He could have learned multiple languages, become adept at martial arts...

he could have learned multiple languages, become adept at martial arts, done anything but chose to devote his existence to a nip loser game. sadby comparison im fluent in irish english and german, and learning spanish now and im a black belt in taekwondo

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>I'll tell you what to do with your life!Fuck off


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>>637585062>Talk about persona 4 for 14 hours>this is the most significant thing i have ever doneGood for him i guess but holy fuck

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>>637585062He makes money by playing video games and making videos. He’s living the life. Don’t be jealous because you’ll never get to where he is

eh martial arts aint all that cracked up to be. Its good exercise ill give it that>t.actually does have two black belts in separate martial arts

>>637585062I did none of these things in this amount of time including a videogame analysis.

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>>637585062better use of time than shitposting on 4chan.

>>637585243>caring about other's people's opinions

>>637585439>he doesn’t compete in tournaments Ngmi

>>637585421Christ I'm happy I'll never get paid for acting like a mere child

>>637585523Yeah so he can KO someone but still lose because points

>>637585421Yeah but he's fat, now that he accomplished this, he should get on a treadmill

>>637585439fuck martial arts>t. owns over 10 black belts bought from the store

>>637585062>become adept at martial artsAn equal waste of time depending on the martial art.

>>637585673Stop wrestling with men faggot

>>637585681i thought functional wise, if it isnt mma, its just fluff. or at least thats what i was told

>>637585062>he could have done meaningless grindset "le improvement skills" instead of doing what he likes!!Good on him, fuck the endless "improvement" bullshit that society pushes on us to make us docile cattle.

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>>637585421This dude at best made like $1,000 on this video. I doubt many people stayed long enough to reap the benefits of a lengthy video. He said this took him a year to make. He could have just wage slaved for a few weeks.

>>637585243>170k viewsChrist can’t the guy catch a break

>>637585817Depends on the martial art I suppose.

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>>637585062It would’ve been understandable had it been a retrospect on the entire franchise but nope. It’s 14 fucking hours on persona fucking 4. What the hell could you possibly talk about the game that warrants a 14 hour video? What does he just pad it out and go into excruciating detail about how the fox social link represents society’s desire to be loved or whatever? Or how Igor is a stand in for the corporations? I don’t get it.

>>637585062>OP lying on his deathbed>"at least I spent my limited time learning all those languages that I never used">evacuates bowels as he flatlines

>>637585830>no! The only things people can do for fun are watch anime and play video games! Sasuga avatar fag

>>637586043i reckon he just goes day by day and does a breakdown of it or something. i cant think of anything else which would take that long

>>637585817Basically anything that isn't practiced in UFC.So from most to least probably Wrestling>>>>bjj>>muay thai=boxing=kick boxing>huge power gap everything else especially karate/kung fu bullshit.Wrestling power gaps everything and is by far the strongest fighting skill.

>>637585062Why even have yourself in the thumbnail if you just look like you want to kill yourself?

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>>637586137Bait or mental retardation

>>637585851He’s a popular Youtuber. He has 2 channels. 1 channel with 200k subscribers and the other one has like 20k

>>637585830>instead of doing what he likes!!he doesn't seem to be enjoying it

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>>637586195>kung fu doesn't workOn a ring, outside, you are fucked.

>>637586043you think that's bad, there's a video that long focusing on Ann from Persona 5, not the whole game, just her

I remember when I played 80 hours JRPGs and just said "I liked it".

>>637586335>Takes picture of himself looking miserable>Puts it into his thumbnail>"Yeah that'll do"

>>637585149Agree but im gonna have to side with OP on this one the game he is playing is telling him to fucking go outside and make friends, is that fucking simple but instead he decides to waste his life inside wondering what the game was trying to tell him, he could have done literally anything else but this

>>637585062padding: the image.

>>637586391youtube.com/watch?v=L_TaMZ7Cs5A&t=1sTWELVE HOURS

>>637586195BJJ is a fucking meme

>>637586224So True!

>>637586303>popular YouTuber>200k

>>637586391okay that really is more confusing. her story is probably the most simple of the female party members, how the fuck does anyone do that>>637586532>best girlah nvm, i dont need to know anything else

he put all that work into something i'll never watch and also make me think less of him in certain manner. the true test of character is coping with the existence of people like me.

>>637586445It's working isn't it

>>637586335whats this hairstyle called?

>>637585062He looks so fucking miserable in that thumbnail, that is not the face of a man that understands the meaning of persona 4

>>637586379Lol no

>>637586293You’re right it was my mistake to forget the all important hobby of cuddling with your waifu pillow

>>637586683yes thats popular. if you think it's so easy, you get 200k subsrcibers on a platform.

>>637585851People don't put on 10 hour videos randomly. They'll be playing this in the background while doing other stuff or falling asleep.You get between three and five dollars for a thousand ad impressions. Probably delivers five ads an hour when somebody watches the content. If we assume the average watch time is just one hour, then that's about a million ad impressions or between three and five grand. And that's a conservative estimate of watch time based on the opt-in bias I mentioned earlier. One grand is a nonsense estimate, I'd predict it's more like twenty.

>>637586789lol yes, you will be ridiculed before the fight starts, there may not even be a fight, you'll just arrive home, and realize you just lost the game.

>>637586137Learning a language is literally a worthless skill unless you are expected to speak it semi-weekly.There is literally no merit otherwise, it's just a party trick and I refuse to believe that people find it fun to spam duolingo or overpriced language classes.

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>>637586532And faggots here still say makoto fans are the most autistic

>noooo stop doing what you want with your life, you must do what other people want you to do!never change Holla Forums

>>637585062>This is the most significant thing I have ever done>A video game reviewThat's honestly deeply saddening

>>637586775its called hiding the receding hairline

>>637586379Kung Fu is a memeAlso>outsideOutside ill grab anything nearby and beat you to death with it, fuck taking chances with someone whos probably a better fighter than youAlsoGuns

>>637586861Its nice, but its not income nice.He needs to be doing a normal job on the side. Gamesack has more, pulls more views and even that one guy admits its not enough.And maybe even if the guy makes enough, its barely above minimum wage and dont ever underestimate how much fucking work making a video is.

>>637585817anything not taught in a military is meme tier

>>637585062Yes and nobody knows who you are nor cares about what you do.So congratulations about needing to be validated by Holla Forums for your pointless achievements.t. 5 years of full contact kick boxing and BJJ. Fuck your gay Taekwondo faggotry.

>>637587142>implying I can't grab something too>implying I can't just play dirtier

>>637586195>wrestle guy to the ground and pin him>his friend you didn't even know was there comes up and stabs your kidneyHappened to my friend who was a Greco roman wrestler while he was bouncing at a bar.Like I think it's easy to say you wouldn't wrestle if you knew it wasn't 1v1 but you really can't take that as a guarantee.

