Best Choice?

Best Choice?

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no, she's too young

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I win

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>>637592905Wrong girl, dude


i got the game cause it was on sale but i dont really like this "long,thin human with nose pixel sticking out from the side view" style of artare there good sprite mods? what are some good mods in general?

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>>637592774So, is this a proper mod or just a few images?

>>637594697Slightly Cuter Character Sprites has exactly what you need: It chops off everyone's noses at the cost of forcing a gorillion other changes on you. All the other mods you need can be found

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>>637595010>oh cute farming game mods>immediately met with nigger and ywnbawwhy are you guys like this


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>>637595010>cute and funny scarecrows

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>>637595278because these mods were for various reasons thrown out of Nexus, mainly because author absentmindedly threw some wrong-think when responding to comments, or didn't do what some literarily-who wanted them to, so they got reported for whatever

Any update for Jas?

>>637596715The wait continues, and I know it'll be damn well worth it.

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>>637592774I'm still salty that I couldn't marry Robin. If only there were proper mods.

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>>637592774>S TierAbigail & Haley>A TierLeah & Penny>B TierEmily & MaruEmily & Maru are just boring and ugly, Leah & Penny are used goods and old, while Abigal & Haley have character flaws and quirks that can be tolerated and are young and appealing.

any mods that skips or trivializes all the farming shit and lets you focus on the social aspect?

>>637597008>Abigail>Not used goodsShe literally went to the clinic to check if she was pregnant

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>>637592774>Best Choice?Hmmm nah

>>637598078>Autistic gamer girl makes a joke about not being pregnant because you saw her in a hospital>That means she's a whore getting abortionsCan't tell if baiting or retarded. She's the only character in the game that has the chance of being a virgin.

>>637598587no user didnt you know that women get yearly checkups to see if they are pregnant

>>637598587You are right about Abigail but wrong about everyone else. The only one that's basically confirmed to not be a virgin is Leah since she's the only one with an ex, the rest we have no non-circumstantial evidence either way. I think the case for Abigail, Penny and Haley being virgins is stronger than for Maru and Emily. Maru's a black nurse that went to college, no way she didn't get ridden like a train back then. And Emily's the town bicycle, both Shane and Clint want her (and it's implied that Clint gets with her rather easily if you force him to ask her out) and there's also something possibly going on with her and Sandy. Even then the game doesn't out and out say they have had sex. I will note that it's strongly implied that Emily, Penny and Haley have sex with you during the 10 heart events, so take that for what it is.

>>637592774Abigail has the best body, Haley is the best wife, Penny needs you the most, Leah's the best from a game mechanics viewpoint and Emily's only good for cucking Clint. I don't know what Maru fans are thinking, she's terrible.

>>637599239you seem to be an expert on virginity

>>637599491>I don't know what Maru fans are thinking, she's terrible.Mostly about dunking on her father, who'll then unload his rage on Sebastiantwo birds with one stone

>>637599239I don't care about virginity that much, as long as they aren't slutty/coalburners/old I don't mind. I highly doubt that Haley is a virgin, but she's still hot.

>>637599583I could see the appeal in this if Maru wasn't so dreadful. But it would be dramatically better if you were able to do so with Robin instead, her biggest flaw is the asshole she's married to and the fact that somehow she couldn't do better than Demetrius.

Where is Jas poster ?

>>637600183Asleep, probably

>>637595278Shut up faggot.

>>637600183In our hearts.

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>>637600104>Old butch soulless ginger that fucks black guys and spends all her time doing manly jobs to compensate for having no father presence in her childhoodI don't get it. Who is attracted to this? If you like ginger girls for some reason I can understand that at least, and there are literally two bachelorette options that offer that. She's literally repulsive.

>>637600061Haley's only love interest is Alex and he's so far into the closet he's finding Christmas presents. If she had sex with someone it wasn't Alex. Plus she had a shit personality and spends most of her time alone until you win her over.

>>637600259no u lmao

>>637600426Isn't she a city girl that moved to Stardew Valley not too long ago? I imagine she lost her virginity there, she's an attractive blonde with stereotypical feminine hobbies. I highly doubt no man ever wanted her during her teen years. For Abi I can at least imagine that she's a introverted mentally ill gamer girl. But obviously it's not stated anywhere that anyone is a virgin or not, so everyone can headcanon what they think.

I'll just stay by Claire from Expanded mod

>>637600309Anon, I'm not saying I'd marry her, but I'd absolutely fuck her to break up her marriage with Demetrius.

>>637600610>Isn't she a city girl that moved to Stardew Valley not too long ago?Yes, the Queen of Sauce mentions Haley owning a bakery or something.

>>637600610No, you are thinking of Leah. >>637600660>not wanting the superior non-Claire version

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>>637600680He's a chuddie atheist scientist that spends all his time alone in his lab, while his daughter will most likely end up a femcel, and his stepson hates his guts and will most likely kill him or abuse him when he gets old, while his wife was used goods that fucked some emo white boy that pump and dumped her for a superior girl. His life is already in ruins, he'd probably lead a better life if Robin left him kek

>finally decide to try making a mouse Jas edit for 'that' animated portrait>the colors used for mouse Jas copied from the portrait with the eye dropper tool comes out as a completely different color for the animated portrait in asepriteThis fucking sucks, I can't figure out how to edit the palette so I can get the colors I need without also screwing up the colors that don't need a mouse edit.

