>Make a fun construction game>Give every construct a time limitCan someone explain what the fuck they were thinking...

>Make a fun construction game>Give every construct a time limitCan someone explain what the fuck they were thinking?Even if you max out your charge and add batteries, vehicles you build just self-destruct after a short whileIt's like the game is saying "FUCK YOU, STOP HAVING FUN"

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>>637590159>TEARS OF RAINYou select your preferred pronouns at the start>TEARS OF RAINTendies paid for DLC again>TEARS OF RAINNuts N Bolts is so much better than>TEARS OF RAINWe pirate while you tendies wageslave>TEARS OF RAIN70 bucks that went down the drain>TEARS OF RAINAonuma only makes goyslop>TEARS OF RAINLink looks like a queer that sings K-Pop>TEARS OF RAINBasedjaks love seeing Link's girl outfit>TEARS OF RAINOnly Nintendo bonus saves it>TEARS OF RAIN60 non-shill score on Metacritic>TEARS OF RAINJourno shills must only give it 10s>TEARS OF RAINGanondorf became a barafag>TEARS OF RAINThey jack off to Zelda's ass that sags>TEARS OF RAINSame shit story of useless Zelda>TEARS OF RAINCan't you see how this game is so dumb>TEARS OF RAINThey shitpost to make the pain go away>TEARS OF RAIN"0 days since Zelda trannies seethed">TEARS OF RAINTendiefags cope while Holla Forums just sneeds>TEARS OF RAINThe map layout's the same from the last game>TEARS OF RAINThey charge money, you get the same game>TEARS OF RAINExact same gameplay just as yesterday>TEARS OF RAINThe vista has the same mountain range>TEARS OF RAINCritics claim the trailers look so lame>TEARS OF RAINFanboys on defense for a shit game>TEARS OF RAINNintendo stopped making real Zelda games>TEARS OF RAINUbisoft trash with Zelda's logo>TEARS OF RAINNo good sword combat, just whack-a-mole>TEARS OF RAINKoroks on crosses is not that fun>TEARS OF RAINPlay Just Cause instead for a fun sandbox>TEARS OF RAINNo good Zelda games since Majora's Mask>TEARS OF RAINZelda turns into a dragon after link has been killed off screen so she has to step in and access the secret power she had all along and save the day because the hero has nothing on a princess of wisdom (a exact line from the dub)Overall an unmitigated disaster.Theres just games that are so much better and deserve more praise and sales, do yourself a favor and don't buy tears of the kingdom.

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>>637590690>10 million sales in 3 daysIt's fucking over for spammers

>>637590690Have you played it?

>>637590159It's because they built it for an underpowered consoleThey had to put a huge limit on constructs, or the shitch would blow up

I think it's only for balloons, gliders and those antigravity platforms

>>637590159We wouldn't want you to have TOO much fun would we, you have to grind for hours on end to earn your fun just like in real life because of some nebulous concept of "fulfillment"

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>munch zorai charge>rocket or fan still explodes for some reason>random shelves of fans/rockets/other gizmos randomly strung around hyrule and the depths, but you cant pocket them, you HAVE to get them from gacha machines or from chests

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>>637590159Maybe they'll add Creative Mode in an update or as DLC?

>>637590690>You select your preferred pronouns at the startNo you don't.

Why did they restrict you to buying 10 zonai upgradables at a time when it takes 100 to upgrade the battery? It seems oddly restrictive for no reason.

>>637591613>gliderstheyre called wings

>>637590159>Give every construct a time limitShould have got the PC version.

>>637590159>build a car>go into shrine>come out and car is goneI'm enjoying this game at least more than I thought I would but I can't wait for mods to fix this stupid shit.

>>637592963the mines in the depths let you buy a whole lot more at once

PC port is better because you can change it, also its free.

>>637593730Damn I gotta find it I guess. I dont enjoy the Depths.

If you make cars purely out of wheels or aircrafts purely out of turbines they'll never break, they'll still disappear when going in and out of shrines though

do the depths have any shrines or koroks?

>>637590159The weapon parts effectively have infinite ammo, and we can't have that in our weapon durability game, now can we?

