Play PoE

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play Diablo 2 Plugy

>>637595539lol, lmao even

>>637595539diablo 2 only, buddy

why would I play a free game that will satisfy my autism when I can paypig $70 and have a constant unfulfilled autistic needs

Thats the shit game Kripparian keeps trying to shill every other day. No thanks, I'm not touching any life draining nerd game.

>>637595539but i'm not homosexual

>>637595539the fact of the matter is that Diablo 4 will do significantly better in sales and in popularity. Diablo 4 will dominate the ARPG genre for 5-7 years.

real shit, if these niggas turned delve into its own standalone game and expanded on it i would pay full price ($60) for it.

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>>637596761I mean you can just spec your atlas into delve and then do like one map every 10 hours

>>637595539POE>storyline degenerating into superhero shit>some map affixes and monster mods are randomly unwinnable>drops are shit, you only care about currency>incentivizes zoom zoom playstyle>need a spreadsheet to make actually good builds, in practice this makes people mindlessly follow guides instead of trying things out>needlessly complex, bloated systems that just add busywork to the basic gameplay loop (that would otherwise be completely unrewarding)Diablo 4>actual dark and ominous storyline>no immunities, can do all content with enough mechanical skill>drops are relevant, every new rare can possibly be a better base for your legendaries>incentivizes a more deliberate playstyle>can actually make and improve your own builds with trial and error>simple systems that enhance a rewarding basic gameplay loop

Where's PoE 2?

>>637597092two more weeks

Project Diablo 2 mogs both

>>637595539After 5k hours, no. I don't think I will. Game has been big shit for years at this point. The kiwi niggers can keep their bullshit. I'll just continue modding Grim Dawn when I need my arpg fix.

>>637595539I will play neither. ARPGs are a waste of time.

>>637595539d4>$70>battle pass>MTX shop>garbage itemization>garbage skill customization>cringe communityPOE>f2p>10 years of free content behind it>Interesting builds>interesting itemization>filter casuals, so less cringeTell me, why should I play D4 again?

>>637598127Path of excrement is free to have no stash tabs. D4 is cheaper.

>>637598291I got a free code for 50$ worth of microtransactions back in early 2010s and I have more stash tabs than I need

>>637598291it's like 30 bucks to get every stash tab you need

>playing PoE post harvest lol, lmao

I WILL preorder the $100 version of D4I WILL buy every microtransaction possibleI WILL tell Blizzard that I love the cosmetics and skins that you pay for

>>637595539reminder that they made diabo 4 even simplier and easier than diablo 3and some people couldn't even kill the only field boss in the betain easy difficultywhen the only strategy was not to stand in aoethis game is made for the normalfags of the gaming community, for midwits that would be eaten alive in other arpg like poe or lost arkjust like d3 11 years ago

>>637598994>for midwits that would be eaten alive in other arpg like poe or lost arkThis is why I will never play this game. It's literally made for retards to get milked by Blizzard.

POE is too complicated. I can mindlessly play diablo and have fun

>>637599265funny cause PoE is the game I boot up when I want to mindlessly play

>>637598127>10 years of free content behind itthis is not the flex you think it is

>>637598521and still look like a poor farmer in game, because you didn't buy any skins, but who cares about that it's all about the great gameplay that is reading someone else's guide.

>>637600836It's not a flex. It's simply the truth. If I get bored of mapping, I can farm bosses instead. I get bored of bossing, I can farm abyss, I can delve, I can do blight. All of them are relevant.

>"PoE sure looks fun!">open talent tree>close talent tree>quit game>uninstall game>never even think about trying game again

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>>637596761Wish they had made the a buy to play game instead of this game as a life sentence bullshit. It destroyed what it used to be, and you can't play older versions of it.

>>637600939You could literally just play the game to get armor skins though?

>>637595539No thanks it's ugly and it's not fun wacking guys with a stick and teleporting back to town every 3 minutes to dump off gear.

>>637598291Oh, the old fallacy about stash tabs, yes, you really need to spend money for Delirium, Metamorph stashes, stop being a nigger, you only need 1 quad stash, 1 currency stash, 1 map stash and 1 divination stash, if you play SSF you don't even need the quad stash.

>>637601019You got off lucky, punk.

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>>637601119Maybe I played the game wrong but my character looked the same on level 1 to max.

D4 might not be great but PoE is prob worse. It's not good, and relies on sunk cost mostly.

>>637601019happened to me too, and I was recco'd the game by a femoid friend

>>637601280There's challenges that give you free armor skins and sometimes even portals every league.

>>637601019Imo the talent tree isn't even that complex it's just dumb in the sense that it's the equivalent of someone having mixed several lego sets in one big pile with no labels.

>>637598291This lie is repeated so many times. And you sound like a tranny trying to lure clueless boys into your grooming discord.

