So how exactly would Sol have been able to beat this guy in a fight anyway?

So how exactly would Sol have been able to beat this guy in a fight anyway?

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He could always ask Ky to help him. Ky is the greater anomaly in their world after all when he goes all out.

>>637591221Calling him a faggot

>>637591221I wouldn't know since 1 game later still can't play as him

Why would he? That man just killed his not-gf as a joke. Also she's back now so we're good

>>637591221Sol has a three frame 5K

>>637591221The power of friendship.

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>>637591221Make fun of his eye.

>>637591221I want that coat.

>>637592267It's a very nice coat.

>>637591753>since 1 game later still can't play as himisn't he the next dlc character?

>>637591786OP probably meant before Asuka gave sol his new unga sex doll waifu

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he was revealed for strive? cool

>>637592259speaking of which whats up with his eye, i don't remember where i heard this but i think its something with his body not fully being restored everytime he extends his life, like a little piece of him gets more fucked up resulting in his eye being weird feathers

>>637591221>Tease a final duel between Sol and Asuka. the man who has fucked him over for over 200 years just because GREAT DESTINY!>said duel NEVER happens in story.>when we think we are finally gonna get that duel, all Asuka does is to rip out Sol's power. and at the end, it was in the middle of the fight against I-NO and HC (aka: the only moment said battle shouldnt have happened)>Asuka fucks off to mars with a simple 'lol im sorry'>Asuka is finally playable after 7 years since that tease (even tho the story is 100% over and theres no reason to care anymore)... or not! because he is not even the real asuka, its a drone who looks like him.why? really, why? if Daisuke was so insistant of Asuka never fighting, why didnt he just put someone else? at least there would have been some respect! still, bitchin' cloak tho....

>>637591221>that intro line cool ky clone with wizard design and fucking sneakers . well its not like half of strive is anyways for trannies autists horny cumblasters and other types of degenerates . cant expect arc sys to ever make a game again where you can actually sink a considerable amount of time to learn one character anyways . they should update dragon ball insted where actual fg players are .

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>>637592451Yeah he looks pretty sick design here's the game

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>>637593632I like his coat

>>637593632I know Sol is a brazil mutt but they gave him some serious nigger lips in that image. Actually its funny how the protagonists of this franchise were a brazillian mutt and an european aryan

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>>637591221Strive Sol would mash f.S and Volcanic Viper, Rev 2 and +R Sol would spam Gunflame, Riot Stamp, Volcanic Viper and Grand Viper, Order Sol would whiff 5D>Fafnir

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>>637594803Xrd Sol is kino

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>>637591221>le flower eyeHoly fucking shit, tranime needs to be eradicated from this planet immediately.

>>637595083That's not a flower, they're wings.

>>637592648You gotta hand it to Mori. While Blazblue is a fucking mess, it at least had story progression. Daisuke dicked around for 20 years and sailed on aesthetic and took until XRD TO FUCKING GET SOMEWHERE

>>637594513Man I wonder how That Man is going to play!>I'll hang back a bit and throw some cubes at them, that's a good trickSomehow I feel both content and disappointed all in one.


>>637595624it seems like he's got something like Nine or Invoker going on with his specials

>>637595624>>637595432and even then... dude is not even the real Asuka. so we dont even know how he is gonna play.or do we have to assume the bitchin' space cloak is some sort of limiter and Asuka really doesnt need it? cuz last time i checked, Space cloaks = Really powerful sorry there, forgot to put the other reply...

>>637591221does he fuck dragons ?

>>637595624He should've been warping reality around him, the only excuse i could even come up with is that its his clone and even the clone is holding back so you just end up with gay cube attacks

>>637594940RIDE THE FIRE

>>637596028I assume it's just meant to be his simulacrum or something so he can fight on a relatively even footing with folks because he's an absurdly powerful wizard and also he's chilling on the Moon anyway.

>>637596114it IS his clone.The character card on the trailer shows 'Asuka R. Kreuz' for a moment. but then it changes to 'Asuka R#' and the color palette of the guy actually changes.

