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here op

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bloody roar was cool

Jenny... The Whore

>>637589670Did it finally drop on fightcade??

>>637588417Haha, just imagine that.


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>>637587230Game looks fun actually. Feel like I was born to late to be an FGC

>>637589323Yeah shame I never really liked fighting games much.

>>637588417I want to see more of this rabbit

>>637587230I had such a crush on her.

>>637587230my favorite was doing this the jenny lady because you can see her red panties

>>637590084>he says in a thread dedicated to the actual whores

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>>637587230We had Beastorizer in AsiaDon't know why the name changed

>>637594562Ive started to like them now while I didnt growing up.

>>637587963what is this thing, why do i see it everywhere

>>637589670i played it and the intense dread of knowing some autist has already broken the game and will only use metastrats killed my motivation to be happier than anything with a few arcade runs. i played in a wakuwaku7 tournament onec, i learned my lesson about liking niche games enough to learn them.

>>637589670Sounds like too much effort to set up

>>637589670>Implying I don't

>>637594836isn't it [i]enough?[/i]

>>637587963>>637595224Fucking this. Where did it originate?

>>637596251Either iFunny, Discord, Twitter, or all of the above.

>>637596380Definitely from the latter two, but I wanna know the specifics

>>637596512Oh. I regret looking it up

>>637595683if you dont want to set up fightcade you dont even play fighting games anyway

>>637589670>set up fightcade>plug in GameCube controller>join a fighting lobby>rektI think the most popular channel was Street Fighter 3 with ~300 players, but I don't want to fight tier-queers. Just let me oogabooga on games older than me.


Is it actually on fightcade yet?

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>>637596251>>6375952244chan OC. Bnuuy almost got a board of its own.

>>637598245>Bnuuy almost got a board of its own.Fucking how?

rabbit sexo!!!

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im the best shenlong in my school


>>637596251/v/jannies got so mad at jenny that they moved every even slightly relevant thread to /trash/ and now trashy people think they somehow own her, truly a kafkaesque tale

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>>637595224>>637596251It's from an FNF mod where a kid made his fursone lick the screen and act like a faggot with the tag "you like kissing boys don't you?" and a bunch of creepy adults latched onto it.


>>637599774>not spoilered>not catboxedYOU'VE DOOMED US ALL

>>637599542uooooooooooh!!!!!! funny bunny makes me feel weird!

>>637587230Why won't they make a new entry? They skipped two generations of consoles.

jenny is Holla Forums/v/ is jenny

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So why hasn’t there been a new Bloody Roar? besides furries, obviously.

>>637604175if anything there should be a new one BECAUSE of furries

I prefer Marvel.Made all my friends quit the game with her leg kick, didn't even had to transform.

>>637587230No more fun 3D fighters anymore. Just street fighter, mortal kombat, snk and anime shit all in 2D

>>637604590This, but with an option to stay in Beast form the entire time.

>>637604175>>637604590This.But also because of licensing issues, but ultimately KONAMI

>>637603504gimmick fighters are done, you cant make a successfuly game that people will play for longer than two weeks in triple digit numbers. even Fighting Ex Layer had to shove in some kind of Gem System instead of just being a normal fighting game- if youre not big 3 your game is DOA so theres no point.a new game would only get nostalgia sales and then die in a month

>>637605439Not every fighter needs to have an online scene. It wasn't like this until last gen came around. I have never played online and own like four different fighting games i play with friends when they come over.Publishers know single player games still work and sell, so why are they so reluctant about local co-op and vs? Fucking e-sports bullshit ruined the genre.

>>637605190>leg kickis there another type of kick?

>>637603504Because the lead developer of the game noped out the industry when Konami took over Hudson then Konami shut down Hudson entirely with all Hudsons IP's going to Konami who dont even make video games anymore.

>>637605902>he doesn't know how to kick with his dicktragic

Reminder Jenny never washes her hat even once so it's forever contaminated with the stink of rabbit.

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>>637606124Fuck. RIP i guess.

>>637605682yes it does because the people who play fighting games single player is a smaller number than people who buy fighting games at all. a fighting game with single player CONTENT can be marginally successful but thats more devtime for something nobody will buy. I wouldnt think this if the numbers didnt speak for themselves- these devs want actual return on investment and you cant go back to the days of playing arcade ports on PS2 because those games were intended for players to fight each other- a beat em up is a better option than a single player fighting game these days the same way nobody is going to buy a single player sports game to justify the cost.Smash is the most profitable "fighter" and will be until the end of time because it caters to both casual button mashers who want to play as their favourite bimpempo characters and the fact it has a competitive fanbase who go online despite what nintendo wants to say

>>637606396rabbits dont even stink only the poop

>>637606543Liar, rabbits do stink.

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we need more 3d fighters unironicallyit's the only fightan my normie friends will playwe've had a blast on Tekken, SoulCal, Virtua Fighter and DOA 4

>>637606124>A Bloody Roar pachinko has more chances than an actual new game

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>>637606618i wouldnt say its stink or else cats stink when everyone knows its cat pee thats the problem not cats. dogs stink more than most pet animals naturally

>>637606812But they do naturally stink. And weeks, no MONTHS of wearing the same hat with no wash means that stink is transferred forever and can't be washed away.

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>>637606124>Best bet is some furfag making a le spiritual successor>Even then, they would most likely just make every character furries 100% of the time without the Beast gimmick so it will still be shit and just another furfag fighterSaddening.