>completely mogs Zelda in every game she's been inHow did Purah do it, bros?

>completely mogs Zelda in every game she's been inHow did Purah do it, bros?

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>>637588886make zelda uglier and her be a focal point of the story. honestly i dont like her design and shes been used again from hyrule warriors

>>637589284Makes sense, BOTW's Zelda is really low tier.

Science ninja is too strong.

>white hair>red eyes>large breastsThis is ideal character design.

>>637590004>>637588886She is safe horny goyslop.

>>637590137I didn’t ask.

More Purahs required.

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Huh... Did she...

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>>637591738>lookout towers are basically tentacle monster looking thingsPurah is a fucking freak, makes sense to me.

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>>637591758>>637592757Whenever I think of Tears of the Kingdom, I will think of that construct.

>>637591321I like this Purah

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>>637591758>>637592757>>637593050My boy has really grown up

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>>637592757>>637593050>>637593253That construct and the Korok genocide players have gotten up to will be remembered for years.

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>>637593419She sounds cute as fuck in every language.

>ywn have a century old genius gf who cracked the code to eternal youthchairclattering.webm

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>>637594243>Will never get to do random experiments with herIt really does hurt.

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>>637588886every single piece of fan art of this character looks the exact same

>>637594658But enough about Zelda.

She won.

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>>637594958It's unreal how hard she won.>more important than Zelda by giving you upgrades >cuter than Zelda>even has a pet name for LinkPoor princess fought so hard for her kingdom only for her bodyguard to be slamming his dick into a genki scientist girl and lighting tree people on fire.

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>>637589284If Zelda has time powers and can defend herself now, why can't we just team up with her? It's been done before, we don't need to turn her into a dragon or a ghost i mean come on

>>637595360Because Nintendo hates Zelda. It's really the only explanation at this point when they had to completely retcon most of BOTW to make Zelda's retardation at the start of TotK make any kind of sense.

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>>637595360Nintendo is too chicken to make a proper Zelda/link adventure so they always have to throw in some gimmick

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>>637595940At the very least they could have had her in your arm instead of the goat.



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Mating press with Purah!

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>>637597624Breeding Purah!

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>>637593253Attaboy, Plank!

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>older woman that has a cute name for him like LinkyShe is 100% going to drain Link dry, isn't she

>>637598157He will be legally dead once she's finished, only for Purah to Frankenstein him back to life with her Sheikah science for more high impact sexual research.

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>>637598391>uses science to turn Link into a shota to dominate him even harder

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>>637588886>smart>hot>already an old friend of link's>functionally immortalHylia is going to descend from the Sacred Realm to personally remove this insurmountable competition.That is when I shall strike, and KILL Hylia.

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>>637598490Top tier doujin idea, get on this shit nips

>>637598157>>637598391>implying she wouldn't work on something to increase his semen production a hundredfold

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>>637598391Reminder that Purah and Robbie already saw Link naked when they put him in the Shrine of Resurrection

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>>637597743Sauce doko

I want those red nylon clad soles on my face and dick

>>637598157She defeated the competion>MiphaDied on the Calamity>ImpaFucking moved on and settled for some poor cuck>Zeldalol, lmao>Urbosa also dead>RijuA brat that couldnt beat her own brat form cuteness>Payah lol lmao

>>637598918I'm gonna try and find it for you, user. I thought I had liked it on Twitter but turns out I didn't so give me a minute.

>>637596343Can you post the model sheet for reference?

>>637599169She's also made herself the closest thing to his direct superior/employer and that dynamic is ALWAYS hot. The amount of 'female boss' JAVs means Japan knows this as well.

>>637598918>>637599558Shit, can't seem to find it now. Looks like maybe the artist deleted it for some ungodly reason. Sorry about that user.

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>>637599773Closest I could find were these pages from the art book1/2

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>>637590137Go back to Twitter.

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>>637602227well fuck that was fast...May I ask for more? think I'll put these to good use

>>637602227>Purah makes Link roleplay >She tells him thats what they used to do before the calamity 100 years ago>Omits the fact pre-amnesia Link was freaked out by this

>>637602367More power to ya, it's what I've been doing since launch.

