What's the appeal?

What's the appeal?

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>>637592764>>637592782>>637592904and there you have it op

To clarify, she looks like a preteen child and that appeals to pedophiles



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>>637593064wtf I love her now?!

My wifes voicetiktok.com/@peace1225_/video/7232570494405332226?_t=8cPqm0Yp3h4&_r=1

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>>637592727Cute loli on the outside, mature and loving motherwife on the outside

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>>637593495out of 10

>>637592764>>637592782>>637592904I fucking hate you Holla Forums

>>637592764>>637592782>>637592904>>637592904I fucking love you Holla Forums


>>637593578So this is how traveler's journey ends...

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two big reasons

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Go back to the deep web you fucking freaks. kys

>>637593064If you actually played the game you'd know her demeanor is very mature and it's very off-putting to pedophiles. Klee is a much better daugherwife.

Daily reminder that pedoscum will get the ropeYour days are numbered


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>>637594237Doesn't have to end, she'll follow you to the ends of the universe. And she ages in a similar way to the Traveller too so it's a perfect match, unlike the humans that will die in 60 years.

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>>637595863truly the canon wife

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>>637595274>Disgruntled anons are reimagined as young girlsThere may be no saving you.

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>>637596112The best of both worlds, all the cuteness, genki and excitement of a loli wife with all of the mature and motherly qualities of an older wife.


>>637596112I-I'm not crying

My wife and my step-son...

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>>637596085Anon, that has been a thing for years. Stick-chan is cunny culture. Also pic related.

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>>637596638Nahida is such a good mother figure that she managed to make Hat Guy turn a new leaf

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>>637596638Still find it funny shitposters tried to cuckpost with that duo when Nahida is so head over heels for (You) while she's outright stated Wanderer is like a son to her.

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>>637596843>Stick-chan is cunny culture>Also pic related.Discord raids on this board with 7 autistic schizoids is not culture whatsoever>he doesn't know how to sage

>>637596843You are literally a criminal in some countries, scum

>>637596970>he thinks cunny is exclusively posted on Holla Forums and stick-chan isn't posted on other boards and even has a thread for on /i/

>>637596852>new leafheh

>>637592764>>637592782>>637592904Wow, pedophilia sure is popular here lately.

>>637597593>suddenly out of ten

>>637597329>stick-chan isn't posted on other boardsalmost exclusively on Holla Forums>/i/dead board

Why do Holla Forums jannies hate lolis so much?

>>637598350It's too powerful for them.

>>637598350They hate em cause they aint em.


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Jesus you trannies are mentally ill. That’s a fictional character. A video game character. It doesn’t exist.

>>637597593That is a drawing you stupid moron.Children are made of meat and bones. They need to eat every day, they destroy stuff, they are noisy, they stink, urinate and defecate. Why anyone wants them as pets is beyond me.

>>637599769I wish Nahida was real and made out meat and bones...

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>>637595863>unlike the humans that will die in 60 years.don't open

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Does Nahida appeal to lolifags or hagfags?

>>637597002If you believe that is a crime then you are the criminal, not him. As a righteous citizen of the republic I am eager to turn you into a better man by cracking open your skull, removing your rotten brain, and defecating inside.

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>>637600082I opened...


>>637592727Where is her nose?


>>637600489Is clearly there above the mouth.Are you blind?

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How do you feel about Dendro womb tattoos?

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>>637592727>I am Nahida. I may look like a child, but don't be fooled, I am a goddess of fertility, and I want to fuck your brains out Tabibito-sanWhat did they mean with this line?

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>>637603448>cum inside her>you're now branded as hers forever

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>>637603628Oh no how terrible! A trap no man could avoid.

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>>637592764>>637592782>>637592904i don't recall making any posts on Holla Forums today

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So the black sword from battle pass is Capitano's, right?


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>>637605183Maybe. It's the same knight described in the maiden beloved & bloodstained chivalry artifact set. At some point, he pledged loyalty to the abyss order, but there's no followup on how that turned out.

Nahida's feet that always smell like freshly cut grass

>>637594371>>637594556>>637597593Pedo website.

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>the Foot element Archon

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>>637592727Prime breeding material.


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