>>637586532What kind of extreme autism is this? What the fuck

>>637587192not everything has to be a career. it could be his hobby while he neets at his parent's house as punishment for giving birth to him.

The amount of cope and envy in this thread is embarrassing.

>>637585421>He’s living the lifeDoesn't exactly sound like a fulfilling life to me. A year to make a 14 hour video about a video game, that will be forgotten in no time? I think I'm pretty happy not getting to where he is, I don't think I'd survive the fall.

>>637585062>mfw autismWhy does no one ever actually use it for something useful or constructive? It's always some utterly pointless shit.

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>>637587410>try to do the same>parents just kick me out Love me mum still, but damn

>>637587468>forgottenMore like unnoticed, would have never even seen it if not for this thread and no way in hel I am going to watch it.

>done with university>still studying >wear a suit all day>still dedicate some time to make youtube vids about old PS1/PS2 games>8K subs>upload whenver the fuck I want since I'm not relying on patreon or paypal shitnothing wrong with enjoying yourself lad

>>637585062this entire OP was copy-pasted from Holla Forums

>>637585062based autismo, he left his mark on the world


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>>637587410Have NEETs ever actually considered what they'll do after their parents are dead? Career is not a requirement, but financially supporting yourself is.

>>637586532the worst part about this video is that he admits he didnt know what persona was until 5 in the intro. i closed the video after that, don't need to know more. I hate secondaries so much is unreal.

>>637585062And yet you're here, posting on this board about some guy who apparently enjoyed what he was doing.

>>637587778>concerts>sports>traveling Vapid shit

>>637587852yeah you inherit whatever comes from their deaths, and hopefully they lived long enough that you're at least 40 by the time that happens so it'll be easier to accept the prospect of death in the worst case scenario.

>>637587590weaponised autism is too dangerous so they apply their 'tism stupid shit instead to maintain balance

>>637585062>become adept at martial artsWhat the fuck is this nerdy shit kek

>>637585062I have little to no desire to watch this, but is this like most other super long "video essays" where instead of actually talking about the the game or show or whatever in a focused and clear manner where they're trying to make a point, they just go step by step through the entire plot adding tiny bits of commentary every now and then acting like it's an analysis?

>>637585062>This a year's work and incredibly important to me guise, share and retwee!>Can't even muster a smile himself for the thumbnailI fucking guarantee he'll think back on that year he spent when he's like 40, alone and childless and wonder what the fuck went wrong with his life

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I haven't ever given a fuck about what other people do with their free time except for my close friends and some family, maybe OP has his own void to fill and projects it on others

>>637587606only bad parents kick out their children so forgive me for saying this but you shouldn't love your mum as much as you claim, she doesn't have a strong moral compass.

>>637588362The tradcon cope is so embarrassing

>>637585062He wanted to do this so he did, what's your problem with that?

>>637586942Playing videos is also a worthless skill, what’s your point? That people don’t prefer your worthless skill over theirs?Why do they care what you think? Go back to power tripping in what ever grooming discord cesspool you usually moderate.


>>637588483The what now?

>>637587778last panel is the most fulfilling. image failed.

Is this even real? There's nothing that seems to indicate that he posted it.


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>>637586935>delusional Kung-faggot won't admit he wasted his life learning a "fighting style"Lmao

>>637585439If a 4chan autist can get a black belt then it’s definitely not a big deal


>>637585062The saddest part is that the video is not even good

>>637585062Look at the guy and tell me with a straight face he had a lot of options apart from escapism.

>>637585062>14 hoursDo people not understand that brevity is the soul of wit?

Imagine spending 15 hours talking about a work of fanfiction. Talk about fucked up priorities.

>>637585243>>637585062>>637588905>putting your face on the thumbnailwhat was he thinking?

>>637585062serves as a very fair warning of what becomes of someone who peers too closely into the Persona abyss

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>>637589080faces on thumbnails get more traction on the algorithm.

>>637585935Are you suggesting that 170k is a small view count?

>>637585062YouTubers are fags and water is wet. What else is new?

>>637587778>playing with npcs

>>637589349yes my sfm animation has 1.4 million views and it took me like 2 nights of working on it

>>637585243He is doing 500 dollars per month with Patreon patreon.com/HidinginPublic

>>637585062So could you.

>>637585935>implying the personal, most self-fulfilling projects of film directors, musicians, artists, painters, craftsmen, or master artisans ever see the light of day because the projects are often too autistic to be enjoyed or have any appeal at all to anyone but themselvesSpoken like someone who will never create anything of any worth in their life ever

>>637586775Cope before Rope

>>637589537proof or youre a lying faggot

>>637589774>Spoken like someone who will never create anything of any worth in their life everAt least it only took him two phrases and not a whole year of his life

>>637587204Thats why Steven Seagal helped instruct Russian soldiers how to fight?

bros wtf he's making it

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>>637587778problem with this meme is just that not everyone is willing to play along. the vast majority of people want nothing to do with your loser ass and you hyping yourself up like this is just bound to fail, since people will all be stressed out and be going wherever and there you will be, just randomly happy and cooky. life isn't an adventure. it's just life. it's neither good nor bad. it just is. hyping people up like this helps no one.

>>637587590You generally want to have Aspergers for autism be usefull

>>637589774If it was art or something original it would be a different story, but you are trying to defend someone writing a video essay on a game for lonely 20s-30s Japanese men trying to recapture a high school experience they never had. It’s hardly comparable. No one is going to look back in it and say “wow this was unappreciated in its time”

>>637588351it's called padding. and these guys use a whole lot of it.

>>637589867yeah id rather take the "lying faggot" title, I'm not posting my stuff here.

>>637586195>KarateKarate has been and still is used effectively in the UFC.Most American Karate is shit due to lack of full-contact competition, McDojos and lack of athleticism.

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>>637585062This belief that people choose these lifestyles, instead of being forced into them by circumstances is silly. Other people practically manufacture these outcasts, especially shitty parents.

>itt braindead wagers who cannot grasp the idea of creating something you're passionate about just for the sake of doing it, compounded by the altruistic act of actually letting people see the fruits of your labor and expecting nothing in returnThere's a reason this sort of thing is the final tier of Maslow's pyramid, because most people never get to that point lol

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Down the rabbit hole is coming on one year for the eve online video. 5 hours long. I love that sexy twink.


>>637590113he's not making it anywhere with that face, sorry to be such a downer man but gymcels are a thing.

>>637589349Yes, it's an extremely small amount. This isn't 2006 anymore, anything under a million is a failure.

