Whats up with all the CS pros using aimbots?

Whats up with all the CS pros using aimbots?

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That WEBM looks more wallhack than Aimbot

They still cheat less than the developers.Valve screwed over the Artifact fanbase by cancelling the Artifact 2.0 beta without even allowing users to invite friends like they said they would in January 2021 and does not deserve your financial support for these gross consumer-unfriendly practices.

Skill issue. That webm looks completely normal.

>t. scrub

>>637591375*snap*Nothin personnel, kid

>>637591692no one likes artifactno one likes valorantMEME GAMES

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>>637594740>>637591375Why don't they solve it by supplying the computers in the tournaments, teams only allowed to bring mouse, keyboard, headset and screen.

>>637594740>pro player prefires on a common spot>no guys wait wait he's cheatingthe absolute state of this board...

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>>637595249look at the "wall bang" at 11 seconds

i want to enjoy pro CS but they cheat so blatantly that it's impossible

>>637595103you are saying that doesn't already happen? I thought these cheaters vids mostly happened on online matches.

>>637596640you are retarded

>>637596640If they're a pro, they know people often camp that spot on the other side of the wall. People who get paid to play these games know literally all the likely placements of enemies. The games are very predictable by nature, with planned sightlines and firing positions.

>>637591375I'll always remember being in a chat once and the topic of pro games coming up and mentioning how CS is all skiddies vs. skiddies at high levels and some guy who was a server coordinator or something having an hour long shitfit and demanding I post concrete proof (that he accepts as proof) of these pros cheating. It did nothing but convince me that the "he's just got a really good gaming chair bro" idiocy extends so high in the chain that some games are just lost causes forever.

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>>637596640are you silver or something?there's literally nothing unusual in that clip

>>637596764idk, look at some of the webms, it's look like they are in local tournaments

>>637597171this doesn't look like cheating at all

>>637591692basednever stop doing this

>>637596764the players hardly bother to hide that they load their hacks onto the tournament computers. organizers don't give a fuck. and really when that's the law of the land you'd be a fool not to cheat.

>>637597171average 14 year old spic valorant player proves he is silver yet again by posting a webm of a pro player preaiming a standard spotrope yourself

>>637595103Mouse and keyboards would have to be banned too, you can easily install a full aimbot onto any USB device.

>>637591692How long are we going to keep this shitty copypasta going that has 3300+ results on the archive now? Not a single human being cares about artifact, and they never did. It's not even funny.


>>637597317these aimbots are loaded into mice with internal memories.

>be me>911 hours in CSGO>Stop playing when I realize how gay it is>Years later>Boot it up to play>Unranked comp match>Top player in game>Teammate disconnects half way through>Rest of team kicks me on 9th match>UninstallThat shit will sit at 911.43 hours for eternity.

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>>637597220lol, I stopped playing CS seriously when it started requiring Steam

>>637591375You're just jealous. Pros are able to pull this stuff off purely using their game sense. Cheats aren't even real bro and streamers are my friends and my friends never cheat.

>>637597630im glad to see nintendo enjoyers can now castrate themselves ingame as well as out

>>637596640yeah that's what I'm talking about dipshit. He prefired where his head could be. This is commong game sense but you're either too bad at the game to realise that or just too dense in general, faggot

He just has a good gaming chair.

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>>637597393They should just give ainbots to everyone then. They already do this for controllers.

>>637597776Damn look at the quick swivel of that chair.

>>637597790The age of putting dudes in the center four pixels of our screen is over.The future is targeting zones with soft auto-aim.

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>>637597457I think it's funny. Especially when I don't see it coming.

>>637598137>Especially when I don't see it coming.It's in literally every VALVe thread with almost no exceptions.

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>>637598223go tell them that

>>637591375ah great its time for the shroud/aimbot shichzo to flood the board with the same 100 webms while mods do nothing

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>>637597776The fact that this fucking fraud is still allowed to play is baffling. He's not even good at hiding his cheats and there are hundreds of videos like this

>>637598293What is it about Valve games that drives so many people to literal insanity?You have the HL2 fag, the EGS drone, the aimbot/wallhack spammer, the artifact schizo

>>637594740>knowing your wallbangs>knowing your cornersno son that's just being even half-decent at CS

>>637597542they can be but more common is to just stick in an usb and run the exe. no need to get fancy, zero fucks given

>>637596640yes, that's a common spot to wallbang

>pro>using aimbotpick one

>>637591375You vastly underestimate the extreme autism grinding CS instills in a person. You are simply just bad at the game.