>>637596114But I mean... isn't it perfect? Of course That Man is just some nerd shooting gay cubes at Sol. Like there's a level of pottery to it

>>637596241yeah, thats exactly the deal. maybe i should have worded things from the post a bit better.and thats what makes it the more annoying. it is kinda like the Ed Boon v. Mileena deal from the MK11, where Boon put her in to shut the nerds/coomers up since he still insisted in not making her sexy. but at least Boon didnt went with 'she's a clone' or 'she's a fake made by Kronika' she was still the real mileena... not the same case with Dr. Asuka im afraid...

>>637594513it's probably really petty, but Sol sounds nothing like Sol in the intro and round transition linesat least that's the stuff you usually skip

>>637596273yeah figures since he's on the moon talking about how your shirts are made from chinese child workers or something.>>637597234huh now that you mention it

>>637595432Honestly, should competitive fighting games even have story progression? Consider that BlazBlue came to a conclusion, and now no more games are getting made.

>>637599375No more games are being made because Mori, in spite of his absurd writing, was completely lacking in self awareness. See, there was certainly a good chunk of the audience that bought ballsblue for the story. But these were just otaku and fujo bitches. They helped sales, but they don't make up the majority. Mori let this get to his head, even though his writing fucking sucks, and wanted to turn Blazblue into a "multimedia cashcow" (tm). He did not realize that the entire thing was too chuuni and not basic enough to get there though. So after several failed mobile games, he got booted from Arcsys. No one confirmed it, but we all know that's why. So now Arcsys, most likely unconfident in actually making a new Blazblue without their creators, are going the Guilty Gear Judgement route and repurposing their assets into a roguelike beat em up. That's what that new Blazblue game is about. and of course, to save costs, it's outsourced to a chinese developer. Personally, I'm of the mind that you can continue a story and still make fighting games; I've just yet to see one. The devs are so scared of change/not giving a shit though, that they'll want to keep the status quo.

>>637600634Status quo is important for fighting games. Dead characters have this unfortunate tendency to stay dead, and fighting games have enough of an issue where old characters aren't brought back for completely arbitrary reasons.

>>637599375No more games were made because Mori insisted on continuing the story on a gatcha that fucking sucked and fucking bombed which lead to him l leaving/getting fired.You are retarded if you think they would have stopped making new games with new stories just because they ended the current one.

>>637601143But they did stop. There was a pretty sizable gap between BBCF and that mobile game. Cross Tag isn't exactly the same game.

>>637600950Well it brings into the contradictory nature of fighting games themselves. They were made inherently to be coin drainers. Now they're made to be updated every year or so. Designs are king, but the people making them aren't what I'd call creative writers. I've yet to hear of a single fighting game that was developed with a nuanced world/story/characters in mind. This is why GG was appealing to me and others initially: it looks cool as fuck and there's some substance to it? Alright! But now years later, here we are... another gear in the industry cog. As you say, the characters stay dead to show off some sense of "integrity" to their writing to show they're serious about it, but this only does more harm than good. Throwing away a perfectly good character will only alienate those who used them, and the next game might not have anyone they like at all. If it were me, I'd fucking keep them in there anyway, and just use the story mode to expand on their backstory or something. You'll have the fags be like "how can he talk to current characters if he dead", but just mark it up as a dream encounter. It doesn't have to be that deep. You could also use it to gain insight in other characters while not contradicting who they are. There's a good lot of ways to handle this, but JP devs are so fucking assblasted that they just won't do it.

>>637601675Honestly, keeping characters between games is only a sensible option if you're reusing assets ad infinitum. Keep in mind that there was a rather significant overhaul between Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear X. This is another issue with fighting games; things do have to advance eventually and that means throwing away old assets. Xrd retained absolutely nothing from XX.

>>637602127Xrd retained XX's sound effects and some mechanics. But if you're talking about models, new spritework, I can agree with that. I still don't think it's handled well though. I remember people shitting on Xrd Sign's small roster. The fact that it went from around 30 in AC to like 13 or something in Sign was a bit hard to swallow. And sure the models looked nice, but they didn't really do much with it besides... story mode. So if they're not gonna capitalize on it, why even try justifying it. Either commit or don't. Otherwise it's gonna ruin your image, just like Strive has.