>>637590159It's so you don't just build the best thing you can and never use anything else. It's just like the item durability. In other games it destroys all reason to explore and do things in an open world game when you already have the best stuff.

>>637594034>going in and out shrines is still a load screen that destroys your creationsMaybe by switch 3 we will finally have seamless shrinesThe sky/surface/depths being seamless is pretty impressive for such shit hardware though. Pretty sure all your shit still gets poofed between it though.

>>637590159the switch would self destruct if they didn't have limits

>>637593837there's five big ones with steward bots. central is easiest to find.

How do I get Robbie to go back to his fucking lab?

>>637590159I'm really disappointed they just vanish after a while. I do the bare minimum of building because I know it's not worth the effort

>>637594969help the scientist loli until you get autobuild.robbie will then want you to rebuild his hot air balloon, then he'll go back to hateno.

>>637594324none of the temporary components are required to make a good machine. it'd just make it easier and more fun.Driving around two fans like a retarded helicopter works fine, but it'd be more enjoyable to stick them on a glider

>>637590159Again. You mistake what zelda is about. It's not about dungeons It's not about construction. Those are elements. Zelda is and has always been about exploration and adventure. Putting a fan and wing together and flying ten miles to Ganons tower is not facilitating that. There's nothing fun about the game being solved by a single wing and fan that you get in the first hour.

>>637591823t. smelly schizo

>>637591823just review it?

>>637594969Talk to the girl. Do the stuff she talks about, which you likely already have.

>>637595238Game is solved by two fans and a control stick instead. So much better.

>>637595475Did you even read op? You can't beat the game with one glider and that's a good thing. Try playing the game next time before commenting.

>>637595202If the wings didn't despawn, you could easily reach any point in the map from the tutorial island without using any energy. Fans consume a shitload of energy, so you can't trivialize the map to the same degree.

>>637594969he straight up says do more work for purah and he'll get time to leave lookout

>>637594070I'm still just starting out but I love exploring the depths.For the most part, the depths seems to be where you'll find different things than the overworld.>TONS of Zonaite>More condensed energy crystals, including ones that are a full 100 charge (usually as a boss fight reward)>The Autobuild power is found down there by following the statues you find in that first quest from Josha and Robbie>Autobuild uses either your recent building history (recorded every time you connect something), or schematics, which you find more of in the depths as well in Yiga hideoutsHOnestly, I'm really loving it. I've gone up to Hebra above ground while below I'm pushing into Gerudo. Nice to be able to split things up like that.

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>>637595647on a single battery, the 2fan1stick machine can go pretty much everywhere hop by hop. By the time you need it to go further, you're going to at least have the zonai charges to power it.It's not solving any problems. Letting the player permaglide with a wing from moment 1 is no different from the freedom that BotW gives you immediately.

>>637596026>while below I'm pushing into GerudoYou like 'em big, huh?

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>>637595602Did you even think a second before replying? You claim despawning wings and balloons is there to facilitate exploration yet I can still just fly everywhere with just a few fans.

>>637594324If only there was a way to make "reasons to explore". Maybe they should do something like make the health bar related to hidden item pickups, like they could break the hearts from the bar into pieces and hide pieces around the giant world. They could add in something like bottles to hold consumables and then hide those bottles away to encourage exploring. Also one crazy idea I had was like, why not introduce items to the Zelda franchise? You could have an arsenal of items with different uses like some kind of grappling hook and stuff, and hide those items behind challenges and distant areas. Maybe they could add a musical instrument and hide the places to learn new songs.No, I think you're right, the only possible incentive for exploring the world is making everything available to the player suck absolute ass. That sure gets me scrounging for the next well hidden opal or ancient screw. What a rewarding feeling.

>>637597185sounds linear or else you'd have to make it so that some of those locations are clearable without equipment that you don't have, which defeats their purpose.Glad they didn't do this dumb shit.

>>637596208The wing is about six times faster. This is taking to account the battery stops. Being able to glide anywhere from the tutorial island would be way gamebreaking than a hoverbike at low energy.

>>637597185Yeah, if only Zelda continued to follow a stale formula that had been shambling along since 1991.

>>637590159Only things which can be considered a "Zonai Platform". You can have infinite flying machines with just fans and a control stick, but the problem with those is that they can tip over. Other materials can be destroyed, which is why they don't disappear, as there is a risk involved with using them.

