I finally understand it. This is the most brilliant game ever and also the greatest NPC filter of all time...

I finally understand it. This is the most brilliant game ever and also the greatest NPC filter of all time. You can only truly enjoy it if you have an imagination and capacity to create your own fun with the well designed mechanics. I dont think this game will ever be surpassed. A definitive 10/10.

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I finally played it and don't get the whole "you HAVE to create your fun" stuff.Like yeah sure there's a lot of room for creativity, but there are a shit ton of linear and focused segments.Most parts where the game expects you to build you have to actually solve a specific and different problem with tools given, not just go Minecraft creative mode.And even outside of the building there are loads of proper levels with real goals that are designed around the mechanics like the sky level full of interesting gliding traversal as you approach the hurricane, or when you have to find your way to the Fire Temple, or really just the depths in general.Has anyone on this board actually played the game? Feels like people are talking about something completely different when they say it's *purely* a make your own fun Garry's mod Minecraft simulator. All that is just a bonus since the game's mechanics gel together pretty well

>>637587583It's an addictive game and a lot of fun but it doesn't really feel like a traditional Zelda game. I hope they branch out in different directions and make more 2D style Zelda games like the Link's Awakening remake, more Ocarina of Time style Zelda games that don't use breaking weapons and have a more rigid direction and the open world BOTW style Zelda games. I'm actually pretty surprised they haven't branched out from Zelda like they tried with Supermario, with Luigi's Mansion and stuff like that. They could make a game about Shadow Link in another realm or something. They could make a game based on Zelda as the main character. Or one based on fairies in Hyrule. Or Malon or Midna, or even Epona. It's so weird they just keep repeating the exact same formula when you have like a dozen directions you could take the game in and still slap the "Zelda" label on it.

>>637589680"Traditional" zelda was never good, snoy.

>>637587583>game is literally baby-tier puzzles easy>*filters x*do Niᥒtend𐐬𐐬 BlackRock shills really believe this lmao

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>>637588276>the depths in generalOh that area that everyone hates going into?

>>637590286it was fun when i was 12. it would not be fun at 34. totk is enjoyable but i still wouldn't have paid for it.

>>637590675I haven't played it yet, were the puzzles really more difficult in BotW?

>>637591687all the puzzles are piss easyNintend𐐬 never put challenge in their games

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>>637587583>create your own funIsn’t it the job of the devs to do this? I don’t understand how the mind of tendies. Spending $70 dollars for this.

>>637587583>create your own funSo Garry's Mod/Roblox but for $70?no thanks, you can shove this goyslop in your ass

>>637591496speak for yourself faggot the depths are my favorite part of the game

>>637587583The essays of fucking cope you tendies are still pouring out about this trash lmao

>>637591984>i need the devs to hold my hand and tell me what is and isnt funWorthless NPC drone.

>yet another seething pc nigger thread

>>637590675Blackrock owns a larger percentage of microsoft and sony than it does nintendo

>>637594209>tendies are coping so hard that even positive threads of their slop they false flag as PC threads

>>637593821Okay tendie. You’re $70 dollar loss not mine.

>>637587583>Zelda Tears of Garry's Nipdom

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>>637589680That’s called hyrule warriors and 4swords

>>637594378>"positive thread">immediately flooded with pc niggers shitposting because they have no games of their own to playyou faggots are incredibly transparent, such a poor gaslighting attempt is insulting

DLC when bros?

>>637595872This is it.

>only go exploring in the depths when its nighttime IRL for max spooky

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>>637591496I loved the depthsI loved Leyndell sewersI'm just a funny sorta guy

>>637596212More like because the switch has such a shitty screen that you can't see anything down there in anything brighter than candlelight

>>637596912Who the fuck plays in handheld mode?

>>637596912>he doesn't have the OLEDthirdies are barely people

>>637596980you guys use the dock?

>>637591687No, they're about the same. It's just hip to hate on current game, regardless of playing it or not

>>637596820Same, I have unveiled the entire left half of the undergound map so far and it was pretty satisfying, only downside is that I now have collected 3 unique (?) weapons that clog my inventory, can I find them again if I break or throw them away? Do I get displays like in the BotW?

>>637587583>You can only truly enjoy it if you have an imagination and capacity to create your own fun with the well designed mechanics.It's such a simple thing. When I was in the cave on the tutorial island I used a brightcap seed(?) on an arrow and shot the ceiling with it, illuminating a big section of it. I felt like I discovered fire.