>>637600634>See, there was certainly a good chunk of the audience that bought ballsblue for the story. But these were just otaku and fujo bitches. They helped sales, but they don't make up the majority. they literally did. the issue with blazblue wasn't catering to story fans more, it was that they had moved onto the next best thing by the time mori came up with ideas like a tsukihime knockoffblazblue CT and CS are genuinely pretty great stories because they actually work together with the game being a fighting game instead of just a VN or something. nu going cute mode when fighting ragna, tsubaki getting a bad ending because she used her super too many times and fell victim to her cursed weapon, letting them justify any character winning by "it was a possible timeline" so that they can actually have stakes in any given characters storyline instead of "you aren't MC or his jobber friend so nothing you do matters" the genre always runs into. the problem is that CP/CF are just worse and also they did less interesting stuff with the fact that it's a fighting game over time with linear story modes and less gimmicks like jin learning hakumen moves

>>637599375There's some fun there for lorefags, but combofiend was ultimately right about functions, 90% of players don't give as much of a fuck as they scream about..

>>637602616If they didn't advance sooner or later, they'd just be accused of not properly distributing their profits into their products. Plus, you have to remember that ASW was pretty much milking XX for ten fucking years. At that point, they deserve at least a little criticism. You can't just resell the same product over and over again forever. It's insulting to the consumers. Capcom had a similar issue with Street Fighter 2. This genre is infested with endless asset reusal to the point where nearly every game was practically little more than an asset flip. In the worst case scenarios, you have scenarios like how Morrigan's sprites went completely unchanged since the first Darkstalkers in 1994, all the fucking way to 2000's Marvel VS Capcom 2. Eventually you kind of have to reach a point where you question just why the fuck you should keep paying for GGXX over and over.

>>637599375I mean you can't always guarantee a competitive scene will exist for a given game, even if it is practically pre-supposed in this day and age.But a developer can always guarantee a story mode is in their game.

>>637603350I do have to admit, the story mode of CS is what sold me on the series. The voice acting was legit and I thought it was cool. Deep Azure is still one of my favorite intros of any fighter. Ah, nostalgia... But yeah, it did feel like there was a noticeable shift in the story starting with CP.>>637603658I do agree that they should've made Xrd/XXX years ago, but they were also a MUCH smaller company than Capcom, and Capcom was smaller than other companies than Nintendo or Square at the time. They were third rate, relatively unknown. They were the early 2000s "discord fighters" except IRL. You can see why they'd do it, but I don't know why they didn't just make a new one. I tried looking it up and found nothing. Maybe it had to do with the copyright. Because I think Sammy was in control of it through XX's life.

>>637604358BlazBlue was created specifically due to weird rights issues.

>>637604518Right, I know that much. That's also why Overture exists and why pretty much only the super plot important characters are in it. Though the existence of Overture still baffles me as well. What the fuck was Daisuke thinking? The mid 2000s were an odd time.

>>637593632DragonBall, as in Fighterz? That game is dying. Half of the playerbase can do tods, and half of the tods are just longer bnbs. I thought about switching mains, but the idea of playing a team I can't yet tod with stopped me. The game is just too frustrating to experiment with, and rollback will never come.

>>637604803If I recall overture was much closer to Daisuke's original vision for the Guilty Gear games, but a 2D fighter was made first because it was much easier to develope and wouldn't have been limited by PS1 hardware.

