Which gacha should i play, Holla Forums?

which gacha should i play, Holla Forums?

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none of the above

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>>637591436Playing gacha after their release is masochistic. You should only play gacha if you are a day one player who starts playing them as the servers just release.>Upcoming gacha with potential (PC Client / 3D Models / High Quality)Girls' Frontline II: ExiliumWuthering Waves

>>637591436why would you want to play pay to win chinkshit you degenerate gambler?

>>637591436Nikke is literally apart of my 3x3.

>>637591609>Playing gacha after their release is masochisticImagine missing banners for absurdly overpowered units lmao

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>>637591609>potential>3D Modelslimbros.....

I wish gacha games had their other genre attached so I knew what actual kind of experience the game was, and not just the monetization Like gacha/puzzleor gacha/idle battler

>>637591609I pre-downloaded Star Rail but haven't felt like playing it. Is it too late now?

>>637591436>Zenless Zone Zero | Genshin | Honkai Star Rail | ??? | Arknights>Limbus | ??? | Nikke | ??? | Girls Frontline>Wuthering Waves | Punishing Grey Raven | Blue Archive | ??? | ???What are the ???s?

>>637592090Last is Azur Lane

>>637591436You fucking shouldn't, trust me, I'm playing one right now. Already logged in for 1300+ days. You absolutely fucking shouldn't.

Gacha is a plague upon the industry and it was wrong of us to not continue nuking east Asia

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>>637591436For me its Nikke :3

>>637591952Here's a few I know off the top of my head >Turn-based RPGs: Limbus Company, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Fate/Grand Order, Granblue Fantasy, Honkai Star Rail, Shin Megami Tensei Dx2>Open world: Genshin Impact, Wuthering Waves>Character action: Honkai Impact, Punishing Grey Raven>Hack-n-slash: Bleach Brave Souls>Tower defense: Arknights>Match-3: Puzzle and Dragons, Alchemy Stars>Shmup: Azur Lane, Iron Saga>Shooter: Goddess of Victory Nikke>Tactics: Girls Frontline, Fire Emblem Heroes, Langrisser Mobile>Auto-battler: Blue Archive, Epic Seven, AFK Arena, Princess Connect ReDive

>>637591436I'm a gacha expert here's my professional opinion:Genshin Impact is a must try if you like action/adventure games. As high quality as it gets for a phone gameOut of all the Honkai Impact clones there the best is ZZZ but it's not out yet, Aether Gazer is good too if you really like sci-fiFuck Arknights, Path to Nowhere is a much better tower defense game so play that if you like the genreNikke has amazing character design and sex appeal, the music is also very good but the game is very repetitive and boring. Still a good game to tryDon't bother with GFL, just wait for GFL2 to come out it's not long from nowI really don't recommend Limbus Company unless you're familiar with the other games from the company, a game with similar gameplay but much better is coming soon, it's called Reverse 1999The other games i didn't mentioned are kiddie shit not really worth playing unless you're maybe really young and just love moe too muchOut of those games i really like PtN and Genshin, looking forward to ZZZ and GFL2, Ather Gazer looks fine

>>637593560>a game with similar gameplay but much better is coming soon, it's called Reverse 1999limbros? our response?

>>637593432I appreciate you, thank you

>>637593560>Don't bother with GFL, just wait for GFL2 to come out it's not long from nowyou already said this last year and I want to know why Vb poster loves his wife

>>637591436Do you think a gacha user can find the love and keep playing his gachas?

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Cognosphere/Hoyoverse raised the bar too high for Gachashit. It's hard for me to even care for any new releases if they don't have fully detailed 3D waifu models, voice acting, cutscenes, actual gameplay, and proper PC client support. If I see cheap gachashit coming out without these things I just instantly write them off as cashgrabs that will go EOS in a few years.

We only play Dokkan Battle in this house because we're men here and have things to do.

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>>637592450From Left to Right; Top to Bottom> Zenless Zone Zero- Unreleased (1st Beta)> Genshin Impact> Honkai: Star Rail- Released last month (April 26, 2023)> Aether Gazer- To the be released in Global (May 23, 2023)> Arknights> Limbus Company> Arknights: Endfield- Unreleased (Reveal/Latest trailer: March 18, 2022); No news since then> Nikke: Goddess of Victory> Path to Nowhere> Girl's Frontline> Wuthering Waves- Unreleased (2nd Test)> Punishing: Gray Raven> Blue Archive> No Idea> Azur Lane

Medarot S

>>637593432You mate what's the difference between Character Action and Hack 'n Slash? 'Cause I consider both Honkai 3rd and Gray Raven as Hack 'n Slash

>>637592062Only if you are willing to shell out a few bucks for a reroll account


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Qrd on Star Rail? I understand Genshin's popularity because it's a full fledged open world game released for free and you can play that shit on almost every device. But isn't Star Rail just yet another turn based shitty gacha like every other one on the market?If you want coomer shit just play Last Origin.

