Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is getting an anime announcement soon mother of kino... Sekirobros.. we're back

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>>637586576Any excuse to ruin /a/ huh? Fuck off retards we're full

>>637586842>ruin /a/How? by pissing in a ocean of shit?

>>637586576You’d think they’d go with Armored Core or Souls

>>637587031Sekiro makes the most sense no? Has a straight forward story, samurai/japan theme which is goyslop for westoids and a set protagonist

>>637586842>implying /a/ isn’t already ruined by moesissies>or romcucks>or yuricucks>or even the bejitasissies

Can’t wait for /a/ jannies to start banning threads the second the conversation hints towards videogames because /a/ jannies are almost as faggots as Holla Forums jannies which are literally just discord trannies that noncovertly infiltrated the

>>637587362>bejitasisterskys gokekfag


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>>637586576I hope its netflix budget shit lmao

>>637586576Seems dumb. Sekiro's appeal is the gameplay, not the porn-tier story.

Sekinobros we are so fucking back

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>>637587362I get better anime recommendations from other boards. The amount of shit taste /a/ has is astounding.

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>>637586576i want to like sekiro and souls games because the worlds are amazing but im so fucking bad at the games and my reaction speed is slow

>>637588019Unironically, that looks like shit. It's so dark you can't see anything, especially where the action should be.

>>637588424Cope, seethe etc

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>>637589072pure kino

>>637586576>produced by a Japanese studio of coursewere you expecting something different? lol

>>637586576Finally, that means we are going to get a LN about wolf fucking the young master.

>>637587362/a/ stopped being fun after covid

>>637587362You're not even welcome on Holla Forums, normalfag tranny

What poor lad's artstation page did they steal the visuals from this time around?

>>637586842/a/ was never good, just like /vrpg/>hmm, let's have entire boards dedicated to spoiling stuff that i haven't watched/played yetnah i'm good/v/ with all of its shit still MOSTLY uses spoiler tags properly most of the time

AChads we got robbed once again..>>637589401I mean the Castlevania anime shouldn't have been produced by a jap studio and yet.

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>>637588837Shit lighting =/= UI elementsYou are an embarrassment.

>>637586576>video game animeIts going to be shit and be nothing like how it went in the game


>>637586576we're still alive.

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>>637586576kek but why?

>>637586842Might actually improve it. Yuriniggers have been running wild since the new tranny gundam came out.

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>>637588019i dont even remember half of these moves


>>637594320Because they suck ass, most moves are just for style if you want to have fun


>>637587362>>637594193>t. /a/ figured we were unironic faggots so we moved to tranny central aka Holla Forumsyou ain't slick sissy boy

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Looking forward to Canada and San Francisco fucking it up for everyone that speaks English..

How will they fuck up the dragon fight?

Literally why even if it's getting a sequel that makes no sense

>Onimusha anime>Now Sekiro

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>>637586576Sekiro actually would work perfectly as an anime, 1 problem though, which is >>637586792unfortunately most anime dont get the budget they deserve, so nothing that poor starved and rushed animators can do will surpass visually what the game already does at a consistent quality like it does.

>>637586842it's kind of sad that you ret/a/rds actually think that piece of shit board is even remotely good.

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>>637598725> babbleGOKU GOKU GOKU, my HERO, my INSPIRATION, and the reason we RULE all boards

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>>637599085you type like Empress

>>637598937>watch trailer>its shitnothing will ever beat the manga

>>637598725Better than this cesspool that's for sure

>>637586576NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'M A FUCKING AUTIST AND WAS ALREADY DREAMING ABOUT SERIALZING THE GAME AS A MANGA OR A LIGHT NOVEL FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKMemes and dreams aside, Sekiro has a prequel manga that was supervised by FromSoft, featuring Hanbei the Undying (Immortal training zombie at the temple) as the main characterIt's short, just 8 chapters long, and if you've played the game, you'll appreciate a lot of action sequences the manga hasAs for lorefags, some light is shed on the distinction between being red eyed and being infested, and how closely linked the two areI have my own issues with it, but I love it nonethelessLink to read

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So...Sony and kadowaka really have intentions of working together and shit (I mean,they had to do something after buying 15% of fromsoft and like 2% of kadokawa)

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>>637598725/g/ is the worst "hobby/enthusiast" board and it's not even close.>tfw nakadashi posting is banned but endless AI spam or 0 effort troll posts still flood the boardAlso not going to bother reading anything about the Sekiro anime, safe to say it'll be more Netflix tier new age goyslop.

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>>637598725Infinitely better than this godforsaken board

>>637599561Japan would've collapsed 20 years ago if it wasnt for anime.

>>637586576Well there's already a manga so who cares?

I hope it's a side story. I don't want to see the same fights as the game but with worse budget and animation.They could just adapt 死なず半兵衛

>>637600226The manga was just a prequel, and Wolf only appears in it for the very last panel. He wasn't the main character for the mangaI assume the anime will operate with Wolf as the POV. Might actually shed some more light on what the FUCK Owl did for years after skewering Wolf's heart at Hirata

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>>637586576>No DLC>No Sequel>Anime adaptation outsourced to korean and chinese contractorsThere's a good reason why the majority of people agree that Sekiro isn't a good "Souls" game or is even a "Souls" game in general.

>>637600474Sekijo prequel could be really cool. Some nice nods to the game with scenes of them sharing saruzake. Some surprises for anime only secondaries too.

>>637586576post yfw they show Tomoe

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>>637601163My fish waif...

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We fucking won bros

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>>637599254>>637600103you fucking wish faggot nigger

>>637587031Armored Core nearly got one, so there's still hope for it.

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Should've been a sequel where John Sekiro takes his wives to China since Sekiro 2 is never going to happen.

Another sony win to add to my list

>>637586576I hope to god the studio who picked this up is not A1 otherwise the anime will be fucking delayed for life.

Sony just did the nier anime too. How was it? Was it even popular? Heard that shit got delayed for like 2 months lmao.

I'd rather have Vagabond to continue or have an adaptation.

>>637586576What an utter waste of everybody's time.

>>637605080Started in January 8, got delayed 2 times due to muh covfef so only 3 episodes out, sitting at a score of 7.43/10.Considering all the other anime of the season, it's a mediocre score, since quite a lot have more than 8/10.

>>637605080I did some research and holy shit Sony owns the anime industry too??>owns Aniplex which produced FMA, Naruto, bleach, kimetus, Sao, kill la kill, soul eater, kaguya Sama, Madoka, monogatari series and fate zero>owns a1 pictures and cloverworks>owns crunchyroll and funimation >involved with alot of classic anime movies>owns the rights to 175 anime series musicWHAT THE FUCK?? Aren't they a bit too powerful? Can I work for them if I live in Germany? I have a master degree in computer science.

>>637606894Yes, which is why it's funny that the whole shitflinging and baby screaming around the Microsoft-Activision case is hilarious. Sony literally owns most (literally like 80% combined) of anime and music licenses in America and Japan and nobody's fucking batting an eye. It's why the FTC is a joke letting them gobble up Rightstuf AND Crunchyroil without so much as a pushback. Not to mention normalnigger music through Columbia and stuff. I think they're on top of Universal and Warner in the "music trio."