>>637585062 They bank on people falling asleep while playing their videos, but no one sleeps 15 fucking hours.

>>637590381im only red, with a little bit of purple because i keep giving up

>>637590426>he does things to get female attentionover4u

>>637585243>his parents really wanted grandchildrenOhhh boohoo lmaoWho cares? Some people are awful parents who hate kids and only have kids out of obligation. It's better for people to enjoy their life childless than to put themselves into the misery and time sink of raising a child so their parents can live through them.

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>>637587778>endless number of ways to feel aliveWhich they cost a lot of money >trillions of reasons to never be boredYeah, my computer has that>infinity of beautiful of things you can create Which I can already do on my computer and in my room>already so many things to behold Which none of these interests me>7 billion to people to talk toI can already do that on 4chin, not to mention, none of the people I talk to irl has the same interests in mine

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>>637590113i can't believe he was so ugly he had to censor the first picture

>>637587630ThisIn fact, I think he did it just to get some notoriety as "the guy who spent a year making a 10-hour analysis of an RPG", being talked about in threads like these.

>>637590381> actually letting people see the fruits of your labor and expecting nothing in returnIf he was actually interesting in doing this he’d have posted it under a pseudonym and let the work stand for itself.

>>637590530you actually get more analytics from people watching a section and coming back to it later. watch time is helpful for a starting channel, but stops being relevant quick. you gain more from people re-clicking the video.

>>637590681there's no point in living unless you're desired by another human being. being a little extreme here but just want to drive home the point that beauty is the highest form of currency in our world and being ugly is like being homeless.

To put things in perspective: The Vietnam War by Ken Burns is 17½ hours long. But that spans 20+ years of history. The guy needs to learn how to summarize.

Making a video that's 2 or 3 hours long is one thing but 14 hours...wow. I don't think I'll watch that video but good for him and that effort he put in the video.

>>637585830>learning languages makes you docile cattle>playing videos games forever and uploading it to YouTube doesn't.Is it backwards day?

>>637590426at least he's not fat anymore. however, a lot of gymcels end up becoming fat again, when they find out that chicks don't give a fuck if they spent a whole year or two getting ripped and buff and still treat them like they're losers. i've seen it happen with my own two eyeballs in real life. a bro of mine did this, he spent a year+ getting all ripped and swole, only to become mortally depressed, when he realized that the chicks don't give men gratitude fucks for getting into shape. all that effort, the blood n sweats, all for nothing, the women still treated him like he was a fat loser. still got rejected by the chicks all the time when he went out. it didn't help that he was pretty small, to begin with, either. he essentially just went from being a small fat dude to a skinny small dude, pretty much, but he had to work so ungodly hard to get there, though. and it was all for nothing, basically.

>>637590350>shitty parentsYeah that usually hits the hardest.

>>637590909Being homeless is being homeless. Don't conflate things.

>>637590249Sorry, but you don't really get to determine what may or may not fall into 'art', first off. Boil down any other piece of media using your exact same criteria of 'some piece of media that gets examined and talked about at length is not worthy of appreciation' and you can minimize the importance of culturally recognized things. Is Roger Ebert and the history of film criticism not noteworthy because it's simply someone talking about a piece of media that someone made? How can anything be appreciated if you can't analyze something and talk about it? Would the painters paint if the onlookers couldn't express how they feel about it? What's the point then? Creating something from nothing is a skill and an art, sure, but interpreting and creating a dialogue around the things that people create is just as important. Culture is not created in an echochamber, systems and practices don't get created and implemented without the input and criticism and analyzing of themselves, first. Are film editors not creating anything of worth because they're simply putting together the footage of the real 'art' that was shot by the cinematographers, even though they're the ones that create the finished product that makes the impact on audiences? The idea that a man can have enough passion for something to create something like this is beautiful enough, and I would suspect that most people, you possibly included, could never reach the level of passion and fulfillment on any subject that this guy could, and you have my sympathies for it.

>>637585062>give me the unholy bowl cut and combover combo

>>637590746Yet you complain on the internet when culture doesn't go your way.

>>637585062>multiple languagesIn a year? That seems pretty excessive

>>637590435a lot of youtubers only get 50-100k views on videos, though, and they seem to manage.

>>63758692820k for a year of work is well below poverty

>>637590909>I can't live unless someone else desires meWhat kind of crabs in a bucket shit is this?

>>637590956maybe persona 5 has more depth than "americans came and shot everyone because there was money to made somewhere" ever thought of that?

>>637590731no one really cares anyways, so people might as well just do their own thing in life, anyways. the politicians don't care, for example. they just import more niggers and asians, when they need to. the women don't care, either, since they obviously don't have a problem with fucking niggers and asians and having kids with them. so since no one cares about us white men, why should we care about anyone else?

>>637591026I can only imagine him repeating things, and leaving in stuff that's not relevant. A bunch of tripe most likely.

>>637591168people that get that many views are also getting that many regularly. this guy doesnt seem to be doing so well. you can pay rent on 2 100k view videos.

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>>637588615what's with the weirdos putting "DMs open" in their bio or name?

>>637591218in burger money, yes. in euromoney, it's an okay wage, however.

>>637591330Thanks for the laugh user, i needed that.

>>637591540you CANT pay rent*stupid keyboard

>>637590113>wearing winter hats when running indoors at the gymgee I wonder why

>>637585062Nothing in life is worth doing

>>637591540pretty sure 150k of those views came from using the video as shitpost material on Holla Forums over time and having people click on it to see if it's actually real.

>>637585062This honestly makes me feel better about the fact I've just been working on a 2 hour long, feature length 3D animation for the past 2 years.I know that at least by the time I finish it there'll be some value attached to it for the people who care about the idea of it and even if it doesn't gain a lot of attention, at least I've learnt a lot along the way and I can put my skills for use on a different animated project in the future.

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>>637585062I dont think this is that weird, people have written dozens of book analyzing things like Shakespeare or LOTR.

>>637591137Sure fine, let’s give him a participation award for putting so much heart and passion into something that has turned out bland and derivative.

>>637591986The idea that you yourself are partaking in the exact same thing as him, (that is, critiquing and analyzing a piece of media, in this case, his video, while at the same time making fun of him for doing the same thing as you) is hilariously ironic. Maybe you should make a video about it?

>>637591812maybe not that much, but no doubt it contributed. unfortunately, a click is a click. once its open, youve contributed to his analytics. same with disliking a video. you might think youre shitting on him, but youre actually increasing his engagement.as with many things on the internet, the best course of action for something you dont like is to just ignore it.

>>637590113nigga how the FUCK do i get my forearms to look like that?

>>637591884im actually excited for you since I'm also a 3D hobbyist, except i doubt myself all the time leading to scrapped projects and my only motivator is creating porn and having to navigate spaces that allow x/ban y or whatever is a headache. may I ask what type of content you're producing and if you have anything to share?

