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Here we discuss how this faggot is on par with Lunastra and Jho in being an absolutely insufferable, obnoxious piece of shit.I just switched to HBG to mix things up a bit (Axe/Gunlance main) and I am getting rekt by most monsters. Any tips, gun chads?

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tigrex is really fun though

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>>637587154Tigrex is a metaniggerdon't be a metafag

>>637587154>hating on tiggySkill issue.

>>637588205All I see in this webm feels like pure luck, honestly. If he didn't get stunned you'd get your ass handed to you.>>637588264Elaborate? inb4 >no

>>637587154Just play defensively when he's enraged

>>637588513I figured that much.I stand up against him pretty solid with GL/SA.Problem is HBG feels too slow for his fights.And my autism prevents me from investing into Evasion skills

I'm a retard ESL playing Portable 3rd HD. What the fuck is Shelling in regards to Gunlance? Is it the act of shooting the shells? As an ESL this wording really confuses me.

>>637588453>yeah but what if you sucked and didn't have a good feel for KO thresholds sounds like a personal problem

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>>637588453You got that right

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>>637588738yes its the explosions

>>637587154I haven't got that far in mhw (beginning of high rank) but I've heard he's actually easier than his earlier incarnations. Although ive played rise and know for a fact they neutered him.

>>637588739I gotta say hammer having a guard point is still retarded but at least it meshes well with the weapon

>>637587154>Tigrex>Deviljho>Even remotely close to the absolute fucking shitshow that is World Lunastralollmao

>>637588658Gun has historically been pretty shit against Tiggy anyway, his shot hitzones are complete shit outside of the head. No, MHW sticky spam doesn't actually count as gunning, or even playing the game, that's just playing a point-and-click adventure. Invest in a point in Extender, should allow you to roll out of the way.

>>637589798It's probably the most balanced "counter" of them allforces you to commit to not charging, flows into and out of moves well, has a distinct timing so you can't just mash it and get a counter frame 0

>>637587154Stop bullying tigrex


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>>637587154I never liked Tigrex, it always felt too close to Diablos, they both just charge around and get really fast when mad.

>>637587154Shitter here, Rise HR Tigrex was so easy it's not even funny, but in World MR I just can't find an opening with SAGuess I'll have to git gud and try to roll into where his attacks will end insteadAlso, whose idea was it to put a Tigrex on a 1 star gathering quest in FU?

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>>637590601>Also, whose idea was it to put a Tigrex on a 1 star gathering quest in FU?A genius. Tiggy ruined (you) in the opening movie and then in one of the very first quests you do, giving you incentive to git gud and take revenge on it later down the line. They tried it again with Lagiacrus and the fated four in Gen, but it was never the same.

I can play easy, fast weapons like sns, ig, ds and bow fine sometimes I even do ok with weapons like ls and hammer but I completely spill and drop my sphagetti with greatsword, charge blade and switchaxe. Am I just low iq brain dead retarded? I simply cannot find a comfortable way to play these weapons even after hundreds of hours.

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>>637587154I wouldn't say shitex is jho tier bad, but he's definitely a boring shitmon And his base fight will NEVER be improved since capcom is deadset on preserving his "identity" aka running back and forth like 900 other monstersThey should bring back grimkino, or at least merge aspects of his fight into moltenThat was peak (read: the only actually good and fun) tigrex

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Tiggy and Narga just don't feel right in NU monhun. Everything else is faster, but they don't seem faster, and speed was their thing.

I didn't enjoy World.I enjoyed Iceborne.I enjoyed Rise.I didn't enjoy shitbreak.I do not feel like MH has abandoned me.(Started on the Wii, I am a Tribabby)

>>637590982The devs decided that you're not allowed to use about half the switchaxe's moveset unless you get points in rapid morph so make sure to get on that

>>637590982Do you want to play them? Do you enjoy the playstyles of those weapons? Because if not, no amount of practice is really going to help. I absolutely cannot stand what they did to Greatsword since World, so I just don't touch it,

MonHun World 2PC exclusiveDeath to all tendies and snoys.