>>637592774Oh god please tell me there's a mod that turns every bachelorette into a bitchy bimbo like Haley

>>637600942Try to copy the gif straight into Aseprite without going into File > Open. Had that problem a few times and it's really fucking weird until you figure it out. Also no idea how to edit the palette either.

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>>637592774Something in me has awoken I’m gonna get my gf to dye her hair purple

There might be few hickups with the Beebz mod.

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>>637601208What are they looking at anons? Something horrifying? Did they catch Clint in the barn again with the pigs and the blue wig?

>>637601406Like her fusing into me during the christmas event because she is standing in my spot in the scene.

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>>637592774Yes. Either her or the loli.

When is the next update coming out? I don't feel like starting a new playthrough if it'll come out soon...

>>637592774what mod

>>637601861google is hard, isn't it?

>>637601406Never saw this one, good catch. It's a really simple fix.>"winter_27": "Hey man what's up. Winter's almost over. Can't wait to see the sun again.$u#$b#Hey, @? Will you spend new year's with me?$u#4b#Just come by house after 8:00 PM if you do.$9" - Replace #4b# with #$b#>>637601495Beebzanon knows about this, I left it under a post with the tag beebzmod for him to find the archive along with a bunch of other minor bugs. He said some time ago that he wants to work on a second update with fixes and more content.

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>>637601208I think I got it to work, by the way do you know what the native width x height for the gif is?

>>637602349nvm it shows in asprite, thanks for the help anyway mouse Jas can be continued.

>>637602590I just realized you can probably use the Save/Load Palette thing next time you run into the issue from your first post.

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Also, that fix from a long ago for loli Abigail + Recettear mods, where you rename Recettear mod with a "zzz" so it loads last and overwrites loli Abigail dialogue, didn't work for me. Abigail called Recette dad in her event.Normal dialogue outside the event hasn't shown issues, aside from Recette calling Tear "Caroline" when telling she hates quarz, which I mentioned before.

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>>637602842It's annoying but trust me, you get used to dialogue conflicts when you have too many mods. Especially when you have character replacers along with stuff like Ridgeside or SVE.

>>637601980>google is hardyes i stopped using google ever since their reverse search shit the bed and basically never works and the other reverse search didnt get me the result so i asked

>>637603543are you stupid or just pretending?I found that mod in seconds via Google's reverse search

>>637603645google did something to their image search that makes it terrible most of the time so i didnt even bother using that particular reverse search

>>637603908It hasn't changedI used it all the time and always find what I'm looking for

>>637603053I don't have Ridgeside or SVE things, aside from Morgan standalone.All I got are>loli bachelorettes>Jas marriage>Ashley + Spooky>Beebz>Morgan (without SVE)>MadotsukiAll from rentry page. Except for certain tool mods updated from Nexus.I focused on the loli things because I recall someone hinting them being interconnected and having a special heart event.Although do I also need the cute and funny scarecrows for it? It feels like it's part of the set, but also feels rather superfluous.

>>637604060>Although do I also need the cute and funny scarecrows for it? Not at all unless you do want the scarecrows.

>>637602812I think I already tried something like that, the entire colors were fucked up looking when I loaded the palette from mouse jas.


>>637604594That's AI


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>unused location names>only a few of them are even mentioned in the vanilla gameWHAT ARE YOU HIDING APE

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>>637604746AI is pretty cool then. I'm surprised there isn't more AI generated SDV content. There is certainly enough art to scrape to generate things and the game is still fairly popular. Indeed, there has been a bit of a renaissance of R34 content lately. But not much AI stuff.

>>637604896There is no source

>>637604967>AI is pretty cool then. I'm surprised there isn't more AI generated SDV content.There's a ton of AI portraits out there, and the best part is that the Nexus fags get absolutely assblasted over them.

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>>637604967Do you mean AI-generated art? While the AI can make porn, it isn't good at it. It can make pin-ups nicely, but most people who is it yet don't know how to properly get two characters to interact in the AI. Me included...

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>>637605171That's good then, fuck those guys. >>637605295I've seen an absolute fuckton of new traditional SDV art lately, both R34 and otherwise, but not all that much for AI generated.

>>637605171>There's a ton of AI portraits out thereIs there a site that compiles them into a list, like anonstardewmods?

>>637606272No, you may have to browse through Nexus' portraits category the old fashioned way since they don't have an AI category but at least they're easy to spot from a glance.

>>637605764I should really get off my ass and upgrade my GPU so I can start pumping my own AI stuff out as well. There is basically no art out there of Penny being pregnant and I want to change it. Poor girl wants babies so badly and I want to give them to her!

Hello farmers, Clint here, just reminding you all to upgrade your tools. Also, stay the fuck away from my girlfriend Emily! If you don't I will be forced to take action. I know what you all did with Jas, and I'm willing to keep quiet about it, if you admit that Emily belongs with me!

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