>>637585062>14 hoursIn not watching that shit.

>>637587778Absolute cringe>beautiful things you can createThis one hurts the most because I fell for that meme and severely regret it now>7 billion of selfish bastards NPCs who do the same things, and are forced to think the same way as everyone elseNeat

>>637592334work on a farm

>>637592453>This one hurts the most because I fell for that meme and severely regret it nowfound the parent. dont have kids folks.

>>637590381>own pic contradict your pointBravo retardIt's a pyramid for a reason.

>>637592629Lol, I wish.

>>637591395meds, now

Attached: 1655853323098187.gif (272x281, 1.99M)

>>637589278not when it's a boring ass facebesides I don't think the algorithm actually knows what is in any given thumbnail, it just recommends based on what people click on

>>637590426His face looks fine though, he's got a nice jawline.

>>637592667>autistic retards in thread that probably have no friends or family or girlfriends and are bottom tier of pyramid upset that a guy obviously in a position in life to dedicate time to the top tier of the pyramid>contradicts pointhuh?

>>637585062I don’t mind listening to these on the sole basis of if the creator has a good voice or notVery few do

>>637592156What irony is there? I’m not touting my posts here as my magnum opus like he has

>>637590113>tfw there's a tiny chance I contributed to thisgodspeed brother, keep going

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>>637591148>Putting words in my mouth AND projecting When the fuck in my post did I complain about culture, you schizo?

Attached: 1684435888425.jpg (490x333, 34.49K)

>>637592878nah its trained to spot faces. soi faces do help, but a face is a face, even if its box art or something. doesnt have to be the creator. just go look at the trending page. literally only a couple thumbnails are faceless.

>>637593157>hey guys here's a video I made of something I like, watch it if you want to>touting this as a magnum opus???

>>637587590It's not autism it's an empty life.

>>637587642post your channel, reminds me of my fave youtuber. he is on patreon but has like 20k subs I believe. he has covered a lot of games that ended up becoming favorites of mine and I would've never played them if I didnt see his vids

>>637587590for the most part, people don't choose what interests them

>>637592834what? it's the truth and you fucking know it.

It literally doesn't matter. Humanity goes extinct this century, famine, climate change. It doesn't matter, he could have done anything but it's over.

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>>637593797no one ever posts their youtube here because everyone's afraid of le internet hate machine brigading their channel. or theyre just lying in some sad attempt to look cool for having a youtube channel for some reason.

>>637592361>i doubt myself all the time leading to scrapped projectsYeah, this happened to me too. Some of them are still sitting there in a Backup folder and I'm hoping to probably revisit and finish them once I'm done with this main thing. I honestly started losing interest at some point for this project as well but I know I have to just force myself to finish it, maybe you can try something like that too. I know it gets kind of fucked after a while but try to at least finish what you started, and start with smaller ideas if you see yourself unable to finish more ambitious ones first.>may I ask what type of content you're producing and if you have anything to share?Mainly just started up with heavily video edited shitposts then slowly transitioned into doing more 3D related ones instead. Most of them are fan animations of some things I liked. I saw some of them got reposted on here just a few times but that's about it. I'd rather not self-post my channel.

>>637593797They do after they turn 10 or something.

>>637594330Personality is highly heritable, and what actually interests you is influenced by genetic factors.

>>637585062>IrishYou only know two languages English and german, and even that is either because you grew up around germans or you are en't really fluen t in german at all and just know some basic cocabulary and grammar.Taekwondo is not a useful martial art either

>>637594507how the fuck are your interests influenced by your genetics?

>>637594507Your genetic disposition is obviously not specific enough to make you gravitate towards a japanese dating sim with shitty anime writing over all the other possible things.

>>637594636Everything is influenced by your genetics. Your personality, intelligence, height, appearance, skin color, etc, etc. Environment obviously plays a role but genetics are predominant.I can't "force" myself to like watching sports. I just don't like watching them. Others do, I didn't choose it, it just is what it is.

>>637594013the pole-shift will do it, you mean. famine or whatever won't do it, the pole-shift will. maybe also coupled with a solar flare. and yes, fuckfaces, this is fucking real and it will literally happen this century or the next!! this is not fucking schizo shit, this is something that will actually fucking happen!

>>637587590because it keeps getting validated in the wrong direction and no one is calling it out.this video is a prime example of it.

>>637594776>I'm going to interpret your general statement extremely literally and strictly to sound smart!

>>637594082>I'd rather not self-post my channelit's for the best, here's something recent I made, and did a few FFXIV images recently as well.

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>>637586942Kek retard. Learning a language is valuable if only to escape the globohomo anglophone media bubble

>>637594953What the fuck? >>637593797 made it sound like he had no choice but to devote his life to persona.

>>637594823lol. environment doesn't fucking matter jack shit. how do you explain all the inventions the europeans have made these last thousand+ years? they were all malnourished poorfag peasants and look at what they invented. meanwhile, if you look at the ooga booga people in africa, even though they have lived in a fucking gigantic paradise of a continent for thousands of years, they never invented fucking jack shit. and they are still fucking 60 iq fucking troglodytes to this very day, in fact. explain that, huh, tough guy??

>>637594980Good shit. I know Twitter can be cancer but you can use that to post your artworks on, if you don't do it already. I've seen some other people do similar "meme images" with Yakuza models instead and they ended up getting like 10k followers or so from that alone.

>>637594823Only thing that matters is IQ, personality is a false concept. Any software can run if you care enough.>>637595189Stupid fucking argument.>>637594912No, it will definitely be economic collapse, famine, water wars.

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>>637585062he's about to make some cash with the ad revenue + patreon paypiggies>>637585243heh

Attached: 1627882815925.jpg (622x541, 35.27K)

>>637595189>environment doesn't matter jack shitIt measurably does.

>>637595324>personality is a false concept

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>>637585062what's that hairstyle called ?

>>637595594The ITS combOVER. Am I funny? Goodbye

>>637595417>>637585243My man... 170k views doesn't give you jack shit in terms of ad revenue. I have a video that got to 2 million views in like 2 years and it only gave me 1000 dollars in total from it after the kikes took their cut out of it.

>>637595594It's the how to hide your receding hairline type of style.

>>637595549Drugs, brain damage, MK Ultra. Personality is an offshoot, a mere accident in the working of the brain, what we think as us is merely a passenger along the ride. Body doesn't really need us after a point. Personality is malleable, changeable, within certain neuroplasticity of course.