>>637587154Tigger is pure soul.

>>637590931I guess I can see that, I was just irritated at being nearly one-shot. Come to think of it, if I git gud enough I could get a sick new weapon out of it way earlier, right? But it'd be probaly gated behind other higher-rank materials

>>637591402>Do you want to play them? Do you enjoy the playstyles of those weapons?I enjoy landing big meaty damage hitstops. It makes my dopamine fire like crazy but I only get to pull that off like once per hunt. Same with CB landing that fully charged lightning phial attack and watching all those numbers pop off feels fantastic but everything else ie. what feels like wrestling with the monster in a slimy mud pit for 30 minutes is just awful.

>>637591551In theory? Yeah. But the weapons you have access to at the start are so shit that the fight will take for-fucking-ever. I guess you could do Guild Hall stuff first and get significantly better weapons and armor first, though those quests will be a little harder. I remember farming up a good hammer to wreck the Zinogre invasion at the start of P3rd, which I had forgotten to mention in my previous post, but the game doesn't really acknowledge it, nor are you likely to get enough materials to get anything good. Same with that Tigrex. I'm also 90% sure that he doesn't respawn if you redo the quest.The Lagi from Tri was actually invulnerable after a certain amount of damage, so that one could never die.

>>637590982go into switch axe with the mind set that axe mode is your "i want to move around and dodge shit" mode and sword mode is your "i want big numbers" mode

>>637591940>I'm also 90% sure that he doesn't respawn if you redo the quest.Just checked, he does

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>>637591885I may loathe the modern incarnation of the GS, but I still enjoy some CB. The one thing I had to learn to accept when playing CB is that you either need to know exactly what the monster is going to do if you want to unleash SAEDs without it having fallen over or something. You're gonna have to contain your murderboner for a bit since pretty much every other move is way faster and leaves you less vulnerable. Afflicted monsters are, amusingly enough, easier to CB, since they fall over all the time because of the whole knocking them out of affliction and then them being tired.God I miss 4U CB.

>>637592294both feel slow as murky swamp ass to me at least cb s/s feels agile even if the damage numbers are baby crap

>>637592416Huh, guess I was wrong on that one, my bad.>2nd gen HHYou poor, poor sod. You know what you're getting into, right?

>>637590982If you're playing Rise, CB is absolute god-tier once you learn to guard point properlyThey gave it so many counters you could probably just block any big attack and counter directly into a full-power SAED, not to mention that Counter Morph Slash gives you a guardpoint on demand while in Axe Mode (which you can immediately chain into an improved AED/SAED)

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>>637592497i probably should have mentioned that evade extender is mandatory with switch axe

>>637589823World Lunastra was such a fucking travesty, Jesus Christ.Same with World Kushala, I hate that they took away it's poison weakness.

>>637593062Kushala was fun once you learn her but taking the poison mechanic out was definitely a retarded move

>>637593062>Took away its poison weakness.Wtf.

>>637592543Why, is it that bad? I'm trying to play older MH games with weapons I haven't tried before (minus the obviously OP shit like Rise LS), and I know the recital/song system is different than in say World (and seems a bit clunkier), but being able to combo songs looks cool on paper

>>637593062High Rank Kushala in World was fine, I think. Even if the removal of the poison weakness in a shitty attempt at making Dragonseal not completely worthless was dumb.Master Rank Kushala can choke on a hundred dicks though. Boy I sure love half a dozen fucking tornadoes filling up the area, making it near-impossible to fight it. And let's not forget the continuous flight either.

>>637593210HH damage is not like in recent release where your damage output is like 80-90% that of a normal weapon, it is actually unironically beyond shit you'll be doing 30 minutes hunt even while playing perfectly

>>637593549Well damn, thanks for the heads-up. Guess I'll save it for a more recent release then.

