This is a professional thread. Only professional anons are allowed post in here

This is a professional thread. Only professional anons are allowed post in here.

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>>637594815>Fails DC 26 check to sneak on dragonSweet dreams


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>>637595239You will never be a Mortal.

*hits pipe*You know, Commander, I can't think of anything more cucked than going Legend.

>>637595528>voluntarily becoming Iomedae's bitchYeah, even Lich is less cucked

>>637595528Legend on martials is busted, I don't regret it. The fact that your BAB is so insanely high makes all combat maneuver checks work 100% of the time. Fucking tripping blinding disarming staggering demigods in one full attack charge rotation is fucked up. Witness me Irori

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>>637594815*hits pipe*>OP, did I ever tell you about that time I had to take out a seasoned shitposter? When I got into that basement I knew it was a risk, but I kept it professional, and he died choking on poisoned tendies and vomiting on the keyboard.

>>637595896Iomedae is based, she earned her godhood and does what she can without taking away free will.

>>637595528Why should I care about your opinion, you're dead after I did it and romancing this slut >>637595239


>>637595896>becoming Iomedae's bitchBy becoming a strong as fuck human with no ties to any planes?

>>637596439>It's an angelfag who doesn't know evil mythic paths exists episode

>>637596475>taking 20 fucking levels instead of becoming a literal demigod and taking your succ gf with youPathetic

I can't take half-size races seriously and will never accept any in my party (unless they're female and there for sexual relief)

>>637596668>becoming a demigod in pathfinderYeah, enjoy being unable to do whatever the fuck you want because of their cold war bullshit. Being an immortal human is unironically the best and least cucked path for a Golarion native.

>>637596668How does it feel to know that demon > legend gets the most mythic path reactivity involving romance in the game and that it's objetively the best way to romance her?

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>>637596851Holy shit another demon>legend chad, I thought I was the only one who did this on my first playthrough.

Why is Trickster so much more powerful than every other path?Both mechanically and plot-wise. Even Aeon, who decides that none of this even happened doesn't have the power to rewrite themselves *back into* existence. The ability to count every roll as a natural 20 success was literally a god-only power in 3rd edition. Even before ascending the Trickster is basically a god.

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>>637596267Can you tell me about that time with the jannie.

>>637597142Because it's a meme path, and one of the memes is breaking the fourth wall, which is broken

>>637596097The only thing I regret about going Cavalier 20/Two-handed Fighter 20 is that there are so few opportunities to charge with my horse into enemies.

>>637596439She doesn't force you to do anything, she just tells you the cold hard truth and it burns you. Mortals can achieve godhood on their own terms, you took a short cut

>>637597341>you took a short cutYes, and?


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>>637597143*chuckles*>The janny, that was a tricky one. You see, I was outside the IRS building, waiting for him to come to file his taxes, as all people with an icome do. I waited several days, and when he didn't appear, I had to look into the government archives. To my surprise, he had no registered income, no salary, nothing. I realized my plan failed because of my assumption. Had to track him down, took a couple of days, but eventually I used a cunny thread as bait to get close and then I finished him with one precise strike.

>>637596668I'm pretty sure I slapped the shit out of not 1 but 2 "demigods", and the other I was pure mortal. My character would slap your demo god ass too

>>637596851But then I have to be a demon, who are the niggers of outsiders.

>>637597341>Mortals can achieve godhood on their own terms, you took a short cutNo, I achieved godhood in my own terms.She can cry about it.

>>637597618>pure mortalWith your 2 mythic ranks and 20 extra levels? Even though in lore a level 19 wizard is strong enough to trick a small country into thinking he's a living god?Legend is not the mortal path it claims to be.

>>637597803>With your 2 mythic ranks and 20 extra levels?Yes? Fucking Irori was probably a higher level than that when before he ascended to godhood, I'm not seeing the problem here.

Fighter 20 is the most fun martial.