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>>637595774iirc they get paid in minutes watched these dayswhy do you think these long form analysis took off

>>637585243>>637585062The most ironic thing is that he made the second part, ANOTHER 5 HOURS LONG, an unlisted video. Only 5k people even licked on it.>>637595774It mostly depends on watch time, live streams get the most money since people view the whole thing. So longer videos do better if people actually watch all of it or a good chunk of it. The more people click and then click off, the less you get.

>>637585062Are you more mentally ill if you watch it all?

>>637590731The thing is, if you're not going to have kids, then do something more productive. Gain another skill, find an avenue to make more money for yourself (since it ain't going towards a family), get fit as possible, SOMETHING that will improve your life you can focus since a family isn't your concern.Instead we have these faggot ecelebs thinking the world cares about their X hour analysis about Y game and how it affects them because apparently the rest of the world should take an entire day out of their life to listen to that horseshit. If you expect people to listen for fourteen goddamn hours you should pay the viewers for that.>>637585421Jokes on him I get paid to listen to people talk and it's not about something as trivial as a fucking persona game.

>>637585062Try as he might, he'll never be as cool as Tim Rogers.

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>>637586775The receding manchild.

>>637595281>Yakuza modelscoincidentally im a big fan of the series and have been trying to make old engine models look good in blender recently, and yeah im not too keen on twitter. anyway, keep it up buddy, hope your project is a success.

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>>637596265when will someone make a 'jak of him

>>637596265Tim Rogers just fluffs his sentences with unnecessary and excessive verbiage in a vain attempt to construe himself as a some insightful intellectual figure when in reality the totality of its substance could be simply distilled into a significantly more concise and digestible formulation.

>>637596265i love tim, but the tangents get tiring on rewatch.

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>>637596021>Drugs, brain damage, MK Ultrasure, but those things can also dramatically (negatively) influence intelligence as well. does that also make intelligence a "false concept"?(fwiw, I agree that intelligence is less malleable and more important to life outcomes)

>>637595324the truth hurts, doesn't it?

>>637588064As opposed to video games, not vapid at all

>>637596216Yes since it's not a good video overall. He's better than the person who did the Ryuji and Ann 10+ hour long videos where info is repeated and he ignored some shit. I can commend the video in OP's image since I only really watched the stuff with Rise and Naoto and they were actually well informed about some stuff, the other stuff I saw was him shitting on the dynamic for the cast and some garbage.

>>637595594the douglas bogart

>>637587358Yeah thats the point, you wont fight kung fu in the street, you will just use anything you can find to win, because deep down you know kung fu is useless fluff

>>637596497The irony of this post is astounding and hopefully intentional

>>637585062THIS is the most significant thing he has ever done????

>>637588389It’s people like you who are responsible for the decline of western civilization.

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>>637596589What truth? No, really, what's your post there?>>637596569They can also be positive, mainly MK ULTRA. Better word would be functional. You could enjoy sports user, you could enjoy most things, a special trait of humans maybe even desired in evolution is self delusion. Self delusion is above personality.

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>>637597064wow, you think?

>>637597254Slave morality


>>637597254>>637597586>please restrict what I'm allowed to do in my free time!

>>637585830You will hang, CeCeFem.

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>>637587590Because we made the mistake of thinking autism = savantAutism is not an indicator for raw intelligence or wisdom.

>>637597706>PLEASE DONT MAKE FUN OF ME FOR DOING THING!You're the reason why bullying exists, Hiding.

>>637585062What a godamn retard lol

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>>637585421E-fame is not genuine actualization. I love Persona 4 but at the end of the day it's just wish fulfillment bing bing wahoo shit and not worth musing that long over.

>>637597394You can never be sure on this website.

wtf is there to even analysis anyways. its persona 4, its really not that complex or deep.

>>637597898soiteen projection is always extremely funny

>>637585062Cool story bro. I won't watch, but I can respect the dedication. >t. he has no lifeIdc.

>does doing thing X help me get laid>if no, do not do it

>>637597328reading ability. it's good to have. go back and read my post again, if you didn't get it the first time.

>>637586775>>637595594A bandaid failing to close a gaping wound. The reaper comes for us all.

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>>637597807it can be, but just not in the vast majority of the cases. a lotta autists are literally too autistic to even get burger flipper jobs and that's why they live with their parents even though they are in their thirties and forties.

>>637590381>needing "prestige" and "feeling accomplished" is more important that basic needs like food, security, and safetylmao what a meme>>637590650You only really need to get up to the green part at the very most. Blue and purple are a bonus.

>>637590290always the same shit excuse with you faggots"durrr not posting it here"you're like those pussies who'd have girlfriends who "go to another school" lmao

>>637585062How did you learn German?

>>637590909That is %100 true, unfortunately. Nothing else matters if your face or body doesn't do something for someone.

>>637586942>animenigger>is retardedlooking for work and it's piss easy to find something if you know a second or third language that's not Englishtry not being an inept spaz who can't into self-teaching lol

>>637598486Exactly, hence why it's a mistake to confuse it with raw intelligence. Just because you see a few autists or spergs in a field that just so happens to align with their fixation, doesn't mean every single person with autism is "smart". It's a disorder for a reason.

>>637598978>my life only matters if a female is attracted to me!

>>637586113>Fat retard lying in his broken couch, no one is with him in his final moments>"At least I made a retarded 10 hour video about an obscure game 40 years ago that no one cares about">Burns

>>637597929Not to mention the vast majority of these video game video essasists use localized copies of games, especially JRPGs, which are notoriously butchered and condensed for space/time/whatever the translator feels.So these big long 14 hour retrospectives on what this character mean and these character arcs etc are essentially smoke and mirrors based on poorly translated versions of the original texts.

>only 14 hourslmao let me know when you want to step up and run with the big dawgs.

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>>637585421I've had sex so Id bet I'm doing better

>>637599574>he thinks having sex is something to brag aboutoh no no no no no

>>637587778Projection's a bitch ain't it?

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>>637598871he's secretly a nazi who's posting from new schwabenland.

>>637587778and all that costs money and I don't make much and I'm a man so people won't throw it at me if I open my legs/smile at a camera


>>637587852I'll inherit quite a lot, so I'll be fine. My parents were responsible enough to build multigenerational wealth before shitting out a kid like most parents.

>>637585439I've always found it tragic that you could dedicate your life into getting cracked at martial arts only to get stabbed or shot by some junkie.What a waste.

>>637599054What's the point of life without family? I got a Master's, I got the job of my dreams, my vitals are great, I am fit, I fully own all of my assets without a single mortgage, but nothing makes me happier than the feeling of being a loving father to my family. I never whored around, I never partied or did drugs because s hedonistic lifestyle is not my celling in life. If I don't have a family, I am a disgrace to my entire ancestors and all those that cared about me. People NEED people, and at the end of the day, only those who love you will stick by you when you're old and crippled. Sadly, parents aren't immortal...