>>637597494you just ignored my post and repeated all the same points. If you wanted to end the conversation, congratulations.

>>637597494How would it be gamebreaking?

Didnt readHaving fun

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>>637597687>b-because it would be slightly fasteris all I can gather from his retarded post

>>637590159Go play rdr2 or something gay and gritty

>>637597761where the in the depths do you find this jade lad?

>>637594472>sky/surface/depths being seamlessIt isn't though. Jump off a sky island and try immediately opening your glider and gliding to the ground. You can't. At some point you switch to falling then after awhile you can paraglide again, this time to the ground. The falling animation between layers is simply a well concealed loading screen.

>>637597761Ummmmmmm wtf is this user? I beat the Water Temple, where do I go to find this?

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Partly for hardware restrictions. Partly for gameplay restrictions. I imagine they wanted to keep the focus on the Zelda part with the constructs being a neat way to solve problems. They're pretty heavily restricted so they can have some degree of control over the flow of the game. example being the sky part of the Zora domain being too high up to reach with typical machines forcing you to find another way up. If constructs were infinite you could take a glider off of the starting island straight to the end of the map by just standing there.I still think it's a damn shame this game is trapped on switch because mods could morph this game into so many different things.

>>637598069>If constructs were infinite you could take a glider off of the starting island straight to the end of the map by just standing there.so what? All you're doing is saying "you could be doing this but we're going to force you to take the long way" in a game where going wherever the fuck you want from moment 1 is part of the appeal.

>>637591823Ah so you just want attention, got it.

>>637597556>>637597430>autists defending their minecraft cloneThis is literally the children's building blocks with letters and numbers on them, designed to babysit manchildren while their women fuck grownups

>>637597940The quest starts in the sky. Middle south of the map there's a big storm cloud in the shape of a ,In the middle of that is a door you need to spend health to push open.

>>637590690I feel like this is missing a *Steps away from microphone but I can't breathe ack* reference or something

>>637591613Yes. Anyone who says otherwise is an absolute retardI've been flying across all of hyrule on a hovercraft with zero issue.Unironically git gud

>>637598243Well they intend for you to drop pretty much straight down from the tutorial so you can get your glider from purah and unlock the ability to do the Skyview towers... of course they could have found another solution and I think forcing you to continue "following the story" After you leave the tutorial in order to get such a critical item is a mistake all it's own.

>>637590690You're barely even rhyming, apply yourself next time.

If that simp in Kakariko stops me from flying through town because I barely clipped the borders of the ruins, I'm going to genocide every Zonai survey faggot I see.

>>637598652??I'm being 100% serious

>>637590159>make a thing>oh i wanna go here>go halfway there>it breaks>oh well>use autobuild to remake it>finish the tripHow hard was that

>>637598632okay, so you glide to the edge of the map, find a locked tower, can't paraglide, and eventually make your way into the middle to the quest marker as intended.Not seeing why a handful of zonai shit has to vanish for no reason.

>>637598035You'll find it, sorry for spoiler tho

>>637590159you may only have 60 seconds of fun at a time

>>637598656I'm banging my head against the ancient tablets quest right now in the hopes that the restriction is lifted. When I saw the armor was 5000 a piece, I banged my head against that sidequest too.

>>637597185Zelda can still have those things, but they also want you to return to places you've already been to. If you already got the item you found there then there's no reason to return. It also doesn't solve the issue of just building the best stuff you can and never worry about building anything else.A while ago I played Fallout 4 and there was absolutely no reason for exploring anything after a certain point in the game because it was all worth less than the stuff I already had. Having important items in certain areas accomplishes some of that, but it lessens the need to go anywhere else.

>>637598796so you agree the vanishing parts add nothing to the game, and should be made infinite?

>>637590159You don't need elaborate vehicles to reach most places. Most islands need to be reached in a specific way, otherwise you are gonna end up wanting a lot of parts and energy.