You did remember to buy the ultimate/digital deluxe edition for early access, right?

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>>637601943>giving blizzard money so they can print more troon Tshirtsno thanks.


>>637595539I prefer responsive games with proper ui, but thanks.

>>637595539Choice between PoE and D4 is a false dichotomy. D4 will clearly be shit and PoE has degraded too much.Ultimate and final truth about Diablo-likes is that there are no good Diablo-likes, all of them are garbage

>>637601943Is there a list and pictures of what's exactly inside the battle pass? Wouldn't buy it if it only has ugly skins.

PoE touted all this freedom of gameplay, interesting builds, etc, but what I got was a bunch of systems layered on top of one another that were so arcane that it’s impossible to make an effective character that can keep up with the game without three different browser tabs open with build guides and such.

>>637595539harvest reverted?no?sorry :)

>>637602398Reverted to what

>>637602390Sounds like you got filtered because you're a fucking brainlet

>>637602550Don't bully the retards, user.

Exilecon is gonna be fun this year

>>637602476ritual version that let you make items reasonably yourself instead of dealing with a discord tranny cabal

>>637602853>I want an item editor!You should stick to D4. It's more up to your speed.

>>637602853You mean make overpowered gear easy to access again dont think so

>>637600608The game play is fine but just looking at the skill tree made me overwhelmed so I quit

>>637598127>free contentlol

>>637603253Yes. Free content.

>>637602550>>637602605I didn’t choose to be a retard, anons, but I’m doing my best with what I have. My point is, I tried making my own build and it got to the point where progression was basically impossible. If I need to follow one of a handful of guides, then the game actually doesn’t have any build freedom for the newfag to get into the game. Maybe if I started the game ten years ago, but it’s too late.

>>637601019>massive skilltree>have to follow a specific build if you want a chance in endgame

>>637603173I will never understand why they don't just hide a majority of the skill tree in the beginning and show more of it as you progress, but have an option to still show it all at once. They're literally scaring customers for no reason.

>>637603447Admitting it is the first step. The second step is identifying why your build failed, and what you can do to fix it. The fun of POE is making your build work, so that you always have items to chase.

>>637603584You can’t use that as an argument since diablo 4s endgame is unknown. You might have to be a meta slave to win as well

>>637603686That's be design. They attract their target customers while telling people who aren't interested in complex games what the game is about. It's being upfront and honest about what the player will get.

>>637603732I dont care about diablo 4. its trash. I was complaining specifically about poe

>>637603732Endgame is running to a dungeon then running said dungeon. Rinse and repeat. No big secrets here. Sometimes there's a world boss but no one is geared or leveled enough to pass. Go run some more dungeons. Enjoy grinding and not being able to use certain abilities because they're nerfed so everyone else can feel better by using a non-standard non-fantasy enforcing build. If you like being a werewolf too bad. If you enjoy being a minionmancer, sucks to be you. If you like fire mage, oh well. If you like spin and win, better luck next time. If you read you'll find ever pre-approved builds that will clear dungeons faster. Grind until you're dead.

>>637603731Well user, that’s the problem. Pretty sure the thing wrong with my build was I was using all the wrong gems and took wrong nodes on the tree. If I have to change 75% of what I was doing to actually play the game, I never had any choice in the beginning. As soon as I thought, “Hmmm maybe I’ll do something poison based… with claw weapons?” I was already walking dead.

>>637604586There are no "dead build" in POE. Not after Ascendancies were introduced. You can literally take Heavy Strike and kill end game bosses with it. The only thing is that POE is one huge knowledge check. The only way to get that knowledge is to fail, because without failing you won't know what you don't know and you won't learn.

>>637598291Bro all you need are like the currency and map tabs if you're really that much of a poorfag. And they go on sale every month.

>>637598127Blizztards can't refute this, especially now that there is a system in place to block certain content in PoE from spawning. It's sad how casualized D3 and D4 are. I used to be the biggest Diablo fag and then I grew a brain and discovered PoE. Some people just want a casual, shallow experience though, and I've learned to accept that.

>>637605638You have to be a meta slave in Poe.

After a near decade of playing poe I'm really looking forward to sitting on my couch and casually playing an ARPG for the foreseeable future. I'm completly over having to use 4 third party apps to even play the game and having to resort to going to youtube or reddit just to find guides on how to do specific things. PoE is designed around the top .1% of players and it's become soul draining.

>>637595539Fuck off, I've been playing PoE for over a decade now. I'm still playing d4 on launch >>6375969963.0 killed a lot of the game but>drops are shit, you only care about currency>need a spreadsheet to make actually good builds, in practice this makes people mindlessly follow guides instead of trying things outThis is just 100% false.

>>637595539>MMO busywork in an ARPGYeah, I'm thinking D4 is dead int he water.

>>637601416retard. The tree is very intuitively designed