>>637600373>What's the point of life without a family?Whatever you want it to be? If yours is having a family, more power to you>disgrace to your ancestorsWhere on the dotted line when I was born says that I have to reproduce?

>>637585062Let me guess, he just goes over the story plot point by plot point and calls it an analysis?

>>637591137>Is Roger Ebert and the history of film criticism not noteworthy because it's simply someone talking about a piece of media that someone made?Considering how dogshit some of his reviews were, no he wasn't. If there's one thing that the internet deserved to kill, it's getting paid to publish an opinion.


>>637589349yes. given it’s game content he probably made less than $500 from a years worth of work

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>>637599389>podcast Ah yes, hours upon hours of unedited ramblings. At this point you're better off watching a let's play

Attached: 1684440664312.gif (330x330, 153.92K)

>>637585062stop shilling your video, faggot

>>637600794It's fully edited.So much so that they have a fakenet AI 3rd host of the show that they have to edit in.It's basically book club style discussions about old JRPGs, and it's fucking fantastic.

>>637595774I bet you would get pissed if the kikes only took 1 dollar from ya mr scrooge mcduck lol

>>637595883show me proof that he has a receding hairline oh wait you can't

>>637585062i hope nobody tells him that he needs to play the game in Japanese to experience the real story

he won

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>>637600964yeah, jews don't deserve anything

>>637601190>pedophile flag in the background

>>637601190I wouldn't consider dating a tranny to be "winning" anything.

>>637587852Ever heard of this fun thing called suicide?

>>637600508You won't get it till you reach a certain age. Life is bland and tasteless without true love in it. Who would love you more than those that look up to you and depend on you to be there when you need them and vice versa? I am a firm believer that most have not experienced the love that activates that primal drive to be a father or mother. Once you "make it" in the job market, creating a family is the only logical step. I never want to be alone in a nursing home having only wasted my life on frivolous experiences. Once you pass on your genes, you have truly achieved your biological objective in life. All of us are supposed to continue the human race, any sort of justification for alternate lifestyles is pure denial. That's why even some gay people that can't have biological children adopt or have surrogates, get married and have monogamous relationships. Why would they do that if they could just sleep around and have fun? No one does something for no reason, everything is made consciously or subconsciously.

>>637601414show the class the hole you fuck.

>>637595594It's the new combover style for younger kids.

>>637601602your mother

>>637601686my condolences

>>637600373>>637601537anyone who argues with this guy is coping hard, except he's leaning too hard on the procreation aspect which is pretty cringe considering you are forcing another person to make due in this shitty life where you are born to serve masters who find you disposable.

>>637601537>All of us are supposed to continue the human race, any sort of justification for alternate lifestyles is pure denial.

Attached: 1664017691370.gif (500x500, 1.93M)

>>637601190>thick fingers>no hips>adam's applethat's not winning that's punishment

Attached: 1684441014167850.jpg (1142x1440, 752.33K)

>>637601537>You won't get it till you reach a certain ageJust repeating the trope of "you'll be old and lonely if you don't have children!">true love in itLove does not exist. I am going to sound like a pseud here but "romantic love" as we refer to it is not some unique aspect of humans, it is literally a set of reproducible chemical elements (oxytocin and vassopressin) that is found in other animal species (mostly primates). It exists to fuel reproduction and nothing else.>love you more than those that look up to you and depend on you to be there when you need them and vice versaSo they're just extracting your resources? Why should I be proud of having parasites on me?>Once you pass on your genes, you have truly achieved your biological objective in lifePeople say this have never done any introspection whatsoever. Yes we are organisms and our only "purpose" is to reproduce. So? Fucking single cell organisms are also capable of this. Us humans are uniquely endowed with the ability of rational thought and are able to self-actualize rather than simply blindly walk towards our biological primitives.>All of us are supposed to continue the human raceNo, we are not (especially for men). Humans are naturally polygynous, monogamy is socially enforced.>any sort of justification for alternate lifestyles is pure denial"Any opposing argument is void because it isn't natural!"

>>637602174adam's apples have always been a shit sign. women have them too, theyre just less prominent and skinny bitches show them way more.also look at her non-blurred hand. her fingers are almost the half the size of his effeminate gamer fingers.

>>637594013>>637594912>>637595324Humanity has survived much worse than what's coming. You have to be history illiterate to believe that this is the last century of human history.Will a lot of people die? Most definetly. Does this pose a risk to humanity at large? Not a fucking chance.>Hurr nothing matters.Yes and nihilism to cope with being a retard doomer is the most braindead of shortcuts. Dooming is a passtime for fucking retards. If nothing matters, then meaning as a concept is a man made construct, therefore, anything and everything can matter. You give importance to things or remove importance from them. This is you who chooses this. The universe itself does not impose meaninglessness upon us because meaninglessness is also a human made concept. Animals that don't have the same capacity for awareness as we do, do not concern themselves with such things as meaning or lack thereof. They live according to their instincts and live fullfilling lives serving their natural purposes.If you are a human, who possess the liberty to asign meaning to things based on your will alone and you still doom according to man made spooks, then you understand nothing of the importance of your existence which you have 100% freedom to asign by yourself and for yourself. If you know that hard times ate coming, then prepare for them as best as you can to tough them out. If you feel depressed about this enough to give up, then stop living and unironically delete your IRL save file and actually contribute to the balancing of the planet by doing so.

>>637602382>women have them too>skinny bitches show them way moreno they don'tmy female cousin is nearly anorectic and doesn't have an adam's apple"her" fingers are the same size as his and he is fat

>>637590426post body gymcel

>>637602865>"her" fingers are the same size as his and he is fatthey literally arent. anyone with eyes can look at them and see the difference. you just have trannies on the brain from spending too much time on twitter.also feel free to post a clear picture of a skinny woman's neck with zero adam's apple showing.

>>637585062why do so many white people do that stupid shit with their hair? it looks retarded.

>>637602659>Humanity has survived much worse than what's comingNo we haven't. This breaks all.Peak oil and water wars, human modern society falls once and it never gets to this level again.Inflation, economic collapse leads to official Neofeudalism. Fascist governments will take control all over the remaining parts of the world.Humanity on paper has been through a lot BUT not this fast and not this complex.

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He was probably very depressed and had nothing going on if he spent a year on Persona 4 documentary. I can relate because I've been a no lifer living on wrestling forums before college giving up on gym and socializing. It's easy to retreat into childish stuff as a cope which I'm guilty of doing.Hopefully he realized it wasn't worth it and at least had a chance to express himself. If the weight loss and gf are an indication of him moving on I'm happy for him.Still not watching that shit though.