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>>637598990How do you even start that one? I've found a bunch of them on the flower-shaped sky islands that I can't read, but nobody in Kakariko seems to be able to help me either. They mentioned Tarrey Town, but I haven't found anyone there either.

so what do i do with all of the floating star islands with the hylian text on them? sometimes they fall out of the sky and one of them even fell into the depths

>>637599215some guy wandering around kakariko whines about wanting to see them, and.. I've apparently found 2 in my travels and told him about them. Something about someone sleeping on one...It's a much harder thing to bang my head on compared to sick granny at the clothing store

>>637590159Good thing this doesn't happen to the hover-segwayYou can travel the entire world with one of those and it'll never despawn

>>63759898560 seconds is all I need, baby.

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>>637598990Give the old woman her fucking porridge and it'll decrease

>>637598990It doesn't go away until you do a main story quest after saving the four regions

>>637599434The sleeping one is part of the quest at the inn.

>>637592379really felt like a missed opportunity that the capsules aren't pokeballs

>>637596026>shill making excuses for the worst piece of copypasted content in any mainline Zelda game ever

>>637590159probably did this so you don't use Glider at the start of the game to fly everywhere. Also games with lots of persistent game objects start to drop heavily in performance after some time.Something like this

>>637590159>Make a construction gameThere's your problem. Building should not be anywhere near as integral in the game design as it currently is.

>>637590690>You select your preferred pronouns at the startStopped reading here, try not to start off your post with a barefaced lie

>>637599756Outside of shrine and navigation puzzles, I hardly ever build anything and just play it like BOTW. A lot of the weapons are way too fiddly to use on vehicles.

>>637590690>tears of rain???what

>>637599661Nobody mentioned Majora's Mask

>>637599353There's a guy in Kakariko (I think) who wants pictures of all of them. I think his quest actually starts at the first lookout tower, though; one of the star things falls down inside the camp, and he's near it. He'll translate them for you.


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>>637590159NGL bros, the construction and physics is pretty coolyoutu.be/Z-oiAsZgtp8?t=158

>>637599982MM doesn't recycle the entire fucking map.

>>637599890Same here. I've barely explored the sky either. Also I think riding a horse is too much fun and practical.

>>637600167>main town>goron place>forest place>zora place>gerudo aka "pirates" >no real new species or villages not already in ocarina of time The map is more or less the same.

>>637599890The zonai weapons suck. Glue real weapons to your car for good damage. Weapons do their full damage when they hit enemies with high enough speed. You can also attach them to big wheels to create death spinners.

>>637600484The main town alone is completely different from Hyrule's castle and the overwold, while every dungeon is unique. Meanwhile nu-Zelda doesn't have proper dungeons.

Everyone says that the hand enemies bug out and die if you run away, it also happened to me every time I encounter them, they also drop stuff, at this point I am pretty sure it is a feature not a bug, also I think something else is supposed to happen if you actually kill the hands and that is pretty hard to miss

>>637600638>can use autobuild to recreate my death bot with high damaging weapons>can't use autobuild to recreate just those weaponsLame

>>637590159sounds like a (You) issue

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>>637593638I heard you can cheat around this issue by using autobuild and dropping zonaite before accepting to autobuild something.

>>637599434The tablets the guy wants are all in the ring ruins around Kakariko, not the flower islands. The 4 unrestricted ones are what he wants. Near or in each ruin or tablet is a book with a translation, reading those progress his quest.The one I got stuck on was the one outside of town some monsters are squatting in, killing them is a sidequest in itself.

>>637600879It's not a bug; they go away after you run far enough. I think it's good, because killing a phantom requires way more resources than you get out of it.

Where can I go if I want to slap the shit out of some Lynels?

>>637599036Right and how many times did you return to the various ruins in hyrule field? That gay little islander fish town on the beach? The various tar pit shithole, the random mountains? You spend a lot of time going back to those places?

>>637601179The phantoms drop cool gear though. I got a bow that scales attack power with my max health, and the Gloom Sword which is stupid strong but slaps you with Gloom every time you hit something.

>>637599508>banged>past tense of bang>past tense as in not doing it anymore>as in i already finished the questthanks for the misplaced advice, cussy

>>637595238>It's not about dungeons>It's not about construction.you are here>It's not about combat>It's not about a populated world>It's not about having fun>It's not about exploration>It's not about adventurei give you two more games of this slop until you start to realize the horrible mistake you made by supporting it.t. pokemon fan

>>637590690someone put this through tay zonday AI

>>637599747>probably did this so you don't use Glider at the start of the game to fly everywhere.oh no, you might explore a bit more before being railroaded to lookout in order to open towers and get the paraglider.