>>637604358Regardless of the company's issues, I'm not obligated to buy the same product over and over. And most consumers tend to feel that way. If all they did was sell XX with a few minor improvements forever, they're eventually going to get diminishing sales. They're not gonna experience any growth and they'll just stagnate as a company. So yeah, even if some core fans would prefer that a company just keep updating the same game over and over rather than make a new game while getting rid of all the old assets and thus losing a ton of characters, from a business standpoint, all this really does is maintain the status quo. It's like with Melty Blood; from 2004's Re-ACT all the way to 2010's Actress Current Code, all if it was just continuously built on 2002's original indie-soft release. From a competitive standpoint, this is great. Plus the sprites were extremely low-resolution, so it was much easier to create new characters for these games than for other games of its kind. But the trade-off is diminishing returns. The core players will probably stick around, but you're not gonna see any growth whatsoever. It's hard to justify buying a PS3 port of a game that looks worse than Street Fighter 2 did for the SNES. This is why Type Lumina had to be made sooner or later. A ton of shit got lost, so it was a huge blow to core fans who'd been loyal to the series since the early 00s. But from a business standpoint, it makes perfect sense. It's impossible to experience growth if you just sell the same game with incremental improvements over and over. This is one conflict between the companies who make these games and the core fans who play them that will never go away. More often than not, appeasing core fans doesn't really lead to increased profits.

>>637591221They can't do him real justice in Strive. Should frankly have an arcade-style unique boss version even if it were to go the route of friendly rival type boss battle ala DBZ or some shit. His overall lore based abilities deserve a complex system on their own and their ESG-focused-letsexpandthebrand! design of this game does not fit this character.

>>637591221Is this really the biggest big bad in GG?

>>637605292>original visionThat's even worse. So instead of doubling down, he just went back to fucking make Xrd and did nothing. Jesus christ. Why are japanese devs like this?

>>637591221Dash up Volcanic Viper probably

>>637605392no he is just autistic and never said he didn't do it until this game. the villains are the universal will, happy chaos and i-no

>>637605312Look, I agree, but I'm just saying what happened, happened. Nothing we can do. It's not my fault Arcsys seems to cuck themselves at every turn. I can agree to having to deal with losses when making a new game, but when that new game doesn't seem to retain the same spirit as the old ones, it feels alienating regardless. This is what put me off from TL. It doesn't feel like Melty Blood. It feels like a new IP using Melty as the skin. I'm sure some feel this way for Xrd, but in my eyes, it's basically +R with some mechanics changed out and with a momentum system. It still feels like Guilty Gear to me. I think the devs are aware of this qualification, and once they keep pumping out the same game with new qualities, they fear of actually making a new one because they'll think of it as "a different game" instead of "a new game in the same series". So they make things that are "new" for the sake of it instead of what makes sense.

>>637594750How is sol brazilian?

>>637594513He better have his normal color as an option, why the fuck did they make him a shitty colored clone instead of the real deal?

>>637605843I mean, technically it kinda is. TL is based off the Tsukime remake, which itself is heavily different from the original 2000 indie-soft VN. It probably doesn't help that we were all used to the jank-ass 2002 low-res sprites and all of a sudden everything is hi-res.

>>637602616There's 23 characters in ggxx ac and plus r added 2

>>637605843Xrd is GGXX#Reload for people that need pacifiers

>>637606626From the Slash revision onwards, the game had 25 character. 2 which were tournament banned for being literal boss characters (Kliff/Justice).+R only (badly)rebalanced the last 2 to make them tournament legal.

>>637606564>high IQ wizard fights through a proxy so he's never in actual dangerI think the concept is pretty cool honestly. Feels like the logical conclusion of that kind of character.

>>637606806Guilty Gear

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>>637607047Kinda makes sense. Guilty Gear is currently pretty much ArcSys' only consistent mainstream product. Obviously they have their licensed fighters, but these all appear to be one-offs and they have to split the profits with the rights holders. Since Guilty Gear is the only mainstream product that ASW owns, it does make sense that they'd wanna amp up its mainstream appeal, especially since BlazBlue's been burnt to the ground. Originally, it probably would have been BlazBlue that got this treatment instead, but that ship's long since sailed I guess.

>>637606617To be fair, those sprites were REALLY smooth. Kouma's hair still looks fucking awesome, as do most of the animations. I would not be upset if they kept that going. TL's just doesn't compare with how stiff and more clean they look. The whole game just doesn't compare. Even the music is like a knock off of Uni. Same composer, I know. It just doesn't feel like the same thing, reboot or not. >>637606806Yeah, like this guy. I like both. Still upset Order-Sol wasn't in Xrd.

>>637606806Reload is underrated

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>>637607043the concept is fine, the colors aren't