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>Is only awake for a couple months at best before going into another coma for 6 gorillion yearsHow did he not lose his sanity?

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>>637602852He never had any to begin with.

>>637600606>Artist goes apeshit and deletes all of their artwork on a whim because they got their feelings hurt ;(And these motherfuckers have the audacity to get mad when people use AI instead.

>>637602672That's so nice of you anony, those tight leggings and hot heels making me leak real good nowPlease keep going

>>637603103Eh, might not be the reason. Was likely a WIP that they deleted for the full picture and I was too retarded to remember the name.


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>>637602852>>637603028If his AoC version is anything to go off of he was always a nutcase.

>>637595652>Because Nintendo hates Zelda.Then why do they constantly shove her to the forefront and push how much of “cute pair” she is with Link as if there’s even enough character between the two of them to constitute chemistry?

>>637603627Because she's marketable.

>>637603528Need moar, love your soft nsfw stuff

>>637602852he's actually autistic hence the silence

>>637603627Fujibayashi is even more retarded than Aonuma.

>>637603627Because nintendo has forgotten you can make a Zelda game without Zelda. They've done it three fucking times even

>>637603823Alright, user. This is your last one. After this you gotta find your own material.

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>>637603103Nip artist are the worst because they actively love to make their stuff a pain too find.

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>>637604214>findYou'd be surprised how many artists post art on 2chan, where it doesn't get archived, gets deleted after a few hours, and never gets posted anywhere else.Not like western artists are any better. So many artists go through an art crisis and then delete all their accounts and art.

>>637588886So which Shiekah ishotter, Purah or Impa?

>people say TOTK is goty>they hate talking about it and just talk about the waifus instead

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>>637605106Purah and it's no contest.

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>>637605258That's right, deal with it its a shit

Why does she still have the flute?

>>637605406Just an interesting observation.

you will fuck ze grandma

>>637605454Why not?

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>>637605258I've seen people talking about it non-stop though. And especially have seen people seethe about it.

>>637605761Talking about metacritic scores, sales and console wars is not gameplay discussion.

>>637605258>thinking I want to talk about video games with you annoying faggots

>>637605848Okay. That's fine. But I have seen actual discussio, you just have to sift through the faggotry.See the thing about Holla Forums is its mostly for horny posting and shitposting. Try having a real thread about it and see how long it takes for people to fling shit at the fan to fuel flamewars.

Cute glasses

Just imagine if you could use character models in Tarrey Town...

>>637605261>>637605684is there like only one image of this girl for artists to reference

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>>637588886Her face looks like my exes so she just makes me sad. Loli purah still the best

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>>637590137Kill yourself tourist

The artist that decided to give her those stiletto heels instead of just generic platform boots, along with the creative exec that greenlit the design are both men of utmost culture and integrity.


>>637593505>korok genocidePlease tell me there are webms/videos

i dont give a shit about the legend of fags, but hows this nerd feet game?

>>637606394Found this one with a quick search: youtube.com/watch?v=eUqfpspd0skThere's also that infamous one where someone fused a korok to a burning cross and towed it with his horse through NPC towns.

>>637606394youtube.com/watch?v=eUqfpspd0skIt's one of the most popular things to talk about in the game right now.

>>637606603see >>637595652

I like this one from the artbook.

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>>637588886Sex with Shikah women.

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>>637606746im gonna need more evidance, my ethnic brother

>>637605258If a game doesn’t have waifus to talk about its not a goty

What about the sexy goat?

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>>637607435I'm not a footfag so unfortunately you're shit out of luck.

>>637607523Is this why you guys hate on Pizza Tower, even though the fandom made waifus just for you? That seems extremely shallow.

>>637588886not when she was a little girl

>>637607859You mean especially when she was a little girl

>>637607829I wouldn’t know personally. I wanted to play pizza tower but its not on the switch so I haven’t been in any threads so I wouldn’t get spoiled