Thoughts on Shiki?

Thoughts on Shiki?

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Scrumptious 15 year old breasts

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Future mother of my 8+ children

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Eh.She's attractive, yes, but 15.

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>>637594376Imagine how her ass smells

>>637594376i think you need to stop making these threads

>>637595021I think you need to stop gateKEEPIN’

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>>637594376Unf... She's....

>>637594931Gives a new meaning to tripfag.

>>637594760Seeing a regular always makes me happy. Keep up doing you.

For me, it's Kurohoro

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I like her personality, some funny scenes involve her and her design is least when she's wearing the Gessen uniform. I've never liked her shinobi outfit.

>>637595110So if a 15 year old hit on you, you'd reciprocate?


>>637595590If she looked like Shiki, hell yeah.

>>637595735And how old are you?


>>637595623I've always though that considering Shiki's personality (she's the character who is described as a ''valley girl'' and she's often talking with a friend using a cellphone), the sexualization with her shinobi desing is out of place and doesn't fit, she's not Haruka or a girl who confidently shows her figure. Other characters wear Shinobi outfits that aren't sexualized in the slightest or are sexualized but only a little (Asuka and Homura wear a school uniform that isn't revealing, Miyabi and Minori show some cleavage, Murasaki wears a conservative black dress etc...), Shiki's design when she transforms is too much I would say, it's more revealing that it should, at least in my opinion.

>>637596420You don't find the age difference creepy?

Age is just a number for anime characters. You could use the same design in that one porn game the artist works on, say the character is in her mid 20s, and no one would bat an eye.

>>637596683Shiki is fully aware of how sexy she is, though.

>>637597196She feels like one of those girls who knows how hot she is and just uses it to get stuff, with no intention of ever actually getting with a guy.

>>637597014Indeed. With her long blonde hair and large brests, Shiki also could pose as a young adult, someone in her early 20s or a bit more than that. The truth is, the stylised designs of anime characters and what not mean that they have versatile or fluid desings when it comes to possible ages, it's not a surpirse that Marie Rose is a character where many people say that she looks like a teenager (14 years old or a bit less) while other people say that she could also be a very young adult, 18 years old or something like that...she could really be underage or a young adult with that appearance, that's a fact.

>>637595590Irl? Hell no, if she was an anime girl? The police better shoot to kill. I will be.

>>637597196At least in the cards of New Link and New Wave she's portrayed as such, sometimes even with a seductive smile or something.

>>637597714The latest NL event focused on her had her being quite flirty with (you). The girls interacting alone with the self insert is already rare in events like these, someone on the team really wanted to have their own time with Shiki.

>>637598405I wish I could have my own time with Shiki.

>>637594376Doesn't she have the same VA as Super Sonico or is that another Senran?

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>>637598518Yeah, they do, and now I feel obligated to post

>>637594376I wanna be her >.


Know what? I prefer the draw schizo over the 10 billion zelda threads a fucking minute, or the Holla Forums trash on this board. Hell, I even prefer him over wojaks and reddit frogs

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>>637602674speaking of artists, we really don't deserve yaegashi nan...

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>>637602674The threads are shitty anyways, it's just an extra layer of annoyance. At least it's not like that one spammer in Blue Archive threads

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Gross overtly horny designs. No wonder this series died


>>637603095I want to live with this sexy stinky NEET


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>>637603239we all do here user

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>>637603041Indeed, he seems like a chill dude.

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Katsuragi and her '70 HEMI 'cuda

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>>637603531I love that he keeps drawing senran kagura characters in his own artstyle, even when its not for work and just for fun, more artists should be like this

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>>637603191don't worry i will draw it

>>637604015ohoohoh, really? you really fucking went there? fuck you, fuck you you fucking assshole.

anyway fuck this guy, imma draw more senran kagura imagesand their carshikage and her chevellemiyabi and her gto judge

The face of a girl who never shaves her pubes

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>>637595590of course, it's legal

Post Miyabi

>>637603041truly a miracle of a artist indeed, so soft...>>637604015He leaves work at work, while at home he draws for fun, advancing his own style. A true artist, able to split when need be.

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>>637605059i see what you're getting at

>>637605059honestly, I might even go as far as to say that he's my favorite artist, even more than belko and ricegnat

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>>637604015His silly fanart and OCs are nice too

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>>637594376needs paizuri

>>637605592This user know what's up.

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Out of all the senrans who gives the best paizuri?

>>637605470He drew Roll?


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>>637606763>>637607313We need more>>637607017Shiki and Ryobi(big tits)

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>>637605380>Even more than BelkoNow that's a opinion and a half, and I heavily respect it. But what about S-Tarou?

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>>637594376What the fuck is the L in "L Rare"??

Mirai’s special naizuri

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>>637607656>But what about S-Tarou?wish they drew busty women more often

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