>>637594927High quality. Simple as. Unlike the rest of gachashit on the market, it has actual effort put into it.

>>637594927Branding and Genshin Association isn't something to be laughed at.

>>637594723> Yo mate,*

>>637591741That is so embarrassing

None. Just enjoy the porn. If you really must grind in vidya then learn a competitive game.

What the fuck is Arknights Endfield???Did they finally get enough money to make something thats not tower defense?The worldbuilding they got going is pretty cool, aesthetics too

If you want to play gacha play one called Russian Roulette. Get 6 barrel revolver banner and whale on it until you get super rare gun-shot to your head.


Which Rapi

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>>637591609I fucking wish that were true for hoyo games. New players have tons of content to play years after their release.

>>637591436>Hello there

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>>637595469This is 4chan, so it like be the Japanese aesthetic (Right) over the Korean Aesthetic (Left)

>>637591436Mahjong Soul

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>>637593918>Hoyoverse raised the bar too high for Gachashit

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A few gachas that I never see mentioned>Skullgirls Mobilefighting game and RPG hybrid. Amazing hand drawn sprites ported directly from the main FG game. Pretty cool one.>Action TaimaninHack and slash set in the Taimanin Asagi universe. While the game is SFW the 3D models are still pretty coomerish. The gameplay is pretty decent.>Destiny ChildAnother coomer option. The gameplay is pure fucking dogshit but the game is pretty generous and there is an uncensored patch available.


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>>637595829If you unironically play garbage chibi png simulators that involve no gameplay but chore farming and inventory management, you should probably reconsider your life choices.

>>637595268Imagine being embarrassed about video games.


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>>637596337So Honkai Star Rail?

>>637596501I get 2nd hand embarrassment from playing star rail because I don’t want to be associated with MHY drones

>>637595829I mean he's not wrongGachashit has an extremely low bar, Genshin is at least a couple steps above othersI still only played it for a couple weeks, the only gacha I play is Ligma because I'm a retard who got hooked by the story

>>637596839And who are you trying to impress?

>SSS TierGenshin Impact / Honkai: Star Rail>SS TierNikke: Goddess of Victory / Fate: Grand Order>S TierBlue Archive / Arknights>A TierEpic Seven / Azur Lane / Honkai Impact 3rd>B TierGirls' Frontline / Destiny Child / Every other Irrelevant Gacha I forgot to name because they're irrelevant

>>637597019my fellow Holla Forums anons

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>>637591436None, they are all garbage

>>637596974>Genshin is at least a couple steps above othersI don't know about Genshin as Starrail is my only experience with their games and it was incredibly bad. It's the most boring and generic writing I've seen in a while. And if you're playing it for waifus there are way better gacha for that, the ones in Starrail are overdesigned, they look like vtubers.

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I literally cannot tell these kind of slop games apartwhy would you even play them. they're literally mobile shit

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>>637595469What in the absolute fuck is that abomination on the left?

Are there any gachas that only take ~10 minutes of my day per day?I just want something to play during my daily poop.

>>637597702Rapi’s original look.

i like Eversoul

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>>637596501My feeling is that if you understand what a 3x3 is, you're pretty deep into video games. You've spent a lot of time on them, and might have used that time to seek out interesting experiences, original ideas, fun gameplay etc.So what I'm saying is when I see your post highlighting bottom of the barrel gatcha coomer shit as one of your all time best gaming experiences, it speaks absolute volumes, and I'm a little embarrassed for you. Thanks.

>>637597280>the unofficial listOfficial Holla Forums gacha tier list>SSS Tier GachaLimbus company>SS Tier GachaFire Emblem Heroes /Blue archive / Girls frontline>S Tier GachaHonkai Impact 3rd / Genshin / Arknights / Nikke / Battle cats>A Tier GachaAzur Lane / Punishing Gray Raven / FGO / Majohng soul / Dokkan>B Tier GachaDestiny Child / Last Origin / Counterside / Another Eden / Guardian Tales / World Flipper / Path to Nowhere /Epic seven / Honkai star rail / Granblue fantasy

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>>637597769Horrifying to think that they could have butchered my girl so badly.