>>637593210>but being able to combo songs looks cool on paperYeah, that's the thing. "On paper"Pre-3rd gen Hunting Horn is a clunky piece of shit. The recital mode you need to use to actually play the songs makes you incredibly slow and vulnerable and you need to go back into it every time you need to reapply your buffs. I've seen videos of people pulling amazing shit off with it, since the hits from recital mode actually have solid values, but good luck pulling it off yourself. It also doesn't help that stat-wise most horns are shit because the devs were probably afraid of the AuL song being somehow too good if they allowed HH to have stats and good motion values.It is honestly a gigantic pain to play with and the pay-off is bad to boot. MHFU is basically GS/Hammer/HBG land, with some duals and LS sprinkled in there somewhere. If you want to play Horn, play any of the 3rd, 4th or 5th gen games, where it is actually usable and fun. Rise too, I guess, but they changed shit up again, because nobody was playing horn still, and I am not the biggest fan of what they did to it.

Tigrex is a little bitch nowadays compared to how he was in FU>tfw you see him lifting his wing before initiating a charge and you forgot to sheathe your weapon to run away

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>>637593365>High Rank Kushala in World was fine, I thinkHR Kush was fine in the sense that you could basically skip the fight by spamming flash pods every time it tried to fly. Actually fighting it was still a pain in the ass, even with black wind negation.

>>637594167With the increased mobility on basically everything and counters out of the ass, it is true that Tiggy is overall easier to deal with now, but Tigrex was hilariously predictable in FU. Always did the double turn when it wanted to turn around so lining up level 3 charges was a cakewalk, and it was possible to get enough damage to guarantee a flinch every time you hit the head with your GS. Hell, in 4U they had to give it a way of turning around without leaving it completely open because otherwise CB would shit on it even harder.That all being said, Land of Tremors is still a quest that makes me shiver to this day. God what a ride that quest is.

>>637593949I don't like Rise's Horn either, especially after watching an hour long guide on IB Horn, and in Rise all the cool shit is just gone. Rise in general had some weird changes, like reducing shelling damage but giving you a move to boost it back up for some time

>>637587154My friend seethes nonstop at both Tigrex and Barioth to the point where it's hard to not start bullying him. I understand they're agile rage machines, but they're pretty predictable and the tactic of just focusing on their arms first is straight forward. His anger is so goofy to me.

>>637587154It's fine because he cute

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>>637589798It's a bit weird but it's not like it's a centralizing aspect of the weapon like some of the others

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>>637595650holy based, i miss them so much

>>637588205>>637588739>>637595779God I love rise hammer.

>>637595891Their spirit lives on in

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Nu-MH is shitbtw the standard for nu-MH started with 3u

>>637596186Care to elaborate?

this series became casual shit starting with dos

>>6375961863U is the best MH game

>>637587154I only have an issue with tigrex in freedom 2/unite, he's alright in every other game

>>637596774>t. numale mh babyfuck off>>637596252well to elaborate even though GU had a lot of shit completely wrong with it glaringly the anime bullshit it's still one of the best because it has the most monstersworld and rise are easily some of the worst MH games incorporating some of the worst practices that are just outright evilfuck modern crapcum

>>637596008>>637595779>>637589979courage charge is the most fun I've had with hammer since adept/barrel hammer, very glad they started leaning into the whole bob and weave playstyle of hammer

>>637597307hunter arts and styles are based as fuck and are objectively the best gameplay mechanics ever introduced to the series cry about it retard

>>637597640I will wring your zoomie neck with my bare hands

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>>637597640I think styles were a great idea but their implementation and balancing could use a bit of work.Arts felt a bit too disconnected from the regular combat of most weapons. I think Rise handled that better with the not-Arts being attached to your wirebugs and giving varying costs and recovery for different moves. Mind, obviously a part of that better integration is also because Gen was on 3DS and it had fewer buttons to work with.One day Brave GS will return

>>637597837you won't do shit

>>637597928>those hands and feet off model

>>637597640Some of them are awful anime gimmick nonsense and by that I mean almost all of the them

The real question is when are we getting a Stories 3

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>>637598738If this whore calls me "Rookie" one more time, I'm going to smash her head in with a Gunlance

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>First fight against Risen Shagaru Magala is a level 150 investigationHow do I fight this fucking asshole with a lance? Every fucking attack leaves behind explosive puddles, he can chip me to death if mistime one block due to blockstun once he goes into ultra super duper rage, his laser is literally so fat that the escape wirebug move can't escape it despite having one gorillian iframes.

