Play Pokemon Fusion

Play Pokemon Fusion.

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What's the best fusion game to play?

dilate you subhuman tranny

>>637594893Infinity fusion, it's super fun and there's over 1k pokemon combination

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>>637595071Sounds fun, I know a friend who has hyper-autism for this stuff. I'll recommend it to him.

>>637594384THAT'S a female?

>>637595960no, THIS is a female

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I did. Here's my first winning team.

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>>637594384that's a digimon

>>637596494no, its a dipokemon

Sylveon was a mistake.

>>637596084>that VaporeonOh god don't let them find out

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>>637596084well, this sure is activating my neurons.

>*harasses you*

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>>637596084>missing aggressive -unny

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>>637597312Saw this one on Joels stream

oh no

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>>637597026You're like 4 months late.

>>637596084going from left to right:no. no. yes. no. no. no. yes. no. yes. yes. yes. yes. no. no. yes. no. yes. yes. no. yes. no. no. yes. yes. no. no. yes. no. no. no. yes. no. no.yes. no. no. no. yes. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. yes.yes. no. yes. yes. justin. no. yes. no. no.


>>637594384>Holla Forums recommends fangame>It's not shit i am having so much fun with this game, thank you

>>637594384Watched it on Joel stream, very cool

if i cant run a pokemon game at 800% speed its not worth playing.


I started playing it. Everything was going well until I got to Sabrina's gym. Take a guess what they did to it. Here's a hint: Change all of Sylveon's fusion sprites before you play

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>>637595071Is that the same as Pokémon fusion, or a variant? Please excuse my autism I’ve never heard of these games

>>637600992Foolish of you to assume that pokemon would be left untouched in a discord community mod

>>637601261yeah I guess it was pretty silly to think the psychic gym might use some psychic pokemon instead of being the dedicated sylveon gym

>>637597312>sporty tomboy dragonhnnnnnnng

>>637600992Got a good pack to replace Sylveon fusions?

>>637596371That Tyranitar Steelix is rad. Is this Infinite Fusion?

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>>637602575I wish, I've just been editing the cringy ones as I come across them. Unfortunately you really can't undo the damage to Sabrina's gym because of the disproportionate amount of sylveon fusions present. My fault for playing modern mode I guess.

>Plays with randomizer to see all the weird combos>Darkrai + stkveon fusion shows up on route 1

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>>637600992>gets curious >look it upFor fuck's sake.

What is the difference between Classic and Modern mode exactly? Classic only has the first two gens as I understand it, but does that mean something like Magmar couldn't evolve into Magmortar? Also I assume Classic is free of the sylveon plague?

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>>637594384Is the armor meant to be based on Aggron? WarGreymon has very little grey/silver in its color scheme.

>>637604536>>637604916You WILL do a Sylveon fusion only run.

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>>637604536I had an Aggron/Talonflame show up on my Route 1.Hits like a truck, too bulky to kill and too fast to run away from.It was awful.

>>637594384That looks incredibly stupid and poorly designed.

>>637600992anything actually bad or is this just a 'OH NO NOT PASTEL COLORS SPARE ME' moment?

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>>637594384most of the fusions are visibly unappealing, sorry.>>>/vp/

>>637605579Legitimately gay shit, troon to be more specific


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>>637605579There are a few eye brow raising trainers but yes, the "pastel colors" become a problem when most of the gym including the leader is using the exact same pokemon for fusions, it's jarring and themes the gym as "the sylveon gym". I didn't see a pikachu themed gym, why is there a sylveon one?

>>637605579Expect to see a lot of the blue-pink-white that sylveon has the misfortune of having by default on its ribbons. The Stunfisk fusion is the literal flag, and the most obvious of the bunch. Also Sylveon/Sylveon is human idol for some reason.

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>>637604916Modern mode has more early mon variety and the Gym/Elite Four typings are shuffled.Like You can get a Ralts as early as Route 2 in Modern Mode, whereas in Classic Mode you wouldn't be able to get one until the fucking post game.Plus the trainer difficulty is a big higher in Modern Mode.You have to start a Classic run first before you can make a Modern Mode file.You don't have to progress in the Classic file, it just needs to be there in order for you to make your Modern file.

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>>637600992Isn't getting so triggered that you feel the need to edit game files something we make fun of leftists for? Fucking snowflake.

>>637606725What's the combination for that lapras? really like it

>>637606724Wtf he cute tho

>>637606889Mantine/Lapras.Kicked my ass in Misty's Modern Mode gym.

>>637606749grotesque gelatinous boy hands typed this post

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>>637606725Classic mode has Ralts in the given grove past Viridian.

>>637607171Yeah, but you're not gonna know that your first time going in blind.

>>637606724so are the devs troons or something?

>>637607354They're on discord, so even -if- they're not trannies themselves they definitely support and encourage that shit.

>>637594384Are there any other Digimon-themed fusions or is it just the WarGreymonZard?

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>>637607493That's a shame.

>>637607354Even if they weren't, you know they'd come out of the woodwork to force themselves into the primary spritepack and take every Sylveon fusion spot they can. Not all of them use the troon palate though, particularly the ones where Sylveon is the secondary fusion, but most do. Also discord.

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>>637607624The game is sprinkled with reference

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Would you?

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>>637607624There's quite a few.

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Post some ampharos

Big pecks, lol.

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>>637607354of course they are, what sort of question is this?only mentally ill tranny retards have the sort of time and obsession to make this type of bullshit

except when they're just completely broken I like the automatic sprite combinations more than the fanart ones. The fanart sprites are always either coomshit or overdesigned