>>637601506I know. It just wastes way too many bombs killing the hands. Ganon isn't too bad if you stay in mid-range and bait him into using his easily dodged overhead slash.

do ores like diamonds and rubies sell more in goron city?(or eldin i guess)

>>637598990>>637599508If you paid the full price for all the outfits and cure granny afterwards you get a rebate on your purchases.

>>637599747please don't talk about things you're uninformed about. There's nothing stopping you from going to the edge of the map via other means. EVERYTHING disappears after you go 100m from it or hit a loading screen. This isn't a performance thing to have a handful of objects be temporary and vanish beneath youI've hit enough "you can't do anything with this yet" messages to know that the gating excuse for vanishing gliders is bullshit.

>>637590690Pro-tip: when you are crafting your bait, do not start with the most bullshitty thing you can come up with. You are suppossed to start with a semi-realistic argument and build your way from there.

>>637599661>copypasted contentI mean, I did find a copy of the first dungeon boss down there, but it hit like a truck comparatively and it was fun fighting it in a different location.Otherwise I don't see what's "Copy pasted" there. It seems like the whole underground is an entirely new area. Sure, the mines can be kinda same-y but I've still enjoyed each one since I get the same kind of itch from Deep Rock Galactic when I find one and start mining away.

>>637600761>Meanwhile nu-Zelda doesn't have proper dungeonsCan you play the game before being stupid?

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>>637601506I find the phantom easier to fight than the hands, the loot is also probably wort it depending on the ammount of healt you have and if you have the gloom armor or not, 41 base power is nothing to scoff at

>>637599869it's today's fresh meme for some reason. the game's plot is pants on head retarded with how it handles BotW and the performance is just as ass as the last game, but people need to either focus on dumb shit or invent problems for some reason.we had a whole thread lamenting the story decisions and some anons thought that it was somehow a TotK dicksucking thread because we weren't parroting idiotic complaints

>>637601887That's not a proper dungeon and the fact that Yunobo can teleport to you completely invalidates the whole thing. Not even the Lightning Temple fucked that shit up and forced you to actually solve the "dungeon" instead of using ascend so Riju could follow you to the terminals.


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>>637601520>>It's not about dungeonsHas dungeons>>It's not about construction.This is exclusive to ToTK though>>It's not about combatNever has been>>It's not about a populated worldIts usually a few specific habitated places like Zora Domain and Hyrule Castle that have people, in every Zelda game>>It's not about having funIm having fun tho? seems like a (you) issue>>It's not about explorationThis is mostly Zelda 1, BOTW and ToTK focused>>It's not about adventureThis is the focus on every Zelda game

>>637601172There’s a guy that shows up in the lookout town eventually who can read ancient hylian. After talking to him he will move to kakariko and you can start a side quest to find the texts across the world and bring them to him. According to him there are 12 that you can find.

>>637602093Does the gun vanish if you shoot too much?

>>637600879i had a group of them all die suddenly after i shot them with a dazzlefruit thinking it would stun them.>oh, an easy way to kill themi thought. Turns out it was a coincidence and something else caused them to die because the dazzlefruits DO stun them and that's all. I figured it was something to do with the time of day, but i've yet to recreate the situation.And then the time i beat them legit and got OHKO'd by a fucking PHANTOM GANONDORF

>>637602081Not really? The point is to traverse it yourself not to carry Yunobo around, that would have been tedious

>>637590159it's not a time limit, it's a distance limit. I used those platforms to reach the Room of Awakening before even doing the first three shrines, which took like 30 minutes.


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>>637601887i finished the game and thats not even remotely a dungeon you can skip all the puzzles by flying up, half assed lazy shit game

>>637602210Basically yes, if it runs out of ammo......

>>637590159It's to give you a reason to go to the depths. You go there to collect materials to upgrade the battery. There's really no reason to go there if your battery is infinite.

>>637590159Blame the Switch for having 4 GB of RAM.