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>>637594927High quality, funny writing, surprisingly deep combat system that allows for multiple team set ups that work for the main story but also requires some planning for post game stuff. Lore gets a little much, but there is multiple novels worth of shit to read if that's your jam. Cute waifus

>>637597869>feh in ssThis list was vandalized

>>637597469> It looks like a vtuberI'm inclined to ignore this opinionIt still makes no sense to me

>>637597869AL should be in Sex tier

>>637597869>Last Origin that lowneh on top of having a pretty generous bussiness model that game is absolute king when it comes to coomerism. If you want to play an actual game then don't bother with gacha, if you want to collect anime sluts then LO is far better than shit like F/GO or even Nikke.

>>637591436project neural cloud is fun

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>>637597809>My feeling is BRAAAAAAPPPP 3x3 is, you're pretty deep into BRAAAAAAPPPPP a lot of time on them, and might have used that time to seek out BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPFFFTTTTT So what I'm saying is when I see your post highlighting bottom of the barrel BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPFFFFFFTTT experiences, it speaks absolute volumes, and I'm a little BRAAAAAAAPVideo games are fun and I put fun games I enjoy on my 3x3.

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>>637597979Look how overdesigned this is.

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>>637597895aw yiss more rapi

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Why does it feel like this entire thread is underaged?

>>637598308I unironically only like two characters in all of Hoyoverse. Raiden & Himeko.

>>637598437Why are you so stinky?

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>>637598437I hate boomers just die already

>>637598308It looks decent to me, mate

post gacha gameplayyoutu.be/ap5zkwT_t4Q

>>637598308And no, I don't watch Vtubers; I do occasionally come across clips of them every once in a while.

>>637599034Gods what a shit "game".

>>637599034>only 1 hourngmi

>>637598807Disingenuous.>>637599072And this doesn't look like one? Look at how many little pieces of clothes she has, it's like someone vomited a designed. She's supposed to be a poor rebel living underground.


I never see Goddess Kiss posted or talked about on here

Are there any other gachas where the main character isn't some Mary Sue with anime bitches all over his dick and is just some shitter that everyone treats like garbage?

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>>637594927Lots of polish because infinite money because MihoyoIf you don't care about story/lore it's good, because personally I fucking hate the way Mihoyo delivers story/lore

play nikke

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>>637591436As a former gacha player, I can say with confidence the answer is none of them.

>>637599520rip donte

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>>637599484It's dead and came long before gacha actually started to become popular outside of Asia (you can tell that most people never played a gacha before Arknights). Probably the best game when it came to clothing damage, but that's all it really had

>>637599612>Her optimism and Pinne: Gone

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>>637595469Right is so painfully generic, it's always a shame because the taking cover/CG art is still left's design and she just looks so much better there. From best girl to forgettable.

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>>637599612I tried it and it's shit.

>>637599697died for our sins

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>>637600180She need some chapstick her lips be dry as hell

>>637599520>with anime bitches all over his dickName me one sinner girl who won't land on his clock.

>>637599612Did they fix the molds? Is Soline still a dirty team killer?

>>637599520I love outis too haha


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>protagonist disappears for 6 events (3 years)

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>>637596575This makes any gacha look generous

>>637599520What if Dante was BETRAYED and TRAPPED by the Sinners inside the Mirror Dungeons for a Millennia?

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>>637591436Just play a new one, so either Honkai Star Rail or Limbus Company. You could also wait for a hyped one to come out like Wuthering Waves or GFL2

>>637591436None. Gachas are scams and need to be banned.

>>637601298he breaks the level cap and gets his revenge

>antagonist fully achieves what she set out to do

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>>637601482Don’t you have a Zelda thread to shitpost in?

>>637601571Whatever I do with my time. If I'm not a gachaslave, I'm already a superior being to you.

>>637598224This cat is in HEAT

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>>637601656>paying $70 for DLC is better than a game you can play for free as long as you have impulse control like a functional adultsorry you have the maturity of a toddler user

>>637591436>log in to gacha>collect free rolls>roll>get shit>log out>come back next patch to collect free rolls and repeatStop making rates dogshit and more people will play.

>>637591436I hate it when gachafags use "cute/hot characters!!" as a plus point for their specific gacha. Like, no shit? That's like bragging over your favorite RPG having a leveling system. They speak of it like it's something unique to their game; something outside the norm. Find me a gacha WITHOUT cute/hot characters before you go bragging about your favorite game having them.

