Why is Nintendo trying to make birds sexy?

Why is Nintendo trying to make birds sexy?

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>>637591764She looks like she fucks human men.

>>637591764>>637591851the absolute state of tendies

>>637591764Always have been.

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thats the ugliest model i have seen, looks like fnaf. down syndrome bird

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>>637591851This is no different than BBC spammers to me.

>>637591851fpbp>>637592086YWNBAA, cuck

>>637591851That's a little boy.

>>637592086Fag issue

>>637591764>>637591908Thats a boy.

>>637592086it’s literally a bbcel meme


Tulin is male and he rides my cock daily

>>637592086I'm sure all the anthro men are very offended.

>goron champion becomes goron sage>gerudo champion becomes gerudo sage>zora champion becomes zora sage>rito village elder dies offscreen, rito champion is made irrelevant for his son, the most prominent rito in the first game that was literally the driving force of the DLC is MIA with zero explanation despite far more minor NPCs being kept aroundDoes Aonuma have something against the Rito or what?

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youtu.be/7sAVZrwIj9ETulin is a male (male)

>>637592005that's not a birdit's a human child with a beak pasted on her face

>>637592983>Rito village Elder dies offscreenStopped reading right there. You didn’t play the game so your opinion is worthless

>>637593298I sure don't see Kaneli anywhere in the game, though.

>>637593353Pro tip. Check the Flight Range. Teba and Kanelli have swapped places BotW and TotK

>>637593521I genuinely forgo about the Flight Range, will do. Kass being completely absent is still weird as fuck, though. Dude has more screentime than most of the Champions in the first game.

>>637591764I present to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, exhibit number 1: the Gooner

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Fucking a cloaca is like doing DP with a single dick.

>>637593668everything linking this game to BotW is handled wierd. When it was just Kass I knew of, I was upset.After a few hours of playing, It's just a small part of a larger problem

>>637591764That shota needs some correction.

>>637592005>>637591764Sex with birds

>>637591764They aren't, it's just your mind being so warped from porn addiction

>>637591764Birds ARE sexy user

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>>637594595>They aren't,liar

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telling furries to yiff in hell clearly didn't work

>>637594932It's not 2005 anymore grandpa, furry hate became passe a decade ago.

>Try to cum>WEEEEEOOOOO>Boner destroyedNot as hoped

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>>637594932this site is 50% nigger porn and you’re still crying about furries

>>637595379Erectile Dysfunction is a skill issue

>>637592086I can SMELL the fat disgusting furry faggot behind this post

>>637595379Git gud, I just jacked off while in a teams meeting at work

>>637595379Rito women deserve a good dicking

They're not you fucking creep


>>637591764they aren't sexy, you're just extremely autistic.You probably watched American Childrens cartoons into your late teens/20s, had you sexual awakening from Sonic or Loony Toons, My little pony, etc.Why are Autists so degenerate? imagine sexualizing literal Animals.

>>637594283>lives in a village dominated by females>will almost certainly only be yaoi'd in lewd art

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What games would you play with him?

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>>637592208Didn't stop people from posting female kyubis from yokai watch.


>>637600801cave exploring


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>>637603910All birds are female if you're quick enough

>>637591764I want to head pat and go on adventures with this qt birb.

>>637594283Correction? But Tulin is a good boy. How dare you.

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>>6375922492bh I can't tell males from females with birbs in the wild either.In fact many species with dimorphism make the male prettier and larger for breeding purposes. Kinda strange how with mammals it's larger but necessarily prettier.

What does bird bussy feel like?


>>637604331Don't worry, it's good correction. It's his virginity that needs correcting.


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>>637594283Not sure if he's MS pilot material.

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>>637604491go fuck an ostrich and find out

>>637592983>rito village elder dies offscreenRetard, go to the rito range, he's there chilling

>>637604562He's voiced by Shantae in English so it's OK.

>>637604658I don't want to find out myself, and Larry Flynt died in 2021 so I can't ask him either.

>>637591764I want to fuck this green fish

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>>637604931I am Prince Sidon's beard... Oh, forgive me. I am your best friend's fiancée.

Would you guys stop being such massive faggots I thought the bird kid looked cool.

>>637591764His name means "I came" in Finnish

>>637591764broken, smashed, pulverized, obliterated

>>637591764idk, they already did it. they should of stopped at the peak.

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>>637591764No. Just because you have a shota bird in your game won't be enough to convince me to pay $70.Let me play as shota link again and then we'll talk.

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>>637604931She needs to go WIDER.

>>637606129I don't like kissing boys.I like kissing boys that look like girls.Ma bren stupid liek dat.

>>637606129I don't like kissing boys.I like kissing birds.

>>637607063I personally blame Kazooie for this. I could never tell if Kazooie was male or female either.Did thing's to me as a lad.

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