment

>>637607482offense =/= contempt, mockery, ridicule