>>637599520SKK has bitches on his dick for sure but he also gets his shit pushed in on a regular basis, he's not infallible and despite being very good at his job is regularly forced to take the L and barely escape with his life, and half the time he DOES win it's a textbook pyrrhic victory.

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>>637600981RO armpits

>>637601857>Stop making rates dogshit and more people will play.Fast way to get the game EoS’d

>>637601870Here you go.

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I miss BoudicaAnon

>>637602337worked for girls frontline, when all these cygames and crunchyroll gachas die its not because they're unprofitable but because the suits decided they're not profitable ENOUGH and kill support to redistribute resources.

I hate gacha and gacha accessories

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>>637601870It’s more that some gachas are clearly for coomers and others aren’t. No one cares about Azur Lane’s or Nikke’s gameplay or story. They’re just there for sexo. The same cannot be said of Limbus Company or Arknights or even Genshin.

>>637600720Faust is keikakkuing the shit out of him, Ishmael thinks he's an incompetent retard, Don is an incompetent retard who legally can't give consent, Outis is a kissass who is probably gonna betray and would only fuck him if it were in the contract, and he can't afford Rodion

>>637602362He said without cute/hot characters user.

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>>637602738I don't understand playing a coomer gacha game without a good story. I tried giving AL a try and I quit it after two weeks. It's pointless having all the great designs if there is no story to make me attached to the characters. If I jerk off to FGO or GI characters I can jerk off for a reason because they have fleshed out stories behind them, and so I have a reason to play the game.

>>637602807What’s hot about this goblin?

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>>637602962I agree, but some people just want to collect skins for hot designs. Clearly it works or there wouldn’t be so much Bremerton/Taiho-posting

>>637593432>Alchemt Stars>Match 3Lollll wtf?

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>>637603181Didn't mean to post Undead World but that's a pretty good idle game but greedy not playing currently wtf where's my Alchemy Stars shit??

>>637602970cool intellectual ever-dependable beauty = hotstinky genocidal discord-grooming NEET = also hot

>>637597923>surprisingly deep combat systemi will reply to this bait

To anyone looking for a new game, don't play genshin impact. Mihoyo has taken their A team to work on their new game and abandoned genshin to a mentally ill fujo and a gay pedophile. Female SSRs are literally being sabotaged by the design team and we've gone months without a new female 5 star. It's absolutely horrific. My name is John Oyohim, it your hearing this you are the resistance.

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>>637603403I'm way more disturbed by >High quality, funny writingIn terns of gameplay there are way worse gachas.

This will be the best mobile game ever made, we just need to wait a little bit moreyoutu.be/NgJ-Va9J-PQ

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>>637591436Uhmmm, any upcoming Gacha(formerly ph*ne game)i should look forward?I dont like to catch up crapton of character staples and content + spending at least 1 hour grinding shit everyday

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>>637604197>Girls' Frontline II: Exilium by Mica (GF, NC)>Wuthering Waves by Kuro (PGR)>Zenless Zone Zero by Hoyo (GI, HSR)Pretty much just this. Everything else are cashgrabs that will go EOS and just be mediocrity forever.

>>637604180God I hope it's popular, Yuzhong deserves a new Ferrari

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>>637604180>unironically want to catch up with the 1st games story for this>-50 hours on youtube

>>637604501>>Wuthering Waves by Kuro (PGR)Im looking down for this one then

fuck little girls man

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>>637604501>wuthering waves>closed beta test was dead on arrivallol

Ahoy luvs

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>>637595771Mahjong soul eats away at your soul.

>>637591436should I play nikke if I wanna fap to it with mods

>>637603730G-genshin sisters... how do we respond?

FGO is the only one worth "playing".

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>>637606025The best way to play FGO is youtube.Flash ass game

>>637606073>The best way to play FGO is youtube.True, but that doesn't say much for the rest of the gacha industry now does it.


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>>637606025Would've agreed until Genshin Impact and Star Rail came out. These games mogg the rest of gacha industry in every aspect. And as someone who has played and experienced all of FGO's story, I can easily confirm that Nasushit is overrated and jerked off just because of nostalgia and VN/Anime fans.

I'm a coomer, but somehow Nikke does not have ANY characters that look appealing to me.

>>637606306Literally this, I haven't seen a good looking one either lol

>>637606306They have that soulless korean hentai look that makes them look like AI slop. None of them are waifu material, they all feel like cheap whores.

>>637606250That's a weird way to say "I'm a chinkshitter with no taste"

This... is not the Limbus thread.I will wait.