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>>637597789You can display them and you can also re-buy unique equipment at any time from the Bargain Statues. You can even re purchase armor for some reason

>>637591496the depths is easily the best area of the game. you get the best items there:>uncrusty weapons>bomb plants>mudblood plants>puffshrooms>every single enemy drops zonaite>literal mines of zonaite you can use yunobo to snipe from your goblin glider>not just all the mini bosses, but the actual temple bosses just hanging out for you to kill>zonaite part launch pads straight up everywhere; the overwhelming majority have at least two fans and a stick for a free goblin glider >all the yiga shit>all the kohga fights>coliseums of enemies>6 lynels (a coliseum and one right before it at the light root) in a row>upgrade your battery to double full in a matter of hours>kino root roads and highways>secret tunnels connecting thru the "impassable" black cave walls>absolutely no weather>no rain>no storms>no overbearing heat (unless near eldin)>no overbearing cold>no day/night >it's just the depths; always>uninterrupted kino gameplay and explorationthe Depths is love; the Depths is life

>>637596980>Who the fuck plays in handheld mode?I do. but I have an OLED switch. it's pretty fucking nice.

>>637597889No horses -100000000000000000 points

Ehh, it's a 6/10 for me. Horribly obnoxious story ruins it. Tell me why should reconsider, without sounding like a snoy.

>>637597789was in the same boat, it took me fucking ages to find hestu, tooIf it's like botw (which im 99% sure it is) all the loot respawns when a blood moon happensChests in shrines may be an exception but im not suregenerally though I just use everything whenever I feel like i need toalso octoroks will repair and potentially upgrade weapons so if you have something you really like you can hold onto it

>have an imagination and capacity to create your own fun with the well designed mechanicsI can do that IRL though.

>>637598024There are stalhorses

>>637598024You can get horses thoughskeleton horses

>>637598178give me a hint on where to find hestu. i don't want to look it up but also holy fuck i need more slots

>>637589680>he wants traditional zelda

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>>637598594Zelda bros??

>>637598336Head northwest from lookout landing and stop at conspicuous points of interests on the way

>>637598336First time he shows up I missed him somehow but he should show up just south of ridgeland tower down the hill at picrel OR you missed him and he's gone to lookout landingIf you've done the shit in korok forest and helped the deku tree he'll be there though, very confusing, took me ages to find him because I do everything backwards like a retard

>>637598178Between fusion and the dungeon abilities giving you free, unlimited access to water & boulders, I've been a lot less stingy with my inventory this time around in general. I make and use good weapons as soon as I can, I'm personally glad that I don't have to keep a shitty 15 damage weapon on me at all times because it happens to have fire

>>637598763>forgot picdidn't see you said "hint" and "didn't want to look it up" so I hope i didn't spoil too much and I'll leave it at that

>>637590675>>637591918>thinking Zelda games were hard in the first placeOutside the obtuseness of the NES game, they aren't.

I played 120 hours and I probably could invest another 30 hours easily so I have to admit the game has its qualities. But ironic or not, I will never be able to comprehend the dicksucking.

>>637587583Is this an emperor's new clothes kind of deal? There's no game there but fanboys keep telling everyone that there is, you just have to look really hard and find the fun for yourself and retards actually believe it.

>>637598042You can unironically ignore the story for 90% of your playthrough. The vast majority of content is just exploring the world.

>>637598838Hey man give me a break I've been less stingy too but I like using samurai swords and boomerangs and I dont know where to find a reliable source of blue lizals for their horns and boomerang-swords so I horde shitalso I got autistically attached to a cobble crusher with a igneos talus heart on it

I heard there is somewhere I can find a bunch of lynels to fight, where are they?

>>637587583I have never played a Zelda game. I am also 39. Would this filter me?

>>637591918Isnt this from one of the very first shrines user

>>637599093maybe, if you haven't played from soft games and/or dont like frequent fairly gimmicky puzzles in your adventures then it might be a slog

>>637599020That's a snoy argument. The story shouldn't exist period. I shouldn't have to ignore it, because it shouldn't be there. Try again.