>>637601778really? that's awesome

>>637590690Holy mother of buttblast, what is it about this games that broke snoys so utterly and thoroughly?

>>637602267gliders and balloons have a set time limit after being activated. they blink green and then vanish.

>>637590159lol this is worse then weapon durability. so glad i didn't spend money on this shit.

>>637602323So like a bow? Except the bows in this game vanish even before you run out of ammo.

>>637602331this isn't about the battery, numbnuts. did you even watch the webm?

>>637602331There’s still armor sets all over the place, you still need zonaite for auto build, it’s an easy way to get large battery recharges, it’s an easy way to get bomb flowers and puffshrooms, there’s the bargainer statues to find and poe souls to collect, yiga clan hideouts for schematics, and lightroots will show you where shrines are on the surface if you haven’t explored that region thoroughly yet.


>>637602093Not a sandbox game>>637602121>This is mostly Zelda 1, BOTW and ToTK focusedWhy do retards keep comparing BOTW and TOTK to a game that they've never fucking played?Zelda 1 actually rewards you for exploring instead of giving you copy pasted weapon that dies in 20 hits to replace your copypasted weapon that is about to die in 3 hits>>637602236And that's why that shit is not a dungeon. You just run towards the 5 glowing spots in the map. I did the dungeon normally because I thought that I needed to do that so Yunobo could follow me, fell one time back to the ground floor, saw him teleport to me, and instead of doing the whole fucking shit again I said fuck it and just skipped the whole shit. Ascend and rocket shield jumps completely skip the entire temple.Divine beasts were more dungeon that those shitty shrine rejects because at least you were forced to use the control gimmick, TOTK's dungeons are the exact same cancer but without that feature

>>637602308Thats false and you know it faggot

>>637602558Distance does play a role too. Very obvious if you compare the flight time of a non-fused glider and onw with fans.

>>637602693>puffshroomsWhat exactly do they do? I have a bunch but I've never messed around with them.

>>637602891>Zelda 1 actually rewards you for exploringlike, 5 times total.

>>637602891>Zelda 1 actually rewards you for exploring instead of giving you copy pasted weapon that dies in 20 hits to replace your copypasted weapon that is about to die in 3 hitsAnd how does this make it not about exploration you humongous fucking retard?

>its a boomer zeldafan pretends their was any complexity to literally any dungeon in any zelda game that wasn't limited by having to also be designed simply enough for a 8 year old to also figure out >not a real dungeon fallacy

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>makes you use your brain>makes you want to explore so you can upgradethis is somehow bad. the absolute state of snoys

>>637602986That's pretty good for a 40 year old game 1 hour long game>>637603016Fine, OoT is also a game about exploration just like 1, BOTW and TOTK. There's tons of shitty hidden caves where you can find 5 rupees and some bugs to bottle and lots of places where you can find heart pieces

>give you 1000 arrows>but make bows break in 10 shots

>>637603271I usually run out of arrows before I run out of bows.

>>637603216>OoT is also a game about exploration just like 1, BOTW and TOTKUh-huh.

>>637602968Smoke bombs, free stealth strikes, the enemies cannot see you in the cloud so you just kill them, they do not last that long but they are pretty useful, also to run away, the other purple one makes them fight each other, they still fight you too

>>637602968They create a cloud of smoke when they get hit, and it lasts for about 5-10 seconds? Any enemy in the smoke will lose sight of you and that lets you sneak strike them. You don’t even need to shoot the puffshroom, just throwing it on the ground works. Apparently even lynels are affected by it but I haven’t tested it on them yet.

>>637596026Not this user, but as an addendum to Autobuild, you can also favorite up to 8 of the machines in your build history so you can build them later, it isn't JUST your recent history and schematics.captcha: WNAS XD

>>637602093Unironically yes, if scarcity isn't something that makes that game more fun the ammo should be infinite.

>>637603336I'm compelled to break any cube shaped container i come across. I haven't had under 150 arrows since the first couple hours. Send help.

>>637602331This has nothing to do with the battery. Platforms despawn about a minute after activating components attached to them.

>>637603570Oh, I hadn't realized that. Shoulda read the UI better I guess.

