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wasn't there already a beta that flopped? or was that a demo?

>>637593641crypto ken

>>637593641I will main noone because I'm dodging this cringe ass fighter. Maybe in a year or two it looks better.


>>637593710Demo was trash for normies. Capcom is getting desperate so they're now releasing an open beta.


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>>637593641GillyMight throw some games into Jamie too

>>637593641Ken :3

>>637593641That picture represents a Street Fighter that no longer exists.

>>637593710Demo flopped, only 5k players. Capcope is having an open beta to fix that

>>637594308but both of these characters are in SF6

>>637594341An offline demo for a fucking fighting game is a stupid idea in the modern era.

>>637593641I'm not playing that garbage lol

>>637594774It not garbage :(

>>637594495As caricatures of themselves, and taking a backseat to...this >>637594048

>>637595303Ken is a main character

>>637595303>As caricatures of themselvesHow? Ryu is at his peak while Ken is at his lowest. How is that a caricature?

>>6375943415k players on an irrelevant platformps5 did big numbers


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>>637593641>LETS GOOOOOOOMan even the shills for this thing are niggerlike...

>>637593641Wait. On all platforms?Is it free for everyone?


>>637593641Ken until I can play as Manon.>>637593710Doomies think that the demo flopped because it came to PC after being on PS for a week. Doomies aren't the brightest.

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>>637595627Don’t bother arguing with the pc fagThey think only their opinions matter when all they play is csgo.

>>637593641Trannys will love this game


>>637595750Yes. It’s already available to download. Starts tomorrow 8am uk time.Crossplay confirmed too.

>>637593641I’m probably gonna try Jamie he looks super fun.Does anyone know at which hour the beta begins precisely?

>>637595784but enough about you.

King because I'm not buying this trash, I'm buying Tekken 8 instead!

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>>637595934OP here.I’m buying both but tekken is ages away. Don’t be a moron.

>>637595817>>637595881Noice. I will download it when I get home.I'm gonna be honest, I fucking despised those cartoony special effects when I watched vids, but when I played the demo it didn't bother me that much.

>>637595934Then why'd you come to the SF6 thread. Tekken thread's over there.

>>637593641Guile, always Guile

>>637595934>pozzed 8 go back to your thread >>637581058

>>637593641Jamie, he looks really fun to use and has the best newcomer design, he should have been the face of SF6 instead of Luke

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>>637593641My main isn't even in the game and is basically cancelled by capcom and fgc troons so I see no reason to even download it. If only Capcom could make good characters people care about for once.

>>637596474:(I play Remy in 3S. I don't like Guile, or Nash. I may be weird.


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>>637593641Ryun until lily is available

>>637593641Who's available to play as?

>>637595768Did someone strike a nerve?

>>637596623Can't have tomboys anymore, user, they are too appealing for the straight man

>>637596590Maybe you can make him in the character creator? You can fight as them in the full game.


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So oro is dead now right?

>>637596623>>637596792>Makoto mains are sufferingAnd all is right in this world. Truly, it makes me happy knowing that Laura and Mako won't be in front of my face for at least another two years.>Inb4 fagNo. I hate fighting them. The only "people" who enjoy fighting Laura's are those who've never played.

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>>637593641>no marisakimberly, maybe jamie. im just looking for a goofy setplay character

>>637596623Fuck off. Makoto falls into the Sakura troon catagory so you have a chance. My character is devoid of a troon fanbase therefore she will never come back.

>>637597018Not interesting anymore. She's a HAG

>>637597018DLC bait character>>637597138true but she cute

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>>637593641>yo dawg we gotta swallow another turd for DA COMMUNITY homie, it's street fighter let's heckin go doods>parades the decaying corpses of 40+ year old mediocre fighting game players around to shill fighting games to 12 year old Brazilian monkeys on twitch

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Ehh, still looks leagues better than mk1/12 or whatever the fuck they're calling it.

>>637597551That game looks so…plain…


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waiting for the copy pasta guyany minute now

>>637597858just report and ignore him

>>637593641>Nobody that I use or want to use is in the betaI guess I'll just fuck around in training mode and see if anyone sticks with me. If not, I'll just be a Ryufag for a few days.

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>>637593641Dee Jay on release, probably just Ryu for the beta

>>637597228Every friend I've played Street Fighter with says I look identical to Sakura. I'm forever stuck as this character it isn't my choice anymore.

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>>637598248Post your Sakura cosplay

>>637598248Nice larp homo.

They held that popularity poll which Sakura won, its odd that they didn't put her in the base roster. Maybe they're going from a "lets stick her in a season pass with characters that may not perform well" angle.

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>>637598248You'll never look like Sakura because you'll never be a woman

The new protagonist Luke. I did not like him at first but he grew on me through playing him on the demo

>>637598546That's always what companies do with popular characters that aren't mainstays that absolutely have to be in the base roster. They're already doing it with SF6 and Akuma.

