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>>637589764Where's the apologems Monzo?!?

>>637591748For what?

>>637591853MD sometimes hangs when selecting a new character to add and has to restart the client just to select the character againwhich means the EGO gift selection has to re-roll again

This is not the thread.

Thanks to the anons who helped me with deckbuilding. I finally killed Love Town, farmed enough Kuro to make a pretty strong team /3 Sayo pages seems insane), killed the Musicians of Bremen and now it's time for Philip's death.

>>637589764why are retards continuing to make shitass threads when there isnt anything to talk about?

>>637594003Okay, the Kuro build is stupidly strong against this office. I hope it works too against Philip fuego

>>637595262Holy shit he got melted. What the fuck, he died in three turns and I didn't even reach the double bleed abno page.

Do not, I repeat, absolutely DO NOT open.

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>>637596772Holy shit, is this real?

>>637596772This fucker doesn't stop running. If for some god forsaken reason he appears on Limbus I'll go to PM offices and delete him

Don't forget to do your dailies Dunteh

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>>637597731true I forgot to do charon today

>>637597874Sex with Charon is better than Alice

If Ryoshu called the other sinners Ignorant Fucks, is this their corridor, or is some Corporation selling Corridors?

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>>637596242Me in the middle

>>637598043Read Leviathan.

Why is Tipheret the one with a somewhat normal height compared to the others? The rest of the cast have their legs stretched a weird length.

are the new egos season 1 exclusive?

>>637598487Ryoshu, being an artfag, is part of that same finger, right?

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>>637598515She almost won that clash against the dodge

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>>637597652en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_IV_of_FranceDon't look at the 'In Fiction' section for the sake of your own sanity.


>>637598906He references shit too? Maybe I speedread too fast but I didn't see anything weird.

>>637599107Oh yeah, you're only around Urban Plague right? Better not to look around that link until you get further up

>>637599324Just reached Urban Nightmare.

>>637598578Not really. Well it's not confirmed anyway. Her art seems to be polar opposite of whatever the Ring practice. But that user was referring to the similar tech the Ring were using.

>>637599402There's a clown.I still hate clowns thanks to Lobcorp.I thought this would continue Phliip's sprinting adventures.

>>637600124>I hate clowns

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So what's everyone thoughts on the new EGOs?I think Hong Lu's is gonna be very good because fragile and I feel like it's gonna be a core asset for rupture memes.Yi Sang's feels like it's a fucking nuke if you match resistances + get the conditions for it to do big damage. Although I don't know whether the rupture condition is based on potency or count

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>>637598578We know from her reveal art that she is linked to the fingers but what connexion does she have wit them? We don't know yet.

>>637600186I feel like Hong Lu's is pretty lacking despite being so cool. Yi Sang's EGO however is an absolute beast. Even more so in longer fights(which we have a lack of at the moment)

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>>637600124Queen of Hatred is back too. Goddammit.

>>637600415Holy shit are corrosions animated now or did I never realize that they were animated?

>>637600186Yi Sang seems to have very interesting synergy with Outis Stern. Provided you somehow managed to get enough resources for one and can spam another. Corrosion variant numbers is bigger, but you also can't choose targets. Hong Lu really feels like it's design around charge ID, which he doesn't have ATM. >>637600415>1684382896288244(1).webm This better not awaken anything in me.

>>637600186Hong Lu doesn't inflict enough fragile, it's okay if you overclock it but very expensive. LCCB Ish gives more for free just needs haste somehow.Yi Sang will be very good if we get more rupture IDs, I don't think we have enough yet. Rupture seems very strong but very EGO reliant.

>>637600415He's got a faggot stance while Yi Sang has an alpha chad stance

>>637601521Ish's fragile is not very usable since she rolls really low when it comes to speed.The only usable fragile atm is Hong Lu's EGO, quick suppression and Don's Leap

>>637600124So it's about Philip, just around the end. Sent to the circus, and I have to deal with the opening act. I wanted his cards, seems I could do a really decent burn deck.

>>637601928Which is why I said she needs haste, if she gets a cheap haste giving EGO like bodysack she'll be amazing. Every account I've seen with sub 60 railway has used LCCB Ish, which requires a lot of resetting but proves how good she is. Meanwhile you have to pay 5 gluttony and 5 pride for overclocked Hong Lu to get 2 less fragile. And he's not that fast either.

>>637602429Don't worry about it. Later you will get all burned deck you like. Also don't worry about Philip either. You will not see him again.

>>637602449Yeah LCCB has the biggest potential out of all IDs desu, insane amounts of tremor, rupture and fragile.Sadly I'm not into reset autism just to get her to roll a 6 and for her to attack before R. Hcliff.

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Remember to tuck your babushkas in at night

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>>637602728I doubt it. Motherfucker has two really notable things in the story: running away and making good tea (maybe the manifesting EGO thing too).I'm thinking about making a burn deck on Malkuth's floor

Don needs correction

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>>637589764I took leave of my father's decrepit farmhouse in my modest Guatemalan automobile, making reasonable pace across a landscape bereft of anything resembling what I had come to know as modernity. I eventually reached the general store, a flimsy wooden structure that emitted a dark cloud of smoke from a narrow chimney. Two locals sat outside in the midday sun, accomplishing nothing and seemingly content in their doing so. Their bestial stupidity, likely the result of generations of inbreeding and race-mixing, was apparent in both their appearance and vocabulary. My eyes were immediately drawn towards the words emblazoned on a cyclopean monument above the door. These words perplexed me in such a manner that defy ordinary description, I shall not repeat them here, for I fear that anyone who stumbles upon this tome will meet the same fate as I should they read them. Within that profane emporium was only a raving lunatic, shouting mad superstition until I could bear it no longer.I have not slept in weeks, as I have tried in increasing desperation to decipher the true meaning of that cursed inscription on the door. I fear that it is pointless. The fate of this city slicker is sealed.


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>>637603321The most disturbing part of this is someone out there not using Tomorrow.

>>637603269Useless manager could never beat gremlin pussy.

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havent played this game in like a month, cant wait to get fucked

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>>637602834Outis has stereotypical babushka behaviour.

>>637603269>implying dondon wouldn't do the raping

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>>637603772Damn genki schizo hagseducing clocksrape correction is needed

>>637604265Are you blind?Or are you just color blind so you can't tell by the clash?

>>637600186good to see kankan making art of the abnos and their egohe better bot delete it later

Dante's Notes is one unorganized mess. Why the fuck associations and offices under Syndicates and not under Fixers where they belong.

>>637606028Associations and Offices are just non-Backstreet Syndicates.

imagine if sneed bought lobotomy corporation

>>637607048>implying Sneed isn't Ayin when Carmen is literally Chuck

>>637606241Offices can be in the Backstreets, dummy. You think every office can afford being in the Nest?

I have a question, aren't Sweepers go out in the Backstreets while it is night? Wouldn't parking a bus in the Backstreets be dangerous because of this?

>>637607685>aren't Sweepers go out in the BackstreetsRewrite your post in proper English and I'll consider seriously answering your question.

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