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>>637585062There ain't no way, no WAY, you could ever get me to watch that for free.

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>>637601190>flag>colored hair streakAnon, the correct term is "lost".

He didn't play it in Japanese so his opinion is irrelevant

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>>637603208Then if that's how you feel then do like user says and unironically kill yourself. Otherwise like all doomer niggers you're just an attention whore parading around how miserable you are, like anyone should care.

>>637596265I like Tim, but that's practically despite his presentation. His long winded tangents and insistent verbosity is only tolerable as a gag.

>>637601537>humans are organisms and organisms only exist to reproduce so humans can only exist to reproduceYou must be 18 to post on this website

>>637603370>tfw he could have dekiru'd in this time instead of jacking off, playing P4 and P4G.

>>637602020Nope. I acknowledge that life now isn't as easy as it was for my parents. That's why I will save up and have a trust fund for my children to ensure that they will make it in this harsh world if the system fails them. Everything I do, I do for them and then only. Everyone and everything else is irrelevant and fruitless.Creating your own family is a huge undertaking, but it is necessary to achieve a fulfilling life. It is something that is a 2bd full-time job that requires as much commitment as any other one if you want to maintain it.

>>637599574That sounds like some cope there, user.

>>637603605I will kill myself, of course. I don't want to live in the big collapse, I'm just saying it because I want to.

Attached: 1649277237148.jpg (1080x1349, 162.3K)

>>637585830>spend your free time playing vidya and fapping to 2d girls all the time>WAAAH WHY IM MISERABLE AND DEPRESSED and you keep escaping into anime and other garbage and then one day you wake up sad and lonely, and your animus can't fill the void anymoreenjoy it while it lasts

>>637603983The best reason.

>>637604020>women feed on indoctrination, media and advertisement to the point of becoming obnoxious>but no I'm the only problem here


I dedicated 4 months of my life (well, a bit of it each day) to finish a project and publish it in a specific 4chan sort of thread/general so I can't speakAlso I'm sure no more than 10 people watched it

>>637601190he needs to be brave and let his comb-over go. his hair is goners, bruh, time to face facts and be brave.

I made game thst everyone hated

>>637603208Humanity survived an ice age and it survived the plague. We regularly survive natural disasters that woud have wiped out our ancestors from millions of years ago. The only thing you are scared about is losing the current standart of comfort that we take for granted. In other words, you are scared that you'll be forced out of mom's basement.You having no survival instinct doesn't mean that everyone of the seven fucking billion people on planet earth are incompetent weaklings who will all inevitably die. Life is resilient as fuck and we are included in this lot. Disaster arises and we adapt. We already survived feudalism once, if we go back to that, we can adapt and survive it again.Again, will this shit suck? Yes. Will people die? By the drove. Will humans as a species go extinct? Not a fucking chance.If you have no will to live, just die. You are not only wasting your time deciding to live on in a world that you choose not to enjoy, you are also wasting everyone else's time as well. If objective nihilism is your way, then there is only one objective, logical reaction towards the knowledge of coming disaster: Prepare and survive or try to. That is the best you can do. Giving up goes against your animal nature.

>>637587778sorry i haven't been born a millionare

>>637600754autists love ranting about how they refuse to do things they don't have a passion for, so he probably thinks it's a fair deal.

>>637585062>you can literally spend that time playing P4 and forming a better opinion than his analysis can tell youOf course its a P4fag that does this shit.

Attached: 1672354736321647.jpg (1773x2538, 585.61K)

>>637603983>I will kill myself, of course.No you won't, because you're a giant chickenshit. If you meant that, you would've killed yourself right after you were told to.Go ahead and kill yourself now please.

>>637585062I will continue to remind you people that only an hour of audio is new, a majority of this is just him rehashing old videos which he already got paid for.

>>637604417>Ice ageGradually>plagueNot even comparable, humanity won't survive at all past this century. Can't, won't.>>637604507No, I'll myself like my hero Mishima, it must be aesthetic.

Attached: xKM.gif (474x259, 1019.21K)

>>637602659why do you fucking tards always have such a hard time accepting the truth? the pole-shift is literally a fact, you can google it right now and see tons of real respectable scientific literatures write about it. just look up how much the magnetic north pole has shifted these last 50 years. if it's not happening this century, it'll happen in the next one, that's literally just a simple, easily verifiable, fact. war and famine has got absolutely nothing on the pole-shift. that's the grand-mother of all catastrophes that can happen to this planet, barring of course, another entire planet crashing directly into us and obliterating earth wholesale.

>>637602354If they are a parasite, then you admit yourself were a parasite once. Why did your parents keep? Why didn't they abort you when you a resource-stealing leech? Your entire post is a prime example of the hyperindividualistic, self-centered cancer that is killing our society. Not a single well-adjusted human being equates humans to parasites and inferior animals of the same species, rationalizes the hedonistic norm nowadays with social and biological inclinations when humans were basically tribals and had to ensure the maximum possible amount of offspring to survive then judge someone else for following the overarching objective in today's society that NEEDS a family structure to ensure the well-adjusted upbringing every child should have.


Attached: cope embrace.png (1163x1200, 50.95K)

>>637586195I live in America, none of you fags would actually try martial arts as self defense right?

Attached: EF8548E1-A062-4FF4-AE31-4EB3494635E9.jpg (125x125, 2.81K)

>>637604668>I'll myself like my hero MishimaMishima died trying to do something. You aren't doing anything. You're unironically nothing because you're a lazy, miserable pussy incapable of doing anything, even living up to the extent of your doomer ideals (kys), because you're nothing and a failure, and you think everyone care should that you are.

>>637604997Mishima killed himself for nothing than sexual pleasure, this is documented. It was meant to fail.

>>637601190I'm not saying she is super hot or anything, but she is cute. Why is this pairing so common in a relationship>fat ugly fucking guy>6/10 shy qtWhat do these girls see in these type of guys, I don't get it. I look better than that guy and have kept my body in shape past 5 years in hopes that I can get a gf and these fat fucks all seem to have one

Attached: 1396139654689.gif (200x200, 951.82K)

>>637605063citation fucking needed

>>637605063Mishima also had a wife and kids, more than you've ever accomplished. Just kill yourself now you giant pussy.>killed himself for nothing than sexual pleasure, this is documentedsource

>>637585062I learned Japanese just to play more videogames. In fact the only reasons I work are to upgrade my PC and purchase retro games because I'm too autistic to emulate them. I love videogames. Always have. Always will.