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>>637596367Definitely cheating you can just tell by the way he moves

>>637598403he doesn't even play. he never accomplished anything of actual note

>Literally every single pro athlete is on roids at this point, despite actually having somthing to lose and affecting thier healthOf course they are!>pro gamers hacking that has zero drawbacks No they would never do that!

>>637598410Thats what happens when pc gaming is held hostage by known scammers.

>>637591375blame the retards who watch them. they only watch the big streamers, the pewdiepies and ninjas of the streaming world. and in order to be a successful streamer, you need to be good at gayming. you can't just be a normie gamer with a kill-death ratio of fucking 0.9 or something, no one's gonna watch you play, because they'll be bored of your insane mediocrity. but not all streamers can have an awesome kill death ratio, can they? even they fluctuate, like everyone else. some days they play really well, other days they suck ass and aren't particularly entertaining to watch. hence, all the "helper" tools they use to give them that extra edge and make the matches more entertaining to watch. simple capitalism, simple as.

>>637598751They simply take Adderall, no cheating to be found here.

>>637591692you literally are in every single post, aren't you? who are you, man? what's your name? where do you live? what do you do in life? and how come you've chosen to dedicate your entire life to "exposing" valve like this?

funny how on the majority of these cheating videos not only is the "cheater" on the losing team but he also dies a second later after getting a kill or two.

>>637598928>why isn't the dude spinboting?Lmao this is your best argument?

>>637598910>who are you, manHe's the artifact fanbase, I thought that was heavily implied.

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It's fun to see people seething over cheating problem in csgo when in reality cheaters are incredibly rare.There are definitely sus players but I haven't seen anyone blatantly cheating in the last 2 years.

>>637599359People simply cannot believe people are actually good at video games.

>>637591375 At least post confirmed cases of cheating.youtube.com/watch?v=7cMcCzBVhvc

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>>637599359>in reality cheaters are incredibly rareLOL you have it the other way aroundcheaters are incredibly common and get more common the higher you go

>>637599359>I am bad We have estimates from firms following the hacking problem and its like one in three people are hacking, with war zone going as high as nearly 50%.

>>637599359>>637599609>>637599509people have a hard time believing their holy grail game is so vulnerable that people would take their time to disrepect it by cheating against their competition

>>637599053i'm sure it's a person, or something. some fucker somewhere who has made it his life's mission to "expose" gabe newell for the cheating scumbag he is, or something, i'm sure of it.

>>637599063>literally three seconds away from just winning on time>decides to not plant the bomb, or idle, but instead try and wallbangI don't get it. Then again, it's been spammed to death on Holla Forums so I can just search the archive for an explanation if I really give a shit (I don't)

>>637591692This has to be a well coded ai bot.

>>637599359They're extremely common and you only don't notice them because they aren't blatantly cheating.

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>>637599867>they aren't blatantly cheating.yes they are, he's just retarded

>>637599609just accept that you're bad at the game lol.

>>637599634>its like one in three people are hackingIt's roughly 0.1% of the playerbase. That's the official numbers.

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>>637600129The blatant cheaters get caught quickly, most people aren't so obvious so it can be hard to tell if someone is cheating or not unless you slow down their gameplay by a lot.

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>>637597457It's funny to watch shitters like you seethe, and at least the guy partially responded off-topic before pastaing.

>>637597171crosshair not on headjust a 90 degree flick having 1% chance to line up, proven by lack of other webms with this guy

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>>637595249it's usually anons who have never put in more than 1000 hours into any fps who think it's aim bot

>>637599593According to the thread CS:GO doesn't have cheaters so that guy must have planted those files to frame him.

I wonder if the people that come into these threads to defend webms of blatant cheating are being paid to be so retarded. It's always the same "lol ur silver xD" response from these fags too, like playing at a high level explains locking onto and firing at someone's head through an impenetrable wall.

>>637600847>and at least the guy partially responded off-topicNice Freudian slip, retard.