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>>637597341Except that's not the case because she also took what was essentially a shortcut with the starstone, a giant magic asteroid that gives you mythic power. Irori is the only god who didn't take any shortcuts, he just became a gigachad physically and mentally and achieved divinity by that. You don't even know what you're talking about nigga.

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>>637598148>Irori is the only god who didn't take any shortcutsNot entirely true, Urgathoa became a god because she refused to die so hard she became the first undead

>>637597803>With your 2 mythic ranks and 20 extra levelsYes, still a mortal. Why are you pretending that you're some kind of Pathfinder lore expert when mythic powers can be recieved by any mortal, while they're still mortals. Areelu's powers are something else entirely since they're outright turning you into a mutt amalgamation of mortal/outsider.

>>637598148Irori is a male prostitute, he sucked dicks so good that gods decide to move him in their heavenly harem

I assume Demonslayer Ranger is a good choice for this game? Is there any fun Hunter specific classes?

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time to scare legend cucks, BEHOLD

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>>637597438Nothing, but pretending Iom is seething and trying to force you to do anything is retarded

>>637598743Hey Jason where's your cock. Is it true Zacharius removed your cock.

>>637598743Do what you want bro, I don't let other anons live in my head rent free just because they picked a path I don't like.I've already done several ascension playthroughs myself, but just so you know, I always persuade Pharasma to erase Areelu's soul from existence after ascending without her, except for Lich because she was seething at me.

>>637597142>Even Aeon, who decides that none of this even happened doesn't have the power to rewrite themselves *back into* existence.Aeons are eternal.

>>637595239This game kicked my demon women fetish into overdrive.>>637596991Count me in too. It was amazing.

Just finished a lawful evil Monk Lich playthrough. What should I do now?

>>637598861succubi and loli vampires are into BONES

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>>637598743Beh-- OOF

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>>637597658Sounds like a you problem

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>>637598368Fair, I forgot about her but either way Iomedae isn't telling you to dump the powers because she thinks you didn't earn them or took a shortcut (or she's just a hypocrite and I don't think that's the intent) she's suspicious of them because of their origin regardless of what you've been doing with them.

>>637595528>the Trever-tier dwarf has an opinionlmao go back to your wife's daughters, you can still be better as a dad than as a fighter

>>637598148>Passed a test that only three people passed>Didn't become an actual goddess immediately, first served Aroden as his herald>Was already a top tier mortal just like Cayden Cailean and presumably NorgorberNah

>>637599257Yeah. I don't want to be a nigger, that is a problem for enjoying the demon path.

>>637599315She goes on a long tirade about how you don't deserve the power because you don't have enough experience, done enough trial, or whatever. She's a retarded deceitful bitch.

>>637598743>That imagehahaha, nigga, you became a demi-god, that's it, they get smited by Gods without issue, Iomade will get destroyed Sarenrae or Desna, while those 2 will get raped by Pharasma. That ending was just pure fantasy from Owlcat

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She totally nailed it here. Gods and especially iomdea is useless god with no actual rights to be a god. She stole all powers from Aroden by participating in his assassination for a part of his power and his followers. Areelu should kill this bitch after the ascension.

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>>637599412>It was different when I did itAnd the commander goes through plenty of bullshit before Iomedae steps in claiming they shouldn't have mythic power, before they even become a demigod at rank 10.

>>637599830Yeah, and Areelu is a dumb cunt who thinks she was justified to destroy a nation and get millions of people raped and murdered because she thought teaching her kid to summon and fuck around with demons was a good idea in a country that didn't like magic.

>>637597803Yes, and the people beyond that reach apotheosis, after the game your character probably reached god hood on his own terms eventually

>>637599732Me and my demigod mom will create more crystals after killing other demigods. I can smell your fear.

>>637599229Next time don't be a urgocuck and be a proper lich that serves one god: himself.


>>637599732Two demigods combined power is enough to rival Pharasma? Isn't she the oldest and most powerful god in the setting?