I wanted to play ken in this beta but his execution is kind of tricky, I was messing around with juri in the crack and learned a good amount of stuff so I'll play her

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>>637598961How is Ken tricky?

>>637595613>Ryu is at his peakIn what way? He's still the same basic character instead of being treated as a boss character/legend. He's a sexless 40 year old with a ugly beard and a dirty rag thrown over his shoulder. Ryu and Ken both look like losers to make >>637594048 look good.

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>>637599090Ryu is a based volcel master now

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>>637599068I'm not good at utilizing the command dash

>>637593641Ryu looks fun so I may use him. That said, I'll probably buy the game when Akuma releases.Also, why make another thread? You are only going to attract the schizo.

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>>637599090>look good.Nah, LUKE GAWD

>>637593641Will Dhalism be playable in the beta?

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>>637598428I'm not doxxing my face I'm already wanted for multiple war crimes committed during the Lebanon civil war.


>>637593712>Ryu gets Evil Ryu / Kage, a knockoff Akuma>Ken gets DeepfaKen, using NFTatsumaki and Deformed Hand Shoryuken

>>637593641MK killed any hype for SF6, lmao. Chad move from Ed Boon.


>>637599832Do you think people will care about SF after Tekken 8 and MK?

Is JP going to be in the beta?

>>637600494You can only use the English dub for the beta.

>>637600479The blunder called SFV sold 8 million units so I think they will still care for SF6

>>637600552Very funny

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>>637600639JP isn't in the beta :(

>>637600701Oh well, thanks anyway

Sub zero and Kazuya

>>637599496Hmm, I'll believe it. I've interacted with a few tomboys and this kinda humor seems spot on. How's life going for ya, Sakura-Clone?

>>637599342>Ryu and Ken look like dirty bums>Luke's a better father to Mel than Ken>Luke will save Mel while Ken's being a bum>Luke trains (You) who'll beat the crap out of Ryu and Ken after learning their movesHe's too strong. He's too GAWDLIKE. BEATS MDOE BABY.

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>>637601018Done with uni work for a few months. Going to miss Street Fighter 6 because I was offered a trip to Spain by a family member. I'm the only family member who is fluent in Spanish and last time I went with them I had to do like all the talking less my uncle asks for "un pint por favor".

I only play shotos

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>>637601768Where you headed in Spain? Never been myself.

>>637601949"""She""" is not going to fuck you.

>>637602016let that nigga cook bruh

>>637602016I'm convinced 99% of all users outside of /int are from the USA. I will actually be shocked if I meet anyone from fucking 4Chan in real life. The closest I've gotten was one time someone I use to work in an office with recognised me for Sailor Moon posting and saying I had blue hair when I was 14. Unless I do a cosplay no one knows it's me.>>637601949Benidorm which is where all the 50 year old balding British men go. I lived in Malaga for just under 2 years so im forever stuck as the tour guide for family.

>>637602216Y'all have a two week window to find me in Spain. After that I'm back in the UK where I'm even more doubtful people will find me because I live in some shit council house in the middle of nowhere. Only industry we got here is a chippy ran by a racist man.

>>637602673Well you'd be right, I'm from the US. Chances are pretty slim, but I'm a man of the die. Whatever happens, happens. But you never know what'll happen, so who knows? Either way, it can't be that bad to be a translator if it means getting to roam about to other places. Sounds like a good gig to me. I need to learn another language anyway. Did you learn Spanish yourself or did you get taught growing up?

>>637603024Oh i'm not interested that's the other guy. I prefer buxom women.

>>637603024You live in high Wycombe too?

Probably Luke for when I actually want to try. I'll pick everyone and mash since it's just a beta

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I'm gonna take so many Juri screenshots

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>>637605597Why is Cammy so fucking long there.

>>637593641So who isn't playable this demo?

>>637605737She's a long girl

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>>637593710closed beta was a success because it was multiplayerdemo bombed because it was a singleplayer open world rpg mode for normies who don't play anything that wasn't heavily advertised

>>637605805Only Ryu, Ken, Chun, Guile, Juri, Luke, Jamie and Kimberly are in the beta

>>637593641>WHO WILL YOU MAINGoy McSlop is my main!

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whens MakiI want to hit dudes with tonfas

>>637594341>floppedkill yourself

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>>637606291Are you a fucking ass? That character ain't never coming back

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>>637593641How many hours left till the beta

>>637606291Next game

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I have to work in the morning/afternoon, but i'm gonna get on this shit as soon as I get home tomorrow, for the entire fuckin weekend. By the time I get home, you niggas BETTER have figured out/set up some kind of /vee/ lobby

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>>637605852>safe horny


>>637595934I’m buying SF, MK and Tekken. King will be my main in that game as he always has been.

>>637606940>safe horny

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>>637605719God have mercy. I don't think I'm gonna survive through SF6.

>>637607113>sweat strings???

>>637607113I have saved this picture.Thank you for sharing.

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