>>637599745>>637599063he would not win on time, he would lose.he didnt have time to plant the bomb, his teammates heard / saw the opponent being in there and he tried to chase after

>>637601180>he would not win on timeBut that's literally what happened in the webm's timeframe? The last CT takes zero damage.

>>637600538Those are vac numbers, not ai training to tell the difference between human and bot mouse movement. The ai says nearly a third bro. And the ai is very good at telling, its not hard for it too tell the difference between an organic movement and a bot.Try again.

>>637601039you wish you were silver in anything

>>637601456Like clockwork(you)

I cheat on CSGO because i love making rankniggers cry. Even then, the only time i do play is when my free crate drops are reset so i can get those and scam retarded russians with them for high prices. This is all done on my main account btw good to see that VAC is working as intended

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>>637591692>Artifactlmao, who cares?

>>637601036>1 brown guy>4 years agowow cheating really is rampant

>>637601371no??? what does that have to do with anythingit clearly says '' counter terrorists win ''

>>637600861Aimscan doesn't need to be set to a limb and it can be very hard to detect. You can even make it so it only activates if someone moves.

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>>637597272>>637597349>flicks directly onto opponents head through wall>it's just skill bruh>it's just luck bruh>git gud bruheveryfuckingtime

>>637599745>literally three seconds away from just winning on timeyou mean losing on time? >>637601953it literally is just skill and luck. git gud.

>>637601384You can't possibly have played the game for even 5 minutes and think 1/3 of the playerbase is cheating. That's absurdly stupid.

>>637602108I don't, a robot training to find aimbots said so. Feel free to cope however you please.

>>637602108PUBG had something like 50% of playerbase or more cheating so I don't see why it can't happen in other games.

>>637591692this is quite literally an epic bot post my friend.

>>637599593>pajeet>tries to block the admin when he comes to examine his shitlollmao

>>637602108Did you not watch the tarkov wiggle video? An insane amount of people cheat now, it's what turned me off FPS. 1/3 isn't all that inaccurate.

>>637602218>>637602223I know for a fact it's not, because I'm better than 2/3rds of the playerbase and I don't cheat at all, so it's mathematically impossible and also highly unlikely that I'm outperforming literal aimbots. I've also been accused of cheating frequently for killing people through smoke, wall banging "out of nowhere" or flicking one taps, but this is like... a basic skill. Only stupid people who suck shit do this, or actual cheaters that don't play premium or get fucked by the trust system and are stuck with their fellow cheaters.

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>>637591692you arent, and never will be the real artifag

>>637591375Nah bro its just gamesense.

>>637602729>I am not a pro gamer, programmer, or really anything that would help me find hackers but I am better at knowing who is hacking over literal aiNice cope

Imagine being so bad at videogames that you believe that every third player is a cheater. LMAO

>>637602729>if people aren't literally ragehacking and spinbotting in my game then that means no one's cheating

>>637603110I don't believe itI need it because a robot trained to find aimbots told me

>>637601953>flicks directly onto opponents headwatch the video again retard

>>637591375>>637591692I am convinced these two posters are bots are some turbo autists who dont leave the house.

>>637601907If these pros have tens of thousands of hours, they will get a lucky flick once or twice during that time. Hell even if they cheat, if they aimlock through wall only once, that's proof they're good at the game.

>>637598410half life 2 sucksthere may be a schizo but he's right

>>637600672what is sound?

>>637601953it's almost like when you play a lot you actually anticipate where enemies come fromdamn

>>637603646Even a single aimlock toggle in a clutch moment can completely change how a match goes.

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>>637600861fuck off, that's literally impossible. these things just don't happen in real matches when people aren't cheating. i don't fucking care if the crosshair didn't lock on to the head perfectly, that one was way too obvious and no one will ever be able to convinve me of otherwise.

>>637601039that's how people are like. they love dividing up into teams. they need to have something to cheer for, to worship. they can't just live and let that be it.

>>637603646>use aimlock>proof you're good at the game.every time.

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>>637604554>aimlock>panic spray with max recoil

>>637607320>panic spray>when his aim moves exactly 90 degrees four times in a row

>>637607736You understand that a mouse is a fair bit more precise than a controller, right? You can do that. Logically, a 90 degree angle is not the most efficient way to path to a target. Not sure why you think this indicates a bot when all evidence points to the contrary.

>>637597630Thats why i dont play csgo, the players take the game way to seriously