Attached: date.jpg (1500x2250, 387.75K)

>>637596142>The most ironic thing is that he made the second part, ANOTHER 5 HOURS LONG, an unlisted video. >literal retardYoutube videos can only be 12 hours or 256 GB, "14 Hours 59 mins" is the total run time when you combine 10 and 5 hours. Stop being fucking stupid for five seconds

>>637605219how does that contradict anything he said tard

>>637604749Yes and there are about a dozen of super volcanoes that could blow up at any moment that would lead to consequences that are easily 200 times in magnitude worse than what the pole shift will cause in consequences. >hurr you don't accept the truth!Fact: Pole shift will happenTheory: Humanity will be wiped out because of it.Your doomer hypothesis is nothing but a theory. Here is another fact: Humanity is still around, kicking. That is objective fact that humanity has what it takes to survive climate change and a pole shift.CAN humanity be wiped? It's a possibility. WILL humanity be wiped out? Nothing but a theory. Let's wait and find out. My money is on humans toughing it out like they always have.Humans surviving the worst: Happened countless times.Humans being wiped out: Never happened even once and the time we came the closest to it, our global population was smaller than that of gorillas.So all evidence points towards you being full of shit and forcing a narrative for depressed retards on people because you need to believe that humanity is as hopeless as you are.>>637604668>Can't, Won't.Prove it. What's your data that supports the hypothesis of human extinction.Just so we are clear. So long as only a few thousands survive, then humanity is not extinct. So when we're talking extinction, we are talking ZERO humans on earth.On what basis do you argue that this is even possible now that we outnumber every single species of mammals by the billions?

So you people complain about how this generation has a low attention span and doesn't put effort into anything.Then you turn around and mock someone for putting a lot of effort into something.

>>637605145I've seen these type of relationships and I can tell you 2 things. She doesn't love him and she treats him more like a fat manchild kid that she gave birth too. Oh and they also are not having sex. Anytime I see a girl with a guy like this she treats him like a son and like she feels sorry for him.>brings gf food as a surprise dinner >awww thank you. You did good. Good Job.>pets them on the head like a fucking dog


Attached: 1683914792730406.png (668x319, 90.91K)

>>637592334Stop being a twink.

>>637605145I'm fat and ugly but very tall. In my mind I can get 6s and 7s, maybe 8s. I would have no chance were it not for my height.

>>637585062The number of hours put into something can't just directly be translated into time doing something else. If you're not passionate about it you won't be nearly as efficient.

>>637605480whatever bro live your fucking life then god damn.....

>>637605551not being fat also helps, of course.

>>637605695I will. I am a man of integrity.Now end yours and be a man of your own.

>>637585062time run hours or time spent is the best indicator of why it is objectively the greatest work of modern era. this is why after spending 40,000 hours in league of legends i am the best player in the world, and my rank is not important

>>637605695>he still can't find the balls to kill himselfAdmit it, you're just an attention whore lmao

>>637605782Pretty much. When I lose weight I do better. When I'm fatter I do not as good.I'm not as fat as that guy who did the persona video but it's definitely a factor. Girls usually mention my height though. They'd literally date shrek over a manlet if he's tall it's pretty funny

>>637588615>He/ TheyI wish more conservative types got into the arts to balance things out. Most people who have even a crumb of media literacy are also fucking deranged, and a large portion of the opposition are philistines. It’s so tiresome.

>>637606221>"media literacy"stopped reading

>>637585062>1 year is long enough to learn "multiple languages" and get "adept at martial arts"You've never spent a year doing anything in your entire life.

>>637605796>>637606169i'm not gonna kill myself, i want to watch the world end. i get a front-row seat to the end of the world in a couple of decades, why the fuck would i miss that??

>>637606273See, here’s my issue. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you only ever hear the most soi fuckers on the planet talk about it.

>>637605145Because she'll be able to control his actions entirely because he's afraid of being lonely

>>637585062the game doesn't warrant thousands of hours of analysisliterature courses go more in-depth and go over multiple works in the span of several hundred hourslook, I really like p4 but his video must be shit and full of headcanon because p4 doesn't have the amount of content that would warrant this much time spent analyzing

>>637606208yeah, turns out, looks isn't really that super important to chicks after all. this is also why i always lol when i see manlets gettin all ripped and swole in gyms. like, you're not fat anymore, good for you bro, but you're still way too fucking small and the chicks literally will not go for you simply put because you are way too fucking short for them nowadays.... i've seen it in real life, how shorter friends of mine have gotten all ripped n shit in the gym only to be treated the exact fucking same as when they were fatties. it always totally destroys them because it's a years worth of hard work straight down the toilet.

>>637606285>oh shit my bluff has been called uh HA HA JUST LAUGHING AT THE WORLD EH FELLOW CHANNERSAnd this is why niggerpillers are literally the lowest lifeforms to breathe. Useless, misery theater attention whores now, will continue to be useless attention whores when whatever collapse may happen. And this is why killing yourself is encouraged.

>>637585062>he could have learned multiple languages, become adept at martial artsWhy, though?

>>637606574what the fuck are you retards even talking about?? did i write anywhere that i plan on killing myself?? not really, right?? you stupid fucks started blabbering about famine and then i wrote that the pole-shift is the way larger catastrophe, that's all. now, fucking neck yourself troon, and be hasty about it.

>>637587778>Books, music, film, theater, and fucking youtube videos are valid uses of time>Playing games are not????

>>637606776virtue signaling. people love when losers "do something" with their lives, even though it won't make the losers' lives better in any way.

>>637606793>did i write anywhere that i plan on killing myself??>>637604668>No, I'll myself like my hero Mishima,>>637603983>I will kill myself, of course.Man, attention whoring really does a number on literacy doesn't it? That's another reason to an hero if you're that bad at reading your own words.

>>637606793because waiting for the le end of the world is cringe and only reveals that you are a massive edgelordif the end of the world ever happens it'll be boring and long with a lot of unglamorous suffering throughoutyou won't get to see anything exciting or the world going out with a bangunironically go outside and find a hobby idk go for a run

>>637607021Anon don't, he's just an underage zoomer faking a brand of pseudo-nihilism for (you)s. Next he's going to say he was just ironically shitposting.

>>637591218This will continue accruing views and revenue for years.

>>637585062so? you are as much as a loser than him, lmao

>>637606557Yep I've seen it too. Two of my friends are shredded but they both only get ugly or used up women. Meanwhile another one of my friends is at least 300lbs, tall but nothing really special but because he is dominant, loud and bosses other guys around he consistently gets really hot girls. I think girls don't like how height 'looks' necessarily but I think they have this perception that taller men are a certain way. They're so shallow they reject genuinely hot gym dudes because they think "oh he's a gym freak. What turnoff" I'm trying to lose weight but I know I should do it more for health rather than for women. Its pointless trying to impress them because they'll always find something to make you feel bad about.

>>637585062So, what's going on with that hair?

>>637591760Oh well you just sound miserable