>>637602968Also if you cook the arrow berries they give special attacks in the respective weather, there is new armor that does the same, but one of the sets is blocked behind a quest, the armor is pretty cool

>>637590159>Can someone explain what the fuck they were thinking?"Our hardware is too weak to handle players leaving dozens of constructs in the world (which still have to obey physics etc)."

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Thunder Gleeoks are kicking my shit in. What's their elemental weakness or is it still none like all thunder enemies.

>>637604104I don't think that's the reason why they despawn vehicles the player is currently using.

>>637604178Time to put on the gimp suit.

>>637590159>patch out fun BotW glitches for TotK>patch out fun OoT glitches for OoT 3D>slaughter all fan projectsI know I'm missing more, I just hate their "no unsanctioned fun allowed" mentality. That said, these games still scratch my 'tism just right.

You know at this point I can't tell whether or not people are making shit up about the game

>>637604104you're not fully informed on the issue being discussed

>>637604178Just hit him until he diesOr don't, I killed him and got absolutely fucking nothing in return. Maybe save the game, spam all your items and food, and reload after you had the satisfaction of beating a shitty enemy that only has 2 moves

>>637590690I kneel

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>>637604104okay, that's why shit disappears after a loading screen or you go 100m away.Now explain why the glider under my feet has to vanish after 20 seconds.

>>637604308Halfway through the game you switch to playing as Zelda and you're forced to watch as Ganondorf has his way with Link, Griffith/Casca-style.It's pretty hot.

>>637604308the only way to know for sure these days is to play it yourself.Idk where this "pick your gender" meme spawned from.

>>637592568"Link's Awakening Dampe, take it or leave it."-Doug Bowser

>>637604264Gotta find it first, also upgrade it twice

>>637604426Because traversing the world is part of the game you’re meant to engage with not just Gary’s mod to the far end of the map>but I can make a shitty slow hovercraft with fans if I grind for literally hours to upgrade my battery

>>637604578>Lynel parts to get the berserker armor up to level 2Fucking hell.

>>637604426Pretty sure objects are rated by distance traveled.I notice trying a couple times to get somewhere on one of those floating platforms it always disappeared the same distance from where I was trying to get to. The first time I stopped to look at the surface below a few times and the second whe I moved faster it was the same spot it disappeared.

>>637597185>Wahh where is my bottle!

>driving a car around>jump off to kill something>accidentally blow myself up and die>reload>only about a minute lost nice>turn around to go get back on my car>its gonewhat the FUCK

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>>637604612How is flying not traversing the world?

>>637604612the fan hovercraft works fine in low batt short hops as well as maxed out batt distances.The game railroads you into going to the middle of the map anyways.You're making excuses for this dumb mechanic, and the excuses amount to "it solves a nonexistent problem that would only exist for the first portion of the game anyways".What does "gary's mod"ing to the far side of the map do that's so abhorrent? You *NEED* to go to the middle of the map to get the paraglider and open shit up.

>>637604497>Idk where this "pick your gender" meme spawned from.user, half of this board is obsessed with trannies.You could make a game about manly men doing manly things and they would still cry about muh trannies.

>>637601610>wahhh why isn't the new games linear>WAAHHH EHY IS THE GAME RAILROADING ME INTO A LINEAR LIKE EXPERIENCE Man Zelda fans are niggers

>>637604739the worst part is killing 90% of the enemies in an event, dying, and being put back to the middle of your battle, with your mid-battle loadout, but everything's alive and in default positions again

>>637604935don't put words in my mouth you putrid cunt

>>637604617Yea, I saw some of the upgrade requirements and they are kinda bad, you need like 60 amber to get the hylian armor up to level 3, and 90 to get it to level 4, the enemies also seem to drop less guts this time around, or I have been getting unlucky

>>637590159Sorry chud, you thought you were superior for not cheating in singleplayer videogames. I do not face the following problems:>running out of stamina>having to switch weapons every 2 minutes>having to rebuild my cool contraptionsCan't wait to see the "you cheated yourself of the experience" or "you're not playing the game as intended by the developer's vision". Go on, seethe more while I'm actually having fun with the game, and all for free by the way.

