So the future of gaming is mobile?

So the future of gaming is mobile?

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>>637586512if you're retarded

>>637586512I masterbate 5 times a day (unironically).

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>>637586512After Genshin came out, it’s pretty much the present

>>637586639This, but ironically.

>>637586512This looks stupid, not arousing

I hate Koreans. I might even hate them more than chinks.

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why do all of these gachas/mmos run like dogshit except for genshin

If you actually think this, then you should go back to school, preferably Elementary.

>>637586512>the future of gaming is mobile

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>>637586743>after GenshinTry after the Switch came out. Now with the Deck and Rog Ally, you can bet every game is now going to be developed to be run smooth in mobile form.


There was someone that posted renderings of these characters and had a Pixiv page but they didn't post anything else on there

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>>637586512If Nintendo were smart they would make their next switch-style gaming system an actual andriod-based smartphone at first designed for younger people, with a lot of restrictions to social media content, simply to get the devices into the hands of a younger generation, then after 6 years create a "plus" version of the gaming phone for the older generation. Then they could corner more of the smartphone market of the next generation. They could literally become like the next Apple scale company. They have had over 10 years to do this and still have failed to proceed. These motherfuckers are sitting on a goldmine and picking their assholes like retards. It's like how it took them 30+ years to make quality controlled movies with their characters in them. I'm literally almost 43 and I've been engaging with these Nintendo games on and off since I was like 7 years old. And I'm not alone. Although a highly successful company, we are now realizing that after the mediocre but financially wildly successful Mario movie that Nintendo has wasted and continue to waste potentially tens of billions of dollars sitting on their asses like stupefied retards.

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>>637586512Global when?

>>637586990Genshin has shit graphics.


>>637588620Shame it didn't become more popular the model is pure sex.

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>>637586512More like multiplat including mobile. The difference is mobile being added.

>>637586512what game?

>>637589770probably never

>>637586512If this had any gameplay I'd play it

>>637591590HiT2. A korean only MMO grindfest with no real gameplay with korean levels of monetazation and pat2win

Looking at the prices of PC graphics cards, I would say mobile audience will assuredly grow larger.>nooo you have to pay $1200 for a gimped card that's already fallen out of the planned obsolescence window

>>637588914Nintendo is not stupid enough to get into the smartphone market when so many other big players (Sony, Microsoft) tried and failed miserably. Nintendo is a toy Company and a very good one, and the moment they lose focus on that is when they will fail

>>637586639>>637586862please cut back to at least once a day at the very most. Finding a job will help with the addiction as well.

>>637597994>position open for a store near me on job website>apply>"looking at application" for a month now>directly ask the store manager today when they'll be hiring>"we've got a full staff so not for a while"I don't blame anons for jerkin' the gherkin' and playing vidya instead.

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>>637598402>he tried one place>gave upZoom zoom you gotta try multiple places, not just 1 and then give up. Also get your firm hand shake ready. It's basically summer and i'm sure you could try the nearest golf course or construction company.

>>637598723>he thinks I didn't do that already and wasn't just listing one exampleHoly shit just shut the fuck up, retard.

Why are Korean games so fucking soulless?

>>637598828No need to lash out at me user. If you're getting rejected so much then find out what you're doing wrong.

>>637598927>rejectedShut the fuck up, retard.

>>637598968You'll get a job eventually. Chin up son.

>>637599089Why is it so hard for stupid people like (You) to just stop being retarded on purpose? Is this all you do all day, just farm (You)s from people telling you to stop talking out of your ass? Go the fuck away.

>>637599301Sounds to me like your hand shake isn't firm enough. You need to work on that, unironically.

>>637586512what pefophile game is this so i can avoid it haha?

>>637599475Your son just doesn't want to work on his handshake. What the hell is his problem? Give him handshake lessons


>>637597994>Finding a job will helpI work from home.I GET PAID TO MASTURBATE

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>>637588620real unfortunate but what we got out of it was great

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>>637601629But I want more.

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>>637586639literally how? It takes me at least like 2 hours to be able to cum again and my balls start to hurt if I cum more than twice a day

>>637586512Why don't women look like this?Why did our ancestors have such shitty taste?

>>637602536I struggle to understand why Koreans tie pure sexo to shitty MMO's.Literally throwing away money.

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>>637586639Same, I don't understand how user are capable of retraining themselves from coomin. My max was 16 times after finding out I could MTL NTR games.

>>637601629>>637602536>>637603520anons, can you provide the source, pretty please

>>637602861They were chubby chasers. Ancient times were weird

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>>637587049>indian joker but with muscles

>>637603907read the threadsome of these like >>637603520 were rendered by an user that ripped the models.I'll dump some of what I have but some are either 2big or nsfw

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>>637604534i would literally dickstomp her womb against the pavement non stop

>>637586639based/pol/troon puritans will seethe.

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>>637599489Hit 2.You'll need a VPN and a Korean social security number or phone number to play it.>Any news of a...Not a chance lmaoo.

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>>637586512Poop comes from there.


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>>637586512Fuck off with your woke fat acceptance character.

>>637586512>Nexon could turn this into a successful mobile game if they wanted

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>>637586512>Top half of child>Bottom half of an adult womanWhy can't koreans grow up and create a character that actually has child-like proportions?

>>637605664Because you can't make money in the west if you do.

>>637605648That would imply Nexon is capable of good decision making.

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Those slightly elevated lip corners is where sex is made.

>>637605105>middle bottomholy fucking sexo

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i remember this game, the only mobile game i actually charge backed onwaste of time and money

>>637586639>not edging for 5 hours insteadngmi

I have no idea what game this is supposed to be.

>>637607194its auto playing phone mmo by nexongood models though

>>637606040I wish another company bought the rights, like when Nexon sold Combat Arms.


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how do i post the nsfw versions without getting banned

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Attached: 1674871675042726.webm (1080x1920, 2.84M) i love kikis


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