>>637591609>Wuthering WavesI'm skeptical on this one mostly because it's a direct Genshin clone and the whole open world aspect doesn't mix well with a game you have to play daily. It often boils down to a lot of time wasted doing fetch quests and walking through empty fields to do repetitive combat. Also PGR is hands down the most exploitative with their pricing with literal $100 FOMO skins. Not even the most jewish gachas do this.

>>637605634Kraken Hanta? What's her name i can't find her on google

>>637606434Shitty JP png slop with unironic cuckbaiting and nippon wank in every story arc can never compete with any story worth reading.

>>637606306Years of Arknots and Genshit hogging the spotlight really set the bar low for gacha fanservice.

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>>637606767Ah yes, the true "story worth reading", unironic chinkslop that spends half of it's runtime using projection magecraft on every popular anime ever and the other half being generic and boring shipshit with the worst character designs ever conceived by mankind.

>>637606760The skins name is "Kraken Hunter" you dork lolCharacter is Sig MCX from Girls' Frontline

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>>637607003Hoyo games have the safest blandest writing intended for children and casual players, but at least it's not pozzed and mentally ill like FGO's. And unlike FGO which is just a PNG simulator which forces you to farm chores for multiple hours during events, GI has actual fun gameplay and comfy open world exploration.

>>637607003Yeah, I think arknights is shit too

>>637607003Anyone that praises Mihoyo story is insane, their way of lore is placing you in a corridor with 20 portraits of random people and expecting you to care about them

>>637607124>GI has actual fun gameplay and comfy open world exploration.Yeah pay up for your character skills, good goy, go chase that chest for your sprinkle of gems, """"exploration"""" Literal shiteater

Oh I didn't know Nikke was on PC now, how is it? Also can anyone link me up to the website with all the model please?

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You guys are mean

>>637607124>just a PNG simulator which forces you to farm chores for multiple hours during eventsAnd Genshit Niggerpact doesn't do this?

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I want to like Mihoyo games but Jesus the gacha is insanely greedy, and for some reason everyone runs defense for them.

>>637607280Nigger you play FGO, a game that makes billions of dollars yet has no voice acting, no cutscenes, no 3d models, no open world, no animations outside of 2d flash jpgs. What are you saying lmao. How are you criticizing any other gachashit.

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>>637607573>yet has no voice acting, no cutscenes, no 3d models, no open world, no animations outside of 2d flash jpgs.And it still mogs the fuck out of your chinkshit, fucking insane don't you agree?

>>637606306Play Path to Nowhere, it has a lot of girls who are pure sex not just their design but also their voices, behavior and stories

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>>637607124Biggest issue with GI is that there is nothing to do outside of banners and updates. Daily rewards are very uninteresting and progression is completely gated by rolling for chars/equipment/etc.

>>637607524Just don't bother much about the endgame, Focusing on Mihoyo endgame is just not worth the hassle.

>>637607520Thank you very much user I'll bookmark it!

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>wuthering waves had at one point 1 (one) viewer watching on Twitch

>>637591436I'd tell you to play GFL, but it's almost over, so don't do that.

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You don't "play" gachas. They play you

>>637607520>nikke-en.com/mmd.htmlWell that wasn't what I was looking for but thanks anyway, I don't think the website I'm looking for was in english.


>>637602970Fausto Sexo

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>>637607857GFL2 Soon

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>>637607695Sunk cost fallacy. That is what your FGO account and your time wasted on it is. You refuse to accept reality that you wasted all that time and money on a game that doesn't respect you and doesn't even bother adding the bare minimum shit like pity, better rates, auto-farming, voice acting, gameplay, animations, graphic upgrades, PC client, etc. You will consooooooooooom Nasuslop because you wasted all your time and can't stop coping. And that's okay.

I play pgr because it has gameplay

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>>637607801That’s so backwards for a gacha. You should be excited for new content and characters and progression in these kinds of games - not completely gated out of any participation unless you whale out.

>>637607114>HunterOf course, i actually had a lot of trouble understanding that "kuraken" actually meant kraken. I hate gairaigo so much it's crazy but it makes sense it was an English word since it's katakanaThanks for the source anyway

Sell me on the bouncy asses game.DO you actually play anything or is it just soft core porn?The sailor glasses girl is absolute fucking sex and I'm even considering downloading the shit just for her.

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>>637608071>Mihoyo games>Repect yoYes FGO is super greedy but Mihoyo games are just a rung below them.

>>637597809People who enjoy gacha are the most pathetic subhumans on the planet.

>>637608071Seeeeething you aren't even talking about the games anymore lmfao

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