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>>637605028Disshonest too

>>637601887Took me 15 minutes to beat

Game seems boring

>>637601313Nta but yes i do. That being for farming or to explore more or do an extra quest i just got, etc.

>>637604178Use keese arrows that shit carried me hard, i didnt had to aim

>>637598005Gta san andreas managed to be more seamless on a PlayStation 2

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>>637605706Not him, but what's up with keese arrows?

>>637605835Using eyes cause your arrows to home in on enemies.

>>637605835Not him either, but keese (and i think aerocuda or whatever) wings make your arrows fly further, and keese eyes make them home in. I haven't actually used them myself, but it seems like the eyes aim for the enemy's weakspot and not just center of mass, too.

>>637604346You didn't get the fuse materials? He gave me some 40 attack + electricity parts and another thing I don't remember.

>>637605979but from watching a webm of someone using them it seems*

>>637598069You'll have to wait 20 years for an actual PC port to be released and pray Nintendo don't care enough to c&d it by then How limited is emulation modding?

>>637605979They do seek weak spots and are extremely OP

>>637590690>all those seething replies

>>637606046>40 attackBokoblin drops are literally only 10 damage below it and the amount of resources I burnt killing it was not fucking worth itI think the other thing was an elixir ingredient which is useless

>>637606187your mother sucks dick for cash

>tfw i've been hoarding my monster parts and just using rocks or other weapons as fuse materials because i don't know if i'll need the monster parts for armor upgrades

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>>637606375>prease understandu

>>637590159you spent 6 years telling us weapons breaking is great and part of the experience, now enjoy more arbitrary limits :)

>>637606375Monster part weapons are extremely cool. Lizalfos horns make katanas, for example. I highly recommend experimenting with them I actually think it's an under-discussed mechanic because there's seriously so many combinations to make.

>>637606675It's definitely cool, especially when you need a hammer or an axe weapon to take down certain enemy types.

>>637595931When does she have more for me to do though? Guess I have to advance the plot as I haven't even headed to bird village yet.

>>637603038I'm a boomer Zelda fan and I can tell you that it's not people like me who do this, it's zoomers who might have played Twilight Princess and consider that to be "classic Zelda" but that was it.

>>637606819I like how you no longer have to waste inventory space to carry utility items like hammers, axes and korok leaves. You can just carry large amounts of the fusable items and create the weapons when you need them.

>>637606976I got her next quest after finishing my first temple.

The problem with TotK is they made all these new construct mechanics on top of a game that was absolutely not designed for it and they still want you to go through the game the way you already did in BotW, so they put in all these arbitrary limits in an attempt to balance that out. It's one of those things where a developer tries to do too many things at once and ends up doing none of them particularly well.

>>637590690>Nuts N Bolts is so much better thanretarded zoomer trying to hard

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>>637606976You do stuff for the little girl, not purah.

>>637607115I'm still fairly early in the game. Are there any monster parts equivalent to the various rocks and boulders in the game? Been finding that rock on weapons have been the best things (short of explosives) for mining or clearing passages blocked by rocks.

>>637607568The black Horriblin horn makes a very strong hammer weapon, iirc. Soldier construct crests make good axes.If you're just using it for mining, though, I'd just use a random rock instead of burning strong monster parts.

i just found out if you throw ice fruit into water it turns into sheets of ice you can use as platformsi wonder how many little things like this are in the game

>>637607803Yeah just using it for mining/clearing out rocks. Was hoping there'd be some cheap resource in the unlikely event that I'm doing that and the rock on my stick breaks with no replacement rock readily available.

>>637607568like that other user said, random rocks are better for mining. even a rock on a stick can break a boulder in two swings.

>>637607954>>637607961I just use Yunobo.

>fighting lightning lizalfos during a thunderstorm

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>>637607568Moblin horns make hammers and boss bokoblin horns make axes. The best mining tool is putting a cannon on any weapon.

>>637607954i'm not that guy, and while i haven't tried it, maybe you could try various ores in place of a rock? rock salt or zonaite would probably be your best bets if i had to guess, flint or certain gems /might/ work too.

>>637599869>>637601852>>637592642>"Don't include such bullshit on your bait no one is going to for it">Total (you)s: 13 and still rising;)

>>637608094using him was proven to reduce your chances of getting good gems