>>637600108>destroy a nation of racism and patriarchy >millions of nazi who kills pure and innocent arcane magic usersThe final solution of sarconiggers

>>637599830The conversation with Iomedae is hilarious>Nocticula you are a liar, while I only speak the truth!>Didn't you lie to your own fucking herlad?>N-NO, IT DOESN'T COUNT, I MERELY OMITTED INFORMATIONIomecuck is underserving of any kind of worship.

>>637599229>Intervening for a woman as the incel pathngmi.

>>637600108>she was justified to destroy a nation and get millions of people raped and murderedThey were Sarkorians, not "people"

>>637600394>destroy a nation of racism and patriarchy You're right, what she did really was awful.

Can you be a good demon? Only accepting the power because it lets you smite demon fucking shits

>>637599830yea, but she was also a moron for doing that because muh Gods, you don't make millions suffer just to show the middle finger ot Gods. >>637600392>Two demigods combined power is enough to rival Pharasma?you can't read? you will get smited by any God in that setting as a demi-god, you're just a demi-god in the ascension ending, nothing more and nothing less, nobody can rival Pharasma, that bitch is the strongest and keep the oldest Gods away from this universe, without her, they will devour the universe. That ending line was just retarded.

>>637600394>>637600553Too bad her bullshit wasn't contained to just Sarkoris and fucked over other unrelated countries as well.

>>637594815he tried to swindle me of my money so I killed him

>>637599229>be me, self obsessed lich>convince aarelu I am her son>she helps me ascend>I don't tell her I have crystals for everyone>I don't even really believe I am her sonThere is only one dark lord and he does NOT share his power.

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>>637600862>There is only one dark lord and he does NOT share his powerYeah, his name is Zacharius

>>637599732>You became a demi-godYeah, when you reached Rank 10.

>>637600946Bruh, he stays there in drezen and acts as the teacher for my subjects in the ending where you gain his respect.Also he LITERALLY shares his power with you.

>>637600695>soul mafia propagandaMiss me with that gay shit

She mogs all female companions. little girls can compete with a woman and mother

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What class/path if I want to murder demons with a big ass sword? No romance. Just killing demons.

>>637601271Sword saint- the strongest melee class

>Want to do an evil roleplay run.>End up taking most of the good actions because it gives me the most rewards and doesn't lock me out of half the sidequests.

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>>6376012712-handed Fighter into Trickster. Use mythic Vital Strike. Become blessed with big numbers.

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>>637601471you can be evil without killing everyone you meet, you know?


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This fucked me up bros, I took Wendy to experience something new but god damn do I regret it. This hurt too much


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>>637601254>Mommyfag admits old hags aren't superior lol

>>637604695Poor shark girl

> professional> attacks a full party solo because you don't give him some dollars

>>637596668Practically speaking, a level 40 can shit kick most demigods right in the balls.

>>637599830>This single piece of dialogue coming from an incompetent mother that seethes at every god is what made mommyniggers come up with the fanfic that Iomedae is afraid of having you ascendAlso>She stole all powers from Aroden by participating in his assassinationAreelufags are something else

>>637596668>go sorcerer and pick the bloodlines that give you immortality/ outsider transformation>you are now an eternal being without the shitty god rules.

>>637600392Yes, in case you didn't notice, your character is a special snowflake, at the end of the game without ascending you might as well be stronger than any demigod


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>>637594815I helped him go back to his family and be a good father.

>>637600553Which is why she dies too.

>>637598743>instead of getting an xpac teaming up with Areelu as gods an in their infancy, Owlcat interpretted post game content as 'bad episode of Star Trek that gets waved away' via Inevitable ExcessYes I know it would be uncharted territory and no real rules for it in pathfinder but its not like there already isnt homebrew shit out the ass in this game

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>>637607028>Instead of picking that god awful mommy simp ending as """canon""" owlcat completely ignored it because there are several endings in this game, including one where you ascend without her retarded assGood.

>>637607217Its the canon ending chud.

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>>637598046bodybuildiung is so gay holy shit