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>>637587154I only play World. I put 200 hours into Rise, but it's not as good as World. I have 1800 hours in World. I still play World sometimes.

>>637600123I'm using Rise as a tutorial for my newfriend to discover MH, then when we finish Rise he'll be able to get to the big boy gameBoth have their uses

>>637599470>How do I fight this fucking asshole with a lance?You dont follow up on the insta block counter and instead should insta block into anchor rage.Sheathing retreat will get you out of most everything but the laser. And is the reason why you have to hug his chest as much as possible. To prevent him from using it.Get your instablock timing down and pay close attention to where you're standing during the line explosions. You should be in a position where you counter one and then anchor rage the second for a free smack to his face.If you're getting unreasonable chip then slot in some embolden. Personally I run Guard 4 embolden 3 on my general purpose set.

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>>637599470Sheathing retreat is great for his ape moves, while he's focused on melee it's not too hard to adept guard and thrust

>>637600405*aoe movesAlso looking up

Tigrex lol

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>>637598738Thumbnail made me think she had a cute stubby tail

>>637587154Hazard Risen Shagaru is the biggest most unfun piece of shit monster in the franchise. It's like they just gave up and decided every Hunter that far into the game would be running Berserk anyway.

>>637601638Fuck Berserk, what a dumb skill.

>>637589823Wear 3 pieces of Kushala armor snd Lunastta is a cake walk

>>637601804That would require me to hunt Kushala

>>637587154World Lunastra is the worst one, before it was somewhat tolerable

>>637601804but you have to hunt kushala...

>>637590476They're more homogenous in 5th gen MH because Capcom are so concerned about courting casuals they make Diablos burrow far less than previous games. Even Black Diablos doesn't burrow that much anymore.

>>637601894FU Lunastra is just Teostra without the banana charge and only available in the Village. I'm not saying that World Lunastra wasn't a massive piece of shit, but at least it was a different, if shitty, fight when compared to Teo.

>>637593365The stupid part was they factually made Elder Seal worthless and dumb by treating it like a status and Elders gaining more resistance after a proc. You would be lucky to get 2 procs in 1 hunt.

>>637602314It would've been fine for it to work that way if they' made it apply a cooldown for the EDs reactivating their auras. Instead Elderseal can proc and then they can put their auras back up immediately.

If they remove Instablock again in the next game I'm going to give Japan a third nuke

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>>637601957>MH devs make fights less tedious>NOOOO THEY CASUALIZED THE GAMES!1!!fuck off retard, diablos in previous games was an absolute snorefest of a fight with how much it liked to burrow and spam its charge attack, they didn't casualize shit they made it more tolerable

>>637602026I can agree with that, it wasn't offensive but it wasn't great either

>>637602804Shield tackle and its omnidirectional turning will be removedInstablock will be removedInstablock into anchor rage will be removedSheathing retreat will also be removedIts time to suffer

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We're going to be dealing with G1 shitters and Teostra, Kushala, and Chameleos until the end of time aren't we?

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Whats the Rise equivalent of the aquashot sticky LBG?

>>637588205Based bonk brother

>>637604094There is no weapon that completely trivializes 95% of the game, not like the Aquashot could. Pierce LBG with the Vigil Kugel or the Fäulnis/Vertu is what the majority of shitters bring to literally every hunt regardless of how good pierce is against something.

>>637604043I don't mind Chammy because he gets left out half the time for no apparent reason

>>637606185>was missing in 4 but got added back in 4U>was absent in World againIt's sorta weird. Doesn't it still use the same skeleton as Kushala and Teo?

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>>637598738>>637599032How much further I was in Stories 2? Last I member I was 5*