>>637587583>he finally gets it

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>>637599008yeah it's tendies new game

>>637587583>capacity to create your own fun just adding some sanbox shit and outsourcing the content to the player instead of actually making focused and worthwhile content is a terrible way to design games, especially adventure games like zelda that are about dungeons and magic swords and saving the world, not fucking minecraft

>>637599008>look really hard>make a goblin glider that flies itself and fly in any direction>encounter somethingsure i guess so

>>637599443this is more of an adventure game than other zelda titles.

>>637599443>dungeons and magic swords and saving the worldit has all of these by the way (the kindergarten IQ setpieces in previous 3D Zelda games are not "dungeons" before you respond)

>>637599720anon you cannot get someone to tell you what the fuck a "dungeon" even is. like what do they mean?is the whole fucking depths a dungeon? why not? every boss in the game is down there; you use the zonaite parts they give you to build stuff for exploration AND to upgrade your shit.

>>637599224So you just want a sandbox with zero context? Also how the fuck is it a snoy argument? Those fags wish the story was all that exists.

>>637600181Snoys think that games can't be fun without disgusting story being shoved in. Gameplay enthusiasts vomit at even the thought of there being 0.000000000000000000000001 seconds of cutscenes. Don't be a filthy movie lover. Embrace good gameplay. Hate story.>b-but you can enjoy bothBegone with that snoygument.

>>637599079coliseum in the depths a bit north-west of the central mine


>>637591918>Showing a webm of the literal first "puzzles". Lol. Just lol. There are actual shrines that are more complicated to solve and you are coping.

>>637596912I have the OLED and the bottom and dungeons are specifically made to have light sources dropped in. No amount of light on your screen will help you traverse the shithole.

>>637587583if i'm given a piece of paper and i just drew dicks and shit i'd find it funny at first but i'd get bored pretty soonbut if i'm given a piece of paper and given an objective to draw something within a time limit, or told to solve sudoku, it'd hold my attention a lot morethis is why the sandbox shit in this game doesn't work, not to mention it's not well integrated into the core game

>>637587583>make your own fun because the developers can't be bothered toit's just boards, wheels and specialized parts added to a collectathon with an easymodo storyIt's a 10/10 if you're autistic though, nintendo really knows their market

>>637598594People gave WW shit for being "babby's first video game" too back in the day.Zelda hasn't been good since the N64 days.

>>637587583Thats a bold thing to say about Assassins Creed Tears of the Boredom

How long are people gonna overrate this until it goes the way of squidward sword?

>>637588276>Most parts where the game expects you to build you have to actually solve a specific and different problemThis is imo where the vehicle building falls flat. You're faced with a challenge and suddenly there is a bunch of parts with exactly what you need, lying around. "Gee, I wonder what the game wants me to do".

>>637591496I love the depths though, Its the most challenging part of the game and rewards you accordingly too

>>637600825Yeah, totk is fun without it's story. What is your point?

>>637587583If the game had multiplayer then it would be good.

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A friend of mine spent hundreds of hours playing BotW but is seriously struggling with the tutorial of TotK. I told them the world opens up massively after they finish it but they cannot manage it. What the fuck happened?

>>637607071My point is that the story shouldn't exist period, and the game is not a 10/10 if it's saddled with disgusting snoy taint. You should agree with me that the story is objectively bad and that it should be removed.>w-well let people have funNo. If you reward the movie lovers by giving them cutscenes, it's no different than rewarding completitionists who collect all 900 korok seeds. You don't give these blithering idiots anything other than mockery.

>>637587583Fuse is kind of shit though. It doesn't feel like you can get as creative with it as with the rest of the mechanics. You'd think that combining different weapons and random shit produces a vast array of options but it really doesn't. By the time I completed my second dungeon it was just combining the strongest weapon with the strongest monster horn to get the most damage, and there wasn't any reason to make anything else for the rest of the game. Other than maybe making an elemental weapon for a particular enemy by that's it.

>>637607401It's over.


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>>637600825you fucking retards eat slop, both of you. TLOU2 is shit. TOTK is not a good zelda game. You are both the worst type of people. Mindless consumers eating slop.pic related is somehow a better game than both.

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>>637607843But user, I agree with you. I love Pizza tower.

>>637587583if I had an imagination and a capacity to create my own fun why would I pay nintendo seventy fucking bucks???

>>637591918>10/10 gameplay>just putting shapes in holesWOW